Derek Anderson on Cam: “It’s a maturation process for all of us”


The Panthers have an issue at the moment with a quarterback who gets a little pouty when they lose.

But their backup knows you can’t go too far in the other direction, either.

Newton already got a talking-to from wide receiver Steve Smith for sulking on the sidelines when he was pulled from the final minutes of Thursday’s loss to the Giants, with Derek Anderson sent in to finish.

Anderson’s working with Newton too, and said he had to learn maturity himself.

You learn not to smile – I did,” Anderson said, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer.

That’s a reference to his classic flip-out in Arizona, when he stomped out of a press conference after a short tirade when he was asked why cameras showed him smiling at the end of a Cardinals blowout loss on Monday Night Football.

Anderson was asked if the quarterback had a responsibility to stay positive, and he said learning to deal with the pressure of the position takes time.

“I think we all can work on that,” Anderson said. “It’s hard because there’s a lot of stress, a lot of pressure you put on yourself. Our teammates expect a lot out of our position. When you don’t play as well as you expect out of yourself, it’s frustrating. It’s hard to stand up and say, ‘Hey, I played like crap.’ That’s hard to face.

“For him, he’s not used to losing. He lost last year. Being with him every day, I know how much he wants to win and how much he puts into it. So I understand the frustration, but it’s a maturation process for all of us. I was the same way.”

We know now that Anderson takes this serious. Real serious.

Now he just needs to work with Newton on not taking himself so seriously.

18 responses to “Derek Anderson on Cam: “It’s a maturation process for all of us”

  1. This is the media making crap out of this. The media complains that Jay Cutler has no emotion. Then they complain he’s too fiery. I’d rather my qb be dejected with the pathetic display of offense they showed that night, than jovial or even emotionless for that matter.

  2. I wish Derek Anderson was the QB in Oakland. It’s not funny, I am not laughing. I honestly pour my heart and soul into this assessment. Derek would be the better QB and the Raiders would not have had to mortgage the next five years to get him.

  3. Whats wrong with a QB who hates to lose. At least he isn’t breaking his hand on a teammates jaw like Steve Smith. Or passionless like Jamarcus Russell. But hopefully his attitude doesn’t start to get like Ryan Leaf’s. I think he will end up playing better when the Panthers finally get a serviceable defense. Because that defense can’t stop the run nor the pass.

  4. I’m telling you, there is a tell in their system. Which ever safety that was over top of Smith would take off crashing the line on almost every run play before the snap. When it was a pass, he stayed in coverage and the corner would stay in press. They knew 90% of the time what it was. Fix that and you won’t have anything to sulk over.

  5. tabdanger
    The problem isn’t that he hates to lose, the problem is he just sat on the bench by himself sulking. He needed to be sitting with the coaches looking at pictures of the giants defense or even watching Eli or something, anything rather than sitting on the bench with a towel on his head.

  6. Derek Anderson has just proven that no matter his completion percentage, he is 100% a good person. Cam Newton would be wise to listen to what this man has to say. He’s been on top, and on the bottom, and yet hasn’t let the game beat him down.

  7. After all, Cam said “I’m an icon, a celebrity and a football player.” Hard to believe the Panthers have staked their future on this guy. He has bad wiring and it’s starting to show. Stand by.

  8. After all, Cam said “I’m an icon, a celebrity and a football player.”

    Icon? Who is he kidding???

    Celebrity, maybe, but nowadays, it does not take much to be a celebrity so that’s not much to brag about.

    Football player? That’s left to interpretation. If only most NFL’ers played more than what they bragged, then I’d believe the hype. I guess it must be a cultural thing.

  9. God, one crappy game and your all turned on cam. Cam is a fine qb and a good guy. If i lost a game, id probably be sulking by myself too, he can work on improving later after the game. Cam is gunna do fine, but he should listen to anderson, hes quite an authority on losing football games

  10. ytownjoe says:
    Sep 22, 2012 9:28 PM
    Hey Cam, you’re in Carolina. Get used to losing.


    Hey Joe, since 2002, the Panthers have been to the NFC Championship game twice, and the Super Bowl once. They have won 6 games or less only twice.

    Since 2002, your Cleveland Browns have won 6 games or less EIGHT TIMES (twice as many times as the Panthers have in their entire franchise history). No playoff appearances since 2002.


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