Eagles’ DeSean Jackson, Ravens’ Cary Williams fined $10,000 each


After a game that was described by many as dirty, players on both the Eagles and Ravens have been fined by the league office, with a couple players who had a brief scuffle leading the way.

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson and Ravens defensive back Cary Williams, who went at it on the field in the second quarter, were each fined $10,000. Both Jackson and Williams were called for personal fouls, which canceled each other out as offsetting penalties.

Philadelphia’s Cullen Jenkins was also fined $7,875 for a late hit on a Ravens player.

On the Ravens, running back Ray Rice was fined $7,875 for a late hit, while Ravens guard Marshal Yanda was fined $7,875 for a hit that the NFL described as “late and away from the play.”

27 responses to “Eagles’ DeSean Jackson, Ravens’ Cary Williams fined $10,000 each

  1. I know I’m not getting paid millions to play a sport, but if I had a job that fined me to do my job I’d seriously quit.

    Also what’s up with these fine numbers? $7875? Who determines that number? That’s such a weird number for a fine, why not just make it divisible by 100 and make it easy on everyone.

  2. Hmm…$43,625 per game, sixteen games per week, sixteen week season…that’s $11.1 mill per year in the NFL’s pocket, if he can just stick to that average.

  3. Yes these two knuckles heads deserved their fines.

    But it seems players in the Lingerie Football League are allowed to hit more than today’s NFL players. Gotta love the NFL “will fine you for hits” but still sell ‘NFL’s Greatest Hits’ videos/dvds.

  4. >> “Also what’s up with these fine numbers? $7875?”

    All of the minimum fines increased by 5 percent over last season. So a $7,500 fine last season is a $7,875 fine this season. A $20,000 fine last season is now $21,000, and so forth.

  5. Too little too late league, but thanks anyway. Next time you have two players throwing punches at eachother like Williams and Jackson were, teach you replacements to eject them instead of letting them get away with it. The rest of both teams saw that and that game quickly escalated into a two ring circus (the three ring act would come Monday night when Ray Edwards should have been ejected for flinging that ref away from the pile). And a memo saying “respect our substitutes” isn’t going to do jack until players start feeling the consequences IN the games when their teammates need them most.

  6. People who comment on these threads act like they live in poverty. Chances are if you have enough extra money to afford luxuries like cable TV and buy NFL tickets, you aren’t doing too bad. So stop complaining about how much a player makes.

  7. “Jackson is becoming predictable… ! Him and vick are two of a kind.”

    Not quite…..Jackson hasn’t killed any dogs, that we know of anyway.

  8. jenkins was pushed/crushed into the end zone by yanda on the leach td. afer the play, jenkings took a cheap shot on yanda so yanda retaliated.

  9. The game is becoming a joke with these new refs. I just don’t understand what the NFL is trying to prove. These games are terrible to watch.

  10. And what about the several times Vick was taken down at the knees on late hits?

    At least I’m seeing the refs letting the players play. Shoot now, fine later.

  11. It just seems like there are more and more fines every week and every year. The NFL is becoming a police state. It’s like Roger Goodell must feel he isn’t doing his job if he’s not fining at least 40 or 50 players every week. What a friggin’ joke……

  12. “winskins says:
    Sep 22, 2012 5:31 PM
    Hmm…$43,625 per game, sixteen games per week, sixteen week season…that’s $11.1 mill per year in the NFL’s pocket, if he can just stick to that average.”

    Umm the only “pockets” the fines go into are the charities the fines are donated to. At least know what you’re talking about if you’re going to criticize something.

    There also aren’t 16 games every week as once the bye weeks start there are fewer games each week.

  13. Wouldn’t it be great if the NFL stopped this practice of handing out fines to players for “playing football”?

    For the players, it must seem crazy to be fined because you might have hit someone too hard or not exactly where the commissioner prefers.

  14. The league is a joke. Fines should be for outside the boundaries stuff not pushing an shoving or trying to make a hit unless its obscenely dirty play. These guys get hit every week for almost nothing

  15. t16rich says:
    Sep 22, 2012 6:25 PM
    Is there a charity that all of this fine money goes to? Or does Roger just get it as a bonus?
    Here you go:
    All on field fine money collected by the NFL is used for charitable purposes. These funds have been used to support retired player programs, including the NFL Player Care Foundation and NFLPA Players Assistance Trust; disaster relief initiatives; and health-related charities.

  16. Retired player programs? Wonder if that includes concussion lawsuits or simply retired players with health problems cases by too many hits. If so they are bankrolling that lawsuit weekly

  17. Jackson throwing a “punch”? Seriously? More like a slap from a 3 yr old school girl from that video feed on youtube.

    That 160 lb (when soaking wet) punk does one thing well – run – which includes running his mouth. That little b**ch better watch himself, because if his hot-headed actions are going to cause him to break a nail, let alone break a bone in his hand, that diva is out on a 4-6week spa hiatus.

    This punk hasn’t had a TD catch since 2010 – I guess I can’t blame him for being all butt-hurt about zero TD’s in far too long but throwing a punch at somebody as a result is yet another example of him needing to seriously grow up.

    The funniest part of the whole play was him being dragged around like a rag doll at the end of it all by the Ravens #97 Jones. Too hilarious….

  18. Out of a $9 Million dollar contract, 10k is .001%.

    If you make 50k a year, .001 is a $50. That’s a soft traffic fine.

    They’ll get over it.

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