Jones family in spotlight this weekend after years of struggles


We mentioned earlier in the week this was a big weekend for the Jones family, as Jon defends his UFC light heavyweight belt tonight, while Chandler and Arthur face off in tomorrow night’s Patriots-Ravens game.

But the struggles they’ve faced throughout life, and continue to, makes their story about more than an athletic coincidence.

All of this hasn’t dawned on me yet,” Jon Jones told Alex Marvez of about his family’s success. “We’re all still at the very young stages of our careers. I have this thing where I’m really big against complacency, so I don’t want accept the attitude like, ‘We did it!’ because we haven’t done it yet. Things could go wrong. You’re on top of the world one year and the next you’re borrowing money.

“I think there’s much more to come, but I am really happy for my parents. They can look at this being a success story at this point.”

Arthur II and Camille Jones’ boys have made names for themselves, after struggling through tragedies in their younger years, and fighting to make things easier for their parents.

Their oldest sister Carmen died of brain cancer at age 18, and all helped with her care during her struggle.

Now, they’re paying back their mother for the years she looked after them.

Camille Jones has lost almost all her sight because of complications of diabetes. She’s also on dialysis and awaits a kidney transplant.

Chandler’s paying for her medical insurance, while Jon’s hired a nurse and a chef to help their parents, who moved them out of a rough neighborhood to the small town of Endicott, N.Y. as children. “I remember my dad telling our family we were going so we could have a better life,” Jon said.

Their parents will be in Toronto for Jon’s fight tonight, then head to Baltimore to see the other two. And for all they’ve been through, they try to keep things in perspective.

“Life hasn’t changed that much,” Arthur Jones II said. “People at the church are very happy for me, but there’s no big brouhaha of, ‘That’s Mr. Jones. He’s a famous dad.”

With Jon one of the top fighters in the world, and Chandler emerging as a contributor for the Patriots as a first-round pick, that could be changing, soon.

But as impressive is the way the family has banded together for each other.