Andrew Luck looks cool as Colts take 14-3 halftime lead


It is happening against the Jaguars, so perhaps it’s dangerous to make too much of it.

But for a guy with no running game and not much offensive line, Andrew Luck is making it happen for the Colts.

Luck just drove the Colts on an efficient 14-play touchdown drive, giving them a 14-3 lead over the Jaguars at halftime.

Luck’s 11-of-20 for 127 yards and two touchdowns, and he has two scrambles for 32 yards.

To put his day and lack of assistance into context, the rest of the Colts rushers have 10 attempts for 19 yards.

The Jaguars are punchless, and the rumors of the new, improved Blaine Gabbert appear to be just that. But Luck doesn’t have much more help in front of him (at least in terms of blockers, and the Jags have a huge advantage at running back with Maurice Jones-Drew), and he’s achieving much more.