Bears bounce back with big win over Rams

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Ten days after they looked lousy in a loss to the Packers, the Bears looked much improved on Sunday, playing tough defense and keeping the mistakes to a minimum on offense in a hard-fought 23-6 win over the Rams.

The Bears’ defense simply shut down the Rams’ offense all day. Forget keeping the Rams out of the end zone — the Bears kept the Rams out of the red zone. The only scores St. Louis managed were a pair of field goals, one from 56 yards and one from 46 yards.

Although Jay Cutler and the Bears’ offense still don’t seem to have everything worked out — Cutler still found himself under pressure at times — it was far from the total offensive meltdown the Bears had against the Packers. And when your defense is playing as well as the Bears’ defense played on Sunday, all you need to do is avoid an offensive meltdown to win the game.

Chicago took an early lead on a Robbie Gould 54-yard field goal, extended the lead when Michael Bush scored from three yards out to cap a 12-play, 81-yard drive, and then spent the rest of the game nursing the lead, with a Major Wright 45-yard interception return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter sealing the win.

We still don’t know if Chicago’s offense will be good enough to be contenders. But Chicago’s defense is definitely playoff-quality, and against a Rams team that had played well in the first two weeks of the season, there was no question that the Bears were the better team at Soldier Field today.

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  1. As a Bears fan I can honestly say that was not a bounce back win. The offense looked like total crap, Cutler has morphed into Rex Grossman. The D carried the day but they only won because the Rams are horrible.

  2. Great bounceback win by the Bears…I suppose winning by 17 points isn’t enough to convince some folks that the Bears are for real…Our offense scored 16 against a good Rams defense, much like GB did against a good Bears defense in Week 2…Gee, maybe GB’s offense is not playoff-caliber either…(He said sarcastically.)

  3. All those high defense draft picks are coming alive – Paea, McClellin, Harris, Conte, Melton. The stars are doing their thing – Peppers, Briggs, Tillman. Finally, Tim Jennings is have a pro-bowl year so far.

    Bears easily have there best defense since 2006.

    I’m worried about Tice’s play calling though. I think his base offense is utterly predictable and does not keep the defense off balance, so the offense is getting teed off on.

  4. the bears do have a decent defense no doubt, but i agree with tucostacos, it was the rams? they should beat them right? no offense rams but your team was supposed to pick 2nd in the draft right? so the bears beat the colts and the rams at home? all i heard after the colts game from most bears fans was we’re going to the superbowl? then it was crickets after the packers game, so i’m sorry if the bears are overly excited. a win is a win no doubt but hopefully the rest of the bears fans on here think like tucos. it’s a long season and we need to see more.

  5. Anyone who watched that game should have seen that the majority of the mistakes on offense were not Cutler’s fault. Alot of drops by Bears receivers today, off the top of my head I think I saw maybe 2 or 3 bad passes by Cutler. The INT was a freak deflection as happens all around the NFL.

  6. Most people will blame Cutler, but to me Mike Tice’s offensive game plan has been pretty offensive. The play calling has been tremendously unimaginative, and although the two of the best passes Cutler made were on rollouts, the moving pocket for Cutler is about as rare as a unicorn. Forte is clearly missed, but we have enough offensive weapons to make up for it. Meanwhile, you can’t say enough about how well Marinelli has done with the defense so far. That was clearly lost in the shuffle last week when the overhyped Packers only scored 16 pts on offense against the Bears.

  7. The Rams are a better team than most are giving them credit for. Especially on defense. Anyone who thinks this should have been a cake walk for any team just doesn’t get football.


  8. The Bears are not going away. Cutler didnt light up the score board YET BUT ITS COMING. First they needed a win to put that ugly greenbay game behind them. Now they are looking for them Cowboys. an Cutler.. Forte.. Marshall.. an Jeffery has to click for Chicago to strike fear in the NFC. The Bears defense will give Romo a long night if the offense can score points an give them rest

  9. Biggest surprise is the d-line. Its like a 4 cyclinder engine running on NOS non stop. Detroit fans can laugh all you want you will see soon enough.

  10. Bears defense is solid! Granted Rams Oline is missing key people and underperforming in their absence. They got shut down today and couldn’t protect Sam. Rams defense is looking tough though. If it weren’t for them this game would’ve been a total blow out. Def a defense game today on both sides! And glad Cutler didn’t throw one of his hissy fits too.

  11. Why do these Bear fans think Cutler was good today? DId you miss all the ‘over-throws’? Back foot throws? This guy (yes I’m morphing into Gruden) had better get it together soon, or the Defense will be required to carry the team the entire Season….

  12. the D-line won this game, fact. i’d like to see the bears run more on first down. it feels like the only time they run is on 2nd and long, or when it’s obvious they have to run on first because they haven’t run it in SO long. this offense is trying to run before it’s walking. week 1 was a result of raw talent because they were against such a poor team in the Colts. they need to treat the O like the work in progress that it is. if the coaching staff doesn’t realize that by Monday there is no way we leave Dallas with a win. Again though, spectacular game by the D-line, who really teed up the Rams for the rest of the defense to just run around & make plays.

  13. vikescry1…foolish comments on your part. Any given Sunday my friend, a win is a win. The Vikes picked 3rd in the draft behind where the Rams were supposed to pick, what does that matter. The 49’ers should have won today against the Vikes…because they’re the Vikes but still didn’t get the job done. Not every win is gonna be pretty but I’ll take it.

    And hey Randolph32…what about all the drops??

  14. 1 win at a time is how its done… Chicago is 2/1 so say it was the Colts or the Rams … The Cowboys are next an thats what the Bears are thinking about. Not what the media has to say about Cutler cause nomatter what they say when Chicago WINS Cutler gets the credit an when Chicago lose Cutler gets the blame

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