Bengals pull away in D.C.

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After the Redskins tied things up at 24, the Bengals have pulled away.

Cincy leads, 38-24, with less than eight minutes to play.

The dagger has come on a 59-yard catch and run from Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton to receiver Andrew Hawkins.  The score came after Dalton found tight end Jermaine Gresham for a six-yard score.

The Bengals have put the clamps back on the Washington offense, after the Redskins scored 17 straight to tie things up at 24.

Of course, there’s still time for the Redskins to stage another comeback.

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  1. They got a free play at the end, they never ran off the 10 seconds from the injury. And I heard them say at the end we had a Bengal down at the 13 on the final play… which never should have happened(said 7 seconds left). If we lost a player because of this crap. Unacceptable game management by these refs.

  2. Can’t wait to see all the posts on the way the replacement refs called the last couple of minutes of the game. They announced a 10 second runoff and then didn’t do it, effectively giving DC a fourth timeout. then with 8 seconds left, there was an OL movement and the entire Bengals team was on the field protesting there should be another 10 second runoff, ending the game. the refs called an unsportsmanlike penalty against the Redskins, when it possibly could have gone against the Bengals for coming onto the field to protest the lack of runnoff. Interesting.

  3. Its nice to see we can atleast hang until the end, but the secondary and defense overall is obviously a concern.

    Its too bad the officials blew the play dead on our fumble recovery. Josh Wilson was obviously untouched with a free and clear path to the end zone.

    Oh well time to get ready for Bucs!

  4. Wow, the refs really lost control of this game. Reggie Nelson was injured on the final play, which should not have even happened. These “refs” gave Washington a fourth timeout for an injury instead of running ten seconds off of the clock at the end.

    The result?? Time for a hail mary, and time for our best safety to get injured.

    I’m sure the NFL will commend these “refs” for their glorious effort though.

  5. Good job Bengals. Stated last week if RG3 didn’t put up 40 the Redskins would borderline get run out of the building. Well Shanahan refused toprovide replacement O tackle with help and RG3 got punished. Haslett wouldn’t run bracket coverage on AJ Green and he slayed defense for 3 1/2 quarters. RG3 almost pulled an Elway at the end.

  6. And there’s another loss.

    Year 3 of Shanahan regime off to 1-2 start.

    As an Eagle fan . .
    I hope Skins fans are getting tired of anyone named Shanahan.

    You guys deserve better !

  7. Dear Lord….My Bengals tried their darndest to gift wrap this game. Only on the Bengals can a great player line BJGE suddenly do his best impression of Cedric Benson. What’s up with that 2 yds per carry nonsense and then fumbling for the first time ever?

    Do we have the worst secondary next to the Redskins or what? Cover somebody!

  8. I really hope somebody addresses the miscues by the “refs” at the end of this game. So many missed calls and instances of not knowing the rules of the game.

  9. So the redskins are buried in their usual place of the last 20 years at the bottom of the division. Their fans must feel like that guy who’s buddies pulled a prank and gave him a fake lottery winning ticket.

  10. Shanny Jr, and Haslett need to find new jobs. Shanny Jr’s play calling is horrific and Haslett can’t call a defense to save his life. Andy Dalton is a very poised, smart QB. I hope the Bengals beat the tar out of the gayvens the next time they play them.


  11. “goredskins11 says: Sep 23, 2012 5:21 PM

    Everyone complaining that the Redskins should have had 10 seconds run off the clock, should look at the rule. It was a dead ball foul. No 10 second run off required. I wish that the commentators would verify the rules before acting like they know them.

    We’re talking about the 10 second run off that the ref called for but never happened after the injury with about 1:40 left in the game. Way to pay attention.

  12. The difference between Washington winning 6 games or 11 this year will be DeAngelo Hall and the two safeties….in other words, we ain’t got a chance….BUT its been 20 years since we had an offense this good, so there’s hope in the future. HAIL

  13. Plz bring back real refs. Phantom facemask call on D.Hall? ….then call unsportsmanlike conduct call on the coach in all that confusion? and plz next get some real o-line help and secondary help.

  14. samtheram says: Sep 23, 2012 4:01 PM

    RG111 will say the Bengals played dirty and unprofessional.
    Why? Why would he say that? The Bengals played a very clean game and look like a team that could make a deep playoff run in the AFC.

    If you really think the Rams played a clean game last week, you’re just wrong. There’s a reason Griffin made those remarks: he was asked. It wasn’t a press conference set up just so he could call out St. Louis; the media asked him to comment on the subject at a standard Monday press briefing because it was such an obvious issue. Everyone in the country who saw that game saw one of the most unprofessional professional football games in the last twenty years, and if you didn’t, I don’t really know what to say to you.

  15. inthezone4 says: Sep 23, 2012 4:38 PM

    Say what you want on here. The bengals won a great game! WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is really all that needs to be said about this game. The Bengals played a great game, Marv Lewis had a perfect gameplan, the Redskin O-Line and defense were horrific, Robert Griffin played his heart out, and the Bengals won a very exciting game. End of story.

  16. RGIII our receivers and our RB’s are the only thing we got going for us. The defense was woeful. So frustrating. Dalton was throwing from the cleanest pocket all day while RGIII was consistently pressured.

  17. The Redskins lead the NFL in points (99) and in the top 3 or 4 in points given up (101). Can’t keep having these shootouts. Defense was awful today. Give RG3 some credit for having the heart to almost bring us back. At the end of the day it’s a much more exciting team to watch then last year. Hail!

  18. ampatsisahypocrite says:
    Sep 24, 2012 3:39 AM
    Can we finally stop with the overhyping and overrating of this RGIII guy?

    While I’m fine with an end to overhyping everything, can we all “finally stop” discussing games we didn’t watch? Anyone who saw that game, in Cincinnati or Washington, knows Griffin is really something special. The Redskins may not be, but that isn’t the issue.

    For a rookie quarterback in his third NFL game ever, or any quarterback, really, to be thrown around like a rag doll behind a JV O-line for 57 minutes of football; then come back and lead an 80 yard touchdown drive and a 90 yard drive from his own 2 to the opponent’s 7 all in the last three minutes is pretty incredible by any standards.

    The Redskins may have played a horrible game, but don’t delude yourself into thinking that Griffin did.

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