Cortland Finnegan says Bears offense works around Cutler

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Cornerbacks are finding Bears quarterback Jay Cutler to be an easy target these days.

Cutler got slammed by Packers cornerback Charles Woodson after Green Bay beat the Bears in Week Two for being the “same old Jay” after throwing four interceptions. The Bears won on Sunday, but Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan decided to take his own shot at Cutler after the final whistle when he was asked what he saw from Cutler on the field.

“Not much. I think he had 190 yards passing, but no touchdowns. Typical him,” Finnegan said, via Jake Flannigan of “I think they stuck to the run today [because] they didn’t feel like Cutler was going to get it done. I think they had 80 yards passing in the second half. Sometimes you got to bend, but not break. If we can keep them to field goals, we’ve done our job.”

Cutler actually didn’t quite get to 190 passing yards, finishing with 183 and an interception by Finnegan in an unimpressive individual performance. It was good enough for the Bears to get the victory, though. That makes Finnegan’s comments ring a little hollow, especially when you put them up against what his own team was able to put up.

Finnegan obviously meant the jab to be at Cutler, but he wound up taking a bit of one at his offense as well. If the Rams defense did its job in the 23-6 loss, then that points a pretty big finger at an offense that put just six points on the board while giving up seven on a pick six by Major Wright. That’s not necessarily the wrong place to point a finger, but how much will the offense like having it in their collective face?

19 responses to “Cortland Finnegan says Bears offense works around Cutler

  1. Finnegan talks trash all day long then looks under his bed every night to make sure Andre Johnson isn’t under there. He is all talk.

  2. I wouldn’t say he’s all talk. Dude can play. His talk seems to be almost a character he’s playing, and it’s working. If he’s on your team you love it, if he’s not you hate it. True sign of an impact player. The rest is just a show people. And I’m sure he is well aware that his offense got shut down today. Duh.

  3. Sorry courtland never heard of you until the beatdown you got from Andre Johnson. Next time try winning first before you start talking

  4. Finnegan is whining mainly because Cutler decided to throw right at him at the end of the game for a long completion to Marshall. Luckily for him the Refs are letting him get away with things like the face mask penalty he should had on that play.

  5. 22-9 in his last 31 games as a starter. If that is “typical Jay”, I hope we get “typical Jay” for the next decade.

  6. “Cutler’s 19-9 in his last 28 starts. Better luck next time, Cortland.”

    Cutler’s not 19-9 in his last 28 starts. The Bears defense, running game, and special teams are the main reason they are 19-9 in Cutler’s last 28 games under center.

    Cutler’s averaged 1.48 TD’s per game and 1.14 INT’s per game in his career. He also has a 60% career completion percentage and half of his seasons have been sub 60%. I personally don’t like Finnegan but he’s a better cornerback than Cutler’s is a quarterback. Finnegan’s a top 10 cb in a league with basically 96 “starting” cb’s. Cutler’s not in the top 10 of 32 starting qb’s.

    He was ranked the 14th best QB by the national beat writers and in the NFL players own player rankings, 13 QB’s were in the top 100 and Cutler wasn’t one of them.

  7. “He also has a 60% career completion percentage and half of his seasons have been sub 60%.”

    I guess 60% for his career isn’t bad though. I’m just used to Rodgers and Brees throwing for closer to 70% lately I guess.

  8. To be honest, I liked Finnegan’s “gameplay” for a while. I thought he was a presence on the field amd was always felt.

    Now that doesn’t mean I like him as a person and/or what he says BOTH on and off the field.

    The guy has so much lip. Maaan. Like just be quite. This ‘Jay Cutler’ guy who you said wasn’t going to get the job done…

    Yeah, I agree that he didn’t have a good game, but for such a ‘bad game’, he still had completions to 7 different receivers, kept the offense on the field for almost 34 minutes, had a nice little run of 21 yards, and ‘statistically’ led the Bears to 16 points.

    Bradford had a ESPN QBR of 3.9.

    Andre Johnson had a 60 TD in the first play of his game.

    …sorry, had to mention that little stat too.

  9. Cortland said:

    “If we can keep them to field goals, we’ve done our job.”

    Based on what actually happened in the game, he must have been quoting a Bears defender.

  10. Finnegan is one of those guys where if all you see of him is when he’s on the field, you want to punch him. Repeatedly. But when he’s interviewed he sounds pretty normal.

  11. I think Cortland Finnegan is the one being targeted!! Cutlet threw at him all day long yesterday!! Finnegan’s interception wasn’t even a great play, it was more of a “look what I found” type of pick. So in summary, Cutler threw at you all day and managed to keep his offense on the field for like 75% of the game, so he had a decent game against you Cortland!!!!

    Also, Finnegan says that holding the Bears to 3 points each drive is their goal… Well ask a Bears defender and they’ll gladly tell you that taking the ball back in one way or another is the ONLY goal, not giving up points!!!

  12. Finnegan you got treated like a cheap rental car all day. Cutler threw right at you an Marshall was catching the ball an SMACKING YOU DOWN ALL GAME. Somebody should tell this clown that hes LATE for the Cutler bashing party. That Ended when he beat the Rams

  13. Before you run your mouth on how the Bears’ D, RB’s, and ST players are the reason for the Bears being 19-9 in their last 28 games, you might want to research how many ppg the Bears are averaging in those. You ALSO might want to take into consideration that from 2009-2011, he was throwing to Devin Hester, Johnny Knox, and Roy Williams and was being protected by guys like Orlando Pace (circa 2009), J’Marcus Webb, and Frank Omiyale.

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