Crowder says Ireland should be fined

Getty Images

Last week, Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland muttered the word “asshole” under his breath to a Dolphins fan who suggested that Ireland should fire himself.

This morning, former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder said that he was twice fined by Ireland for similar conduct.

Once, Crowder used the word “balls” in reference to the Saints when talking to the media, and Ireland fined Crowder $5,000.  Ireland also fined Crowder roughly $5,000 for cursing out a Jets fan of another team who had initiated unpleasantries with Crowder.  (Crowder was warned for previously cursing out a Bengals fan.)

“Listen here you idiot,” Crowder declared on WQAM’s Countdown to Kickoff, “I cussed out a Cincinnati fan and a Jet fan.  You cussed out a Dolphin fan who pays your bills!  You’re retarded.  Can I please fine you now?”

Crowder also suggested that Ireland should have a “babysitter,” if he’s planning to mingle with the fans on game day.  And Crowder thinks Ireland should have denied saying what he said, which would have turned the whole thing into a he said/she said pissing match.

But that would have only made it a bigger story, with a coverup becoming potentially worse than the crime.  So Ireland was wise to tell the truth.

Still, Crowder’s reference to a possible double standard makes sense, unless and until Ireland gets fined for the kind of conduct for which he’d likely fine a player.