D.J. Moore: If I could have babies, I’d want Cutler to be the father

Getty Images

It’s been more than a week since the Bears lost their last game to the Packers and those days have been filled with reports about bad feelings in the Bears locker room.

Most of those bad feelings are reportedly directed at quarterback Jay Cutler, who was shown on camera berating tackle J’Marcus Webb during the game. Like just about everything else in this era, that’s turned Cutler into an internet meme — Smokin’ Jay Cutler — but more importantly to the Bears it’s also led to teammates questioning his behavior publicly. Cornerback D.J. Moore called Cutler’s behavior “just wrong” and coach Lovie Smith then chewed out Moore for going public with his feelings, ensuring that the story about bad juju in the locker room kept on going.

Now Moore is trying to stop it. Peggy Kusinski of NBCChicago.com reports that Moore was a guest on WBBM’s pregame show Sunday and said that speculation that the locker room is divided with “spears on one side swords on other” is incorrect. He went even further when it came to the man he called out earlier this week. Moore was asked about his relationship with Cutler and came up with a unique way of saying that everything is hunky dory.

“If I could have babies I would want Jay Cutler to be my baby father,” Moore said.

Either all is well in the Bears locker room or things are going to take some very unexpected turns over the rest of the season in Chicago.