Darrius Heyward-Bey carted out after shot to the head

The Raiders are trying to cut into the Steelers’ 31-21 lead in Oakland, but the game has come to a halt as the Raiders’ medical staff attends to wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey.

Heyward-Bey was trying to catch a pass in the end zone between two Steelers defensive backs when he got caught with a shot to the head from safety Ryan Mundy. Heyward-Bey went down to the turf and remained there for several minutes while the medical team immobilized Heyward-Bey and put him onto a stretcher and cart to leave the field. We can’t know what might be wrong with Heyward-Bey at this point, but the reaction is definitely one of a team worried about a serious head and/or neck injury.

Heyward-Bey gave a thumbs up to the crowd on his way off the field, which is a great sign in terms of having movement in his upper extremities. He could also be seen talking to the medical personnel riding out on the cart with him.

There was no flag on the play despite the obvious shot to the head of a defenseless receiver from Mundy, incidentally.

It remains 31-21 early in the fourth in Oakland.

UPDATE 7:26 p.m. ET: The Raiders scored on a Carson Palmer to Denarius Moore touchdown pass a few plays after the game resumed. It’s now 31-28 Steelers with just over 12 minutes to play.

34 responses to “Darrius Heyward-Bey carted out after shot to the head

  1. BS. Both players completely keyed on the ball, no intentional hit to the head. Hope he is okay but don’t turn this into something it’s not.

  2. Intent has nothing to do with it. It was a helmet-to-helmet hit to the head of a defenseless receiver, that’s a flag. Replacement officials didn’t have anything to do with the hit happening either.

  3. Seriously? Defender drove helmet first, those types of hits are banned. The past two games the Steelers have been getting away with blatant penalties, holding/PI/etc (the big ones). These refs just don’t give a damn, they know they’re just temporaries and with all the negative press, they just don’t care anymore.

  4. During the lockout (and since), fans voiced their disgust in tough financial times at the greed of irresponsible, seemingly clueless posture of the players – and justifiably so. Even in the face of rising costs to fans, seemed the public opinion fell pretty heavily on the side of the players.
    Strange to think that such a correctable issue as replacement officials could cost them all of that but after today? This game is like watching a fight in a prison yard.

  5. All day it’s been bad. In Skins game they didn’t call pass interference on safety who wasn’t looking back and cut off WR and that was 3rd down and huge turning point. In another game they marked off penalty from the wrong 44 yard line(the one closer to the end zone) and allow extra time outs and reviews. This is nuts and it’s got to stop. If not there is going to have to be a * next to the eventual super bowl winner.

  6. And Rodger has the nerve to send out a letter saying he’s gonna fine coaches and players for yelling at or talking bad about the replacement refs. What a joke!!!!!

  7. He’s going to get fined for the hit. (It NEVER should have happened in the first place) But that’s not enough for such a Needless hit.

    He should face suspension. Completely unnecessary. And all my good thoughts are going out to Heyward-Bey and his Family.

  8. Steelers strike fear into opposing receivers.


    And then they lose to DHB’s sub, Derek Hagan.

  9. this win could be the turning point and the start of something beautiful
    we really need dhb to be healthy and in game shape, thoughts and prayers are with him!

  10. Steelers strike fear into… Ah never mind. Good to see the better team won today. Sorry Steeler fan – and make no mistake, I mean that in the least sincere way possible.

    Earlier, I meant the public opinion fell on the side of the owners but after a game like this – with both teams getting away with really ugly stuff – the fans’ good graces will be short lived. Thing is… They don’t care. They don’t care about the players, they know we’ll watch the games. Just need to make ‘me feel it some other way – bet online merchant sales drop on days like this. Bottom line… Replace the replacements.

  11. People keep asking how officials have an impact on player safety….. this is exactly how. Its utterly incomprehensible that a flag wasn’t thrown on this hit. And if you don’t throw flags on hits like these, you just invite more of them. Hitting defenseless receivers in the head, hitting QBs late, hitting QBs in the head….. plenty of those plays have happened in the last two weeks without getting flagged. No flags = no change = more hits of this type, which endanger the safety of players.

  12. steelernationfartsinyourfaceandwinschampionships says: Sep 23, 2012 7:58 PM

    Steelers strike fear into opposing receivers.
    Hayward-Bey wasn’t scared, just unconscious. And all the Raider receivers that caught balls after that cheap shot weren’t scared, either. Just victorious. Get to bed, son. You have school tomorrow.

  13. I am definitely not a Steeler lover – more of a Steeler hater actually – but I did not think it was a blow to the head. I did not think the defender either led with his head or hit DHB in the head. DHB definitely hit his head on the ground. From this Steeler hater’s perspective it looked likme a clean but hard hit.

  14. Should have been a flag. I don’t agree with the rules because its based on something no one could control. There was helmet contact though. D back led with shoulder and receivers head dropped. 80% of these are just that. Its all a PR stunt because of lawsuits.

  15. Big league hit that should have been a penalty. Mundy will be fined, to be sure.

    Good win by the RAIDERS. Tough games coming up– @den & @ atl– lets see what can be done.

  16. This is now TOTALLY ABSURD! These guys are NOT controlling the games or making the calls, so all you are doing is collecting money for fines Goodell, because the refs are not doing their jobs! I love football, but I think what it might take to get Roger’s head out of his butt is the players striking. They have been threatening, and this may just seal the deal! That was a VICIOUS hit with NO flag, and the same thing is happening in the Ravens/Patriots game. I swear in the first half one team could have pulled a weapon and used it rifgt in front of a ref and the refs would have just shook their heads and walked away! NO CONTROL!

  17. Really surprised that nothing happened here. This is the most blatantly awful non-call of the season. DHB might be out for the year on two players aiming for his head and the refs didn’t call it.

    So much for the league championing “player safety” right?

  18. 6th “Helmet to Helmet” I saw yesterday. Intent or not, isn’t the NFL running the commercials regarding safe tackling in youth football? Sure didn’t see much of that yesterday.

  19. I forgot, the ONLY reason why the Ratbirds get away with their dirty play is because Goodell is in love with Mr. Bloody Knife man himself Ray Lewis……Slobberin’ all over Lewis’ jock daily!

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