Davis says Redskins are still holding back part of the playbook


Redskins fans may be in for even more of a show than they expected on Sunday.  Tight end Fred Davis says that the team has shown only a portion of its playbook.

“The more we get comfortable with this offense and mixing it up a lot, changing it up on each defense each week and not showing everything each week, they won’t know which way we’re coming from,” Davis said, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post.  “We’ll keep people on [their] toes, and that’s what we want.”

Davis also says that the Redskins offense, which has generated 68 points in two games, has yet to play up to its potential.

“I knew with the offense that we had, and then putting R.G. in it and everyone paying attention to detail, we could be better than what we were doing,” Davis said.  “When we watch film, there’s still a lot of stuff we leave out there.  It’s still early.”

As the offense continues to blossom, look for Leonhard Hankerson to have a bigger role.  After hauling in a 68-yard touchdown pass against the Rams (although he looked a bit like Robin Williams in The Best of Times while doing so), Hankerson could end up starting today across from Josh Morgan, given that Pierre Garςon will miss his second straight game.

9 responses to “Davis says Redskins are still holding back part of the playbook

  1. If that part of the playbook is the part where my skins can hold onto a decent lead in the 3rd and 4th quarters, then by God PLEASE bring it on!


  2. Why have they ignored Santana Moss?? He had almost 1,000 yds last year with GROSSMAN as the QB.

    WR depth chart should be Garcon, Moss, Hankerson, Morgan, Robinson, Banks w Moss sliding into the slot in 3WR sets.

  3. Beginning to think Garcon is a certified bust like all the other skins free agents have been. he plays one quarter,practices all week,and sits out sunday? what a wimp! he needs to man up,take a shot,get his butt back out there cause that is what good players do!

  4. Only the Skins could put up points on 2 terrible defenses, be 1-1, and still act ike they have some sort of revolutionary offense nobody can stop.

    Only a PFT blogger (they are not journalists) would add defensive scores to “the Redskins offense”

  5. It’s so nice of the Redskins to take mercy on the rest of the league, even at the expense of a loss to the Rams.

  6. I’m a fan and even I know it’s time to get rid of Haslett. His defensive schemes suck. Blitzes every 3rd down and gives up a first down. He hasn’t got a clue. Until they fix that, they won’t win many games.

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