Hines Ward still gets a hard time from Ravens fans

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Former Steelers receiver Hines Ward, now a member of the NBC Sports family, returned to Baltimore for Sunday night’s game between the Patriots and Ravens.

And Ravens fans aren’t ready to forget Ward’s time with the Steelers.

On his Facebook page and during Football Night In America, Ward explained his interactions with Ravens fans during his trek from New York to Baltimore.

“I’m at the gate heading to Baltimore, a flight attendant comes up to me and asks me,’You are Hines right?’ and I said ‘Yes.’ He says, ‘I HATE you!‘ So … I’m on the plane and the guy next to me says, ‘Are you Hines?’  I say ‘Yes.’  He says ‘I HATE you!'”

Then, when Hines checked into his Baltimore hotel, the employee working at the desk said, “Thank you for staying with us today Mr. Ward, and by the way I HATE you.”

Hines also explained that, during his playing career, the Steelers bus once passed a grandfather, father, and young son who were each decked out in Ravens gear — and who each were each giving the Steelers the finger.

We’ve got a feeling Hines will see a few fingers tonight.  Imagine how bad it would be if he wasn’t picking the Ravens to win.

25 responses to “Hines Ward still gets a hard time from Ravens fans

  1. thats funny,i hate him too.guess thats the way it is when you were a thorn in there sides for all them years

  2. @ bigharold who said:
    Sep 23, 2012 11:32 PM
    Hey, … like Reggie Jackson said;

    They don’t boo nobodies.

    – – –

    Not true. I’m the consummate quintessential nobody — and am on the ass end of mass derision on a regular basis.

  3. Well after years of cheapshots and after-the-whistle finegling, what would you expect?

    The man thrived on getting under the skin of raven players and fans. Now he expects civility?


  4. In Baltimore we can respect rivial football players, but we do not respect cheap shot artists and POS human beings. If anything horrible were to ever happen to Hines Ward he would deserve something 10 times worse.

  5. Morons, he wasn’t looking for civility, he’s loving it! Bmore will get to win their superbowl in Nov, the only one they ever will win. Thanks for making Philly look high class.

  6. Says more about the fans than anything else.

    How can you “hate” an athlete? These guys basically are entertainers.

  7. Like about 90% of what Hines says on TV, that story was pure bul#sh*t! This guy is pathetic as a broadcaster. I thought Emmitt was the worst ever, but as Cosanza reminded us “suddenly a new contender emerges!”

  8. I will give Hines cvredit for one thing… at least he has a sence of humor and common sence. Unlike the mouth breathers from steel town.

    How does this site let people attacj this city and it’s citizens and remove comments WE make about the state of OH?

  9. Brian Billick is famous for saying, “I HATE that guy…but I’d love to have him on my team.”

    That is the best compliment you can give a guy like Hines. I have to say I feel the same way. Tough, hard-nosed guy. I understand why most fans outside of Pittsburgh hate him, but he is cool with me, even as a Browns fan. I respect game, and I respect the game.

  10. This is all about the guy and not the team. If it was Jarome Bettis on that plane, no one would have disrespected him because he was a class act. Ward was always a dirty player and no one will forget that. In all honesty I’m not a fan of the steelers or the ravens but I will say this;

  11. Hines also hates Ravens fans:

    “Guess what Ravens fans: I HATE you too but I will miss you guys the most.”

    The relationship between the man and the city is clearly chock full of class, on both sides.

  12. As a lifetime steeler fan.
    Congrats on tough win ravens.
    Ravens players i respect.
    Went to first steelers ravens game last year. Some really disrespectful fans but also some cool ones. I have seen pitt fans the same way.

  13. not surprised at that. Funny actually. The real reason they hate Hines is because the ravens could never beat the steelers when it counted. Oh and the fact that Hines Ward cleaned Ed Reeds clock way to many times.

  14. The only reason they hate Hines cause he gave back what they shot at him. He is and was no dirtier than any of those Ravens players who take some of the cheapest shots out there. Back in the 70’s you would not call these shots cheap. You are just pissed that he was on a 6 time winning SUPER BOWL team and stopped you from getting there. Hate is such a harsh word but what do you expect from the most CLASSLESS FANS I HAVE EVER SEEN. You cannot go to a Ravens/Steelers game without them using words worse than hate. This is just a game and for the word hate to be used against another human is DISGUSTING. The man is NOT a football player anymore so GROW UP RAVENS YOU SUCK

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