Jets outlast Dolphins for overtime win in Miami

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It’s a good thing that style points don’t count in the NFL because we still might be watching the Jets and Dolphins if they did.

Nearly 69 minutes of this game were more than enough. Jets kicker Nick Folk won the game with a little more than six minutes to play in overtime with a 33-yard field goal that handed the Jets a 23-20 win that was as ugly as it was necessary for their chances of contending for anything positive this season. Fittingly, it ended with one last bit of business that left you slapping your palm with your head.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin called the now de rigeur freeze the kicker time out — the Jets did it before Dan Carpenter missed a 48-yarder on the other end of the field in OT — just before Folk tried a kick. It backfired as the Dolphins blocked the first kick and Folk nailed the second one straight down the middle of the crossbars. With San Francisco, Houston and New England coming up in three of the next four games, the Jets needed to win this game so they get credit for doing that.

There wasn’t much else to like. Darrelle Revis’ knee injury could be a disaster for the Jets defense and the offense was a mess for the second straight week after an encouraging opener against the Bills.

Mark Sanchez was 18-of-41 with two interceptions. Sanchez didn’t get a ton of help from his receivers or blockers, but he also overthrew a slew of wide open players on passes down the field before finally connecting with Santonio Holmes for 38 yards to set up Folk’s kick. Holmes had nine catches for 147 yards, his first 100-yard outing since November of 2010, but there were moments where it felt like Holmes was leaving plays on the field with sluggish effort coming off the line. That wasn’t the case with his big catch against Richard Marshall, so perhaps it was all a smokescreen.

We don’t actually think it was a smokescreen.

Miami wasn’t much better as they passed on a chance to win the game late in the fourth by choosing to have Ryan Tannehill overthrow his receivers in the end zone once Miami was already in field goal range. Even after Reggie Bush left the game, the Dolphins had success on the ground and  they also had some success throwing to Anthony Fasano and Davone Bess on medium-range passes. This game might have worked out differently if Miami handled things differently and it certainly would have worked out differently if not for two turnovers at the start of the third quarter.

One was a LaRon Landry interception return for a touchdown and the other was a Daniel Thomas fumble that didn’t lead to points thanks to the second comical goal-line sequence of the game for the Jets ended with Sanchez’s second interception of the day. The Jets tried this and that with Tim Tebow over the course of the day, but the lasting image will be a Sanchez pass skittering off of Tebow’s helmet on one of the backup’s snaps as an eligible receiver on Sunday.

The Dolphins didn’t have as emblematic an image for their offense, but it was equally frustrating on Sunday. Carpenter missed two field goals, but there were plenty of other missed opportunities on the path to this loss for Miami. Tannehill was 16-of-36 passing, but they ran for 186 yards and converted a slew of third downs. That should have been enough to use to get more shots at touchdowns or at least a closer kick for the win in overtime.

26 responses to “Jets outlast Dolphins for overtime win in Miami

  1. Nothing to brag about for either side, pathetic and hurtful showing for both teams. Nothing like your best players getting hurt.

    Good (not really, but..) game Miami. See y’all later this year.

  2. Richard Marshall should be benched!! Smack talks on plays he had nothing to do with, and didn’t produce anything but positive yards for the jets!! So much success running today and they pass the ball to end the game!! Pitiful display of play calling by Mike Sherman!!

  3. Maybe the worst coached game of the season, so far. Play calling was atrocious on both sides.

    How about letting the kickers kick and see if your special teams can stop them?

    Do you think it really adds more pressure to reset the play clock for them????

  4. I should feel bad for the fins but they blew this game a hundred different ways.

    Philbin looks like a hs coach.

    Jets stink. They will be saying its super bowl time again.

  5. Icing the kicker sounds like a bad joke in a Mel Brooks movie. Like jamming the radar. Tannehill seems like an OK player.

  6. They played the 4th quarter like they thought they had the game in the bag….could’ve been more creative on the final drive…looks like Philbin went the Andy Reid school of time out/clock management…and read the chapter on not how to use time-outs….just lousy…..

  7. the game was torture to watch…. the refs were messing up constantly… repeatedly stopping the play clock to get the situation straight… this game went 4 hours and 10 minutes with only 9 minutes of overtime… it was brutal officiating….

    Play calling was insane on both teams…. the cap was the Phins taking the ball to the WRONG hash to set up the FG, forcing a long cross body FG on Carpenter, who was already not so hot missing a similar FG earlier….

    the whole thing looked amateur and really the last team standing won it as neither really earned it

    arguably the two most valuable players on the field Bush and Revis both got injured….


  8. Failing grade for Philbin thus far: His team lacks discipline and plays sloppy, and his decision making is questionable at best. Richard Marshall is not a starting-caliber CB. O-line, however, looks pretty good.

  9. C’mon now jests fans. You’re all totally embarrassed that a rookie coach, OC, DC, QB and a bunch of rookie players that for the last few weeks were labeled the NFL’s worst team, made Rex Ryan’s BEST team ever go into overtime. I can’t believe any of you would show your faces (I know, you don’t show them) on any site!!!!!!! Rexy has said many times how great this team is, yet they barely beat the worst team in the league. C’mon man!!!!!!!

  10. nyjalleffingday says: Sep 23, 2012 6:24 PM

    @Mr Wright

    You need to find a different strawman to attack, I challenge you to find a SINGLE Jets fan that resembles anything close to happy right now.

    I live in New York, son. And I see tons of them on my Facebook page AND on ESPN bragging.

  11. Headlne should read “Jets outlast Dolphins for overtime win in Miami despite Sanchez”.

    Imagine how good the Jets couldd be if they didnt have Sanchez.

    I can think of a half a dozen teams that have quarterbacks who are overhyped. The coaches refuse to give someone else a chance even though the team would probably be far better off with someone else playing QB.

    The Jets would have won 2 superbowls in the past 4 years if they had a good QB.

  12. Wow, I expected to come here and have to fight off some trash talking Jets fans and actually… everybody seems to have watched the same game as me.

    Give the Jets credit for hanging in there on the road against a division rival. Miami was in position to win, but I won’t say they “should have” won; when your kicker can’t execute when you need him to, you deserve what you get.

    For Miami, Tannehill wasn’t great, but I thought he showed great poise. After the pick six and lost fumble immediately afterwards, he could have crumbled. But he stayed aggressive and took shots down the field, even though he didn’t connect on many. I don’t know about questioning the playcalling on the final drive of regulation; the TV announcers were berating Miami for not just running it up the middle, and here on this site Miami wasn’t aggressive enough with the passing game. I thought those passes to Hartline, where either he makes a great catch or nobody does, were pretty smart. With 3 timeouts Miami could have worked the middle of the field, but if your kicker does his job it’s a moot point.

    For the Jets, Sanchez is just awful- if he doesn’t get it by now, he never will. Just as worrysome is that the defense looks ordinary. They can be run on, and can’t generate enough of a pass rush. If Revis is seriously hurt, they are in real trouble.

  13. THEY might be right that Tebow does not fit as a NFL QB but even less as a Jets QB. For some reason it appears Jets coaches have him boxed in. Watch Tebow when he is on the field. He appears robotic.

  14. I heard Philbin say on HK that he was “out-coached” in a pre-season game…..he was not “out-coached” by Fatboy yesterday but Philbin looked very confused and unaware of the situation. Blowing T.O.s at the end of the game with 1 second on the clock….FOR WHAT? Yesterday needs to be chalked up as a learning experience for the entire Fins staff. They need to learn what each other is capable of and how each other reacts during games like this…Carpenter’s numbers say he is good but he is not a sure thing like he used to be dating back to last season. PHILBIN let me help you with one easy simple decision though…..JIMMY WILSON……cut him asap…..r marshall should not be far behind either!!!!!!!

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