Matt Schaub lost a piece of his ear


Evander Holyfield has some company in the fraternity of athletes missing a piece of their ear.

No one bit Texans quarterback Matt Schaub during Sunday’s win over the Broncos, but Denver linebacker Joe Mays did deliver a nasty and illegal hit to Schaub’s head in the third quarter — the second straight play featuring a Broncos defender roughing Schaub — of Houston’s 31-25 victory. Schaub’s helmet came off went to the ground and put his hands over his ears in what looked like a response to an injury that would be putting T.J. Yates back in command of the Houston offense.

Schaub missed just one play, though, and said after the game that he was fine. With one little exception.

“I felt fine,” Schaub said, via the Houston Chronicle. “Lost a piece of my ear.”

Schaub’s return was very quick given the type of hit he sustained. In this time of heightened consciousness about concussions, it was surprising to see Schaub get back on the field without even a cursory look to see if he’d suffered any kind of head injury. There’s no suggestion that Schaub was concussed on the play nor that the Texans worked around the rules to get him back on the field, just a note that it was an unusually fast turnaround from a hit to the head in today’s NFL.

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  1. That was clearly a deliberate attempt to injure.

    The league needs to come down hard on Mays and the Bronco’s.

  2. Honestly, it was a fun hit to watch. Completely illegal, but it made me remember the game as it used to be.

  3. Give me a break. Mays came in with his head up. He never lowered his head, he never lowered his shoulder. The impact from the other Denver player pushed Shaub in the direction of Mays as Mays was coming in for what was a perfectly legal hit. The refs blew the call and there is no way Mays should be fined. More wussifying of the NFL. Bunch of pathetic babies

  4. watching live, the hit looked pretty nasty. in the broadcast, the super slow-mo showed that neither player made contact to his head.

    Schaub was smashed in the other player at such a high speed, the helmet was thrown off from the whiplash.

    vicious hit. not illegal though. look closer.

  5. BS, watch it again. I thought he was straight up when he hit him also at first. But a reply with the angle from behind and left shows Mays drop his helmet and hit Schaub in the facemask.

    No matter what the one thing for sure us Schaub showed the NFL he is a man!

  6. Not even CLOSE to illegal. No helmet to helmet – just high speed collision with a big fat shoulder pad to a big dumb QB. The Broncos should have never been called for the penalty on this one. Bad call.

  7. Reblogged this on Troy Hufford and commented:
    Would you lose a piece of your ear and come back into a football game, just to get a win?… I wouldn’t. Matt Schaub clearly has bigger cajones than most people. Schaub came back in the game and helped the Houston Texans beat the Denver Broncos 31-25.

    This puts him in the same company as Evander Holyfield, who’s ear was bitten by the infamous Mike Tyson. In this scenario, Broncos linebacker Joe Mays would be the Mike Tyson equivalent. I hope he doesn’t start telling people he’s going to eat their children. Too much imitation is cheesy…

    Former NFL Official Mike Pereira urged that the hit should have resulted in Joe Mays being ejected. However, the replacement NFL referees had a number of questionable decisions this weekend, too many to list in just one article. Most notably, the fans in Baltimore started to chant “Bulls**t” in one of the most complex displays of displeasure I’ve ever seen at an NFL game.

  8. Gotta echo JoeGalvan02: there was no contact with the head, nor was it a late hit. Meaning no personal foul should have been called. Schaub’s helmet flew off because of the force of impact to his chest.

  9. Was a CLEAN hard hit… Watch the replay before you all judge. Man I wish I would have grown up in a different era then all these wussy rules that the NFL is creating now.
    He hit Schaub in the chest so hard that it was whiplash that caused the helmet to pop off and take a chunk of his ear with it.
    “Denver is a dirty team…” Why don’t you go and cry more, and then let me know when you’re ready to play some football. This isn’t the ice capads or anything…

  10. SO, you would be OK if Peyton Manning had been hit like that? How about the Pile-Drive tackle on the preceeding play? Those refs! Obviously those were nice clean, legal hits!! By the way, do they have an Eyemasters in Denver? You should check it out.

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