Moss does little in return to Minnesota

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In his first game at the Metrodome as a member of the road team, receiver Randy Moss was largely MIA in MIN.  N.

Moss caught three passes for 27 yards in limited action for the 49ers, who were unable to get much going on offense.

In all, the Niners churned up 280 yards, to 344 from the Vikings.  But from penalties to dropped passes (one from Moss could have been a huge gain) to turnovers, the 49ers couldn’t avoid losing to a team that won only three games in 2011.

In hindsight, the turning point likely came when the 49ers failed to convert a long kick return from Kyle Williams to start the third quarter into a touchdown, settling instead for three.

The Vikings’ ability to drive down the field and score a touchdown after 10 straight points from the 49ers helped avoid the kind of second-half letdown that we saw routinely from the Vikings last September.

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  1. Should have had a TD, but Smith played poorly today. He missed a ton of throws, but Vikings played really well.

    As a Vikings fan, I still love Moss though

  2. Vikings fought hard, they deserved the win. Even through adversity of the refs trying to hand the 9ers every available chance at the end to win it.

    These new young Vikings players are looking very promising over the past 3 games. Can’t wait to see more from them.

  3. I’m a Niner fan and there was no turning point. The Vikings came out and dominated from the get go.

    P.S. Stop picking on Moss for cheap page hits – that’s getting real pathetic.

  4. Thats why they say any given sunday..Pats lost to Ari last week..Vikes played a hell of a game and the Niners look like they were asleep.Niners are a good team still..Good game by the Vikes..from a Niner fan

  5. Moss is a shell of his former self. Remember the days when you wouldn’t even consider single coverage on him? That’s all he sees now.

    Another thing, if Fox/Del Rio are getting fined for berating the refs what should the NFL do the Harbaugh?!? That guy is worse than a nagging wife just stomping behind the refs every play while screaming. I’m not saying he should be like Frazier (arms crossed and staring at the logo on the 50) but come on man, show some composure.


  6. After finally cooling down & being one who LOVES to talk it!! I have to be MAN enough to walk it!!

    I would like to congratulate Minnesota on their win. My fears all week came to be realized of the 9ERS overlooking the Vikings & that’s exactly what happened. Maybe they heard the hype or read their own press clippings but, no excuses!! Minny won & lessons to be learned on the fact that my 9ERS are not good enough expecting to win games against ANYBODY & especially with the HUGE target on their back!!!


  7. It’s one game people. Better to get it out the way now than have it later on. I’m not surprised Moss hasn’t done anything. He’s 35 and didn’t play last year. But we have enough weapons to get it done. I’m still confident we’ll win the division.

    Looking forward to seeing us beat the snot out of Sanchize next week.

  8. Welcome back to reality? Seriously, give me a break. Today was a throw away game for the Niners. Props to the Vikes, the Niners were expecting an easy win. Hopefully this just gets them focused and back to playing one week at a time.

  9. Where are all those 9ner fans now! Nobody gave the Vikes a shot at winning this game!! And by the way how many time-outs were given to the niners in the last few minutes?

  10. realfann says: Sep 23, 2012 4:56 PM

    I’m a Niner fan and there was no turning point. The Vikings came out and dominated from the get go.

    P.S. Stop picking on Moss for cheap page hits – that’s getting real pathetic.


    Another Niners fan here. Completely agree with you.

    Other than Kyle Williams, no one showed up. Hope Willis and Soap aren’t seriously hurt.

    Good win Vikes.

  11. Niner fan here gotta give it up to the Vikes they played great and out-coached us today. Not happy with what I saw from the Niners today NEVER take your opponent lightly this is the NFL.

  12. It looks like there are plays there to be made to Moss. But Alex Smith is so conditioned to be careful with the ball, not take chances, that he never even looks that way. If nothing else, teams all 3 games are playing far off Moss.

  13. Great win for the Vikes today. They’ve added some nice pieces the past couple of drafts and they’re developing quickly.

    That being said, nobody should be getting off the 49ers bandwagon. They got beat playing a good team in their own house. 49ers were my pick to go to the superbowl this year and that’s not changing. Still the best team in the NFC imho.

  14. In Moss’s early years he would draw triple coverage and still out jump everybody and catch the ball. Now he only draws single coverage and all he can seem to do is raise his hands over his head, no jumping, no extra effort.

  15. Moss was overthrown twice — once standing by himself in the end zone. Smith delivers on those two throws, the story is completely different. Win as a team. Lose as a team.

  16. This wan’t Moss’s deal. Look, the 49ers are good, but other than the kickoff return team, I’d say the blame for this loss could be spread around pretty evenly.

  17. The 49ers came out flat, it happens sometimes in the game of football. Moss, you can’t blame him for anything, he doesn’t throw the football or call the plays. As a Viking fan, love to see him retire a Viking. The love is still and always will be there for him in Minny. Now the Vikes, very impressive outing, basically we out 49er’d the 49ers. Helluva a game to build on with a young team. Definitely have to tighten up the KO coverage team, WR Simpson coming out next week will open up the offense next week in Detroit. Nice secondary play this week Hopefully it wasn’t a season ender for S Raymond with injury. Next week is huge, they have prove to themselves, they have the ability to win on the road. Ponder is definitely gaining confidence. The season is going to be interesting. Hated giving Indy that game on bonehead penalties, but we cleaned it up in a weeks time. For now, savoring a 2-1 start and Viking Vik-TOOOORRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Yeah where are we 9er fans? No where to be seen…lol. Please don’t confuse us with NO fans.

    Great win for the Vikes. They played hard for 60 mins and didn’t put their win in the hands of the refs. And yeah, enough already with Moss bait articles.

    9er fan

  19. @calbsure Moss can’t retire as a Viking or any other team. The NFL honors the player only, not a team he played for, like baseball does.

  20. 7ransponder says:
    Sep 20, 2012 3:39 PM
    rockbottom37 says:
    Sep 20, 2012 2:36 PM
    Never going to happen…if GB and DET couldn’t …MIN lol


    And if they do? Team to beat in the NFC North


    Just a reminder on the above from earlier this week. Detroit couldn’t beat them, Packers couldn’t beat them, Bears couldn’t even scratch the Packers. You know what’s up, don’t deny it.

  21. Real Viking fans cherish those years with Randy Moss, the super freak.
    I side with Moss any day when people in the media bash him. Moss just plain doesn’t care about the media.

    Nobody made the dome roar like Randy Moss. Nobody.

  22. Sometimes I think the 49’s are saving Moss for the playoff’s since he is old.

    Great game my the VIKES D.

    I did not think they had a chance to win without some plays like a TD run from Percy on the kick-off, or a big TD run from Percy or AD, but they did.

    Indy showed that the VIKES can lose to any team.
    Today showed that the VIKES CAN beat any team.

    Now to get an NFC North victory.

  23. Nice win for the vikes …….. now we just have to realize this is just one game and don’t forget we still have to beat some NFC North teams to make it count.

    49 rs are a good team and will make a strong run this year and I have read the comments from their fans here and appreciate the congrats on the win. Will never get that from the Packer backers.

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