Ogletree slips on a banana peel, or replacement ref’s hat

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Replacement refs are no longer funny, but they have proven themselves capable of slapstick.

An official in Dallas threw his hat to the ground to signal that a receiver went out of bounds, but Kevin Ogletree stepped on the hat in the end zone and promptly slipped to the turf.

He was sufficiently open that it’s reasonable to think a quarterback the caliber of Tony Romo could have found him for a score if he remained upright. It’s also reasonable to think Ogletree could have been serious injured.

This isn’t pro wrestling, but suddenly foreign objects are deciding plays and perhaps games.

Dallas has eight first half penalties and a turnover, and somehow still leads 10-7. It’s almost as amazing as Ogletree play.

12 responses to “Ogletree slips on a banana peel, or replacement ref’s hat

  1. a complete fluke that could happen to any ref who, you know, is doing his job correctly as this official was when he threw his hat. But hey, why pass up a shot at the replacements! Geez.

  2. I saw the play, Ogletree didn’t go out of bounds, yet the Replacement Ref threw his hat anyway. In addition, the RR didn’t toss his hat towards the spot where the player supposedly stepped out of bounds, nor did he drop his hat on the sideline. He THREW it about 5 yards into the end zone (field of play). I’ve never seen a regular ref do that, ever.
    Side note: Denver head coach John Fox and Def. Coordinator Jack Del Rio just fined $20,000 each by the NFL for criticizing the RR’s after the last game. Suggestion: use this money to pay for the real refs?

  3. Are people this stupid to think this isn’t a big deal?

    First- Ogletree didn’t go out of bounds.
    Second- if he did the ref has to throw his hat at the spot where he stepped out. Not in the middle of the end one, on the field of play in front of a player running a route.

    Why don’t we just have refs throw flags at the players themselves. I’m sure Orlando Brown thought that worked well.

  4. meioticoverload says:
    Sep 23, 2012 3:12 PM

    Kind of reminds me of when Courtney Brown took a penalty flag to the eye from a regular (i.e., not a replacement) referee.


    It wasn’t Courtney that got hit. It was the OT named Brown.

    Obviously, you didn’t see it.

  5. tjacks7 says:
    Sep 23, 2012 2:50 PM
    a complete fluke that could happen to any ref ….


    I have never ever seen a ref throw a hat into the field of play…. it, by definition, is an out of bounds thing… this time it was waaaaaayyyy into the end zone….

    today I have also seen a signal to wind the clock on a force out of bounds and about 10 other outrageous mistakes….

    bring the refs back…. or there is going to be a doozy ref problem any minute….

  6. Nice that you make the post about the mistake that “hurt” the Cowboys on a ball that wasn’t really catchable but ignore the 2 calls in the same game that have hurt the Bucs to the tune of 10 points.

    The fumble Wright return for a TD that never was because the refs messed up the original call and when they tagged 15 yards on to the recovery of the Shipley fumble.
    Should be Bucs winning 14-10 right now rather than losing 13-7.

  7. Sorry, got my Browns (last name, not team) mixed up – thanks for the correction. But that does not preclude the fact the anyone can make a mistake, and unless you have a crystal ball, I submit that you do not know (factually) that regular referees would not also make mistakes. Could someone please tell me where I can find an in-depth analysis, released to the public, of last year’s games pointing out every mistake made by the referees? It’s easy to scrutinize when you’re actively looking to do so, and it’s easy to pick on inexperience. This is a great scapegoat for a team or coach for explaining why they cannot or have a difficult time winning against a team they are favored to or should beat by a touchdown. I want more experienced refs back as well, but they should also realize that they are not irreplaceable. It takes two to negotiate.

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