Redskins have no response to report of Kyle Shanahan berating official


Daniel Snyder owns the Redskins.  Daniel Snyder owns Red Zebra Broadcasting.  Red Zebra Broadcasting owns ESPN 980.

ESPN 980 has an inflammatory and controversial report regarding the behavior of Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan at Sunday’s loss to the Bengals.

And the Redskins have no response to that report.

According to ESPN 980, Kyle Shanahan chased down an official and said, “You have no f–king balls, you are a f–king pussy.”

“We have no control over any media outlet in this area,” Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie told PFT by phone.  “They report what they want to report.  Specifically, we’re not responding to that report.”

Anything other than a denial will raise eyebrows at the league office, given that the NFL has warned teams on multiple occasions that there should be no berating or bullying of the replacement officials.

53 responses to “Redskins have no response to report of Kyle Shanahan berating official

  1. I have a BIG issue with the replacements, BUT as if coaches haven’t chased and berated officials forever??? It’s when they try and intimidate them at the time of a call that’s the issue. Not after the game. He was probably talking about that non-call on pass interference which sealed the game for the Bengals. TERRIBLE non-call

  2. Well … an equivalent fact would be if he said the grass is green… the sky blue.

    Seriously though after week 1 I thought the regular officials (I called them “former”) were in trouble.

    After two more games I am convinced the replacement officials cannot manage a game, cannot control players, and cannot make a strong on the spot decision without committee approval.

    Going after Kyle for stating a fact seems a little silly…

  3. Hah…Kyle doesn’t care about Goddell’s warnings, he knows that the commish can only get it up for the Saints. The Redskins are not the Saints, they are NOT a small market. We’ll see if the commisioner has anything left in his tank after demolishing the Saints for this season. Btw-commish, the other 31 teams thank you for getting the Who Dats out of the way.

  4. Every Redskins loss lets a little air out of the RG3 mega zeppelin that has been shrouding the entire league in its shadow. Man o man

  5. I really have enjoyed the college games that don’t have the intermittent delays for zebra conferences.

    I guess the NFL likes them as the TV goons can run more commercials and that makes more $$$.

  6. The refs are god awful, but if i were kyle i wouldn’t chase them off–they may be the only obstacles to defenses running RGIII into the ground if the offensive line keeps playing like today. It takes a team ladies.

  7. College games will be interesting in about a month, when the best teams play the best teams, instead of the patsies that are on the early schedule.

  8. I think coaches are starting to use this ref thing as an excuse for their lousy coaching ability ! Maybe replacement coaches would solve the replacement ref thing !

  9. Not the best choice of words but they deserved it. The whole Bengals sideline came onto the field when the game wasn’t over and the Refs did nothing. The bengals should have gotten a 15-yard penalty, giving RGod a a closer chance at a TD.

  10. eigglesnosuperbowls says:
    Sep 23, 2012 8:29 PM
    I think coaches are starting to use this ref thing as an excuse for their lousy coaching ability ! Maybe replacement coaches would solve the replacement ref thing !
    Isn’t working for the Saints.

  11. no 10 second run off if the previous play ended out of bounds or on an incomplete pass. know the rules before you comment.

  12. At 1:07 the clock was running after Hankerson got injured inbounds and the redskins had no timeouts. In that case there should be a 10 second runoff. Even the ref said to run off 10 seconds and they never did. Learn the rules yourself.

  13. Rather than send a memo asking coaches to be nice, why not send a memo saying that abusive behavior will be flagged and that there will be a zero tolerance for profanity directed at officials.

  14. This is true! I was at the game inspection 106 (officials and Skins come right past to get to locker rooms). Shabby Jr never went to the middle to shake hands. I watched him from the time he got the 15 yard penalty until he chased the ref down to the tunnel. He was yelling, ranting and raving like a 5 year old in Walmart whose parents wouldn’t give him a candy bar! What a joke this guy is! Totally unprofessional (in spite of the horrible calls)!

  15. I have DTV NFL package, the mistakes made and time tacked on EVERY game I watched blew me away. The Raiders almost had a guy killed on a no call. I’m telling you, the fans and players mean nothing in this.

  16. Retired refs and coaches agree, there is one word that is going to draw a penalty… “You”.

    They can bemoan the call, say it stinks, was bad, was wrong, curse at it, but saying “You” is off limits.

  17. Skins lead the NFL in points (99) and in the top 3 or 4 in points given up (101). Can’t keep having these shootouts. Defense was awful today.

  18. Again coaches push officials with no repercussion from the league. How many coaches in last two weeks have been out of line, no call against them.

  19. At least the Skins are putting up points this year and are exciting to watch on offense now. Keeping the faith, season still young.

  20. 1st game watching rg3, boring offense, i thought i was watchin a college football game, option, triple option, qb draw, 3 yard pass, qb run, another 3 yard pass, overrated and boring football.!!!

  21. Depending how bad his comments got, assuming there were more than just those stated, he deserves to get fined and maybe suspended. It was a poorly called game, but things were missed on both sides. The truly crucial penalties in that game were legit. Quite honestly, if Kyle wants to lose his mind at someone, look at the defense. RGIII and the offense are putting up plenty of points, why can’t the D find a way to stiffen up in the second half (Is #26 really that bad in pass coverage?).

  22. What are you gonna crown Green now that he did that to the skins defense? Our defense is god awful this year (perhaps even worse than the year we started the 3-4… oh jeez D:), he isn’t as good as you think. We haven’t scored less than 28 points and we’re 1-2, just goes to show.

    Imagine if we actually did have a half decent defense though… actually they should just rename the Redskins. Make their name RG3, because he’s the only one doing anything.

  23. Nobody was crying about the refs . The Real refs didn’t get all the calls right , but at least they knew the rule book.For 3 weeks of football never seen so much pass interference calls,free timeouts etc… Belichick Man handled a ref after a game, by week 6 I could see a coach punching a replacement ref.

  24. i would like to point out a couple of small things then i will let the rest of you continue with whatever the heck it is you’re doing…
    first: the ten second run off only applies inside one minute of regulation play not two minutes, therefore there was no need to run off ten seconds with 1:07 left.

    second: you can’t blame RGIII or the offense. they are averageing 30 points per game, and that’s damn good. good enough to win in this league. the blame has to go towards the defense. yes they kept us in this game until the offense woke up and played but they can’t make crucial stops when needed. why did we give Tanard so much practice time with the starting unit during training camp if we knew he would be suspended this year?

  25. Someone please call the police and put a search out for VOICEOFREASONSAYS.

    I’m very concerned.

    He’s gone missing since the Skins decided to act like themselves, which is a last place team.

    Please come back to us with your profound predictions!!!

  26. The entire Bengals team was on the field at the end, bc the effen game should have been over. If they won’t bring back the real refs, at least pull in some retirees to oversee the game.

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