Revis will have MRI Monday, Jets fear ACL injury


The good news for the Jets was that they beat the Dolphins 23-20 in overtime.

The bad news is just about everything else. The offense was ghastly for the vast majority of the game and the best player on the defense, cornerback Darrelle Revis, left early with a knee injury. Coach Rex Ryan said at his postgame press conference that the team will be sending him for an MRI on Monday when they are back in New York. Revis was injured when he was planting his left knee during a Daniel Thomas run in the third quarter of the Jets’ win.

As with most non-contact injuries of this type, the fear is that Revis has suffered ligament damage. The specific Jets fear is an ACL injury and you all likely know what such a diagnosis can mean for Revis’ availability the rest of the way for the Jets. They won’t know whether it’s torn without more tests, however, so Monday will bring news of great import for the Jets season.

The Jets defense held up well enough to win the game without Revis in the lineup, but that won’t work against teams with more potent passing attacks. Both Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson picked up pass interference penalties during the game and Cromartie got beaten badly by Brian Hartline on a long gain that set up Dan Carpenter’s 48-yard try to win the game in overtime.

He missed and the Jets wound up the winners on the field. Revis’ MRI could wind up leaving things with a different conclusion.

23 responses to “Revis will have MRI Monday, Jets fear ACL injury

  1. even without Revis the dolphins couldn’t move the ball without help form the replacement zebras.

    Calling their wide recivers garbage is a compliment.

  2. C’mon now jests fans. You’re all totally embarrassed that a rookie coach, OC, DC, QB and a bunch of rookie players that for the last few weeks were labeled the NFL’s worst team, made Rex Ryan’s BEST team ever go into overtime. I can’t believe any of you would show your faces (I know, you don’t show them) on any site!!!!!!! Rexy has said many times how great this team is, yet they barely beat the worst team in the league. C’mon man!!!!!!!

    Ya gotta laugh at a jests fan that calls Miami’s WRs “garbage” as a compliment. Those same WRs just racked up 196 yds against that vaunted jest D. And to say the zebras helped the Fins is just plain hilraious.

  3. The Jets may have won but if Revis tore his knee up the Jets in 2012 are finished.

    He’s the only guy separating that defense from being average without him the Jets go 6-10 or 7-9.

  4. jetsareajoke what are you talking about?…..I dont care about either of these teams but how is 196 receiving yards good for a team? I have nothing against the Fins but you can’t use that argument to support the WR core.

  5. All comments right… Jets are not a good team… Sanchez not a steady QB. The fins lost this more than the Jets won it. D couldn’t make a late game stop that they needed to, short passes for a babied rookie QB, Reggie out, and 2 missed FGs for Carpenter. Oh and let us not forgot, a gimme pick 6 for the Jets and yet another Thomas fumble giving Jets great field position (I really don’t think Thomas is work the effort anymore).

  6. Sanchez had a great day throwing to santonio and shawn greens was leading the jets ground+pound running game. Rex made some great defensive calls and tony sapranos made some key adjustments in there high powerd offense. 2-1 top of AFC EAST.

  7. Really trying to be objective here…
    Mark Sanchez is a very shaky quarterback. How many times did he overthrow deep, or put the ball not quite on target so the announcer had to sort-of compliment a receiver for “almost making a miracle catch”?

    If Revis, the heart of the defense is gone, a ten point deficit would be close to an insurmountable hole for this offense. They can win some games here and there, but I wouldn’t give them much of a chance against winning teams. I’m thinking seven wins, tops.

    And they should draft a real QB.

  8. As a Jet fan, let me spell out the really bad news out of all of this. If Revis doesn’t get this injury and has a typical Revis year, Tannenbaum I think rips up the last year and signs him to a lucrative, long-term deal. But now Tanny is forced to see him play next year before handing out an extension. Revis plays well in 2013 buy signs for mega bucks with another team. Bad day today for the Jets.

  9. jetsareajoke:

    I am a Jets fan and I will tell you straight up the Jets are a bad team this year. But, lets make posts that actually have reason to them. You said we called the fin wr’s garbage and then they embarrassed the Jets vaunted D by giving up 196 yards passing.

    Um, how long have you been watching football for? I guess not long enough not to know that 196 yards passing on offense is pretty atrocious. Right now would be good for 25th in the league. So yea, the fins wr’s proved they were garbage. Jets wr’s other than holmes are garbage too but lets first learn what a good passing game means.

  10. that game was horrible to watch. didn’t even feel like a win. only good thing to be said is the jets deserved the win slightly more than their opponent.
    as for revis, you can’t expect the defense to do as well without him. but if players in the secondary step up and the pass rush improves it might not have to be a disaster.

  11. footballfan80

    Again, I agree that would be terrible numbers against another “average” NFL team. But, for weeks I’ve heard how this is Rexy’s BEST TEAM ever (and we all know he didn’t mean their offense). If this team is so much better than the teams that went to the AFCC games, giving up those passing yards, especially to a rookie QB with a bunch of no-name WRs, should be a total embarrassment. If the jests are as good as that entire team and fan base keep saying they are a game against the “worst team in the league” wouldn’t go into the last few minutes of OT.


    I believe the idiots you refer to are the jests fans and players who kept bragging about how they will win games 27-3, 30-0, etc., go to the superbowl every year, etc., and then having to get several lucky breaks to win against a team the entire talking head’s world says is the worst team that will be lucky to win three games. Logic and reason would dictate coaches and players don’t talk smack when being proven wrong soooooooo many times already.

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