Roethlisberger: Haley and I had an incident in Denver, I walked away


From the day Todd Haley was hired as the Steelers’ offensive coordinator, questions have been raised about whether he and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger would get along. Roethlisberger says for the most part, they’ve gotten along just fine — but he does admit there was one “incident” between them.

Roethlisberger told Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he and Haley had a problem during the Steelers’ Week One loss to the Broncos, but Roethlisberger says he made a point of not allowing the issue to escalate.

We had one little incident,” Roethlisberger said. “I walked away. I’ll leave it at that. I walked away.”

That incident aside, Roethlisberger says he and Haley have gotten together just fine. In fact, Roethlisberger thinks the media have made too big a deal out of their personal relationship.

“People really did make a big deal about it,” Roethlisberger said. “I heard Cris Carter [on ESPN] ask, ‘Why doesn’t Ben embrace the change and want to get better?’ That’s ridiculous. I’m all about getting better. I never said the change was going to be bad or good. I just said it was a change. It was what it was.”

If Roethlisberger and Haley can limit themselves to one incident, then the change in the Steelers’ offense will have gone more smoothly than most people predicted.

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  1. They are both so emotionally stable no one saw this coming. A couple years ago Haley and McDaniels had a fight after the game in Denver. Maybe the altitude affects his brain.

  2. I predict there will be some sideline fireworks between these two at some point this season. I wonder if one of them will do a Jay Cutler chest bump? Should be entertaining

  3. ravenator says:
    Sep 23, 2012 9:13 AM
    Raiders are gonna walk all over them today

    Ravenator?? There you are , haven’t heard from you since your ravens took a loss and you were burying your head in shame. You should go worry about your team bc they are in a world of trouble and will probably dip below .500 today

  4. Ha ha – how predictable!!!

    You better believe QB’s across the league have plenty of altercations or ‘incidents’ with their coaches during a heated game situation.

    However, Ben Roethlisberger is the only one who finds the need to let everyone know what a big man he was for walking away.

    Ben: the bigger man sometimes does walk away, but he never blabs to the media about it afterwards.

    What a douche.

  5. Way too much has been put on this, I cant even blame Ben. The media first tried to make a controversy of it between Haley and Tomlin. I guess when nothing happens from that, go to the star QB.

  6. My wife told that football programming/coverage is like Jersey Housewives. At this point its getting harder to argue. Worthlessberger is like a high school girl.

  7. Cris Carter? who cares.

    Agree that Ben shouldn’t bring this up now.

    I dont really like the calls Haley makes. His run game-calling is terrible. I couldnt stand Arians and his 1st and goal “Go route” playbook.

  8. I still don’t know how carter got that job, as generally hated by the media as he was. Its very ironic he’s now a member of the media, saying the same things that used to tick him off to no end back when he played. Cris carter, player, would hate cris carter, mediatool. And vice versa. Maybe ben and todd argued over which of them more thinks cris sucks.

  9. As a Browns fan I hate the steelers of course but I do RESPECT them and their organization. They are at the top of list with the Pats for a well oiled machine. Given that I was amazed when they brought in Haley. He’s a train wreck mini series cancer. Nothing good was going to come from him in that job. Tomlin – who is maybe the best coach of the next 10 years – won’t let this get out of control. He’ll box him in and get rid of him but then the questions start as to why did they bring this jerk in????

    I say keep him!! Helps my Browns!

  10. wel, I never liked it when my OC used to roughly grab my backside and say “hey boy, how bout a little cornhole delight after the game, daddy is feeling saucy?” I dont blame Ben one bit.

  11. Carter was a very good player, but like most of the jockocracy he doesn’t understand the game well enough to analyze it. Instead of hiring former stars, they need to hire the less talented guys who only lasted in the league because of their understanding of the game; Mayock, Jeff Fisher, Tony Dungy.

    All of those bufoons on the NFL network swoooning over Cam Newton like school girls picked the panthers.

  12. Please know that Ron Cook’s man crush on Roethlisberger has lasted longer than my first mariage.
    Big Ben could remove a truck-load of babies with a pitchfork and Cook and all the other Rothlisberger Apologists in Pittsburgh media would be just fine with it…
    Cook wrote a column in this morning’s Post-Gazette in which he reminded everyone that Haley is irrelevant and that the Steelers’ offense belongs to his beloved Big Ben.
    The Steelers’ offense is currently ranked No. 17 in the league…
    Congratulations, Big Ben.

  13. Bobzilla,
    Apologists in Pittsburgh media?

    Most of the Media in Pittsburgh hates the guy. In fact it has sort have been a media tradition to hate the starting QB going back to Bradshaw.

    If he says anything they make it out that he is complaining and being dramatic. If he says nothing they write a story that he is an entitled prick.

    The media is really struggling now that Ward is gone. They could always rely on him to give them a story, no one likes the sound of their own voice as much as Hines.

  14. I so want my Raiders to beat this guy…there is nothing like seeing Haley go off on the sidelines, as we did to him when he was with KC.

    Unfortunately we have a complete retard as an OC in Greg Knapp.

  15. Ravenrator says:

    Raiders are gonna walk all over them today

    Welcome back. Where we’re you all week? Noticed you went off the grid suddenly around 4:15 last Sunday.

  16. OK, my first point is..anyone who has played football at any level knows that sideline exchanges probably happen 5-10 times a game between coaches and players. Most are not caught on camera. It is a highly emotional game that brings out raw emotion.

    With that being said…..why even mention it Ben?

    Let me anwer. Just like my boyhood mancrush Brett Favre, he needs his name in the news.

  17. As a Steeler fan since a young child, I found this part alarming: “That incident aside, Roethlisberger says he and Haley have gotten together just fine. In fact, Roethlisberger thinks the media have made too big a deal out of their personal relationship.”

    My take is this. If Ben is griping that the media is making too big a deal of the Ben/Haley relationship —> then why in the heck is he bringing a (purported) non-event account of friction to attention?

    Unlike so many people, I am a huge big-time fan of Ben — for his play, and from what I’ve seen, him as a person. But it just seems like he brought unneeded and unwanted attention to a matter he implies should not get attention.

    Now, of course — the scrutiny will intensify, particularly if the Steelers encounter adversity.

    I have no idea why Ben feeds the circus by even mentioning stuff like this. Wasn’t it quite recently that he brought up the topic of a partial tear in his rotator cuff on his throwing arm? WHY??????

  18. Chris Carter is a loud mouth idiot. Probably why he doesn’t get H.O.F votes. People don’t like him. ESPN uses him as their Sunday version of screamin a smith, which both are their token angry, surly, I don’t care cuz I’m black and oppressed guys! Guess what screamin a and chris carter, the 1930’s are over, u ain’t never lived in an oppressed world. Just cuz u get pulled over more than whitey don’t mean ur oppressed, means that the majority of crimes are committed by blacks in this country, not a racist comment, a true factual statement. So get together with ur ” brothers” and make a change. Use ur money and fame to help instead of being exploited by companies like ESPN!!! Now that’s gospel there…

  19. bobzilla, did you watch how Ben played last week? Any comment? Also, in the Denver game, weren’t they down to no healthy offensive linemen? What is their average yards per rush? Any comment?

    Go Big Ben.

  20. All the rape comments are very original. Way to think outside the box. Constantly bringing up rape allegations that weren’t even worthy of charges let alone a guilty verdict shows that you really have nothing else to rip on Ben about because he’s likely much better than whatever QB you root for, yes even the great Joe Flacco

  21. So pathetic that every article written about the Steelers, especially if it involves Ben, has to generate 5 or 10 utterly brainless comments about rape. So old, so boring, so irrelvant. Ben is a great quarterback. He’s won two Superbowls and been to three. He plays tough and well most weeks. He also has done some stupid things outside football. None of them amounted to rape. Let’s move on.

  22. runtheball:
    What member of the Pittsburgh sports media — newspaper, radio, television — has ever said a negative word about Roethlisberger? Name one, and please include what was said…

    I saw last week’s game, and Roethlisberger played the best game he’s played since week of five of last season.
    I also saw the Steelers score the most points they’ve scored since Week 16 of last season, when Roethlisberger didn’t even play.
    I saw an offensive line in Denver that didn’t allow a sack until sometime in the THIRD QUARTER. And I saw Roethlisberger once again have a chance to win late but didn’t.
    Once again, you’ve missed the point. Cook is saying that Roethlisberger is above having an offensive coordinator. Big Ben is boss. He’s running the show and doesn’t have to answer to anyone.
    I say, terrific.
    But should that offense rank No. 22 in scoring, as it did last season, I’m sure Cook and his media buddies will find some blame for Haley and none for the quarterback…

  23. Sorry, what a sad ass sack of running backs too. I am a loyal devout steeler fan but my god, we havent’ had speed since WIlly Parker. SPEED KILLS. There are plenty of 230lb’ers who will run hard. When did our passing attack get sick? When you loaded it with speed and athleticism.

    Don’t say a word about fumbleitis Mendenhall who is so overrated it’s a joke.

    Come on coaches, fix the line and get some speed!

    It would also be helpful if Polamalu could play more than two games in a row without being hurt.

  24. “What member of the Pittsburgh sports media — newspaper, radio, television — has ever said a negative word about Roethlisberger? Name one, and please include what was said…”

    You are a regular member of John Steigerwald’s blog and you still act this way?

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