Sunday morning one-liners


The Bills are trying to snap an eight-game road losing streak on Sunday.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin doesn’t seem to have much in common with his opposite number on the Jets sideline.

Patriots TE Daniel Fells says he’s healthy enough to help the team any way he can.

The Jets would like to see RB Shonn Greene make defenders miss on occasion.

Ravens RB Ray Rice hasn’t had big games against the Patriots in their last two meetings.

Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden will face off with former boss Jim Haslett this week.

The Browns have seen growth from QB Brandon Weeden in terms of pocket presence.

Looking at Steelers DE Brett Keisel’s role against the Raiders.

Texans WR Andre Johnson’s matchup with Champ Bailey will be something to watch against Denver.

Remembering RB Edgerrin James, who will enter the Colts’ Ring of Honor Sunday.

QB Chad Henne is doing his best to remain ready should the Jaguars call his number.

S Jordan Babineaux isn’t brooding about the Titans’ decision to demote him.

The confidence level in QB Peyton Manning hasn’t dropped for the Broncos.

The Chiefs are looking for leadership.

Raiders DE Dave Tollefson gets a spirited and off-color pep talk from his mother before every game.

Chargers WR Malcolm Floyd is healthy and he’s producing on the field.

A call for the Cowboys to manage S Bobby McCray’s playing time on Sunday.

Giants QB Eli Manning got a big hug from WR Ramses Barden after Thursday’s win.

LB DeMeco Ryans has gotten a lot of credit for leading the Eagles defense in a better direction.

Redskins LB Ryan Kerrigan wants to step up in the absence of Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker.

The absence of RB Matt Forte shouldn’t take all the teeth out of the Bears run game.

The Lions hope that RB Mikel Leshoure will prove to be worth the long wait.

Packers DL C.J. Wilson’s piano playing skills helped bring the team together the night before they won the Super Bowl in Dallas.

Vikings linebacker coach Mike Singletary thinks about another head coaching job as the 49ers, who he once coached, come to town.

Falcons S William Moore opens up about his rapping skills.

Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer calls the Panthers a meek team that doesn’t recover when they get down.

A graphical look at the Saints offense through two weeks.

Buccaneers K Connor Barth doesn’t spend much time thinking about his streak of 21 consecutive made field goals.

The Cardinals need to find more of a running game.

The Rams could have a tough time blocking Bears DE Julius Peppers this week.

With 49ers WR Randy Moss returning to Minnesota this weekend, Pat Borzi of the New York Times caught up with the caterer whose offerings didn’t meet with Moss’ approval just before his second departure from the Vikings.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson will play in front of one of his biggest early supporters on Monday with Jon Gruden calling the game.

1 responses to “Sunday morning one-liners

  1. On your piano playing reference (C.J. Wilson plays…); what many miss, including, the GB sports consultant, is both good and bad manifest themselves through spontaneous events. Look at the history of our country; it is filled with both greatness and sadness stemming from the spontaneous.

    I bet the GB consultant defined a package he could sell to other sports teams, recreating what he saw that night. And that never works; “For the next 15 minutes folks, we’re going to “gel”, with a program of Bette Midler showtunes, led by our amazing rookie left tackle Billy Bob Beauhunk, playing the nose harp. Everybody dance now!” Pffft. (Warning: punch line in 3…2…1)

    In the end, and based on our shared history, these events seem to happen under “Vanna White spins the Wheel of Fortune” house rules.

    Punchline: what I really want to know is; what did the first NYC uptown business consultant witness back in the early 1990s that made him create a “package of trust”, consisting of a Fortune 500 executive jumping off a telephone pole into the waiting arms of his employees? That was the easiest $250K ever made (no joke, that was the going rate). “Jump boss! We got this!” And in the 1990s, people always caught their boss.

    Here it comes!

    Think we could sell this to the NFL, so Roger could jump into the waiting arms of the NFLPA rank and file, starting first with folks from the Saints? lolololololol. Cue up some old Van Halen, and, “just go ahead and JUMP!”

    Trust, it’s a terrible thing to waste.

    LMAO, it’s Sunday! Are we ready for some football? I know I am…

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