Tebow fake punt gives Jets offense a little spark

Getty Images

You knew it was coming from the moment the Jets said that Tim Tebow would be the personal protector on the punt team and it finally came in the second quarter against the Dolphins.

With the Jets offense sputtering and facing a fourth-and-three from their own 25, the Jets snapped the ball directly to Tebow and picked up a first down as he ran the ball for five yards. It was Tebow’s first carry of the afternoon, although he’s seen plenty of snaps as an eligible receiver on the outside or in the backfield without ever having the ball thrown in his direction.

The conversion seemed to spark the sluggish Jets offense. Their best offensive play to that point in the game had been throwing the ball in the general direction of Santonio Holmes and hoping for a flag. It worked out twice, but the Jets didn’t actually complete a pass to Holmes until the play before Tebow’s fake. They picked up three first downs following the fake punt to move into scoring position. The drive stalled and the Jets had to settle for a field goal.

It was an ugly afternoon for the Jets offense until that drive as all the problems from last week in Pittsburgh. The defense has also had a hard time getting the Dolphins off the field in a first half that’s played out fairly well for the home team.