Torrey Smith loses his brother to a motorcycle wreck

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The Ravens might be short a receiver tonight, but the receiver in question is dealing with a much bigger loss.

Wideout Torrey Smith has left the team hotel after his younger brother Tevin was killed in a motorcycle accident last night, per multiple reports.

The Ravens are leaving any decision on whether Smith plays tonight up to the receiver. He’s their main deep threat in the passing game, but not much of that matters at the moment.

Our condolences go out to Smith and his entire family.

39 responses to “Torrey Smith loses his brother to a motorcycle wreck

  1. Deepest condolences to Torrey and the entire Smith family. A devastating loss for them.

    Can fans please keep “fantasy football chat” out of this story?

  2. they should be illegal. they are just too dangerous when any sort of accident occurs.. if seatbelts are the law in most states,why arent motorcycles outlawed????at least on main roads and highways

  3. Everyone please, stay off the motorcylces. I see people zooming around on these things with nothing but a leather jacket and a helmet. And that helmet will do nothing for you if the speeds are right and you hit something.

    Do yourself and everyone in your family a favor. Drive a car so horrible stuff like this never happens.

  4. Sadly , this terrible event puts tonights “game ” into all too real perspective .
    On behalf of the Pats fan base , truly sorry for the loss of your brother … our thoughts are with you.

  5. The most precious, and fragile gift, is life. We are only here for a short time. Embrace your loved ones, be kind, and treat others with respect. These guys ARE just regular people playing a kids game for alot of money. They hurt also, and are not immune to the tragedies of life. May the Lord shine his mercy on the entire Smith Family as they grieve and may he give them comfort in this trying time. Be strong #82 the game will be here when you get back…. FAMILY FIRST!!!!! God Bless.

  6. As a parent of another Terp graduate and Pats fan my deeepest condolences to Torrey Smith and his family on their loss of Kevin.

    A sad note to what should be a great game between two of the best teams in the AFC. It will be interesting to see how the youth on the Patriots respond on a early but big road game.

  7. As a rider I have seen friends injured and killed on bikes. I can feel his pain, and can only hope his family and friends and God can help him through these times. RIP, brother rider.

  8. RIP Tevin . Condolences to Smith and the Ravens family . Life is to short , so live everyday as its your last . Please stop the nonsense about banning motorcycles . If you dont ride you just dont understand . Many people ride and never get hurt . People die in car accidents ,do you want to ban cars ?

  9. Thoughts and prayers Torrey. I don’t know if he should play 2nite, I’m worried about his concentration if he has 2 go over the middle. Get with your family. Football can wait, Ray and the rest of the ream will have your back.

  10. Probably one of those idiots that does wheelies up and down the highways. I know this is going to come off as heartless, but if these kids actually respected their bikes this probably wouldn’t have happened. My condolences to Torrey, but why was he on a bike anyway? I think it should be mandatory to be 21 before you are allowed to ride a motorcycle.

    Once again my condolences go out to the family. For all of those reading this….. Think twice before buying your kid a motorcycle. They just don’t respect them.

  11. greyhawk9 says: Sep 23, 2012 10:19 AM

    they should be illegal.
    No – stupid, selfish, ignorant and distracted driving should be illegal.

    RIP Tevin.

  12. Very sad. Another life cut too short. The roads are perfect in heaven, or so I’ve been told…..

    The same people babbling about how dangerous motorcycles are, are the very same hypocrites talking on their phones while driving, texting while driving, screwing with their radios while driving, drinking while driving, yelling at their kids while driving, smoking cigarettes while driving, eating while driving, looking at their GPS while driving, applying make-up while driving, etc etc. I’ve lost several friends/riders over the last 12 years and EVERYTIME it was from a driver not paying attention or breaking the law!!! Every single time!! The only real danger to motorcyclists are car driviers not paying attention.

  13. I was going to ride this thing out but all my other receivers go off at one o clock so I’d be screwed if he doesn’t play

  14. @andylucksneck
    My girlfriends father just got in a motorcycle accident not too long ago. He never did wheelies or zoom around, another car hit him and just kept going like nothing ever happend. Its not always the motorcyclists fault. RIP Tevin I wish your family well.

  15. k guys i made my decision for sure I’m going to bench him. got the roster tuned up and I’m hunkered down with a box of cheez-its watching NFL countdown. Keepin it real

  16. I guess those of you who want to blame it on drivers of cars don’t see the idiots who do wheelies east and west on RT 50, cut in and out of traffic when it is backed up, go 100-160 MPH and whizz past people between two cars. Those of you who are saying people who drive cars are mostly at fault are just delusional, or part of the .0000001% that something unfortunate has happened to. Once again, not trying to sound heartless, but it is most likely Tevin was doing something he wasn’t supposed to because that is what young men do. We all thought we were invincible at one point or another. Condolences to the family.

  17. can someone explain why some idiots give a ‘thumbs down’ when some posts ‘may they rest in peace’?

  18. There was a Ravens fan on another site complaining that Smith might not play tonight.

    Let’s remember that the NFL is a game. If I was a head coach and something happened to (in my case) my little sister I would leave a tie game in the 4th quarter because football is just a game.

    The NFL is important to all of us, and it should be, but there are things that are substantially more important in life.

  19. When a tragedy such as this occurs all fantasy football,team rivalry,fan rivalry,etc…should be put aside. I am a Steeler’s fan and my thoughts go out to Torrey and his family. I pray that you find the strength,peace and comfort that you need to get through this very sad and difficult time.

  20. I don’t think this is the forum to be discussing the pros and cons of motorcycles vs cars. A young man died tragically. Enough said. Again, RIP, brother rider.

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