Wildcat strikes again in D.C.

Getty Images

The cats known as the Bengals are running wild with the Wildcat.

Makes sense.

After a first-snap 78-yard touchdown pass from receiver Mohamed Sanu to start the scoring, running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis took a shotgun snap and barged his way into the end zone late in the first half, pushing the Bengals to a 24-7 lead.

The Redskins offense has been shut out so far, with the only D.C. points coming on an interception caught in the Cincinnati end zone.

The most recent score was set up by a fumble forced when defensive end Carlos Dunlap crashed into Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, as he tried to lateral the ball on an option play.

Redskins tight end Fred Davis recently said that the offense has been holding back portions of the playbook.  They may want to unload it in the second half.