Adrian Clayborn out for the season with knee injury


Add the Buccaneers to the list of teams that had their worst fears realized today.

Bucs coach Greg Schiano just announced that defensive end Adrian Clayborn will miss the rest of the season, after tearing a knee ligament in Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys. He’ll need surgery to repair the damage, per Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

Clayborn led the Bucs with 7.5 sacks last year, and his loss leaves the Bucs without a legitimate edge rusher. Either Daniel Te’o-Nesheim or George Johnson would start opposite Michael Bennett (and thankfully they have a strong middle).

They also stashed defensive end Da’Quan Bowers on the physically unable to perform list after tearing his Achilles this offseason.

They’ve held out hope he can return, but he won’t be back until after Week 6 by rule. That seems like a longshot, however, which means the Bucs may have to adjust the way they do business.

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  1. Clayborn was certainly the Bucs defensive MVP last year and a huge loss as he is a great all around player, but don’t discount Bennett to step up, as long as McCoy keeps playing like Warren Sapp in the middle Bennett should continue to get his chances. Bennett has had 3 sacks in 3 games and has been playing lights out. Bowers is supposed to be ahead of schedule on his recovery, so there is a bit of hope.

  2. It looks like they’ll be spending another high draft pick on a DE this off season; worse case scenario if that pick is also an injury prone player, they will probably have an healthy player to play when one of the others gets injured and when that injured player comes back, one of the two others will get injured.

  3. The skins-bucs will be a game of attrition. This has been a very strange, and crazy beginning of the year for most teams in the NFL. Players are dropping like flies all over the place. Both teams need a win, and this one should be interesting.

  4. Clayborn will be greatly missed ! I hope Schiano can get an adequate replacement worked in soon. The Bucs defense was awesome Sunday! If you combine them with the inept offense the 2012 Bucs looked like the 1999 Bucs. In 1999 all the defense asked the offense to do was put up 17 points and they would win the game. Guess what , 17 points would have won the game Sunday. Go Bucs!

  5. Great, just grand. So last year’s 1st and 2nd round DEs are out (Clayborn definitely for the season, Bowers might come back), and, of the prior year’s 1st and 2nd round DT picks, Brian Price is gone, and Gerald McCoy . . . well, not to be pessimistic, but, considering his history, he’s not hurt yet.

    What was supposed to be a real team strength this year is not looking quite so strong. Clayborn was phenomenal late last year, and, while he wasn’t getting sacks this year so far, he was still being very disruptive, getting in the backfield, and getting some hits. The guy has shown real promise, and the d-line has been the strength of that team the first three games. Whoever they plug in to replace him won’t be even vaguely as impactful as he’s been.

  6. bucforever – comparing this defense that just gave up over 500 yards passing last week to the 1999 defense is really pretty absurd. HOWEVER, this defense has played tremendously well in 2 out of 3 games and in the Giants game they created turnovers, so they certainly have a chance. Also it was Sapp that said just give us 17 points. Against the Cowboys if the idiot refs had not blown the play dead on the Cowboys fumble the Bucs would have had their 17 points without the offense (and has nothing to do with replacement refs since I’ve seen regular refs blow that call dozen of times).

    Anyways there is a lot of hope, which is great to have and more than I expected from Schiano. Now if we’d just run a modern NFL offense we might be able to actually do some damage.

  7. As I have stated before, there is bad blood between the Bucs and Bengal’s front offices. So watch for a pilfering from Cincinnati’s practice squad (DeQuin Evans).

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