Andy Reid: Cardinals were ready, Eagles weren’t, I did a terrible job


Eagles coach Andy Reid says he knows who to blame for his team’s 27-6 loss to the Cardinals: Andy Reid.

“They played better than we did, clearly better,” Reid said after the game. “They coached better, they played better, and so that’s my responsibility. I didn’t have my football team ready to play. They did, and my hats off to them. Field position, turnovers, you can’t play a good football team like that and have the turnovers that we had and not have field position. You’ve got to do a better job than that, and that again absolutely is on me. I’ve got to get my football team ready to play. I did a terrible job this week.”

In a game in which the Cardinals battered Michael Vick, Reid said that the Eagles’ pass protection, in particular, was not good enough.

“He got hit too much, and I can help out with that. That’s my responsibility there,” Reid said.

Now Reid, who entered this season knowing that Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is going to fire him if the team doesn’t get better, has to do a better job. Or else he won’t have a job.

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  1. I listened to this live. Thanks for the good times, Andy but this looks like the end of your time in Philadelphia. It looks like you’ll end up where NFL Coaches go to retire, San Diego. Now its time for Gruden to take a young talented team to a couple of Super Bowls and actually win one of them.

  2. This will be Reid’s last year as head coach in Philadelphia. I don’t see them finishing any higher than 3rd in the NFC East, and missing the playoffs. The Eagles need to embrace change. They need fresh ideas and new energy- none of which Reid has at this point. And they need someone new to come in and make key personnel decisions, starting at QB, and going right down the line.

  3. Lets not act as if the Eagles season is over just yet. They have afterall only lost one game.

    Really, the big problem as I see it was Reid’s choice to go with Vick as the Eagles future. This guy has slowly reverted to his Atlanta days.

    Seems like years ago when Steve Young on MNF called Vick’s performance “The best QB performance I have ever seen”

  4. Thumbs down if you think Any Reid threw the game so he could finally believe himself when telling peole he didnt rip off AZ in the Kolb trade!

  5. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard him say that…

    Until you stop putting the game squarely on the shoulders of #7, yesterday will be a recurring theme throughout your final season as Head Coach of the Eagles.

  6. He says the same speech every week after a loss…..You can basically take a quote after a loss in 199, match it up to a quote after a loss in 2012, and there’s very little difference…but hey, they win a lot more than they’ve lost, no matter how much he makes his fans nuts.

  7. Cardinals might have the best red-zone defense in the NFL and have now won 10 of their last 12 games! Campbell and Dockett absolutely dominated that Eagles O-Line, and Patrick Peterson will be a top 5 corner by seasons end. They could be this years 49ers if they keep this up.

  8. “He got hit too much, and I can help out with that. That’s my responsibility there,” Reid said.

    The mofo stands there, starring at his target for what felt like an eternity, and then gets blown up and fumbles.

    WTF are you going to do with a moron like that?

  9. Pass, pass, pass, etc. Everybody knows it’s coming. No running plays called even though they have Shady, one of the best running backs in the league. But, noooo, don’t use him, they have to pass. Use a QB that can’t read defenses and holds the ball way too long.
    I’m at the point where I want Vick to get hurt so they will put Foles in and start a new era, and hopefully without Andy Reid. I’ve been a big supporter of the Fat Bastard, considering who the Eagles used to have at head coach, but I think it’s time for a change.
    Same old excuses. Might as well just use an old post game video tape after every game; it’s always the same excuses anyway.

  10. Andy Reid: Cardinals were ready, Eagles weren’t, I did a terrible job

    I couldnt agree more. Another thing,,,wise up & fine your macho man QB for taking uneccessary hits that hurt the team let alone himself. Is he bigger than the team ?? Nobody is impressed by him being Mr Tough guy & getting blown up every other play,,,in fact it looks quite dumb…

  11. He may not have a job in Philadelphia but he’ll have a job somewhere. Then again, being a dedicated family man, he may want to take some time off and spend some time with his kids.

  12. As a Cards fan this is getting a bit tiresome.

    They’ve beaten the Seahawks, Patriots and Eagles in successive weeks. In each case, it’s not that the Cards won the game, it’s that the losing teams lost it, as if they had only played their game, they would have won.

    That’s what good teams do—they beat you even when you DO play your game.

  13. Is it your fault too Andy, that Michael Vick can’t make a decision where to throw the ball in under 6 seconds.

    Vick can’t read a defense to save his life, he has no idea where the defensive players will be. It’s his own fault that he was hit as many times as he was hit.

    Was the o-line good, no, but they were running a lot of 3 step drops, and Michael Vick decided three steps wasn’t enough time to decide where to throw the ball. They need more help then a new coach, they need a quarterback who understands football, and can understand what it is he is seeing out on the field.

  14. Reid can’t do anything about Vick not picking up a free rusher coming at him from his throwing side. Big play in that game, Vick needs to get the ball out there.

  15. Top 3 running back in the league with a QB that’s turned the ball over 6 times in the first 2 games and a beat up OL that can’t pass protect? Let’s have a 25 to 5 pass to run ratio in the first half.

  16. *Yawn* Eagles fans have been hearing this from Andy for over a decade. Hey Andy, you have one of the best running backs in the NFL, use him! I’m sick of the “it’s my fault” crap.

  17. I like the accountability, but Andy sounds to me like a guy who wants out of Philly, or he is plating some kind of Chess Match with Jeffrey Lurie.

    Reid is a good coach, but I can’t understand how he under utilizes a guy like McCoy and leans on Vick to make smart decisions. Maybe he’s not as good as everyone says.

  18. Its almost like he’s trying to get fired knowing another team will pick him up. Eagles fans might be sick of him but there are alot of teams that could use Andy Reid.

  19. Same post game news conference after a loss for the past 14 years. Blah, blah, blah. That fat idiot will never change. Best RB in football touched the ball FIVE times! Starting backup LT hurt, new starting center “Hey’s let chuck the ball 50 + times still. Reid’s time was up five years ago. Kinda wish the Eagles were 0-3 (like they should) for Fat Andy to finally be on his way out of Philly

  20. The real culprit is whoever designated Kevin Kolb as the next franchise QB to succeed Donovan McNabb. Kolb was not up to the job. The Eagles got Vick as a backup and were thunderstruck when they saw his brilliance versus Kolb’s mediocrity.

    But, as it is turning out, Vick just had one brief, shining moment as the Eagles QB before everyone discovered why he had not performed like a superstar in the prior years of his career.

  21. 13 hits on Vick

    NOT a single TD

    3 Turnovers

    …that’s not the coach’s fault

    Cardinals are a much better team than the Eagles!


    Beat Seattle, NE (in NE) and PHL who was 2-0

  22. I think Andy Reid is secretly a board member or PETA and is trying to get Mike Vick annihilated as punishment.

    That would make the Pass/Run ratio understandable.

    If that is not the case, I can’t explain what Reid is doing.

  23. elgaffo says:
    Sep 24, 2012 12:50 PM
    Its almost like he’s trying to get fired knowing another team will pick him up. Eagles fans might be sick of him but there are alot of teams that could use Andy Reid.

    Have him please, hopefully your team doesn’t have the best RB in the league. Why did they even give him an extension. If you aren’t going to use him why pay him so much? Another terrible game plan by Andy and another week the rets of America gets a chance to see the Andy Philadelpha has been complaining about for years.

  24. Maybe the Cardnials are just better? Did anyone ever think of that? Oh I’m sorry, that goes against the fold for Eagles fans, I’ll try again. “Trade Vick, I hope Vick gets hurt, start Foles, fire Andy Reid!”

  25. How can a guy work 100 hours per week with a staff that must number over a hundred, have all the technology at his finger-tips and still not be ready for the game? Time to get on with his life and let someone new take over.

  26. The Cardinals have a top 5 defense. I’m a Seahawks fan and watch these division teams a few times every year. I know when they came in they were going to give our o-line trouble and they did the same to Brady and Vick. Eagles fans can get on their QB all that want but King Dunlap replacing Peters.

  27. Why did he accept yet another penalty for Offensive holding when they SACKED THE QB.

    Why would you give the team another chance? They almost got it on the 3rd down play. If they decline the penalty, its 3rd and 24, instead they give them 2nd and 26. Granted, they had an incomplete pass, but why would you give them the opportunity?

    This is the 2nd week in a row that the defense has done something good and Andy nullified it. The D stopped the Ravens last week on 3rd down and Andy decided to accept a holding call instead. This is what set up the notorious offensive pass interference call from that game. IT SHOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED.

  28. themackstrong says: Sep 24, 2012 1:13 PM

    The Cardinals have a top 5 defense. I’m a Seahawks fan and watch these division teams a few times every year. I know when they came in they were going to give our o-line trouble and they did the same to Brady and Vick. Eagles fans can get on their QB all that want but King Dunlap replacing Peters.

    King Dunlap didn’t play. It was Demetress Bell @ LT.

  29. Philly fans are delusional. Andy Reid is not the problem. Your players are not good enough and that starts with your front office. Your front office did nto have a legit sub for the left tackle spot when your starter goes down. Your right side is porous. Your linebackers, except for a few studs, are average. Your safeties blew coverages all day long. And then your players cannot hang onto the ball. Sure, go ahead and blame Reid, but what are you gonna cry about when the next coach and your lousy front office firmly dumps your team into the cellar behind the Cowboys and Redskins? And how does that Kolb trade look now, buckos? Wins are invaluable and Kolb took it to your defense. btw, Kolb is not laughing, but he sure feels good about the beatdown the Cards gave Philly.

  30. No shame in your game Philly.
    You got beat by a superior team.

    Except for 2 points you would be 0-3.

    Nice job. “Stick with Vick” Thats my new mantra. The longer the paper superbowl champs Stick vith Vick that the better I like it.

  31. the only ones delusional are the people who think calling 27 pass plays and ony 3 rushing plays in the first half is 1. good enough to win a game, 2. anyone’s fault other than Reids and Morninwegs

  32. It’s high time AR stopped with these stupid I did a horrible job nonsense. How many times can one make such a excuse on their day job and get away with it? He needs to either start being multi-faceted in his play calls or remove himself and Marty from that duty. Oh btw….what’s up with leaving Vick in that game after the 1st half? I would have loved if the Eagles lost with Nick Foles as QB than the way they lost. McNabb would have been benched if he threw or turned the ball over as much as Vick has and yet Vick is the golden child than can’t be benched. WORTHLESS!!!!

  33. Captain obvious says: you can kind of feel it that Andy Reid’s tenure is coming to an end. The guy is a decent human being and will have no problem finding a coaching gig somewhere else if he wants to. Losing a son is tough. The buck stops with because he’s a class act.

    Onto AZ. They are somewhat stull flying under the radar right now but make no mistake they are a team nobody wants to face. As a 9er fan, it pains me to day this but they just might be the team to beat in the wild wild NFC West. They’ve been kicking butt and taking names since a couple of games before they beat the 9ers last year.

    Don’t be surprised if the NFC West sends 2 teams to the playoffs this season. The Rams are going to keep winning games ppl didn’t expect them to win but will be fortunate to break .500 for the season and don’t be surprised to see AZ, SEA and SF all end the season with winning records.

    I think right now in the NFC it’s ATL and then we’re going to need about 4-5 more weeks to see where AZ, NY, GB and SF are at. The Vikes (who are better than a lot pundits realize if you step away from the sheep think and look at them closely) confirmed the formula for beating the 9ers yesterday. Fortunately for the 9ers, the list of teams with the personnel to do that to SF isn’t a very long list. Still they need better production from the QB position.

    AZ is very good and everyone would do well to update their mind sets/stereotypes of who is good and who is not good anymore.

  34. And, yes, it is Reeds fault. Blaming a player is talk in an office or locker room, not to the press. If Reed is not blaming Vic in his office, or not getting through to Vic when he does talk to him, then it is absolutely the Coaches fault. A coach is ultimately responsible for everything that everyone under hi does or does not do.
    If they do not do what he commands, it is on him.
    If they do do what he tells them and it does not work, it is his poor decision making and again, on him.

    No different than being in battle.
    A sergeant is accountable for the actions of his men.
    A lieutenant is responsible for the actions of his sergeants, and so on up the ladder.

    So, ultimately, you should be blaming the owner for keeping Ried this long, if you feel their is someone to blame.

  35. jeremycrowhurst says: Sep 24, 2012 12:39 PM

    I can’t imagine the stress involved in being a head coach at this level; add to that trying to coach just after you’ve lost one of your children. My heart goes out to the man.

    11 people, at this point gave this post a thumbs down. Some people are really sick and should not be allowed to comment or vote.

  36. When were the Eagles ever a run first team? McCoy is a more durable and more productive back than Westbrook….but AR is using him just the same.

    I wouldn’t say McCoy was the reason the Eagles won either game thus far……the Browns game…well its the Browns…..the Ravens game saw a similar inept coaching thought process from Baltimore (Rice needed to touch the ball more; they threw way too often on 3rd and short) and some questionable calls that yes went both ways but skewed momentum and ultimately results…

    The AR hot seat/days are numbered has always been the topics on Philly Radio and will be the duration of the season….this is the same city that ripped their team after a World Series win….

  37. Nothing like overreaction monday. Everyone calling for Reid/Vicks jobs even tho Eagles are 2-1 and tied for division lead. Man philly is tough, i bet the redskins would like that record.

  38. I hate to break it to most people but the o-line actually played pretty well yesterday. I was watching the rookie center and he looked decent. Bell had some issues but for the most part Vick had time. The VAST majority of hits occurred for 3 reasons:
    1. Vick holding the ball too long. Not only does he hold it forever, when he does throw it away he takes so long to do that he often opens his ribs up to shots. When was the last time you saw Brees open himself up to a rib shot just to throw it away. Either get rid of it quicker or take the sack.
    2. WR’s not getting separation. Not having Maclin really hurt and Jackson is a one trick pony (deep ball) who get’s lazy when he’s getting shut out. Celek was kept in to block too much but that is because #3.
    3. Routes taking too long to develop. Reid and Mornhinweg have fallen in love with the deep ball and it hurts the o-line. Eagles rarely run come backs, stops, hitches, slants etc. Their routes are all slow developing which requires max protect. McCoy and Celek should’ve been leaking after blocking. Never saw it.

    In the end Andy Reid’s ego is going to get him fired and I’ll be happy to see him go. Twice this year vs. Cle and Az he has said “we saw something on tape” to justify is complete lack of run attempts. This isn’t new, this is the same bullsh*t wrapped in a different verbage. Reid / Marty think they are smarter than everyone so they throw vs. Cle and Az when everything tells you to run. Even worse is they never adjust. They stick with the gameplan because “it has to work”, pure hubris. They have arguably the best Rb in the game and he carried the ball 4 times in the first half and only 13 times overall. All the while facing an Az D that was basically in nickel and asking to be run on.

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