Bill Belichick grabs an official as he runs off the field

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After a Sunday Night Football game that had players, coaches and fans of both the Ravens and the Patriots furious at the replacement officials, New England coach Bill Belichick tried to take matters into his own hands.

As he was leaving the field following the Ravens’ 31-30 win over the Patriots, Belichick ran after an official who was jogging off the field, grabbed his arm and screamed at him. The official shook Belichick off and ran to the locker room without any further confrontation.

Both Belichick and Ravens coach John Harbaugh had screamed at the officials throughout the game over a series of questionable calls, particularly on pass interference, defensive holding and illegal contact penalties. The game was not well officiated by the replacements who are working the game during the lockout of the regular NFL referees, although that doesn’t excuse Belichick’s actions.

NBC’s Al Michaels indicated while calling the action that he expects Belichick to be fined by the league office.

“Oh, boy, that’s a few bucks,” Michaels said.

Added Cris Collinsworth, “I can’t believe Bill Belichick just did that.”

The league office will surely not look kindly on Belichick’s actions. But if the league office is honest with itself, and with NFL fans, it will acknowledge that this game was not well officiated. And if the NFL wants its games to be well officiated, it will end the lockout.

Here’s hoping that, whether the lockout ends this week or many weeks from now, this is the last time we see a furious coach grabbing an official after a game — and the last time a game is so badly officiated that many fans will think that coach was justified.

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  1. The league will fine the official for getting in the way of Belichick trying to do his post game handshake

  2. Yes, let’s not focus on the TWENTY-FOUR penalties for over TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN yards, or the THIRTEEN 1st downs obtained by penalty.

    By all means- let’s pick and choose just exactly what the real problem is. It’s not Belichick grabbing at a ref or Harbaugh getting a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. It’s the sheer ineptitude of the replacement refs and Goodell’s greed that will cause it to continue.

  3. “And if the NFL wants its games to be well officiated, it will end the lockout.”

    You mean, if the league wants SOME of its games well officiated, it will end the lockout. The regular refs are better, but they make tons of mistakes every single game.

  4. You would never see coaches grabbing the regular officials like that and they’ve made some horrible game changing decisions over the years. The coaches are players have absolutely no respect and the officials seem too scared to put them in their place.

    This whole thing has become so distracting from watching the games.

  5. This was the worst officiated game I’ve seen ever seen, its a disgrace to the league and the NFL.

    Inconsistent calls and terribly one sided officiating.

    I thought the Denver/Atlanta game was bad, but this was just something else.

  6. Can you blame him? I can’t blame him or Harbaugh for losing their minds after the garbage I saw on the field tonight. I thought last week was a mess but they just raised the bar to epic proportions.

    The Raven fans had the right Idea. I hope the Owners and Goodell are really proud to have the crowd yelling BS for 10 minutes on National Television because of these scabs.

  7. Regardless of whether or not the full time officials would have done better is irrelevant at this point. They need to be back on the field to at least create the perception that the “best available” is being utilized to help control the chaos that has been created by this whole mess

  8. the problem is that if there are some officiating errors, the remedy from the owners point of view can’t be give the locked out refs anything they want. In their minds it would be like negotiating with a hostage taker and they’d fear eventually the refs would strike short of getting paid $1 million a game.

  9. I counted at least 3 head butts by Logan Mankins in the 1st half that were not called.

    Patriots have the dirtiest offensive line in the game and they never get called on their ‘manure’ as Al Michaels phrased it.

  10. This game was handed to the Ravens. Plain and simple. There were certainly some calls that benefited the Pats, but phantom defensive holding that dug the Ravens out of a hole? Offensive pass interference on Edelman that made the Pats settle for a field goal? Yeah.

    Ravens fans were chanting BS (very classy), but they should be cheering for the refs. These replacements are an embarrassment.

  11. I was hoping he would sucker punch that ref. There were some awful calls against both teams.

    Keep negotiating fellas

  12. That whole game was a massive debacle. I don’t blame Belichick or Harbaugh one bit.

    The NFL wants them to keep their mouths shut and sit on their hands – yet it’s apparently A-OK for the NFL to put blatantly horrendous zebras in charge of a game’s outcome.

    Pathetic, NFL. You’re usually better than this.

  13. No one can say the refs handed the Ravens this W. They tried all game to hand it to the Patriots. In the end, they couldn’t even get that right.

  14. the refs were awful, and we all hope the regulars come back soon, however….

    don’t coach your players to do illegal things (contact, PI, holding) and then complain when those things are called. just because you got away with it four times doesn’t mean you are not guilty the fifth time.

  15. I’ve both played in and watched better officiated high school games. I’d expect that in pee wee league as the ref’s read the rulebook on the field to make calls. Both teams got screwed over and over and over. That game needs to be removed from the record books and replayed *AFTER* the real officials are back.

  16. I don’t know if the rest of you saw this game, but the officiating was dismal. The refs were calling phantom illegal contact penalties all game. Edelman’s head was taken off by Ed Reed in the end zone in the first half, and there was no call.

  17. ok im a pats fan, but for the most part an honest pats fan. but that officiating on the ravens second to last drive was incredibly one sided. the phantom holding call on mccourty, the non call on 3 occasions when the pats were trying to rush in on flacco, the non call on smith pushing off in the endzone… i mean come on it was just not fair.

    all in all the officiating for both sides were terrible, but you cannot let it happen as one sided on key drives like that.

    i hope goodell is happy now. call me a homer or call me whatever, im just calling this one how i see them. if you are honest you really can’t blame me for being a bit peeved at it.

  18. I don’t know who the hell Bellicheck thinks he is putting his hands on another man in a confrontational manner like that, but where I come from behavior like that gives you a mouth full of teeth.

  19. “And if the NFL wants its games to be well officiated, it will end the lockout.”

    it takes two to tango…

  20. The kick looked good. However, I really can’t blame Belichick (or Harbaugh) for wanting a piece of the replacement refs.

  21. Im a Pats fan but I posted in another forum after Harbaugh was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct that I was prepared to boycott the games until the real refs are back. These refs are killing the game. No consistency, missed calls, phantom calls, no control. Terrible.

  22. The officials are a disgrace – All scoring plays are reviewed… I doubt he was concerned the correct play was called on that last field goal… Those officials are a disgrace – they sucked for both teams, but the game was called much further in the Raven’s corner…

  23. Meet Justin Tucker world, ice water in his veins. Go Ravens, cream of the crop of the AFCN and most likely, AFC. Looking forward to playing the Texans. Great win boys.

  24. I’m a pats fan and first I will say we got beat by a very good team tonight. Very disappointed in our D. But there was some horrendous officiating tonight, on both sides. I even didn’t agree with some calls that went the Pats way. Don’t like seeing Belicheck pout, but hopefully this is resolved soon

  25. I wonder if the replacement refs will get so fed up with the abuse and walk out on the NFL. That would really put them in the corner with bathe real refs.

  26. One has to believe this performance by the officiating crew will end the lockout. Had to be embarrassing for the league. Makes that Pitt/Seattle SB look like a finely called game.

  27. Roger gambled that the teams & fans would’nt notice, and lost. Every single week this is getting worse. Let’s remember, these replacements are NCAA Div2, they are over their collective heads.

  28. *3 obvious offensive holding calls that never got called.

    i dont blame belichick for grabbing the ref because honestly i want a more thorough explanation to the end of that game and i have nothing but a fans emotion on the line here. belichick has the right to get a clear explanation.

    i hope the suspend him, and after then do i hope he takes leave of absence until the real refs come back.. a ridiculous joke the nfl has become.

  29. If this game were in New England, they would have been chanting “BS” in the 2nd quarter. There were 2 or 3 phantom defensive holding penalties on New England on drives that should have resulted in punts, which turned into touchdown drives.

  30. Bill may be fined but it won’t make any difference to the absolutely ridiculous way the game is being officiated. They made a mess of it on what could have been the best game of the week. Makes one sick to watch this kind of game.
    NFL is losing it’s credibility – NFL (Now a Fools League).

  31. I can see how Belichick could have gotten mad in the heat of the moment from his vantage point, but it clearly was just inside the upright as it passed in the replays. This press conference they’re showing on ESPN with him is so ridiculously awkward, haha. The press is trying so hard to lead him, he’s doing a damn good job of biting his tongue. Tough calls on both side, I think it all evens out for once.

  32. The real problem with replacement refs is it’s given everyone a built in excuse when their team loses. How bizarre to end the Cundiff game rematch on another shank. This one was good- but just barely.

  33. How many games do the replacement refs have to embarrass themselves in before the NFL brings the real refs back?

  34. Goddell, do you like what you have turned this league into?? WHERE ARE THE OWNERS?? Since when does a coach grab a ref because he disagrees with the ruling. This entire season will have an *
    What is going on?? Goddell had better get control of this, the Saints are not the only team you can sanction, you know!!

  35. When the season began with the replacements I kind of saw it as all teams will be affected equally. Like a snow or mud bowl. Equal circumstance, however the lack of consistency reminds me of unmixed pancake batter… These guys sre botching calls my teenage boy could make. Screwing up interpretation. Ed Hercules needs to put Goddell(not a misspell) in a headlock and make him watch a game because if ANYONE at the league office has been watching this would have been resolved. I’ve seen a NUMBER of games swing on the bad hinge of a horrible call. I am one discouraged lifelong fan. I know by skimming through the posts I am not alone with Bill and Kyle in my thinking… The Claim

  36. This just makes me so happy. Yet another instance (do we need more?) of Belichick being a grumpy, low-class, cheating loser. Evidence is really piling up. “Patriot Way” makes me laugh – what a joke. Patriots are the grundle of the NFL.

  37. There should have been a good replay for that kick.

    In this day and age, why are there no cameras on the goal posts so the replay official can determine if it went over.

    At a minimum they need a camera that uses the first down technology to extend the goal posts. If all scoring plays are reviewed, one of the plays that often results in the game winning score should have a better replay than the one they had. Not that they even looked at it.

  38. God forbid the Patriots actually lose a game in primetime! No, it must be some major conspiracy involving Roger Goodell, Dick Ebersol, Replacement Refs, and Fidel Castro.

    You losers need to get over yourselves..

  39. Belichick was wrong and he will be fined and possibly suspended. Interesting that Belichick, a guy that never complains about the refs, had that reaction. It speaks volumes of how bad the situation is and the negative impact this lockout of the refs is having on the games.

    I just watched the Patriots/Ravens game. A great effort by both teams was ruined by poor officiating that hurt both teams. Calls that should have been made were not called. Calls that should not have been made were called. Calls that impacted possession were constantly called.

    Shame on the NFL owners and Roger Goodell for what they are doing to the coaches, players and fans and the integrity of the game. They have put themselves, their desire to dictate terms to other stakeholders (players, refs) in the game, and very short money before the integrity of the game.

  40. Don’t be silly….Roger Goodell will continue to insist the replacement ref’s are doing a good job! The mistakes continue to happen at an alarming rate. What I can’t understand is how in the ### do NFL fans know the rules so much better than the ref’s? Didn’t the league give them a handbook or something? I mean, how hard is it to know when a team is out of challenges and timeouts? Why don’t the ref’s know you dont take a team’s timeout for a injured player when there’s still four MINUTES on the clock?
    This is beyond ridiculous and needs to be fixed NOW.
    With all the hot-tempered coaches in the league, who would have guessed the Patriots head coach would be the one to snap??

  41. Why didn’t Colinsworth and Michaels take a more critical stance of the officiating? I mean, they are calling the game, and they are taking a gee-shucks approach to it all, and staying G-rated.

    If the men calling the game are ripping the way its being handled, maybe that would get Goodell’s attention, because obviously he is content with this garbage product so far.

  42. Really, *really* bad officiating tonight. Almost as bad as last Monday’s game. I can only imagine the shenanigans that are going to go down tomorrow night.

  43. Doesn’t it seem like the replacements do not know the difference between pass interference, illegal contact, and defensive holding? Seems to me that 90% of the calls in the defensive backfield are holding when many of them should be pass interference (ball in the air) and illegal contact has apparently been removed from the rulebook.

    Can’t wait for Goodell to come out tomorrow and say what bang-up good job the refs are doing.

  44. Belichick needs something for discipline, but the real issue is these shoddy referees. Granted, the real ones suck most of the time, too, but at least games wouldn’t run until almost 11 pm with real officials.

  45. This was a national embarrassment. The worst officiated game I have ever seen in my entire life.

    The Pats got absolutely robbed. There were so many bad calls I don’t even know where to start. The phantom offensive pass interference on Edelman, the phantom offensive holding on Gronkowski. Or how about the two yard pass interference on Jerod Mayo? Or even the defensive holding on Devin Mccourty when he didn’t even touch Torrey Smith? The two phantom defensive penalties directly led to 14 Ravens points. The offensive penalties wiped out four points from a likely touchdown drive that’s a 17 point swing for the Ravens.

    Everybody kept wondering about the replacements and when they would cost a team a game. In a football game decided by one point on national t.v. the league just got a worst case scenario.

  46. If a Harbaugh does it they are just crybabies. The sheep need to wake up and see these officials are terrible. BB doesn’t flip out often and its time the owners and officials work something out

  47. Each game is very agonizing to watch . . . you just know there is going to be a missed call (by looking at the replays) or a flag on almost every play. Now, the replacement refs have really lost integrity, and the coaches and players think they have the right to bully them. And it’s not really these refs’ fault . . . they are doing the best job they can do.

  48. Collinsworth’s comment about this had me nearly on the floor laughing.

    And any Patriots fans whining about calls when the refs did EVERYTHING THEY COULD to ensure NE won need to have a lobotomy.

  49. I think more fans around the NFL that are at games should follow the raven fans example. Fans have no way of publically expressing or dislike for the replacement refs. I think we should start voicing our opinions like the ravens fans did tonight. I’m sure the NFL would not like fans at every football game thats being televised to be shouting BS…….at the refs, everytime they have to stop the game for 5 minutes or longer to review every call on the field.

  50. I love how all the Ravens fans are jumping on saying “the field goal was good.”

    I’ve watched the replay 10 times – it’s unclear at best.

    With the way that game was called, how anyone can be sure is a mystery to me.

    This game was ruined by the “refs.”

  51. Listen, I’m not advocating putting your hands on an official. But Belichick was trying to get an explanation and the ref ignored him. Part of the refs job is to interpret the calls on the field for EVERYONE else to understand. That includes the players and coaches. Ignoring a coach on a game deciding play is not excusable. That part of the reason they get paid. Take 15 seconds to explain it to him, instead of trying to get off the field as quickly as possible.

  52. Can’t stand Belichick but he is a great coach and he was absolutely justified as Harbaugh is justified for being pissed. When BB grabbed him I thought we were gonna get to see an ass whoopin UFC style

  53. guarantee this labor dispute ends this week. The regular refs will be back. The Pats are beyond pissed. The league will cave now because they can’t handle the Pats being this upset.

  54. this game was destroyed by the refs on both sides of the ball. phantom calls, push offs all over the place.

    and it’s not like this game was unique in that regard. these refs have no idea what they’re doing. i could probably grab a few die hard fans off the streets who know the rules and call a better game than these refs.

    it’s really bad. they’re ruining the season from a legitimacy standpoint. the real refs will (god willing) come back and the games will be completely different.

  55. “But if the league office is honest with itself …”

    You do realize that this is the same league office that issued statements just last week that stated that the replacement officials were doing a great job, right? Umm … I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they’re not real good at being honest with themselves.

  56. niners816 says:Sep 24, 2012 12:08 AM

    I’m not a Ravens or Pats fan, obviously, but watching Belichick run and pout is hilarious.


    As a 49ers fan, I’m sure you needed a chuckle after getting smoked by the Vikings.

  57. I agree with pawesl, I have been watching football for 45 years and I have seen some questionable calls. This is getting dangerous for the players. When there is no ramifications for dirty play the players that play on the edge are going to take advantage and will take their shots. If the NFL thinks “bounty gate” was a problem they have not seen anything. By the time this is over most of the real talent could be maimed and out of the league. Matt Schaub lost a piece of his ear today on the second head shot in as many plays. Real officials would have warned both benches the first time with the threat of expulsion and muti game suspensions. (Bob Costas thought it was worthy of a joke)

    Then to watch tonight I am surprised that the fans only yelled BS from the stands. If Baltimore had lost there would not have been enough security to protect the zebras. Stadiums and team owners better think about more security and higher insurance plans because if this continues I predict there will be a serious issue before it is all over. I am remembering Philadelphia fans pelting Santa Claus with beer bottles. Lets hope the NFL gets its act together.

  58. Really dude, Goodell’s greed? The refs contract negotiations has no bearing whatsoever on Goodell’s paycheck. He does what the owners want, Goodell doesn’t lock out officials or players. He doesn’t have anything to do with NFL business decisions whatsoever. All of this, locked out players and refs alike, falls squarely on the owners shoulders. Goodell is simply a medium for these issues.

  59. Ravens fan here. Last week we got called out for complaining ”simply cuz we lost” and people said we were just pouting like sour losers.

    So let’s set the record straight after this win… the officiating sucked and both teams had phantom calls and obvious missed calls.

    Unless and until the league is hearing from both the winners AND losers each week, we can expect more of these disgraceful and unprofessional performances from this multi-billion dollar enterprise.

  60. niners816 says:
    Sep 24, 2012 12:08 AM
    I’m not a Ravens or Pats fan, obviously, but watching Belichick run and pout is hilarious.

    I’m not a Niners fan, but watching the Vikings best the 49ers was hilarious.

  61. In a nationally televised game the nfl was embarrassed by the utterly incompetent officiating. The was over 200 yards in penalties. Maybe this will force roger g. to get this problem resolved.

    For you pats fans who have been talking trash since last season, that is now two in a row for flacco outplaying Brady. It should be two wins in a row but bad zebras took care of that as well. So do all us Bmore fans a favor and take your accents and your fat wives back to new England or Boston or where ever you call home

  62. The one thing that all the coaches, players, and fans agree on is that the replacement officiating SUCKS. We all HATE IT because it’s making the game look like a joke. It’s too bad we can’t all unite against this lockout to bring back the accuracy and integrity of the game.

    Goodell has made it all about the money instead of making the right product for its fan base – the US (See: Roger Goodell’s attempts at moving games to Toronto and London). Can’t this guy get over himself in order to do the right thing for the NFL?

  63. R Goodell is a Tijuana lawyer that would sell his wife and daughter for an peso on a corner in stead of insuring their safety.
    What a man of position and stature, all for the dollar-
    So Typical Lawyer, dollar over life

    Incompetence over integrity, the show must go on!

  64. No excuse for grabbing a tier Z official, but then again, if you were ringside to this farce you might lose it. I did from my own home, 3000 miles away.

    The refs literally called the game. A phantom pass interference at the end of the 1st quarter changed the complexion of the game, nevermind the subsequent calls. Then it looked like the refs were competing against each other to cover up their mistakes from previous plays.

    Complete bu11sh1t!

    Nobody cares to watch official ineptitude. I really wanted to watch the game, but found myself watching every replay to see what the official called wrong. A couple of rights don’t cover up a mess of wrongs…

  65. I think there’s a SILENT majority of fans out there that won’t be heard or recognized until a REALLY COSTLY mistake is made by the replacements.
    And by costly I don’t just mean a game or playoff spot lost.

  66. I hate the Patriots as much as any other red-blooded American. But let me tell you, the calls Baltimore got away with tonight were sickening.

    The last Ravens TD “drive” was a disgusting display of phony holding calls and phantom pass-interference flags. Meanwhile, Michael Oher, the “Human Holding Machine” didn’t get called once for the many choke holds he applied to New England pass rushers.

    Flacco succeeded at the end with his patented “throw it up blindly and wait for the pass interference flag” play. He’s become a master at it.

    Not only that, but the one other cam angle shot they showed seemed to indicate that field goal maybe wasn’t “good” after all.

    Oh and bonus points to Ray Lewis for tackling Gronkowski and not getting called for it at game’s ends.

    Face it, Joe, the refs won this one for you — gonna complain THIS week about them ruining “the integrity of the game”? Can’t wait to see.

  67. There were some bad calls this week. That is no excuse for how many of the players and coaches behaved today. The NFL would routinely fine coaches for complaining about officiating but for some reason they have allowed it with these officials. The coaches and players keep pushing the limits and will continue to do so until consequences are felt.

    These officials are doing a difficult job under enormous scrutiny from all angles. They know they are temporary and that may be some of the issue. They lack confidence and that accounts for most of the delays. Everybody loves complaining about the officials. 1/2 say the officials are not calling enough penalties, the other half says they call too many. Most agree that the officiating could/should be better.

    The league and NFLRA are both at fault. I think the NFL should issue a deadline. If a deal is not made by ___ date then the entire season will be officiated by these replacements. That should help the confidence issue with these guys if a deal is not reached and should also force the NFLRA to back down from some of the ridiculous demands like getting paid for not working. The dispute needs to end soon–even if the end is simply no more talking until after the SB.

  68. R Goodell is a Tijuana lawyer that would sell his wife and daughter for a peso on a corner in stead of insuring their safety.
    What a man of position and stature, all for the dollar-
    So Typical Lawyer, dollar over life

    Incompetence over integrity, the show must go on!

  69. Keep calling the refs a bunch of bad words and you might get screwed on some calls. You always hear coaches talk about “dealing with adversity,” yet those two punks didn’t deal with it very well tonight. Both teams had it bad. Therefore, you try to win the damn game as best you can and quit whining about it.

    Then, when everything cools down after the game, grab your damned owner by the collar and tell him to get the Ginger Hammer to pay the real refs.

  70. Every is freaking out, but I didn’t think it was that bad. Yes, there were more questionable calls during this game than in a normal game but I thought one they got control of the fighting things got better. I would grade this one a D. But that is after seeing last weeks games. This was bad, last weeks Eagles Ravens game was god awful. We went from one crew that was afraid to throw a flag, to one that had too many

  71. Its never ok for a coach or a player to make contact with a ref. Never.

    However, if there is ever a time when its understandable…. a game like this would be it. To say this game wasn’t refed good would be a colossal understatement. It was massive joke.

    So Belichick should be punished, but it should be a slap on the wrist.

  72. If all of you are as concerned about the integrity of the game as you claim, then it is clear that Belichick has to be suspended. You can’t have it both ways. You care about the integrity of the game or you don’t. You can’t grab a ref in any sport for any reason. Period.

  73. despite being an exciting contest this game was close to unwatchable due to the inability of the refs to maintain pace and consistency. i’ve said it all along – only those with intelligence and/or objectivity and/or who have played the game competitively realize how bad these refs are.


  74. The league really needs to get it’s act together and get the proper officials on the field.

    When the game of football is at this level you have to have officiating professionals who can react and move at the speed of the game.

    These replacements clearly are not able to handle it.

  75. “not well officiated”.

    A true masterpiece of understatement.

    If there is ANYONE out there who thinks the owners, including Robert Kraft, care about the integrity of the game as much as their money (according to the Boston Herald the deal the refs want would cost each owner about $62,500 for the next 7 years and given that the AVERAGE franchise is worth $1 billion – is that really so hard?) I’ve got some prime ocean-front land just a little souih of Phoenix for you. Just send me your CC number.

  76. I think the speed of play in the NFL game is overwhelming to the replacement referees. The replacements don’t have the experience to keep up with the action on the field. Therefore, penalty calls get missed, and the refs control of the officiating of the game begins to unravel.

  77. I’m admittedly a Patriots fan but I think a Patriots fan and a Ravens fan can agree that tonight’s game was a disaster. The game had a backyard-type feel that is inconsistent with the brand of football the NFL usually delivers because the officials failed to maintain control of the game.
    I’m not going to argue that the Ravens won the game – what is done is done. That said, I believe that the calls that were made by the officials determined the outcome of the game and that should not have happened. The stars are the players who play the game, not the guys wearing the striped shirts.
    Both Belichick and Harbaugh were out of line by touching officials – they were however within their rights to lose their minds on the sidelines because the officials were so horrible.
    After the masses at the Baltimore stadium chanted “BS” and control of the stadium was almost lost potentially putting the safety of the players and the officials themselves in jeopardy I can only hope that the NFL will move to resolve the labor dispute between the league and the locked out officials. We need to return to professionals calling professional games. We may not always agree with the NFL referees but at least the professionals get it right better than 90% of the time and usually for the rest there is replay to fix mistakes.

  78. both of the teams played there ass off….the refs messed this one up big time. Lets go Patriots. we still got a long season to go.

  79. If 200 yards of penalties is the threshold for terrible refs. Then the old refs hold that title, I’m sure some on here have seen raiders games the past 20 years. Now the other teams are getting penalties and they don’t like it. Wah wah. These refs are doing fine. If the lockout was never announced, nobody would even know they were replacement refs. And if you kept the volume down on the tv because the announcer are holding water for the union. By the way beli-cheat should be suspended at least 6 games. Goddell will do the right thing and set an example

  80. He grabbed him on the elbow, after the game, to talk to him. It wasn’t in-game, and it wasn’t like he slugged him.

    That game was a disaster all around. The refs had no control of it from the get-go. Some good hard-hitting, trash talking stuff, though (in between all the whistles.)

    How were the Baltimore receivers so wide open during the 2nd half? I’ll never know. See you in the playoffs, Ravens.

  81. Twenty-four for two hundred and fifteen yards and thirteen first downs? That sounds like the stat line for one of the best games of Mark Sanchez’s career, not like the “stat line” for the refs. (I’m upset about the loss, I needed to throw an unnecessary Jets insult in there.)

  82. I don’t blame Belichick one bit. These officials are well beyond horrible. The Patriots got ripped off this week and last week. You can only take so much. The NFL is a joke especially Goodell.

  83. truthfactory says:Sep 24, 2012 12:08 AM

    The field goal was good. Bill needs to be fined AND suspended for a couple games. You CANNOT grab an official… especially when they made the right call…


    Other than the fact the refs called it good, there was no angle that showed it was good. Every angle showed it going directly over the post which is a miss. It very well could have been good, and there was no angle to confirm it, but there’s no way you could know.

  84. If all of you are as concerned about the integrity of the game as you claim, then it is clear that Belichick has to be suspended. You can’t have it both ways. You care about the integrity of the game or you don’t. You can’t grab a ref in any sport for any reason. Period.


    For grabbing a refs arm to so he can stop and explain the call? He might get a fine but he didn’t do anything violent. A suspension would be rediculous.

  85. Only saw the 4th quarter after driving home from the Chargers game, but I did not disagree with a single call. Sorry. Human error is a part of the game. This disrespect for the officials is cheap and nothing more than excuses. Man up.

  86. Bill was wrong to do what he did. But with the Patriots up by 9 points, they stopped the Ravens three times on the way to the end zone – each time the drive was extended by a bad call. It resulted in a TD and a chance to win rather than the end of the game. Yes, the officiating was awful on both sides of the ball, and the officials weren’t biased. Could better officiating have left the Ravens ahead at the point in the game? Possibly. But, the officials decided that game tonight, and the whole league gets to enjoy that fact. Bill should be fined for his inappropriate behavior, but I do understand it fully.

    The real officials don’t get everything right, and they ARE being greedy with their demands. But at this point, the league has to acknowledge that a game that could be the difference between home field advantage in the playoffs resulted in the officials determining the win rather than the teams on the field. The playoffs are already tainted, and it’s all over a bundle of cash the league could afford to give.

    Who is right here?

  87. If the league is going to continue putting the replacements out on the field each week then they will have to suspend Bill for one game.

    The owners and Commish wont budge with the regular officials. The league is making tons of money each week and people are not going to turn it off, fans will just learn to accept the terrible officiating.

  88. ppdoc13 says:
    Sep 24, 2012 12:35 AM
    In a nationally televised game the nfl was embarrassed by the utterly incompetent officiating. The was over 200 yards in penalties. Maybe this will force roger g. to get this problem resolved.

    For you pats fans who have been talking trash since last season, that is now two in a row for flacco outplaying Brady. It should be two wins in a row but bad zebras took care of that as well. So do all us Bmore fans a favor and take your accents and your fat wives back to new England or Boston or where ever you call home

    That makes the Ravens 2-7 vs NE, lets not go crazy guy!

    And please , a Ravens calling out another fan base for talk trash!

  89. I think the Baltimore fans said it best when they were Chanting after the Penalty on the “Bench” (wether Harbaugh was calling a Timeout or not, that was dumb). I’m so ready to get rid of these guys and get back to our Regular crappy Refs that we like to yell at. (Don’t act like you never screamed at the TV when they make bad calls)

    They’re not perfect, and make some ridiculous calls themselves, but at least they don’t call penalties like “Holding Number 54 Red” What the What??

    This season already has multiple outcome changes because of these guys. It’s time for it to end. The last thing anyone needs is more uncalled penalties like the one on Heyward-Bay.

    Get it together and settle this before more people become injured.

  90. As long as suckers (like me) keep watching these games, Goodell is under no pressure whatsoever to settle the refs’ lockout. We fans of the NFL are too addidicted to the game, no matter how poorly officiated the are, to make any attempt at forcing a resolution.

  91. Does anyone here think that maybe the official owed an explanation for a questionable field goal call. The call was correct but undoubtedly looked 50/50 on the field. A professional official doesn’t go sprinting off the field and shuck a coach trying to flag him down.

  92. Everyine crying when the regular refs are in and now cryign when they are not there! Once the regular refs come back, I hgope no one compl;ains about the refs when they make a mistake!

  93. I don’t care who you are, whose colors you wear, or what you think of the officiating. You don’t touch an official. Ever.

    Touch a ref? Should be a heavy fine.
    Grab a ref? Should be a heavy fine plus a suspension.

    We’ll find out whether Goodell has the stones to fine and suspend Belichick, or if he just likes to pick on (usually relatively unknown) players.

    You can talk all you want about the replacement refs, but it’s the coaches who are out of control, and their players get their attitude from their coaches.

  94. The scab refs have made terrible calls in many games, but Belichick can’t put his hands on a ref and the league should suspend and fine him and he needs to be made an example of by the league. Sure, I want the regular refs back asap..til than we as fans gotta deal with the refs that are calling games

  95. You never grab a Ref. I’m a BB fan, but that was too far. He deserves a 1 game suspension and a hefty fine. I do want to know what wasn’t reviewable about that field goal and why. It seems to me that all scoring plays are subject to review, how can ball location, as it pertains to field goals, not be considered reviewable? It is almost as if the NFL takes pride in controversy.

  96. Bill is a great coach but hes a jerk. All the cheating, and cheap stuff he did in the past is bitting him in the ass. 2 SB loses starting 1-2, good to see karma working

  97. I was in the stands & proud to be hoarse from letting the officials know what they did to this game! BS!!!

    Seemed to me we (Baltimore) had plenty of BS calls against us…and definitely some gifts. Horribly called game all around. I was sitting in the end zone where the game ended…and the last two calls – PI & the FG – looked good to me. But what a joke…just glad to get the win! …and what a great crowd tonight!

  98. These refs just destroyed another nationally televised game. That FG should have been reviewed. The WHOLE ball has to be inside the upright. It wasn’t. NBC kept highlighting missed call after missed call. There were so many phantom calls and half of them weren’t called correctly or consistently.

    Look, the real refs spit the bit occasionally, but I’ve never seen games this bad nor one like tonight where one team was actually robbed of a win. So far, they’ve been bailed out. Bob Kraft is one of the three most influential owners in your league. You screw over his team on national TV with that garbage?

    I just hope the guys tomorrow don’t fubar the game, too.

    If the ref did his job and reviewed that FG, BB isn’t trying to run his ass down to get an explanation. What does he care about a fine? Dude got fined half a million in 2007.

  99. Blame the NFL. You get what you pay for. I am sure by Wednesday, Roger Goodell will send out a message through the NFL PR dept that the replacement officials had a great weekend. No need to complain. Just e-mail your favorite teams owner and ask him to tell Roger Goodell to get the deal done with the regular officials.

  100. I am now convinced that the players’ health and safety is at risk with the continued employment of replacement officials by the NFL. Players are now coached to break particular rules that they know the officials do not call. This creates an escalating level of emotion by the coaches and retaliation on the field by opposing players.

    This cannot continue. Cheap shots and dangerous play will eventually result in a serious injury. I originally thought that the replacement officials would improve and the games would become more like, you know, professional football. I was wrong.

  101. Who can blame him? I mean really, with 6 minutes left the Patriots had a 9 point lead and stopped the Ravens on 3rd and 15 inside their own 10 yard line just to see them awarded 5 yards and an automatic 1st down on some bogus defensive holding call. It’s pretty bad when even the announcers are reviewing a play over and over again searching for a foul… Chris Collinsworth was speechless. That one play right there cost New England this game. This game was well on it’s way towards turning into a blowout until the refs got involved. This officiating was horrible and incredibly one-sided.

  102. 14 penalties against the Ravens, 10 against the Pats. Calls were atrocious – a 15 yard bench call at the end of the 4th quarter – are you kidding me? – I’ve never seen that before.

    Regardless, the Pats failed to run out the clock with two minutes left. All they needed was another 1st down. And when they failed to do that they just had to hold the Ravens (from the Ravens 21 – just like last year’s AFC Championship game) and they couldn’t do it.

    Basically, the last team to have the ball was going to win this game.

  103. I hate the patsies as much as any other red-blooded American and….the ending gave me the sh!ts and giggles. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  104. Now let’s be real , hi did grab at his arm or sleeve of his shirt , in No way Dhape nor form did it look like it was malicious or intent to hurt or threaten , looked like to me he wanted to talk to the official before the official was off the field .. Shame on the NFL for hiring these Refs , they mean well , but they are Terrible !! NFL classless move on their part to cont this circus for they’re GREED !!!!!!!

  105. Using Goodell’s rules, the Patriot’s coach was clearly trying to injure the ref. Therefore, suspend him for a year, take away draft picks and fine the team 500 grand. Isn’t that how it works?

  106. The worst part of Belichick grabbing the refs arm is that the league will focus on that and not the horrible officiating job.

    Let’s be real, he grabbed his arm to get his attention, he didn’t hit him or hurt him in any way. It’s not like he screwed him, like the refs did to all the people watching the game. Both teams fans were pretty ticked off watching the game. I’m not sure it was fun for anyone.

  107. Anyone justifying Belichick’s actions is advocating anarchy. Anarchy in our game means the end of our game. Think hard before you make such irresponsible comments.

  108. Sure, I’d rather have the regular officials back, but I can’t say I miss them as much as a lot of people do. They aren’t without their flaws too. Alot of them tend to call every ticky tack thing they see, which really slows the game down. And they make plenty of mistakes too. So when they do come back, we’ll see some improvement in the overall officiating, but it won’t be all that much. At least I don’t think so.

  109. This is a mountain out of a molehill scenario. And honestly it’s funny how people in the media always try to pin controversy or create adversity for the best coaches in the NFL.

    I’m not a Patriots fan, but in this case, he ran over to the ref, the ref saw him wanting to talk to him and just kept running off like a horse with blinders on. He is one of the greatest coaches of the modern era and some replacement official treats him like that? Ignoring him like a bum on the street asking for change.

    And the fact he touched him on the shoulder to get his attention and he still ignored him is utterly RIDICULOUS. That replacement ref should have more respect for a future hall of fame coach, even if he was angry.

    As far as a fine goes, who cares? He has plenty of money and the fine would be insignificant to him at the end of the day. It will not change his behaviour, this isn’t Mike Tice circa 1997 making a couple of hundred thousand a season we are talking about. Plus like I said earlier, I don’t think in this case that a nudge on the arm was uncalled for because the ref ignored him, he was trying to get his attention. Maybe if the ref actually stopped and he nudged him while yelling, I can understand the fine… in this case a fine would be idiotic.

  110. The NFL, similiar to corporate America, is all about player / worker safety unless it costs money to maintain or improve the situation.

    Mr. Goodell pay the refs already !!!

    That way, if I make it through another week at work at least I can watch my team play at full strength.

  111. Pats fans cry so much. The kick was good and the officiating was bad on both accounts. Go ahead and cry all you want about the officiating on the last drive. It seems as though you completely forgot about the “Illegal Contact” call on Ed Reed as he had his hands on the WR within the 5 yards. If the refs would have called that correctly, we would have probably never had a controversial ending.

  112. Remember when we as fans made fun of the ‘real’ refs for bad calls?

    I remember when San Diego played Denver in Denver and Ed Hockuli made that completely wrong call about, what was it? An interception or something. Something big.

    But Ed got it wrong. And admitted as much, telling the fans as much, after it went down. Yet never for a moment did either team, or the crowd, or the coaches, think for milliseconds Ed Hockuli was not in control of that game, mistakes or not. And he owned up to it at all, and how many calls does that guy actually miss?

    And as fans we all know those refs. I know Hockuli’s name precisely because of his error mentioned above. But there are others. There’s the black guy who has that flourish when he points the penalty’s side, offense or defense. And he’s always sharp. And there’s that tiny old white guy who sounds like a Texas high school football coach his accent is so thick. And they all control their games, and all – in retrospect of these three weeks – are pretty darn good at what they do.

    Never before have I realized the value of professional refs to go with the professional players of the NFL. They are as vital for the game as they think, and as a fan it is a lesson learning that – at least for me.

  113. Even if the real refs make bad calls, at least you can say the best refs money could buy with the most experience made the bad calls. Right now they are putting a bunch of noobs in there and pissing the nfl fanbase off something fierce.

    Its really funny watching games on tv, the announcers are like….I don’t know where that call came from on nearly half of the calls these guys make.

  114. Belichick was just trying to get the official to stop running so he could speak to him about a potential replay…this is way overblown already.

    But this is a mess, I thought it couldn’t get any worse after last week…

    League makes $8 billion a year and they can’t resolve this? We are begging for the real refs but if you recall they are poor as well…

  115. #1 and MOST important: congrats Ravens & their fans on the win

    #2 I will never say refs won or lost a game regardless of how lopsided I feel the officiating was. The officiating was dreadful, but the Pats had MANY MANY chances to seal the win and they did not: McCourty, get on the Juggs machine (2 dropped ints). Arrington, that turf monster is NOT real (fell down when in perfect position for another INT). Joshie baby, quit getting so cutesy with your playcalls. Offense, get tougher, execute, make yards when you HAVE to have them and close a bleeping game out…for once. It’s gotten to the point that when you have the ball with 2-4 min left and a lead, I KNOW it’s a loss.

    #3 BB is no bastion of humanity yada yada yada we get it all you babies who whine about him, but he has very very seldom gotten visibly angry at officials…and I mean in his entire HC career. All three games so far, he’s been in their ears. I’ve NEVER seen him cuss on camera at a ref like he did tonight. He’s justified in his anger as are ALL other coaches who have to TELL these dudes what the rules are. I mean that “first down” Balt got…which was one of the things he was mad have to be kidding me…giving them a measurement when it was from SF to Minny away. Then reversing it to a first down???

    That said, I am proud that none of the players on my team in their postgame remarks (sans a weird tweet from Spikes) blamed anyone but themselves for the loss. That’s how they should act.

  116. For me, it was simple. I said to myself, “I’m not going to suffer the worst officiated game in the history of football,” and turned it off after the first quarter. I was not at all surprised to check the Internet to see the score.

  117. mswravens says: Sep 24, 2012 1:18 AM

    I was in the stands & proud to be hoarse from letting the officials know what they did to this game! BS!!!

    Seemed to me we (Baltimore) had plenty of BS calls against us…and definitely some gifts. Horribly called game all around. I was sitting in the end zone where the game ended…and the last two calls – PI & the FG – looked good to me. But what a joke…just glad to get the win! …and what a great crowd tonight!

    Watching the game objectively, while there were a few TOTALLY phantom calls for both sides (a few more in NE’s favor), that final 7-9 minutes, the refs did everything they COULD to help NE win. Including that nonsense on the INT by Webb. Glad you guys prevailed.

  118. The first time I ever in my football watching life that seeing Bill B. That I liked something the boring sob did! The BS chants were awesome also! Florio jump off a cliff! Love the site, but hate 99% of your opinions.

  119. The most comical call was the illegal contact on the NE db on 3rd and 15 late in the 4th quarter. There were a bunch of bad calls on both teams but that one takes it all.

  120. As bizarre as the officiating has become, I would not be surprised to learn that organized crime is involved.

  121. How do you like “Roger” now?

    As fans can see, the officiating isn’t getting better…it looks to be getting worse.

    Obviously this idea that the replacement refs can pick up this NFL officiating stuff after calling just a few games is wrong.

    How hard could it be to negotiate a new contract with the officials?

    …probably damn hard if the NFL is negotiating to save face rather than striking a fair deal.

  122. If we are being real with ourselves, why not contact the sponsors? Sponsors put some pressure on the NFL and hopefully they listen.

    Especially the TV companies who have a HUGE Investment in this collaboration.

    Eerily quiet they have been.

  123. This was by far the worst week for officiating with the replacements.

    I didn’t see the game, I don’t really need to, however I don’t care how bad the officiating is you never touch the official.

    This is the 2nd instance of flagrant abuse of an official, I think both Kyle Shanahan and Belicheck need to be severely dealt with. If not, that is really messing with the integrity of the game.

    Regarding the lockout, Goodell is doing what the owners wish, this isn’t some imperialist plot on his part. The locked out refs have as much to do with this as the owners do, the locked out refs right now are fighting for some really over the top demands. Negotiating takes 2 sides remember that.

  124. I’m usually not in favor of harsh league punishment but if the NFL is going to suspend Sean Payton for a year they can’t allow a coach physically touching an official to stand without something pretty extreme. I’m not saying suspension necessarily but, replacement or not, correct call or not, that is never ok.

    And it is worse for a head coach. Anyone who has played sports can tell you that when something’s going on between the lines everyone looks a like and a ref might get bumped.

    But a head coach is not just representing the league, he’s influencing his players. And when it’s a coach that’s had success, which in this case it is of course, than he’s probably influencing other coaches.

    There has been plenty of verbal abuse of refs (Jim Harbaugh) and psychological abuse of refs (Jim Harbaugh) but the NFL must draw a clear line at a head coach physically harassing a member of it’s staff.

  125. Are Patriot fans really trying to post these comments wake up smell the coffee your team was beat, refs made bad calls on both sides. I wonder if you just have 12 inch TV if you just have 12 inch TV screens feel goes good field goal was good review it as many times as you want. Try telling me this isn’t a rivalry now Patriot fans.

  126. Pats fans are a joke and the biggest group of sore losers ever seen. So funny watching their fans walk out of m&t with their heads hanging low.

  127. Bill Bellichick needs to be at least suspended for a game. For BB to actually lay hands on a ref in totally unacceptable. I’m not saying this as a Tammy Brady hater, but as a fan of real red blooded american football. That crossed a line.

  128. You do not touch another person in anger.

    What Belicheck did was break the law.
    It would shine a light on the officiating but if Goodell has the courage, he could suspend Belicheck for just about as long as he likes.

    What everyone deserves is consistency.

  129. The Patriots have been winning games because of paid off Refs ever since the “tuck” rule and longer. When was the last time the Patriots lost a close game? Anybody remember? Redskins last year? Ravens the year the Patriots were undefeated in the Regular Season

    So the Ravens almost lost the game because the refs made some bad calls – nothing has changed.

    However, last night, the Patriots lost a game because the refs might have made some bad calls – that is different!

    Hooray for the Replacement Refs, at least they aren’t bought off like the regular officials. Term Limits!

  130. Usually Bill Bellichek gets all the calls and he says nothing…Gee the other team played hard, we just were lucky to get the win. We don’t like to talk, we just go out and play hard. When he got caught videotaping and cheating, he was real calm and collected.

    However…when he loses a close game, he is yelling and hunting refs down in post game.

    That is a Patriots Fan…They are used to all the calls going their way. Waaaa….Waaaaaa

  131. I want to see the stat from when we had the paid off officials….How many first downs made by Tom Brady where it is 3rd and Long and he gets first down from illegal contact. Tom Brady has led the league for the last 10 years in that category.

    Roger is purging the officials because of the payoffs, not over the money to the Refs.

  132. Behold the new Patriot Way : whaaaaa whaaaaa whaaaa.

    Bill hasn’t been the same since the league stopped him from consistently cheating.

  133. The FG was good. Belichick is a sore loser. Chock it up as a loss and get ready for the next game. Don’t ever lay hands on an Official, there is no reason for it.

  134. Awwww Slick Willy feels cheated, poor baby. Now you know how everyone else feels about your Superbowl*wins.

  135. I find it funny when people say Flacco outplayed Brady. Flacco could have easily thrown four picks. One DB dropped two interceptions and another could have had an easy pick to seal the game if he hadn’t fallen down. He made bad decisions all night, but when given a second chance, he took advantage. Good quarterback, good team, terrible officiating, and whole lot of luck.

    Anyway, time to move on. If these teams meet again in the playoffs, it should be another hard fought game. Let’s hope the replacement refs have been sent packing by then. The Ravens getting Suggs back will help them in their playoff hunt as well.

    I agree with the people who say unbiased football fans would be able to officiate the game better than these clowns.

  136. If it takes grabbing the arm of an official to get the NFL to get rid of the replacement officials so be it.

    the NFL will fine Belichick but every fan wanted to do the same thing

  137. First, Mccourty HAS to go! Now the only thing that surprised me was that Harbaugh wasn’t grabbing the refs other arm! This is a coaches job to win. They live and die every week, do their best, work endless hours to prepare their teams and then they are at the mercy of unquestionably inferior officiating. As I sat, well, sat and screamed at the TV I couldn’t help think the unthinkable. This was my last NFL game I will watch until the NFL does the right thing for the players, coaches and fans who expect and deserve the best product. It’s time to show the NFL we care, stop watching.

  138. The coaches need to pull on the elbows of their bosses (the owners). Coaches are full time, players are full time, the commish is full time, get some full time refs and move forward, I think the money is there.

    But until we stop watching and attending, the money keeps coming in, there are always more players, what incentive do the owners have to pay the refs? One might even argue that the game is becoming even more popular as people rant and rave about the scab officials.

    On another note our defense sucks a** right now. Go Saints!!!

  139. winsaintswin: The Owners wanted full time refs, they were willing to go with just 7 BUT the referees refuse to do that.

    They want to be able to keep their lucrative primary jobs as well as officiate.

    Everyone keeps blaming the NFL, try looking at the refs that think that they can now bleed the NFL.

  140. I hate Belicheck and it doesn’t excuse what he did not does it make it right, but I these replacement refs are absolutely horrible. I understand frustration and those refs can absolutely get your blood boiling with some of these pathetic calls. Enough joking around and picking on them, I understand they’re doing their best, their best plain and simple is not good enough. I think the owners and Goodell are as much at fault as the NFLRA, if all these guys love this sport like they say they do, then the real refs would be back. The beginning of this season has been an anomaly, so many teams 1-1 in the 3rd week, now both the Steelers and Pats are below .500. I’m not blaming the refs for the losses but it jus seems like things are different. They miss obvious calls they should make and then throw flags on phantom calls left and right. It absolutely changes the outcome of the game, not to mention they can’t keep up with the speed of the game. Starting the 2nd half the Steelers had 10 penalties and the Raiders (the most penalized team in the league since ’07) had 0. I don’t think the refs were intentionally picking on the Steelers, but they were clearly missing something and I you watched the game you would agree. There was a few PI calls that had me mind boggled, but then plenty of times a flag should’ve been thrown for PI both ways and it didn’t happen. I don’t care how hard they try, they’re not good and it’s changed the outcome of 3 weeks of football already. If you love this sport, THEN SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE AND DO WHAT’S BEST FOR IT.

  141. Bill Belichick should’ve went with the Patriots and the over like the refs did. Pretty obvious if you ask me. Refs took two TD’s off the scoreboard on the Saints, refs name was Don King, I heard his name more than Drew Brees’. 

  142. The coach sets the tone for the team. If the coach is in the faces of the officials, the players will pick up on it and do the same. Call me an old fart if you want to, but I don’t remember Paul Brown, Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Don Shula, George Allen, Bud Grant, or Chuck Noll (to name just a few) ever getting in the face of an official as much as these coaches do.

    In this respect, being a sports official is like being the President–You respect the position even if you don’t respect the man.

    Do the replacement officials deserve respect for the job they’ve done? Probably not. However, they are the officials we’re stuck with, so you respect them. Period.

  143. Suspend the cry baby! If nothing else, it can be a make up for not suspending Belicheat for his blatant cheating in his 3 superbowl campaigns!!

  144. Bill should not have grabbed the ref, regardless of how justified I feel he was in doing so. My biggest issue is the “administrative” stance the owners and commissioner are taking during the lockout.

    It does nothing but illustrate the attitude of Corporate America and highlight the greed of those in charge. Instead of going to the table and working out a deal with the regular refs (and yes the refs need to make some concessions) they are feeding the press a bunch of positive lines regarding the replacements. The problem is, every week it gets worse. They fail to recognize the deterioration of the game, but it is ok because they are “right.”

    By ignoring the issues at hand and demanding, through heavy fines and league wide warnings, that all coaches and players fall in line with them, they are turning the NFL into something that every person with a less than satisfactory job hates: The place where the boss wants to prove he’s the H.M.F.I.C.

    The problem can be applied to many jobs and even government. It is the inability of people in power to budge on any issue in order to do what’s right, either for selfish reasons (like admitting they might be wrong or maybe made a bad decision) or greed, that makes this lockout a mess. And both sides are to blame.

    At some point there needs to come a time where those in power will ignore the administrative strategies and admit that just because they get the paycheck, doesn’t mean they know it all. The members of their organization below them can contribute as well.

  145. Suspend him. You don’t touch the refs. He’s a repeat offender he was caught cheating n now he is attacking officials.

  146. bigjdve: I think I said ‘get some full time refs’, not give in to the striking refs, and I do blame the league.

    If the current strikers don’t want to do it, hire these guys they have now, they can only get better… but I still stand by what I said, get some full time refs.

  147. Bill is EXACTLY what we THOUGHT he Was..A smug Sobb.

    The quiet well mannered guy who rarely says anything, but does his talking on the field…He can afford to do that when all the phantom calls go his way…but when they don’t…not so much.

  148. Dear Darth Vader aka Bill Belichick,

    You should have beat the B-Jesus of him. You would be a national hero. I know you would have a whole lot of donations for your bail money.

    P.S. Next time you see Rodger Godell jack him one in the chops. He needs it bad.

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