Calvin Pace: We had to put Reggie Bush out

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In the days leading up to Sunday’s game against the Dolphins, Jets coach Rex Ryan stole a line from linebacker Bart Scott when he was asked how the team was going to deal with Miami running back Reggie Bush.

“Obviously we have to do a great job of getting a lot of guys to him and then get him on the ground. Put some hot sauce on him, if you will,” Ryan said.

Bush wound up getting knocked out of the game with a knee injury just before halftime and he didn’t return to the game in the second half. The Dolphins missed his productivity — Bush had 61 yards on 10 carries before his exit — and Jets linebacker Calvin Pace said that was just what the Jets defense needed to do.

“I guess he was doing his thing for a quarter or two,” Pace said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “We had to put him on out. We didn’t see him again.”

It sounds a bit unseemly to hear Pace say that they “had to put him on out” after hearing Ryan’s desire to break out the hot sauce, but there doesn’t seem to be anything but bad fortune to blame for Bush’s injury, which looks like it will keep him out for a couple of weeks. It happened when he took a helmet to the knee while being tackled by several Jets. It appears to be linebacker Garrett McIntyre’s helmet making contact after it is forced down by Bush’s shoulder as both players went down to the turf. No one went after Bush’s knee on the play, but it became a casualty all the same.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports the NFL isn’t expected to offer any discipline as a result of Pace’s comments, ill-advised as they might have been.

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  1. Stupid thing to say with bounty gate going on. On another note, that’s the first I’ve heard Pace’s name so far this year because he sure isn’t doing anything noticeable on the field.

  2. Can you please explain how the Dolphins “missed” Bush’s productivity after he went out? Thomas and Miller got 117 yards between both of them, with Miller averaging 5.3 yards per carry. I hardly call that missing Bush’s productivity. With our O-line playing the way they are, Florio could rush for 100 yards a game. Bush is a great talent no doubt, but I disagree whole heartedly that his absence was noticeable.

  3. It is a stupid thing to say. Additionally, if you look at the film, you will see safety Leron Landry come out of that pile clapping his hands in pleasure as Bush is hurt on the ground. You will also see Landry’s helmet hitting Bush in his other knee on the same play.

    I don’t think Rex Ryan would ever deliberately ask his team to hurt another player…..but I’m not so sure this wasn’t his players hearing his words and acting on them.

  4. Wow, and I thought the Saints were the only team in NFL history who tried to knock an opponent out of the game – which is why they received 10,000 game suspensions? But I am sure Calvin Pace didn’t really mean what he said, so Roger Goodell will not bother to investigate or discipline anyone.

  5. Jets should have lost that game. Two missed field goals by Carpenter. Jets are in big trouble….how do you let Hartline run circles around in the secondary. Really? Brian Hartline? Jets week 1 blow-out of Buffalo was a fluke. Rex and GM Tannenbaum will be gone before season is over. Another pathetic 5 yr rebuilding program implodes.

  6. dolphins512,
    I saw the same exact thing you saw. Landry was way too animated on making a tackle on a meaningless play with halftime on the cusp.

  7. a win is a win even though it was sloppy on both sides, Dolphin Fans aren’t much better I was at the game and heard a bunch of them cheering and yelling stuff towards the field when Revis went down, same old trailer trash fans, all 100 of them, when I yelled something back they wanted to fight and called security, but once the truth came out the red shirts let me stay thanks to another Dolphin fan telling the truth, all in all both teams weak.

  8. Yeah, let’s just call it “coincidence” that they have taken out two of the best RBs in the NFL (and who also happen to be in their division) with knee injuries in the past 3 weeks.

  9. Not just in this game, but in all games yesterday, defensive players were taking cheap shots everywhere. If we dont get the real refs back in there to restore some sense of accountability, all the good players will be carted off. Between injuries, reviewing calls and giving extra time outs, games went for record times yesterday.

  10. @dolphins1121
    Reggie Bush was missed because when looking at a running backs numbers their average per run is important to look at but consistency is far more important. Yes, Miller had a 5.3 average however take away his longest run and his average drops to 3.25 (26 yards /8 carries). If you take away Bush’s longest run his average was still 5 yards (45 yards/ 9 carries). I find it funny when people say a running back had a great day when they ran for 100 yards on 20 carries when they had a 60 yard run without which they had a 2.1 average. PFF does a much better job of grading a running then just looking at averages.

  11. I find it funny that the Saints gets in trouble because they may or may not have put incentives for knocking a guy out of the game. Yet when a person openly says they were trying to knock a guy out of the game they do NOTHING.

  12. As a Dolphin fan, I am never excited to see an opposing team’s players hurt and was sad to see Revis tear his ACL yesterday because he is a truly amazing CB who I would have like to have seen play in yesteryears when DB’s could actually play defense, but I guess what goes around comes around if you rejoice in hurting the other team’s best player. Not surprising though from a Rex Ryan led team.

  13. So… two New York teams have now claimed to have specifically target players for injuries, first the Giants against the 49ers return man, and now the Jets against Reggie Bush, and in NEITHER case has the NFL decided to do anything about it even though they have no problem punishing Saints players with one of the most pathetic piles of “evidence” one could possibly manufacture out of thin air.

  14. Stupid thing for Pace to say, but the Dolphins got even. Revis out for the year, season ending surgery.
    Be careful what you wish for Calvin Pace you looser.
    Jets suck without Revis, so now see how your team plays. Got lucky with missed field goals yesterday.
    Sanchez is terrible, so not sure now where you think you are going.

  15. If Bush had been in the Dolphins would have won. Daniel Thomas is terrible, so they ran for 100yds after Bush went?? So what? Against that Jets run defense which sucks, Bush would have got 150 on his own at least. He had 45 before he was hurt.

  16. It’s the New York Jets WITH Tim Tebow. Does anyone honestly think this team will ever get punished for anything?

  17. Why wouldn’t they fine him. What’s different from this compared to saints bounty except for admitting that they wanted to put him out. The NFL sounds like they are on a pick and choose type of business.

  18. He was being stood up when Landry game with a helmet directly to the knee! Not intentional? Ok maybe that was not the hit that hurt the knee but to get up clapping when you take a cheap shot to a players knee. Classless. Would have loved to see a Miami win even after that shot But Jets fans you pulled it off. You have to admit there is no room for that in the NFL. You know it Miami took a cheap shot like that on Tebow you would be screaming murder!

  19. The Jets need to put some hot sauce on the entire LB corp. They are all old and slow now. With Revis out, seems like a good time to rebuild.

  20. “…….when I yelled something back they wanted to fight and called security….”

    Typical jests fan thinking: They WANTED to fight, but they also called security. Why? To break up the fight they WANTED?

  21. Idiotic comment by Pace, but he’s likely rusty on interviewing since he hasn’t performed enough to merit one in quite some time.

    That being said, they hypocritical outrage on this site is laughable. Anyone watching the game on TV could hear the cheering pick up drastically as Revis writhed in pain on the ground. This is even more sad being that the majority of the fan noise during a Dolphins game is pumped in via speakers.

    There’s been plenty of “karma” comments so far – maybe the Fins lost this awful game event due to the pathetic behaviour of cheering an injury by their limited fanbase.

  22. Target acknowledged. Target executed. Confirmation of execution on target.

    Pretty clear this was the plan.

  23. Now I didn’t see his interview or read anything other than what was posted above, but I don’t think Pace is saying we HAD to put him out. I think he is stating an opinion as to why they didn’t see Bush in the second half. I think what he meant to say is he must have gotten hurt because he didn’t came back and play. I need to see then full context before I cast judgement.

  24. I am sorry Revis got hurt, I don’t like to see any player writhing in pain. If the story about the Jets pre-planning to take Reggie Bush out is true, then the NFL should fine the people who planned it, period.
    The game is a game, it is not a war zone. As much as I wanted the Dolphins to win, it is a far sweeter victory if the Jets are at full strength when Miami does win. I do feel confident we will win when we play them again in NJ. The Dolphins are the better team this year, especially after 2-3 more games experience for Tannehill.

  25. Targeting a specific player before a game in an attempt to ‘put them out?’ I thought the Saints were the only team to do that…oh wait, they bet money. That must be the biggest difference here.

  26. Funny, I was at the game and when Revis went down that stadium went crazy and started to cheer.

    Please show me where it says the Jets game planned to take Bush out….

  27. “Funny, I was at the game and when Revis went down that stadium went crazy and started to cheer.

    Don’t you jests fans always come here to let the Fins fans know how many more New Yawkas there are at the stadium than Fin fans? Wouldn’t that lead us to believe it was jests fans cheering for that? Just saying……

  28. With “hot sauce”, Calvin Pace, and the Jets (from New York City) all in this article, I thought there’s got to be a joke in here somewhere about Pace Picante Sauce.

  29. So the Jets have admitted they had a bounty on Reggie Bush yesterday, just as every team in the history of the game has had one on somebody in every game ever played. Why aren’t Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum suspended? When is the league going to announce they’ve taken the Jet’s top draft picks away? Hello?

    #DoubleStandard #FireRogerGoddell #FreeSeanPayton

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