Dez Bryant downplays yelling at position coach

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For the second straight week, television cameras have caught a player in the middle of yelling at another member of the organization on the sideline.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler airing out tackle J’Marcus Webb became a big story last week and now it is Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. Bryant was caught yelling at wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson in the first half of Dallas’ 16-10 win over the Buccaneers on Sunday. Bryant said that he didn’t want to get into specifics about what prompted him to lose his temper, but eventually let the reason loose while talking to reporters after the game.

“I don’t want to say too much of being upset,” Bryant said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “It was just me being emotional and passionate like I am always. That’s how I play the game. If I didn’t be that way, I wouldn’t be myself. I just felt like, ‘Hey, I can beat this guy’ and basically that was it.”

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Bryant (or plenty of other wide receivers) get a little animated on the sideline about not getting enough looks in the offense, but spreading the wealth worked out for the Cowboys on Sunday. Bryant was targeted five times in the first half on Sunday and three times, finishing the day with six catches for 62 yards. Miles Austin and Kevin Ogletree each had five catches and the three wideouts combined for 226 receiving yards as Tony Romo found success spreading the ball around during the moments when the Cowboys leaky offensive line gave him time to make throws.

Bryant caught all three balls thrown his way in the second half for 47 yards and added a 44-yard punt return to set up a Dan Bailey field goal. That helped his outburst from becoming the flashpoint it was for Cutler as does the fact that the Cowboys won the game.

10 responses to “Dez Bryant downplays yelling at position coach

  1. If I didn’t be that way, I wouldn’t be myself. I just felt like, ‘Hey, I can beat this guy’

    Thank god he didnt mean that literally, we saw what he did (to his mother) the last time he meant it

  2. Let’s be real people. You can’t be suprised by anything Dez Bryant does or say’s. It’s sad to say, Bryant is another T.O. This kid is so hung up on his self, he doesn’t care about how his conduct on the field or off looks. Bryant is trouble, has always been so. It’s sadden to see someone put in all those years of pain and sweat, to get to this stage and don’t get it. I say Dallas draft another number one receiver, and cut their tie’s. Again, Bryant is another T.O. and a few others that have destoryed their rep. and disappointments to their team and the league, it’s a dam shame, but he is who he is, the question is, how long does Jerry Jones put up with his mess.

  3. This is getting blown out of proportion, tons of players argue with position coach when things aren’t going well for the team. Dez is a winner and when he see’s his team struggling on offense he gets frustrated.

    It’s not a diva thing, it’s not immaturity(kinda), and it’s not selfish. He isn’t mad about HIM not being involved, he was mad his offense was clicking on all cyclinders. As a cowboys fan I’d rather see him get angry rather then just sit down feeling sorry for himself.

  4. Jay Cutler has a confrontation with a player = one week of non-stop media mutiny and scrutiny.

    Dez Bryant has a confrontation with a COACH = 5 paragraphs.


  5. If the Cowboys had more players with Bryant’s emotion and passion, they would be a better team. I love how people compare him to TO. Thats laughable. When I see this sort of thing out of Bryant, I am reminded more of the other 88 (Irvin). He has that same fire that Irvin had. Now if he can just channel that into his play.

  6. This is all getting so ridiculous. Cutler and Bryant get clobbered for expressing/showing/yelling emotion and frustration when their team is in trouble…But then Cam Newton gets some criticism of his own for doing absolutely nothing and just “sulking” — Either way the Media is all over it and of course blowing it all out of proportion. So how are these guys suppose to act? So the only “good leaders” are Brady, Manning(s), Rodgers, and a few others just because they have rings? Makes no sense. Let them be men, let them fight, let them play real football!

  7. Getting back to the subject–

    As much as I think Dez Bryant is a slug of a person, I can’t blame him for getting over-excited in this case. He was trying to help the team win and thought he had an answer towards remedying the team’s offensive woes. He may have been overly demonstrative about it, but at least he wasn’t sulking.

    At least he wasn’t lost in the fog like Jason Witten, who really should be tested medically.

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