Dominic Raiola still hurting about blunder on final play

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It struck a lot of people as odd that the Lions tried a quarterback sneak on fourth-and-one from the Titans’ 7 in overtime against the Titans when they could have tied the game with a Jason Hanson field goal.

There were plenty of Lions included in that group. Detroit was planning to try to draw the Titans offside and then turn to Hanson if that failed. Center Dominic Raiola misread a message from quarterback Shaun Hill, though.

“We were trying to get up on the ball and run a play that wasn’t supposed to be snapped,” Raiola said, via Chris McCoskey of the Detroit News. “I totally read Shaun’s lips the wrong way. I ran a fullback dive. It was just mis-execution on my part. I thought it was a dive.”

Raiola didn’t speak to reporters after the 44-41 loss, but did speak to them on Monday and said he’d take all the blame anyone cared to drop on his shoulders. He made no attempt to hide how bad he felt about his mistake.

“Still hurts,” Raiola said. “That was a big play. I know people say that’s not the play that lost us the game, but that is so cliche. I take my job pretty serious and to end a game like that just sucks. But there is nothing I can do about it now.”

It’s true that there were plenty of reasons why the Lions lost on Sunday, but it’s likely equally true that none of them will make Raiola feel any better.

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  1. Hi Dom, season ticket holder here. I just want to let you know that that WAS the play that lost us the game. It was literally the play that ended the game, and you botched it.

  2. You cannot change what has already happened; this team is comprised of alot of young players and it is a mistake that the team has to learn from.

    On a positive note, the Lions almost made an unbelievable comeback with 2 TDs in the last 18 seconds! Yea they lost, but there are 13 games left. Don’t hang your head Raiola. Gotta move on to the next game.

  3. @Gosugha,

    I get what you are saying. But the fact that the Lions got the team to OT with their back-up QB speaks volumes of how much heart they played with yesterday. The loss stings but it’s just one game.

  4. Dominic way to fall on the sword for that idiot Schwartz’s very poor play call. The whole line wouldn’t have fired off if it was suppose to be a hard count to draw them offsides. The Lions are talented, but young, undisciplined, and poorly coached.

  5. Last TD in regulation shouldn’t have happened, anyway, because of the fumble-that-was-not-called on the play before, so Raiola shouldn’t take the blame, karma should.

  6. Letting Jake Locker look like an All-Pro might have something to do with it too.
    That Lions D is embarrassing, but good news Detroit, they aren’t as bad as the Saints D

  7. Christian says:
    Sep 24, 2012 5:23 PM

    Last TD in regulation shouldn’t have happened, anyway, because of the fumble-that-was-not-called on the play before, so Raiola shouldn’t take the blame, karma should.


    Wow. Karma eh? Dumbest thing I ever heard.

  8. Way to man up, Dom. Those “fans” doing the name calling should be ashamed. Losing like that sucks, but there are at least 13 opportunities for Dom, the D, Schwartz and Coach Gunny to prove it was a fluke.

  9. U wanna point the finger go head!! right at the FO!! Poor play calling and poor planning set u up for losses and many of them!! Here’s where I have a problem–The same idiots on here right now crying for a new coach or OC or just down right throwing in the towel already after 3 games one we won, one we played one o the best teams in the nfl, and one that went against everything I have ever learned about football( crazy game) can just go find another team!! Every team struggles ex.. 2011 GMen SB champs started 1-2 if not mistaken and won the SB so stop cryin and support a W or L or go find a new team I’m done with y’all crybabies!!! Watch don’t let us go on a run of 3 or more games all u Lions fans will b right back on their JOCK talking about the PLAYOFFS again!!

  10. As much as i want to throttle him, it’s hard to stay angry at a guy who is always responsible, always accountable.

  11. Taking responsibility = manhood.

    Coaches will think twice about sending that one in that situation at the end of the game

  12. Everyone should be blaming the Lions defense and that overrated front 4 that got very little pressure on Locker. If the Lions would have kicked the FG there does anyone actually believe they would have stopped the Titans on the next drive..I sure don’t.

  13. To the guy who said that Schwartz called this play and Raiola is just taking one for the team and covering up for Schwartz – sorry but that looks just flat wrong from the video evidence.

    I just watched this play back on freeze frame with frame advance, and Raiola is firing off and is a yard past the line of scrimmage, and all the other O-Linemen are still down in their stance. All 3 WRs and the RB are just standing in their stance too. Shaun Hill is scrambling to find the ball and looks completely surprised. I totally believe Raiola – it really looks like he was the only one who thought the ball was going to be snapped. Everyone else (except Hill, who’s trying to get the ball), is just standing there like a statue.

  14. Botched play or not, I disagree with the idea that the Lions should have kicked a field goal at the end. The defense and special teams of the Lions were playing like garbage at the end of the game. It would have been best just to feed Leshoure and end the game right there, rather than kick the FG and then allow another kick return TD.

  15. the offensive line didn’t fire off the ball. even hill didn’t expect the ball and bubbled it. most the defense was moving before the lions offense(besides dom.)

    FB dive is just the terminology used. a FB dive in a single RB set is just a dive….

  16. Big mistake by dom but nonetheless they should have ran a real play and win or lose I would respect that. Biggest disappointment would be PETTIGREW. How does he let the ball get stripped by a smaller “weaker” player and due to that stafford got injured. Thats the biggie. And we can put blame on the refs just like every team in the gODell league can there are just not equipped for the game…

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