Hard-luck Austin Collie now out for the year with knee injury


Austin Collie, officially, can not catch a break.

The Colts wide receiver, who made his debut yesterday after his latest concussion, promptly tore his right patella tendon and will miss the rest of the season.

Collie was active for the first time yesterday but did not start, working behind Donnie Avery. Rookie wideout T.Y. Hilton played well in his stead as the third. The Colts were easing him back in after a preseason concussion, which was at least his third documented one.

He’s shown a willingness to come back when others want him to stop, but this time it might not be his call. He’s in the last year of his contract with the Colts, and may have a hard time finding someone to take a chance on him after an extensive rehab.

While no roster move has been announced yet, the Colts signed wide receiver Nathan Palmer off the 49ers practice squad earlier in the day.

16 responses to “Hard-luck Austin Collie now out for the year with knee injury

  1. That sucks. He might want to consider retiring. I’m honestly surprised that this man is still alive after some of those concussions he has received the last few years .

    Get well and good luck.

  2. Tough break for Collie, he should go into coaching at some capacity, unfortunately his colts career is done

  3. call it quits man and save your health.. far too young.. hope you saved some money for this type of situation.. best of luck to you

  4. Honestly…

    I feel for the guy but the way he seems to get consistently lit up, its probably a blessing in disguise that he won’t take any more head shots for a while.

  5. When i saw the injury ticker that he was out, i automatically thought concussion again. This guy has some ill luck following him, however wishing him a speedy recovery. Torn patellar tendons from what i hear are almost to the point of career threathing.

  6. Good. Not cheering his injury but I don’t like seeing him play because of his head injuries I the past. I get scared watching him take a hit because im thinking he’s going to come back out with another concussion.

  7. I feel sorry for this guy. Very talented, humble WR. I have seen him injured twice against the jags game. I wish he comes back from this and develop his career further.

  8. Collie and Dallas Clark were at an Indianapolis Indians (AAA baseball) game a couple years ago and the Indians let them take swings during batting practice. Clark could barely get it past the infield. Collie hit 6 homers. It was kinda awesome.

  9. @peyonsneck18

    Nathan Palmer is a good player. From the preseason games he played with the Niners, he had several drops due to lack of concentration. He has a high ceiling and will take time to develop. Once he catches the ball, he is a big play waiting to happen. I’m a big time Niners fan but in all honesty, he actually outplayed our 1st rd pick A.J. Jenkins. So with that said, with Reggie Wayne mentoring him, he could be an undrafted FA steal …….

    Good luck N.Palmer…….

  10. I genuinely feel bad for the guy. He’s really talented, but really seems to find himself in the crosshairs of the nastiest of hits. I hope he gets well, and if he’s lucky enough to keep playing, can keep his health as well. If he calls it a career, I hope he looks back on it as a success, and got out in time to enjoy the rest of his life. Best of luck Austin.

  11. Luck isn’t going to make any receiver any better. Palmer better hope he heads out of town as fast as he can so he can get with a QB that isn’t going to be out of the league in a year or two.

    Luck will be an architect very soon.

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