Jim Schwartz offers no comment on Matthew Stafford’s MRI

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Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford left Sunday’s 44-41 overtime loss to the Titans late in the fourth quarter with a leg injury.

Those interested in his status for this week’s game against the Vikings will have to wait a little longer. Stafford had an MRI on Monday, but Lions coach Jim Schwartz didn’t offer any updates about the quarterback’s status when he met with the media later in the day.

“I don’t have any comment,” Schwartz said when asked about the results of Stafford’s MRI, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. Birkett also reports that Schwartz said he’d make a determination about his quarterback on Friday.

There didn’t seem to be a tremendous amount of concern about Stafford’s injury, which was described variously as a muscle strain or pull and which originally happened during practice last week, after the game. Waiting until Friday to name a starter, if that’s what actually plays out, suggests that there’s some uncertainty about his status.

Shaun Hill led the Lions to tie the game on a Hail Mary at the end of regulation, but the Titans prevailed in overtime of the wildest game that went down on Sunday. He would start in the event that Stafford is unable to play, something that would leave the offense in decent enough hands in Stafford’s absence.

23 responses to “Jim Schwartz offers no comment on Matthew Stafford’s MRI

  1. Well last year Stafford guaranteed to play injury free all year.

    Did he forget this year?

  2. Love Shaun Hill! That helmet-less run for a first down against the Cardinals (he was a 49er at the time) on a Monday night a few seasons ago won me over. Not the greatest arm, but the dude has moxie.

  3. Jim Schwartz is so annoying. I feel bad that great players like Stafford, Megatron…heck even Shaun Hill…have to be led by a coach so hard to like.

  4. IMHO I don’t think these is a new injury I said before that I thought Stafford had a injury because of his play I think he prole aggrevated it in the 49ers game when he tried 2 slide & it was kinda a awkward slide where it looked like he wasn’t really down & the game Sunday against the Titans he kinda fell the same way on a scramble play I could b wrong but I think it had something to do with the injury occurring on the chase down play

  5. Hill is an excellent QB. I believe he could be the starter on many teams in the league. Stafford will certainly be missed if he sits out this week, but we can definitely win with Hill. GO LIONS!

  6. They didn’t even ice it on the sideline. He’ll be fine.

    Sadly I can’t say the same thing about the defense and special teams.

  7. Please update us soon Schwartzy,,,the Vikings D wants to know whats on the menu Sunday,,,Cherry Boy Stafford or Szechuan Sean Hill. Either one is getting gobbled up!

  8. Shaun Hill is one of the better backups in the league but the Lions aren’t winning more than 8 games with him as their starter.

  9. This is not news. Stafford said himself after the game that it was a strained calf muscle and that he just aggregated it after it occurred during the week in practice.

    Also, Schwartz never talks about injuries… he has always been that way

  10. Hope Stafford is okay. This guy has so much talent–if he could just stay healthy. As a Steelers fan, I have no rooting interest, but I’ve enjoyed seeing the Lions competitive again.

  11. Don’t worry, he doesn’t have a comment now, but before he takes the delay of game and kicks a field goal, he’ll accidentally comment anway.

  12. hankhill says:
    Sep 24, 2012 3:03 PM
    Jim Schwartz is so annoying. I feel bad that great players like Stafford, Megatron…heck even Shaun Hill…have to be led by a coach so hard to like.
    Right, because he treats his players the same as fans and internet posters.

  13. I’m more interested in an explanation how there can be an offensive miscommunication on a pivotal 4th down play in overtime.

  14. The Lions are good with either QB at the helm! Vikes vs Lions will be a good game. I just hope the ref’s don’t decide the outcome!!

  15. @cowboyhater – you can probably pick up Ponder. Ponder will probably have decent stats as the game should be a shootout. Neither pass defense is very good. I expect the Vikings to try and run a lot, but I still think the Lions will put a lot of points up and the Vikes will have to throw it to stay in it. Simpson will be back, and the Vikes will have some plays for him that aren’t on film yet.

  16. Man I want the regular ref’s back!!! Im a Vikes fan!! And want the packers to lose. But I’m also a football fan first and foremost! The Packers got ROBBED!!!

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