Moss had seven snaps in the second half

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For Randy Moss, when he’s getting plenty of balls thrown his way and the team is winning, everything is fine.  When that’s not the case, he eventually disengages.

In San Francisco, Moss isn’t getting many balls thrown his way because Moss isn’t on the field very much.  According to Matt Maiocco of, Moss participated in only seven snaps during the second half of Sunday’s game.

He was in no mood to discuss the situation after the final gun, breaking out “next question” for the second time in a week on the topic of his playing time.

Making it worse for Moss, who participated in 21 total snaps for the game, was that the game marked his return to the Metrodome, for the first time as a member of the opposing team.  Also, the 49ers lost the game, 24-13.

So if the Niners continue to lose and if Moss continues to be a non-factor, Moss eventually may do what he has done at least twice before in his career — quit.

“I play when I want to play,” Moss once notoriously said.  For the first time in his career, he wants to play but he isn’t.  The “next question” is whether he’ll get more reps going forward, and whether that will lead to more catches.

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  1. I feel bad for him, he is a huge target and gets huge separation and Alex Smith still can’t get him the ball. That game is a reminder that Alex Smith is still really bad.

  2. For as few snaps as Moss played, he was the third most targeted receiver on the field (6 targets, 3 catches for 27 yards). So Alex Smith is clearly looking to him when he’s out there… it’s a bit baffling why he isn’t out there more.

  3. “I feel bad for him, he is a huge target and gets huge separation and Alex Smith still can’t get him the ball. That game is a reminder that Alex Smith is still really bad.”

    Did you watch the game? Randy dropped a 15 yard catch when he was wide open streaking across the field. He probably could have turned it into about 30 yards but it bounced off of his hands. Alex Smith is in the top 5 right now in qb rating, and has one turnover in his last 10 starts. He’s hardly a superstar, but he’s far from “really bad.” He’s a good enough quarterback who, along with the rest of his team, got outplayed by the Vikings. He has shown the mental perseverance to get through 7 coordinators in 7 years, multiple benchings, 2 coaches that didn’t like him, and a severe injury; only to lead his team to a 13-3 record and and NFC Championship game. What I’m trying to say is, if he could bounce back from all of that, I think he can bounce back from a loss to a good Vikings team in a tough stadium in a week when the 49ers played lethargic football because they had already been crowned champions in week 2.

  4. Moss has never complained about his playing time once. When he says ” Next Question” , it appears the media is assuming his dissatisfaction. 21 out of 55 snaps is not bad at all. I’m a Niner fans to heart but let’s give credit where it’s due, the Vikings came in and played the Niners physical and were a better team on Sunday. Ponder played well and my Niners appeared to be in slow motion…
    Congrats to the Vikings. A lot of fans get so caught up in the hype, this is just a game that we watch it for entertainment. This is a game the players get paid millions of dollars to entertain us . I never thought the Niners would go unbeaten . I still think the Niners finish with a 12-4 record with losses to Arizona, Seattle and the Giants.
    A lot of people don’t realize, the Niners don’t need Moss, Moss needs the Niners. If Moss is cut, there is a 1st pick(A.J. Jenkins) waiting to be activated. Only one of their 2012 draft picks have played this season (Trenton Robinson) on special teams. Now how many other teams can say that…Guys the Niners will be okay, it was the ONLY loss of the season , we could be worse look at the 0-3 Saints ……

  5. He looks like he’s wearing moon boots. The young Randy would have made a much better effort to catch some of those balls. Shame. He’s better than that. (so I thought).

  6. Moss had 7 snaps in the second half and he ran hard on the 2 he was the primary target, walking down the field on the others as only he can, endearing him to fans everywhere.

  7. Agreed, rickastleydancemoves.

    I thought the same thing when I read this (non-)story. Used to be the media hated him for what he said to them, so now he says little or nothing and still gets poked at. What’s up with that? Maybe he finally “get’s it” unlike the rest of those clowns like TO and 85. Please give him the benefit of the doubt until there’s reason not to. Until he becomes disruptive, if that even happens, how ’bout leave him alone? His playing time is not why the 9ers lost that game. The Vikings are why they lost that game. Niners were outplayed (49er fan here).

  8. rickastleydancemoves says: Sep 24, 2012 2:17 PM

    I almost get this feeling that the media is trying to bait him to become disruptive and divisive.

    I tend to agree. Granted, Moss has earned his reputation, but at the same time, there is no reason for the media to actively try to get him to say something that they can blow out of proportion.

    That being said….. Having watched Moss for years, I have to say that a couple of those balls that he just missed yesterday are balls that he would have caught not long ago. either he does not have the same ability that he had previously, or he does not have the same desire that he had previously. Either way, the 49ers are right in the amount of reps that they are giving him. Given what I saw, there is no reason to play him ahead of Manningham or Crabtree.

    I had the occasion to meet Moss once in Florida. He was very kind and gracious to my son, which I appreciated, given the fact that he was just trying to relax and have fun with his friends. I try to think well of him, personally and professionally, but there is always that little question set in the back of my head. He made this bed, and as uncomfortable as it is, he has to sleep in it.

  9. Not sure what Harbaugh’s gameplan was yesterday, but not using Randy vs. the Vikes where the motivation to play well is obvious was probably a mistake.

  10. You guys are clueless Moss has been running hard on every route I had footage to show it. Alex can’t get him the ball and won’t try cause it affects his qb rating. Moss is a high risk player meaning he usually it getting the passes where a QB with balls can throw it.

  11. “I know the Vikings have always played teams tough, especially when they’re an underdog. That’s Minnesota football,” Moss said.

    …after the game. Yeah, sounds like he’s really trying to make waves. Please! Media’s just dying to ream Moss, but just can’t quite pull it off yet because there’s nothing there.

  12. Crabtree and Manningham have been more productive. also, the Niners are more of a two TE team then they are a three WR team. that’s why you don’t see Moss on the field much.

  13. So the media has nothing better to do than asking a player, who’s been in\out of the league, moved around several times, how does he feel about not getting playing time?

    There are other newsworthy players out there…..

  14. I always thought the media baited the guy in MN too — this is a non-issue. The 49ers and Moss will be fine if everyone just leaves the guy alone. At this stage of his career, he’s getting plenty of snaps.

  15. Why can’t the media just leave him alone.
    Moss caught 3 passes yesterday … that’s one more pass than the leading receiver on the Jags got.
    Moss is just fine … The media just needs a headline story.

  16. Sj39 why don’t you enlighten the world why you as a rams fan have any room to go on any other teams pages and talk smack…. gotta look at the mirror at some point and remember the rams have the worst record over a decades span than any team in history

  17. Geez, Moss can’t catch a break from the pundits, damn if you do, damn if you don’t. He’s playing within the system the 49ers have and that was agreed upon in his signing. As a Viking fan, I did appreciate seeing him on the sidelines though. If Harbaugh wanted to get him in, he could have used one of the bevy of timeouts allotted him by those bumbling buffoons that are masquerading as referees.

  18. You’re kind of beating a dead horse here. Moss is not the focal point of that team, nor is he being paid like he is, unlike during his prime.

    Therefore, I don’t think Harbaugh or Baalke particularly care if he “quits.” He’s just along for the ride this time. It’s very possible that the 49ers simply cut him if he did get out of line because he’s not exactly breaking the bank there.

  19. One more time, cause it’ll probably be the last time I’ll get the chance.

    After a loss in 2001 or some game a long time ago, a reporter asked Moss.

    ‘Who gets you up to play? Is it coach Green or Cris Carter?’

    As in, who or what gives Moss a desire to play.
    Moss responded simply.

    ‘No. I play when I want to play.’

    Since then, that quote has been blown way out of proportion for better part of a decade.

    Moss plays when he wants to play, nobody else motivates Moss but Moss. That’s all he way saying. Not that he’s some punk that doesn’t play hard for his coach or teammates, but that he motivates himself.

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