Nicks thinks he could have made his homecoming on Sunday

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Hakeem Nicks was fired up to play in his hometown in prime time.

But if it had been a Sunday game, he might have actually played.

Nicks said coming back on the short week was too much to ask, and his surgically repaired right foot kept him from the homecoming against the Panthers last Thursday he planned for.

“If it was a regular Sunday and it was a normal week, I think I would’ve been able to go out there and compete,” Nicks said, via Jorge Castillo of the Newark Star-Ledger. “I don’t think it was a setback. I think it was more of a cautious situation where it was just too quick of a turnaround on the foot. . . .

“I ain’t going to say it was difficult, but it was just a decision we had to make. We had to be smart. It’s still early in the season. It’s just too quick of a turnaround. Our coaches and team trainers decided to go ahead and sit this one out. So that’s what I had to do.”

In his stead, Ramses Barden torched the Panthers for nine catches for 138 yards, the kind of night he was hoping to have in front of the family and friends he bought tickets for while he stayed back in New Jersey rehabbing.

Nicks didn’t practice Monday, but said he expects to be ready for this week’s game against the Eagles. Giants coach Tom Coughlin said he expects Nicks to be limited to one practice a week, likely each Thursday.

8 responses to “Nicks thinks he could have made his homecoming on Sunday

  1. That’s the problem with Thursday Night games. It gives injured playersa reasonable time to recover. First is was Greg Jennings, next was Hakeem Nicks. When playoffs come down to one game, you want to have your best players on the field.

    For a league so concerned about player safety, you would think they would want to maximize recovery of players between games. Oh wait, that doesn’t make them money

  2. @trevor123698 – No way. I’m sure they were terrified by Carolina. After all, all the “experts” in the press and on TV had Carolina winning or NY just barely squeaking by. And we all know how brilliant those “experts” are. I’m sure Tom Coughlin goes to bed every night wishing he was as smart as they are. Because, as we all know, the Giants can’t beat any other team. Those teams always “beat themselves”.

  3. Of course you could have, but we need you healthy for the long haul and it gave Barden a chance to get into the offense which will only make this team more dangerous later in the season.

    Now its time to Destroy the Eagles on Sunday night.

    All In…

  4. Maybe they should go to one game every two weeks. Or hey, how about one game a month to reeeeally maximize recovery of players between games.

  5. “Because, as we all know, the Giants can’t beat any other team. Those teams always “beat themselves”.”

    Except when it comes to the Cowboys… then the refs beat the Giants.

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