Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network looks back at a wild Sunday

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There’s only one thing wrong with Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network.

We only have an hour to cover everything that happened around the league on a Sunday overstuffed with close games, great individual performances and one overwhelming storyline. That would be the officiating, of course, and things seemed to reach a boiling point on the issue during Sunday night’s Ravens-Patriots game. NBC officiating consultant Jim Daopoulus will join Erik Kuselias and Mike Florio to talk about some of the biggest incidents on a weekend full of consternation about the performance of the officials.

All the other news from the weekend will be covered as well, including updates on injured players like Matthew Stafford and Reggie Bush. Rodney Harrison will be on hand to recap Sunday and look ahead to Monday night’s game between the Packers and Seahawks.

It gets underway at 5 p.m. ET on the NBC Sports Network.

3 responses to “Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network looks back at a wild Sunday

  1. Is it a conflict of interest if the NFL locks out the regular refs and them replaces them with refs that do a bad job and then the NFL fines coaches for becoming irate over situations that, by all rights, justify that kind of reaction??

  2. we all want to do something about this lockout

    the problem: we are addicts and can’t give up our football.

    IDEA: Go to the game, since we are addicts, but do something to show your displeasure. What if everyone at the game, the whole arena, stood up and together they all turned their backs to the field, for just one play (the opening kickoff)?????

    It would make a very powerful statement.

    You likely wouldn’t miss anything either, since there’s an 80% chance that the kicker kicks it through the endzone anyway.

    The media would be asking Goodell’s opinion on the “fan protest”. It would also spread to every arena in a week. It would be a total embarrassment to the league but would not deprive any of us addicts of our fix.

    I don’t know what sort of protest from home would be as effective, but I would think that the owners (and Goodell) would not be happy with the on-TV display of fans turning their backs on the field in a united, symbolic protest, knowing that most of those protesters are season ticket holders.

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