Redskins issue a Kyle Shanahan apology for profane tirade


Last night, Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan suggested in strong terms that he did not agree with the judgement of the officials who penalized him for unsportsmanlike conduct, while chasing them down the tunnel.

Those strong terms were shared by ESPN 980, which is owned by Dan Snyder.

The statement his larger holding sent out in Shanahan’s name Monday used much milder language, words which won’t require earmuffs if the kids are around.

“When I overheard the official tell the head coach that the game was over after the false start penalty, I tried to explain that the game was not over,” the statement read, via the Washington Times. “That is what resulted in the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. I tried to get an explanation of how I could get that penalty when half of the other team was on the field, as well.

“I was frustrated, and in the process of trying to get some answers from the officials, I conducted myself in the wrong way.

“I ask our players to hold themselves to a high standard and be accountable, and I know hat I’m accountable for my actions, as well.

“I know that I need to handle those situations better in the future. My emotions got the best of me, and I know it’s my responsibility. This will never happen again.”

According to the Washington Post, the league’s reviewing the incident, which they should. If they’re going to fine coaches for brow-beating replacement officials on the field of play, that same level of protection has to be afforded as they walk to the locker room.

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  1. Funny thing was, the game WAS over. The Redskins essentially got two extra plays because the refs didn’t understand the 10 second run-off rule… and neither did Shanahan

  2. Okay. The coaches should apologize for berating the officials. But Roger Goodell should apologize for subjecting the coaches, players and fans to the nightmare that was caused by his decision to lock out the experienced refs.

    Roger, based on your many spam messages I’ve received so far, I know you have my email address. I’m waiting …

  3. It would not have changed the outcome of the game but he had every right to be upset. When BOTH teams are out on the field, how can you flag one and not the other? All they had to do was get the first 10 second run-off correct (with 1:07 left) and this would have been a non-isssue. Just awful game management by the refs. It is a shame too. It was a highly entertaining game. Big plays by the Bengals and a HUGE effort by RG3.

  4. @farty5
    Your’e wrong. The 10 second run only occurs if there is a penalty during the act of a play or the continuation of time following a successful play (inbond). The false start occurred following a dead play.

  5. I just realized the genius of the NFL. They are going to fine players and coaches for criticizing, being mean to, and physically assaulting replacements, and then use that money to fund the real refs’ pensions.

    Evil geniuses.

  6. Little Kyle is not a real Coach. He is the Coaches son who rides the coat tails of his father. Big Mike will wash his little mouth out with soap after practice today.

  7. I can’t blame Kyle for getting upset, and the ref probably deserved his rant, but my skins deserved this loss no matter if they were marching down the field. Our D sucks, and RG3 is getting killed because we decided to spend money on WR Josh Morgan, and not an offensive RT. Horrible personnel call and it just gets more and more frustrating. Bottom line RG3 is legit, but will not last through this season if he continues to get battered like that. We haven’t even begun playing our division rivals with real defenses. It’s not good my fellow skins fans. Looks St. Louis will be getting a high draft pick next year.

  8. fining someone for berating one of these “officials” is ludicrous. the replacements (ie owners) are putting the players in harms way and the coaches in games that make strategy pointless.

  9. jacunn2000 says:
    Sep 24, 2012 2:24 PM
    Little Kyle is not a real Coach. He is the Coaches son who rides the coat tails of his father. Big Mike will wash his little mouth out with soap after practice today.
    2007- Houston Texans rank 14th in offense
    2008- Kyle Shanahan promoted to offensive coordinator-Texans rank 3rd in total offense
    2009- (Kyle’s second year as OC)-Houston ranks 4th in offense (first in passing)

    These are facts. Also I’m pretty sure that will be the first and last time in history someone will refer to Shanahan as “Big Mike”.

  10. dmartin17 says:
    Sep 24, 2012 2:17 PM
    Why? Because he got caught?
    Dumbest comment ever? Of course he got caught, it was a “profane tirade”. The only way he could engage in a “profane tirade” and not be “caught” is if he was talking to himself, and while it’s definitely weird, I don’t think talking to yourself is a punishable offense yet.

  11. Whether you approve of the replacement ref’s performance is besides the point.

    Here we’ve had a growing number of coaches and coordinators yelling, screaming and even physically touching officials. That is 100% UNACCEPTABLE. If players get ejected for touching an official, then coaches need to be also held to a high bar. They are professionals that are paid millions of dollars to be the face of the franchise. It isn’t unreasonable to expect they treat officials with respect and not act like a bunch of bullies.

    This isn’t the replacement ref’s fault, they got thrown to the wolves in a very difficult situation with no experience and very little to no training. They are doing their best and mistakes will happen.

    If coaches and fans are pissed about the calls, they should pressure their ownership to put forward some real effort to resolve the dispute with the regular officials and end the holdout. It will only end when the league and owners start getting heat for not finishing a deal.

  12. You have to admit, watching RG3 roll down the field from the 3 yard to the 19 with no timeouts or protection was mighty impressive. They have been employing the option BECAUSE they have no line. Given time, he can and will pick defenses apart. All that said, we have no secondary and our D-backs should have been clutching and holding their WR’s like the rest of the league. Our OT’s should have been close lining their DE’s like they were ours. All all over the league. It’s out of control.

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