Report: Reggie Bush could miss a few weeks

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When Dolphins running back Reggie Bush said in the offseason that he wants to lead the league in rushing, we scoffed for two reasons.  First, new coach Joe Philbin likely won’t rely on one running back.  Second, Reggie likely won’t stay healthy.

The first injury came in Week Three.

According to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, a helmet that Bush took to the left knee could cause him to miss a few weeks.  Consistent with other reports (including ours), it’s not believed to be a season-ending injury.

Bush had 61 yards rushing before exiting the game, and he tried to return after halftime but the knee stiffened.

He has twice injured his left knee in the past, including a partially torn PCL in 2007 and a sprained MCL and torn meniscus the following year.

Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller will carry the load in Bush’s absence.

33 responses to “Report: Reggie Bush could miss a few weeks

  1. Get well Reggie. You were shredding the Jets until you got ‘sauced’ with a helmet to the knee. Hopefully he will play next week at Arizona. They way they are playing defense it may not matter….

  2. So Bart Scott talks all week about taking Reggie Bush out of the game. And then he, uhhhh, takes him out of the game.

    That couldn’t possibly be “intent to injure” could it?

  3. Im not a Jets fan but could people stop blaming Bart Scott?!? Bush should not have even been carrying the ball there as Miami was just trying to kill the clock before the half. Blame Philbin!!

  4. Reggie Bush cannot carry a team if he’s injured, he’s injured every year, it’s really amazing he is still playing considering his injuries, and if the Fins weeent desperate they would use him sparingly, like the saints.

  5. he seemed ok later. was running on the sidelines, stretching and riding the bike, hard to believe he will be out a few weeks

  6. What a shame this would be, with Reggie finally showing what all that talent we talked about for years was about.

    I hope he comes back soon. He’s really turning a corner this year, and I was looking forward to the results.

  7. And if he would have run for a touchdown we would think it was a great idea. Players get hurt doing there stupid touchdown dance, stuff happens. Bill

  8. Ended up watching some of this game and noticed that Lamar Miller played well. Thomas isn’t bad either. They are ok in that area, just need receivers who run full routes and catch the ball.

  9. Reggie’s injury is not anybody’s fault and thus no one needs to be blamed. Injuries are part of playing a violent sport. Don’t anybody overanalize who’s fault it was, why it happened and who got or didn’t get screwed etc. The fact is he got hurt, end of story, let it go. Now Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas and Javorskie Lane will have to pick up the slack for a couple of weeks. I wish RB a speedy recovery and I wish them the ability to play at near the same ability as RB. Go Fins.

  10. Here’s the Reggie Bush we Saints fans have come to know. The slightest injury to his knee(s) gets amplified to where he misses games or the coaching staff had to tiptoe him through practices.

    Not to mention the way he constantly shied away from contact. Sure he’d have stretches of games where you think he turned the corner, like the 2009 playoff game vs. Arizona. Then he’d revert to his old ways of not hitting the hole and bouncing everything outside once he saw color.

    Dolphans are in for a real treat if Philbin starts using him as a punt returner. Bush will extend his NFL record for most horizontal yards gained as a punt returner.

  11. Honestly, I’m not as disappointed as I would have been one or two weeks ago. Obviously it sucks, and I love Reggie. But I don’t think Lamar Miller would be a huge step down. What I saw from him yesterday as well as his brief playing time against Oakland, he has me sold that he can be a very good running back.

  12. So Rex Ryan says before the game that they are going to injure Bush. Then during the game they injure Bush. And then after the game Calvin ace says that they told you they were going to injure Bush.

    Naaahhh. Probably nothing to this.

    And they still needed a pick-6, two missed FGs, and a 2nd chance at their own FG to beat a team with a rookie QB, no WRs at all, a D+ TE, and backup RBs. Congrats.

  13. @sterlingsaint- you could not be more wrong in your comment. Have you watched Reggie any ALL of last year and this year so far?

    He running between the tackles, breaking tackles and is by no way avoiding contact. He had 1000 + yards last year and is tearing it up this year.

    Save your snark for who dat nation next time. Talk about problems.

  14. If you go back and look at the tape, I believe it’s Landry who lays the hit on Bush’s knee. What I found most interesting is when Landry comes out of the pile animated and clapping as if he knew he had hurt aka “sauced” him.

  15. Well I guess that sort of evens the playing field between Bush and Spiller since CJ was injured too. Bush and Spiller were leading the league. Hopefully Spiller will be able to come back soon and show everyone why he was drafted in the first round.

  16. I loved seeing Sporano pound his chest after the Jets TD. Great job Tony, your offense scored 16 points and your QB was outplayed by a rookie who had no WR’s.

    I had a ton of respect for Tony until today. The worst was how he ran off the field after the game without shaking hands which any of his former players. As Dolphins fans know he constantly claimed that he “loved coaching this particular group of guys”. What a coward.

  17. I’m not upset at all. That’s just the way Reggie was when he was with the Saints. We learned to deal with it. It was maddening watching him run between the tackles with reckless abandon for a few games, then he’d revert back to his old ways.

    I love how Reggie has a warped sense of reality about all of this. Like the Saints’ coaching staff wasn’t utilizing him properly. What a bunch of baloney… the tape didn’t lie.

  18. A lot of people are blaming Philbin for the Bush injury. That was not Philbin’s fault.

    What was Philbin’s fault was that ill-advised icing the kicker timeout at the end. That is so overrated.

    My take is you do NOT ice the kicker — so the kicker has to contemplate that you might. Once you ice him, he can go kick it knowing there’ll be no added distraction of the possible “ice job.”

  19. hmmmm…. second AFC East divisional opponant that loses one of its star players to an intentional helmet to the knee?!? Courtesy of the Jets…. (the first being Freddy Jackson in week 1)… The Jets are dirty, low-life scumbags…


  20. Was stupid to run him in that situation, but this could be a blessing in disguise.. It opens up opportunities for Lamar Miller, and creates more responsibilities for Tannehill to become a proven leader if he can weather the storm

  21. This is what bothers me…..Bush is out, ok players get hurt. Daniel Thomas has been on the same team as Bush for 2 years now and not once have we seen him busting his chops after practice with Bush hitting the sled and the jugs machine. Now Thomas is at the wheel and I have a feeling all we are going to see is fumble, fumble, fumble. Thomas does have the opportunity of a lifetime now, hope he does well with it.

  22. Miller is a decent back but he has no clue when it comes to blocking assignments in the passing game. That is the reason he was not used as much late in the game. I hope he figures that out soon because the Dolphins have a hell of a running game with these three guys. Thomas needs to boost his work ethic and reduce his tendency to put the ball at risk. Right now Bush has big numbers but those will drop off a bit once these guys get some more time. They might not wind up with gaudy individual stats at the end of the year but the team as a whole should easily be in the top 5 league-wide. That is a good thing to build on for next year as Tannehill will have a full year under his belt and (hopefully) a shiny new (deep threat) receiver (that can actually catch) next year. Draft should be strong on receiving playmakers and secondary guys. I am optimistic that this team will compete in each game with or without Bush. Hopefully some more leaders emerge and the team shows the mental toughness necessary to win close games.

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