Report: Trent Williams has bone bruise in knee


The Redskins lost two key players to season-ending injuries in Week Two, so you can bet that they weren’t happy to see tackle Trent Williams leave a short time into Week Three with a knee injury.

Williams was able to return for brief spells in the second and third quarters, but he was forced back to the bench quickly each time. Williams went for an MRI Monday and the news was about as good as the Redskins could have hoped to receive under the circumstances.

Mike Jones and Mark Maske of the Washington Post report that Williams suffered a bone bruise that a team source said was “not serious.” Williams was at the Redskins’ headquarters Monday, wearing a brace on the knee, and told the reporters “I’m good” when asked about his knee.

We’ll have to wait a bit to find out how much, if any, time Williams is going to miss as a result of the bruise, but any knee injury that isn’t season-ending is one that you’ll accept. Jordan Black replaced Williams on Sunday and there was a sharp dropoff between the two players. The Redskins still moved the ball, but their offense is better off with Williams on Robert Griffin III’s blind side as often as possible.

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  1. The first thing I would do is cut Jordan Black, and find a back up tackle asap!! But before he leaves Redskins park with his crap, he needs to go to RG3 and personally apologize to him. Yesterday’s performance was absolutely horrendous.

  2. “…cut Jordan Black, and find a back up tackle asap!!” You act like you’ll find a NFL quality back up Left Tackle watching week 3 football games on their sofa. There are many things that can be done to help Jordan Black on Pass Pro, namely motioning TE’s and Backs to the blindside, staying balanced, reduce QB drop steps w/ faster developing routes, misdirections, screens, boot-actions, play-actions, and minimizing obvious passing situations (much like what was done in the 2nd half of yesterday’s game)

  3. Jordan Black was out of football last year, so for him to fill in for Williams was a pretty ridiculous decision in the first place. But yes @cowboyhater, he definitely needs to apologize to RG3!!!!


  4. Don’t blame Jordan Black, he’s not the one that went into the season without a backup plan for a left tackle that has never played a complete NFL season.

  5. Misdirection. O is putting plenty of points on the board. Not to say we dont need depth on the O line.
    But this D is killing this team, safties and corners ugh. God Bless LF

    And yes we should have kept Willie Smith.

  6. They better hope he isnt out for long. RGIII will be on injured reserve if TW is out for more than a game or two!

  7. I was listening to Redskins radio during the game and Doc Walker kept saying stuff like Jordan Black should not be in the NFL. We need Trent Williams back… thank god it’s not serious. Hail!

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