Seahawks’ sacks, Russell Wilson pass define the first half

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers can hardly drop back to pass without ending up on his back. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has had one big pass. And that’s the story of the first half on Monday Night Football.

Rodgers has been under relentless pressure from Seattle’s front, sometimes because of breakdowns on the Packers’ offensive line and sometimes because Rodgers himself hasn’t done a good job of avoiding the rush, and the Seahawks have sacked him a whopping eight times. Chris Clemons already has four sacks, while rookie first-round draft pick Bruce Irvin has two, and defensive tackle Brandon Mebane has two of his own. The Packers’ offense hasn’t been able to do anything.

The Seahawks’ offense hasn’t done a lot either, but in the second quarter Wilson heaved a long ball to receiver Golden Tate, who reeled it in for a 41-yard touchdown catch. That’s the only scoring so far in the game, and Seattle leads 7-0.

And if the Packers can’t do a better job of protecting Rodgers, seven points is all the Seahawks will need.

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  1. 8 sacks and counting. The Packers pathetic o line is risking Rodgers health with every snap. He will be lucky to finish this game if this keeps up.

  2. Rodgers is clearly holding onto the ball too long.

    With Vick or Cutler, they hold onto the ball too long. Rodgers, it’s the offensive line!

  3. Don’t forget about Seattle’s pass blocking philosophy – Tackle the pass rushers as they run by you….TD should have never happened if the refs call the BLATANT tackle of CMIII on the play before.

    Other than that,
    Packers offense looks like a high school team right now. Ok, maybe that’s too much, junior high team.

  4. 8 Sacks on Rodgers at halftime, that’s what Green Bay fans get for acting with no class last week about Cutler! It stings….. what goes around, comes around.

  5. And if it were Jay Cutler who’d been sacked 8 times you’d write a two-thousand word essay on how terrible he was. Here, nothing. So you guys think Aaron Rodgers has nice looking glutes or something?

  6. @ Uncle Charlie

    Olay? Are you telling them that they have dry skin? I’m sure they appreciate your concern, but it’s not really something that men suggest to each other.

  7. I heard that Rodgers is opening up a grocery store in Green Bay and needed a bunch of “sacks” for the bakery departments new specialty- “cheesy turnovers”….

    Seriously, that’s a lot of abuse he’s taking out there.

    That’s what happens when the defense doesn’t have to respect the run.

  8. Rodgers has been mediocre since his loss to the Chiefs last year. His play has been on a comparable level to guys like Flacco, Vick, and Cutler (well maybe not Cutler but you get the point) this isn’t surprising anymore.

    I don’t know what happened that day at Arrowhead but since then the Packers offense has been bad.

    Man what about the NFC West though? Last week we all though the 49ers were far and away the best team in the NFL, now I’m not even sure they are the second best team in their own division.

  9. Hmmm. 8 sacks in one half. Maybe the Packers front office outta take a look at another position on offense during the off-season besides WR or TE. The rate that Rodgers is going down, won’t be long before they get to see their trusted backup QB in action, too. Talk about flying without a net.

  10. If this was my (1st place) Eagles…

    It’d be the coaches fault…the gameplan is terrible…he’s holding the ball too long!

    Fire Mike McCarthy! He’s Terrible!

  11. “bantry1234 says:
    Sep 24, 2012 10:11 PM
    And if it were Jay Cutler who’d been sacked 8 times you’d write a two-thousand word essay on how terrible he was. Here, nothing. So you guys think Aaron Rodgers has nice looking glutes or something?”

    The difference is the Cutler would have thrown 5 picks by now. That’s the difference.

  12. Are there fans of any of the other 31 teams who like packer fans ? Packer fans are about as obnoxious as they come (packer fans….i know a 9 letter word has you scrambling for your dictionarys)

  13. Wow, it is almost an act of hubris by Packers that they are not doing any of the things that you do to slow down a pass rush, draws and screens, keeping a back in to chip, and heaven forbid, but you run the ball. I mean why, this is two out of three weeks now that this same thing has happened.

  14. Wow. Another gift to the Seahawks. If the Packers DO win, they’re going to the Super Bowl. This is crazy.

  15. Tell me again how good these refs are after the absolute f job these hacks have screwed this Packers team, hate them or not. This is the biggest black eye I have seen yet.

  16. This endless droning on about the referees has got to f@#$ing stop! My god, I thought last night with Chris Collingsworth ridiculous criticisms was bad enough to cause me to grab a shiv and stick it in my ears – Gruden is coming close to that now.

    Enough of blaming the refs – you can pull any film from the last five seasons and find just as many bad calls as you do with the replacement refs. Yes, there are issues about the difference in rules but that will fade with each game. I think I’ll watch the remaining games with the sound completely off!

  17. Wow the Packers just got robbed on National TV…

    And to believe that they confirmed it with instant replay….

  18. Well, the SCABS just cost a team a game.

    1) Missed the offensive PI on the hail mary, in which #37 of the Packers was blatantly pushed to the ground.

    2) #43 of the Packers clearly had control of the ball in the end zone.


    OUTRAGEOUS! Heads need to roll.

  19. WOW!!! Congrats Seahawks for having the refs gift you the game. You lost and you know it. GB got taken by the refs. Rediculous.

    We the fans pay to see this crap. I’ve supported the exceptions of the replacements until this. This is ridiculous. Now it’s costing games because of the lousy calls, and completely unmistakable reviews and they still don’t get it right. Worst year of Football in NFL History

  21. I am a Lions fan, therefore I’ve seen a ton of screw jobs, but that was absolutely the worst one I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry Packer fans, that was horrid.

  22. This is the biggest travesty I have ever witnessed.

    A 100% clear interception is ruled a TD?

    It is a freaking insult.

    Not much more to say.

  23. If you saw the end of the Monday night game you would know that you have to get this situation resolved, Packers clearly got robed. That was not a Touchdown! Seattle does not deserve that win. Let me ask you a question what if that was a championship game? the winner would not deserve the trophy. Owners if your team lost because of a BS Call would you pay the refs? Pay them after the fact, after losing the ring or the championship. How embarrassing lose a championship over a bad call ridiculous this lock out must be fixed ASAP. Clearly a bad call.

  24. In case you thought this ending never happened before with the real refs..You know the union paid-off refs…In 1999 in the favor of surprise the Patriots..

    Stop complaining…this has happened before with the paid-off Refs….Surprise the last time in favor of the Patriots…in 1999

    Several Bills claimed one said “just give it to them” (referring to first down yardage) in the huddle. Television instant replays showed that he was short of first down yardage, but the NFL had discontinued use of instant replay the previous season. This was followed by a questionable pass interference call made in the end zone on what would have been the game’s final play. Bledsoe hit Ben Coates for a touchdown on the final untimed play of the game. In protest, the Bills left the field and let the Patriots kicker Adam Vinateri walk in for a meaningless two-point conversion. Doug Flutie, then the Bills’ quarterback, later quipped “They gave them the game, we figured we might as well give them the extra point.”

    I will take the replacements anytime. Obviously, it is difficult to call a game, but at least they don’t throw the games.

  25. Maybe if the Packers OL had played better & their coaching decisions had been smarter earlier in the game, they wouldn’t be belly aching this morning about a blown call at the end of the game and blaming the replacement refs for their loss. If they are as good as everyone likes to think they are, they would have had a big enough lead over the Seahawks where the last second TD catch wouldn’t have beaten them. C’est La Vie.

  26. Here’s what Tate told an AP reporter earlier:

    Asked later if he got his hands on Wilson’s pass first, Tate wasn’t so sure.

    “I think so. … Oh, well maybe he did. But I took it from him,” Tate said.

  27. conormacleod says:
    Sep 24, 2012 11:19 PM

    Don’t worry, the officials let the Packers back in the game.
    Anything else you have to say after that terrible call at the end?

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