Seahawks win on Russell Wilson-to-Golden Tate Hail Mary


What a Monday night. What a controversial ending.

On the final play of a back-and-forth Monday Night Football game, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson chucked a Hail Mary into the end zone, where Seahawks receiver Golden Tate and Packers defensive back M.D. Jennings both leapt into the air and grabbed for it, then tumbled on the ground together, both with their hands on the ball. The officials ruled that it was simultaneous possession, which goes to the offense. Therefore, according to the officials, it was a Seahawks game-winning touchdown with no time left.

But should it have been a touchdown? Or should it have been an interception? Jennings appeared to have a firm grasp on the ball, while Tate just had an arm on the ball — which would make it a Packers interception, and a Packers win. But the officials standing in the end zone said Tate had the ball, too, and the referee confirmed that call after a replay review. Touchdown, Seattle, on the final play of the game.

But was it the final play of the game? Or would the Seahawks have to try an extra point after that touchdown? Both teams and the officials left the field after the touchdown, and it appeared that the final score would be Seahawks 13, Packers 12. But after a long delay the officials finally told both teams that they had to come back on the field for the Seahawks to attempt an extra point. Seattle made it, and the final was 14-12.

Under the crazy circumstances of the final play it seemed like a lucky win for the Seahawks, but Wilson said after the game that there was nothing lucky about Tate’s catch.

“We practice that all the time and Golden Tate made a play,” Wilson said after the game.

The Seahawks had controlled the first half, sacking Aaron Rodgers eight times and forcing the Packers to punt on all five of their first-half possessions, but Green Bay took control in the second half. The Packers started the second half with a 13-play, 70-yard drive that resulted in a field goal, then had an 11-play, 66-yard drive that resulted in another field goal, then had a 16-play, 81-yard drive that resulted in the go-ahead touchdown. Rodgers was in complete control, and the offensive line was keeping him upright and opening holes for Cedric Benson.

But the Seahawks got the ball with less than a minute left in the fourth quarter, trailing 12-7, and they still had a prayer. That’s all they needed. Wilson got Seattle close enough for that one final play, and he made the throw Seattle needed him to make on that one final play.

Even if you think the officials got the final play right (and Packers fans will insist that they didn’t, and Jennings intercepted the pass, not to mention the fact that Tate appeared to push off before jumping up for the ball), the replacement officials were every bit as bad as we’ve all come to expect. An absolutely horrible pass interference call on Packers cornerback Sam Shields late in the fourth quarter sticks out as the worst mistake in a game full of them. This was a crazy game — a crazy amount of pressure on Rodgers in the first half, a crazy Green Bay comeback in the second half, a crazy Hail Mary on the last play, and crazy officiating. Let’s all go to bed and talk more about this one in the morning.

506 responses to “Seahawks win on Russell Wilson-to-Golden Tate Hail Mary

  1. the raiders won week 2 last year at buffalo – that denarius moore hail mary was a TD catch on last play,

    simultaneous tie breaker always goes to offense,

    the play was reviewed , 30 mins later lead ref announces to an empty ralph wilson stadium,

    google “bills raiders hail mary 2011”

    games have been more exciting with replacement refs,

    I say we keep ’em !

  2. Packers got robbed, complete embarrassment on Monday night again. Bring back the real refs.

    -Viking fan

  3. Total crap! I was rooting for SEA but not like this. PATHETIC! How can Carrol give an interview after this and act like they really won?!?! GD you GOD-del!!!

  4. Well, the SCABS just cost a team a game.

    1) Missed the offensive PI on the hail mary, in which #37 of the Packers was blatantly pushed to the ground.

    2) #43 of the Packers clearly had control of the ball in the end zone.


    OUTRAGEOUS! Heads need to roll.

  5. disgusting. Not only the Tate touchdown (and uncalled offensive PI prior) but the horrible roughing the passer call on Wilson and the horrible PI on Shields.


  6. I’m a Seahawks fan through and through, but I don’t want a win like this. Green bay should throw a fit. I hope thi enough to get these refs out of here

  7. Sorry to all the Packer fans out there that just got robbed. I’d be furious if that happened to my team. Hopefully this makes the NFL pay the real refs and get them on the field for next week.

  8. All the scab apologists like to run their mouths about how the incompetent arena league officials haven’t decided a game.

    Well how about now? Good enough for you guys?

  9. I don’t know if that was the greatest ending ever or the worst ending ever. I am completely lost for words on the officiating. If the lockout doesn’t end this week I don’t know if it ever will.

  10. How hate-able is Pete Carroll and his BS college offense, by the way. Jumping around like he actually won. What a clown.

  11. If you saw the end of the Monday night game you would know that you have to get this situation resolved, Packers clearly got robed. That was not a Touchdown! Seattle does not deserve that win. Let me ask you a question what if that was a championship game? the winner would not deserve the trophy. Owners if your team lost because of a BS Call would you pay the refs? Pay them after the fact, after losing the ring or the championship. How embarrassing lose a championship over a bad call ridiculous this lock out must be fixed ASAP. Clearly a bad call.

  12. Well, I can’t say how far simultaneous possession goes, but it looked to me like the Packers got a raw deal. As a Vikings fan, always happy to see the Packers lose, but not that way.

  13. Even if you think that was simultaneous possession, how do you not call PI on Tate after that call on Shields? He pushed the defender over with two hands! An official was staring at it from 5 yards away!

    Also, it wasn’t confirmed, the call simply stood.

  14. This headline is not the story of this one. That ridiculous call by the scab refs is. Game decided by incompetence at the highest level.

  15. That wasn’t a catch. It simply wasn’t a catch. The GB safety came down with the ball, one official called it no catch. Just unreal. These incompetent idiots finally cost a team a game.

  16. I’m not a Packers fan, but Green Bay got hosed.

    I’ve seen a lot of football games, and I haven’t seen officiating that terrible since I watched a high school game.

  17. I’m not a Packers fan nor Seahawks fan, but the Packers were truly robbed, no way in hell did the Seahawks win that game with the refs blowing calls and making TD’s that are not Td’s this was simply unreal and puts a black mark on the NFL

  18. And to top it off Pete Carroll running around with his crooked nose acting like he just won the lottery…

    With a stolen ticket

  19. Just when I thought the replacement refs couldn’t top themselves, they go and do something like this.

  20. I’m a Bears fan and the Packers got jobbed. This better be the end of these replacement officials.

  21. Worst ending EVER!!! I can’t think of a BETTER reason why the NFL needs to bring back the PRO Refs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Disgusting. Total screwjob. Nothing short of it.

    Horrible PI call…should have been offensive PI.

    Horrible lack of Offensive PI in the endzone, which is never called, and disgusting mutual possession assessment. Jennings had 99.99% of the ball in his arms, against his chest.

    NFL needs to overturn this win by Seattle.

    Total chaos with these refs.

  23. A total, unequivocal, joke. The league should be embarrassed. A clear cut case of terrible replacement officiating costing a team a game. Seattle fans, can you deny it?

  24. The Packers got screwed. And guess what, the 49ers got screwed against the Pack with that bogus illegal block in the back, the Giants got screwed against the Pack in the playoffs last year with phantom calls. This is just the first time in years that bad calls didn’t go their way, and karma has FINALLy caught up with the Packers.

  25. Not a Packers or Seahawks fan, but I was rooting for the Seahawks since they were the underdogs.

    However, the Packers got robbed. Period.

    A BS defensive pass interference call that should have been an offensive pass interference call.

    A non-call on a clear push-off (offensive pass interference) by Golden Tate on the Hail Mary catch.

    An INCORRECT ruling of touchdown on a clear interception by Packers DB Jennings.
    Actually, that’s not true – one referee (correctly) ruled that was an interception and signaled a touchback for the Packers, but the other referee incorrectly ruled a touchdown.

  26. That was just … I mean… I can’t even fathom how irate I would be if i was a packers fan, player, or anything packer.

  27. Shades of Drew Pearson with the two handed push off, then the most charitable interpretation of dual possession ever. Goodell the puppet will concentrate on handing out more fines to incredulous coaches and players.

  28. Packer fans finally feel what it’s like to get hosed. Couldn’t happen to a classier fanbase.

    As a Vikings fan – bring back the REAL refs Goodell, this is getting to be a joke.

  29. As a seahawks fan, MDS, you are being was too easy on the refs. it was CLEARLY an INT.

    Still doesnt make up for the super bowl the real refs took from us.

  30. When both players possess the ball, aka have”simultaneous possesion” aka the receiver and defensive back have possession. In that case, the “tie” goes to the offense/wide receiver. Hence, it is a TD. That’s the rule.

    This was a judgement call, as one ref ruled INT, the other a TD. Can’t blame the refs for this blame the rulebook.

  31. Happy I am not a Packers fan. Seahawks gave them a great game, refs gave them a win. The NFL truly does not care about their ‘product’ its obvious. Let the fan exodus begin!!

  32. It took 3 weeks but it finally happened – the replacements directly affected the outcome of a game.

    Now we’ll see if the NFL actually cares about the integrity of the shield.

  33. I’ve never seen anything like that. I feel terrible for the Packers and their fans. What a debacle. Inexcusable. As a Saints fan I have my own issues with Goodell, and I didn’t think I could think him to be a bigger fool. Until this.

  34. Unbelievable! Everyone knew this would happen at some point, replacement ref’s completely botch the outcome of the game. I was just hoping it wouldn’t come against the packers, Disgusted!

  35. What a Monday night? How about what a joke!! It only took 3 weeks for these “refs” to hose a team. Packers fans, you have my sympathy.

  36. The media and fans have to stop giving these refs any sort of credit for “trying the best that they can”. They’re severely under-qualified and an embarrassment.



  38. Both Refs contradicted themselves!!!!!!!!!!!

    THAT JUST HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!

    I am NOT a Seahawk or Packer fan!!!


  39. These ref”s HAVE TO GO! i am not a fan of either team but that was SO BAD. the commish should be ASHAMED. Pay the real men and fire this God want to be!

  40. Horrible call on last play of game.

    Why wasn’t it reviewed and overturned? I thought the replay review refs were still the regular ones, how could they blow that?

  41. I am absolutely not a Packer fan, but that ball was clearly possessed by Jennings, and it was not close. This was a disgraceful performance by the replacement refs tonight.

    Now it’s happened: replacements definitively changed the result of a game. Good luck spinning this Goodell.

  42. Appeared to push off? Are you freaking blind? Tate clearly pushed the guy in the back. Watch that damn film with your eyes open next time. Jennings had two hands around the ball and Tate one. Interception. Period. No other call could be made.

  43. Neutral observer and in my opinion that was one of the worst calls I’ve seen in a long long time! How does a DB catching it and grasping it next to his chest and the Seahawk only having one arm on it turn into simultaneous possession and a touchdown? I hope this finally creates the tipping point to get the deal with the regular refs done.

  44. Was pulling for the Hawks to upset the Pack all night but this is NOT good……Pack was hosed on this….Not fair to the Hawks either as the win is tainted….If this doe not clear up the ref situ..I do not know what does..

  45. Crappy officiating the ENTIRE GAME…

    Don’t blame the Hawks for winning, take it out on the retard refs on this one.

    GO HAWKS!!

  46. Not a Packers fan, but they got jobbed by the refs tonight. That’s not taking anything away from the Hawks playing tough all night but the calls at the end were simply incorrect.

    At this point, the integrity of the game has officially been compromised. Unless Goddell acts now and ends this lockout, it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t really care about the integrity of the game.

  47. I am not a Packers fan but I am pissed. This has to be the worse job of officiating ever. I am boycotting all games till they get this thing fixed. Why should I waste my time and money on a business that cares less about the product that they put out and its customers.

  48. Owners own teams and bad refs cost THEIR teams. It really shows how owners only care about $$$$ cause how could hey let these refs keep affecting the outcome of games. I want the packers to lose every game but fair and square. Oh we’ll, suck it Packers!!! Lol

  49. No. No. No.

    It is not debatable whether that was a pick or a TD. The receiver had one arm digging on a ball that was in both hands of the DB and against his chest.

    It is wrong to suggest it is subject to debate.

  50. Bring back the real refs… They blew the monday night game…They cost the saints 2 tds and a safety this weekend also

  51. This is officially out of control, the real refs need to come back.

    Jennings had two feet down in the end zone with the ball in his chest, after a horrific defensive PI call and an even worse non-offensive PI call.

    For what it’s worth I’m a Raider fan, but live in Portland and was rooting for Seattle.

  52. Golden Tate clearly shoved a Packers DB to the ground prior to making the winning “catch.” Horrible decision by the scab refs.

    Then Jennings comes up with the ball. And they still award the TD to Seattle. These guys are petrified of the home crowd.

    End this b.s. now NFL!

    (I’m not a fan of either team.)

  53. Well it’s not the first time the replacement refs cost a team a game.

    But it’s the first time it happens to one of the NFL darlings.

    We will see what happens now.

  54. Not a Packers fan. That was the cherry on top of the crap sundae that has been replacement officiating. This will not stand, Goodell, this will not stand.

  55. This is the worst example of replacement refs making terrible calls that cost the game. The bad interference call against Sam Shields and then the bad call on the final play. The NFL should be embarassed with the product (refs) they put on the field. The commissioner should be ashamed at how this game was called.

  56. I had the bad calls about 80/20 in favor of Green Bay until the last play and then that swung COMPLETELY in the other direction.

    That being said I dont think GB scores their lone touchdown without help from the refs either.

    Finally, Gruden your on a national broadcast being a homer isnt cute. When GB got away with interference a couple of times you laughed it off, when it happens to your Pack you want to jump out of the booth.

    IF these refs make it thru the season you might have to put an asterisk next to *2012 season. Crazy

  57. The Packers just got royally screwed over by the NFL.

    Beside this awful, awful call which could cost the Packers a trip to the playoffs, the interference call on Shields and the roughing-the-passer call on Walden were completely, completely bogus. The call on Walden was especially egregious because it negated an interception.

  58. Erik Walden Roughing the Passer call on a play when McMillian got an Interception…

    PI call on Shields when Sidney was putting the sleeperhold on him…

    Then that Call at the end…

    smh…. Jobbed, Total Screw Job…. Shame on The NFL…SHAME!

  59. Unbelievable. Terrible calls went both teams way throughout the game, but the Packers got the most critical calls against them when the game really was on the line. Seattle’s defense played good enough to win this, but the Packers were stolen from a win. Get this fixed, NFL.

    Also, this brings up the point of why are there no coaches’ challenges allowed in the final 2 minutes? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a challenge? Why let the ref literally decide the outcome of the game?

  60. Wow. Embarrassing. I love football. Too bad this game was 50% football and 50% “debacled.”

    Kudos to both teams for surviving that game without laying hands on the refs to…um…get their attention.

  61. I will not buy any product that runs a commercial during an nfl game until the real refs come back… I feel for all Packer fans out there, knowing your team continually got hosed this game. the nfl kept playing with fire. now you have a game that was taken from Packers. cut and dry. every ones worst nightmare on this has come true concerning the scab refs

  62. As a patriots fan, I know exactly how it feels to get screwed by the officials. Yesterdays game was no different.

    Definitely feel bad for the Packers in this one. Seattle’s offense was a joke in this one.

  63. Packer fans should sell some of their stock to bridge the money gap between the real refs and the owners.

  64. The best Defense in the league is still in the same division this year but as it looks right now it’s the Seahawks Not the niners.

    Look out , NFC West is coming in hot

  65. This now reminds me of recess football in 6th grade. It has always been said bad weather evens out the teams. The same can be said for these referees. I am not sure I can stomach another week of this garbage.

  66. Hey Roger Goodel your NFL sucks. You have no reached the level of WWE. It is now entertainment and not a sporting event anymore. Defensive players cannot play defense at all. It is almost a waste of time of even playing games.

  67. I’m thrilled.
    I’ve just gotten my Sundays back. There’s no way I’m watching this crap product that the NFL is putting out any more after that absolute disgrace.
    Embarassment and horrendous is too lenient at this point.

  68. I don’t know what’s worse… The officials or Gruden complaining about the officials. Stop crying Gruden. Green Bay got bailed out twice on BS penalties against the Seahawks when they were stopped on 3rd downs on two of their scoring drives that kept those drives alive.

    Both players had the ball on that last play. The call was correct, Gruden. Go away.

  69. End of the replacement refs. DONE. They will not work another week.
    That was awful.
    Didn’t they see the interception on replay?!

  70. As a football fan first and foremost (Steelers are my team)….that was an interception…the Packers got jobbed. The refs finally cost someone a game.

    Wonder if one of the refs had Seattle +3.5 on that game??? Hmmmm…

    If Facebook is any indication, outside of Seattle fans, that was an INT…..

    Now you all know why us Steelers fans despise Goodell….he is an arrogant ass…..

  71. yeah well the game ended how it should have… The Pack got the go ahead TD on a drive that had a complete and utter bull**** pass interference call and they went up on it. This last play was obvious offensive pass interference and a INT which sucks for the Pack but Seattle deserved the win anyways.

  72. There it is. Time’s up Roger. The officials have directly and definitively decided a game. It was only a matter of time. This is not the replacement officials’ fault, they’re doing the best they can. This is on the league, and it was extremely foolish to think they could escape without something like this happening. Goodell should be ousted.

  73. And somewhere, thousands of miles from the chaos…in a dimly lit basement weight room, Ed Hochuli just broke the world bench press record.

  74. I hate to reveal my affiliations, but as a die hard Lions fan, GB got screwed. Forget the push off, that was a clear interception by Jennings. I hate this crap, hopefully we see you guys in the post season. I’m going to eat some cheese, that call was ridiculous.

  75. What an unmitigated disaster that entire game does. Bring back the regular refs and give the Packers the win. It’s a simple enough call that they should be able to just say the Packers won the game.

  76. I dunno, I am kinda enjoying the replacement ref sideshow. It’s kinda like an episode of “Punked,” and these self-aggrandizing millionaires pulling their hair out in frustration is just too rich. The entertainment value is off the chart.

  77. Broncos fan here. Packers got robbed so hard and so ruthlessly that I don’t even feel like watching this game anymore. Roger and his scabs have tainted this season. It’s truly disgusting.

    If Belichick is suspended then then the team owners need to revolt along with the players.

  78. Maybe the Packers should have played the whole game and not just the second half.

    Then the game wouldn’t need to be decided on the last play of the game.

  79. There was bad calls against Seattle too. These off the street officials are a joke..Fans should protest

  80. A billion dollar industry and Goodell can’t cough up 3 million to get these refs back on the field. If I was an owner I would keep my team off of the field until the refs come back. Time to take serious action.

  81. Ok… i’m a man who can admit that I’m wrong…
    I’ve been saying that the replacement guys will get better. I was wrong.
    This game tonight was an absurd joke of a pro football game, from an officiating standpoint.

    It’s clear that the NFL is willing to put out a product that is no better than pro wrestling in it’s validity.
    From this point forward, I’ll pay no attention to the so-called games they’re selling.
    I’m going all in with the baseball playoffs, and looking forward to free Sundays. Except for NASCAR.

    What a joke. I haven’t seen anything so clearly ridiculous since the tuck rule game….

  82. After the phantom Sam shields PI
    And the phantom Roughing the passer when GB “went low” on Wilson, how could the officiating get any worse? And then….

    Ps the media is in heaven right now. They’re gonna eat this up

  83. At least the NFL network is drinking the Kool Aid with the ol’ tie goes to the offense line.

    Problem was there was CLEARLY no tie!!!!!

    It all blows up in Roger Goodells face, you arrogant pig!

  84. The media need to do the right thing, for once, and blame the person responsible for this: Roger Goodell.

  85. lol ha,ha,ha LOVE THE REPLACEMENTS! Best team won! WHAA,WHAA little aaron rodgers. Great finish!

  86. Where are all the union haters? What about all the people talking about how ridiculous the normal refs are? I guess those union trained refs aren’t so bad after all.

  87. When actual attendance and/or ratings start going down, perhaps Goodell will be convinced. Until then, it’s a matter of ego, and his ego is both large and fragile.

    Even then, The Great Goodell won’t relent until some of his inner circle of owners tell him to get a deal done.

  88. When are we going to stop watching this crap?
    the replacement refs are costing teams games now.
    The only thing to do is show the NFL a huge tv ratings drop Sunday.
    I’m out until the real refs are back

  89. What a horrible Replacement Ref debacle. They don’t call Golden tate for the massive shove (Offensive Pass Interference) in the end zone, but they decide that Tate catches the ball, while Jennings obviously has made the interception.
    If I was Mike McCarthy, I would not have put my team on the field for the Point After. Or, I would have put my entire squad on the field, the entire offense, defense, and special teams. And have them just stand there, arms crossed.
    In 1985, the San Diego Sockers won a playoff game in Minnesota, and had it taken away while they were on the plane home. Maybe Roger Goodell can do the same thing here, only this time he’ll be correct!

  90. Props to Seattle’s Coverage and their Front Seven… They held us to 12 points… but the refs gifted that offense 7 at the end….

    whatever, Now we’ve got motivation for the rest of the season, Good luck to the sea hawks and their fans… I don’t wanna hear about how the Refs hand my Packers games ever again… seriously, not after this… just baffling.

  91. I’m not a fan of either team. But watching Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson jumping up and down after (supposedly) winning the game made me sick to my stomach. Green Bay just got robbed.

  92. Not only has the NFL lost all credit, but PFT is throwing all of their away as well if they pretend like there is any issue about whether Tate shoved Shields in the back, or whether M.D. Jennings got to the ball first and had possession on the way down. Let’s not even bring up the PI call on shields when he was playing the ball and the receiver tried to climb over him.

    The replacement refs have officially and without question changed a game with a bad call. As long as this is allowed to continue there is no NFL, just a joke that jerks around fans and professional athletes.

  93. The worst part was that both officials were clearly looking for the other to make the call first, and then just guessed. It’s a joke, really.

  94. I agree that these refs are horrible, but Brees was crying about them to take your mind off that the Saints suck…

  95. Blame yourselves fans. Had it not been for the public support for replacements this would have never happened.

  96. I have been a Sunday ticket subscriber since year 2 with a closet full of jerseys but that’s over. The only explanation for what transpired tonight is a fixed game, and I don’t support those with my money. It’s too bad. They had a great sport once.

  97. I find myself enraged about this, even though I’m not a Packers fan at all. But as a fan of the game, this is a travesty. How any rational human being could look at the replay and rule for the Seahawks, I don’t know. I don’t even want to think about how I would feel if this had happened to my team. I would have had a coronary.

  98. Those “virtuous” Seahawks’ fans seem to only go berserk if they perceive a bad call affected them. But if it goes the other way, you’ll never hear a more cheerful celebration than what the raucous Twelfth Man can generate.

  99. As a viking fan i was disgusted yesterday with the officiating at the end of our game, but wow, tonight was unbelievable. dislike the pack but feel for you. they got to fix this now

  100. Jennings had two hands on the ball and was holding the ball to his chest. Tate never had control of the ball and really looked to be just grabbing at the ball. Jennings was on his back in the end zone while Tate was touching him. This should mean Jennings is down by contact in the end zone. That should have ended the game, and Green Bay should have won.

    Is this the right call?

  101. I know 52 Green Bay players whose buttholes are a couple inches wider after the way they just got #*@$ed

  102. This is BEYOND absurd. There’s no word for this. Green Bay needs to protest this game, as if it matters. This is an absolute CIRCUS, with Monday night as the highlight. I still don’t believe what I just saw.

  103. Tate didn’t “appear” to shove off. He DID shove off. He clearly shived the defender in the back. Pushed him down. What more needs to be done to be called pass interference?

    And that wasn’t simultaneous possession. Jennings caught the ball and put the ball against his chest. Tate then reached up and tried to grab the ball.

    And let’s not forget the horrible call on Sam Shields on the drive before. The Seahawks receiver is draped all over him, with his hands pulling down on his shoulder pads, and it’s Shields who gets the penalty. What the?

    Absolutely a nightmare. And sorry, but as much as we all love to debate calls by the real refs, these calls are far beyond what are normal mistakes in terms of quantity and outright buffoonery. What a joke.

    We the fans pay to see this crap. I’ve supported the exceptions of the replacements until this. This is ridiculous. Now it’s costing games because of the lousy calls, and completely unmistakable reviews and they still don’t get it right. Worst year of Football in NFL History

  105. lions fan here, packers got screwed!… I like the comment that blames roger Goodell. IT’S THE OWNERS DECISION. GOODELL WORKS FOR THEM!

  106. As crappy as that was, good to see the Pack on the receiving end of a ref screwjob for a change. This Vikings fan knows ALL about how the calls tend to roll their way more often than not, so call it retribution for all your “good fortune” in the past, Packer fans. What goes around comes around, etc…

  107. This is the call that made me change my mind about the refs. The Packers got Munsoned.

    That being said, the reffing still isn’t bad enough that I will quit watching.

  108. It finally happened a HORRIBLE call by the replacement refs cost a team a victory.

    I like the Seahawks better then the Packers, but the Packers got screwed. They got totally jobbed.

    Every fan of a team in the NFL needs to be upset now because this can happen to your team too.

    The regular Refs need to be brought back in before the league loses total credibility.

  109. Truly bizarre ending, but as Tom Jackson has said on ESPN for decades, “KNOCK IT DOWN!” If Jennings bats that ball out of bounds, game over – GB wins.

    I’ve been trying to support the officials when they deserve it, but the referee HAS to know the extra point must be played in any regulation period… it’s only dismissed in overtime.

  110. Worst call in the history of the NFL. The pack got robbed totally robbed. By the way I am a die hard Bears fan. Not a Seahawks win. They should be embarrassed.

  111. Unbiased AFC opinion: I just don’t see how you can call that a TD catch AFTER you’ve officially reviewed the play…maybe things finally get interesting.

  112. Where are all the union haters? What about all the people talking about how ridiculous the normal refs are?


    Aren’t the normal refs still doing replay reviews? I’ve seen regular refs make calls just as bad as this. They all suck, regular and replacement.

  113. Stop complaining…this has happened before with the paid-off Refs….Surprise this time in favor of the Patriots…in 1999

    Several Bills claimed one said “just give it to them” (referring to first down yardage) in the huddle. Television instant replays showed that he was short of first down yardage, but the NFL had discontinued use of instant replay the previous season. This was followed by a questionable pass interference call made in the end zone on what would have been the game’s final play. Bledsoe hit Ben Coates for a touchdown on the final untimed play of the game. In protest, the Bills left the field and let the Patriots kicker Adam Vinateri walk in for a meaningless two-point conversion. Doug Flutie, then the Bills’ quarterback, later quipped “They gave them the game, we figured we might as well give them the extra point.”

  114. Didnt the pack get 3 questionable calls to save them on 3rd downs on their TD drive.

    DIdnt seattle get questionable holding calls against them to stall their drive.

    All things being equal it should have ben a field goal difference game so maybe seattle deserved the win when it all evens out.

    That being said if I was a Pack fan I would be sick to my stomach. I didnt think they ould overturn it because the fas may have rioted, if a player can intimidate them into a call starin at 70,000 raving lunatics had to scare the cap out of them

  115. “ojordonez says:
    Sep 24, 2012 11:58 PM
    Total crap! I was rooting for SEA but not like this. PATHETIC! How can Carrol give an interview after this and act like they really won?!?!”

    Carrol didn’t give the interview afterward. He gave it BEFORE THE EXTRA POINT WAS KICKED! If THAT’S not completely absurd nothing is.

  116. OMG!!!!! Goodell what the ****!!! The worst commissioner in the history of the NFL?
    Let’s just put an * to this entire season, there is no credibility left. Wow!!!!! Not a GB fan, but they just got robbed.

  117. Apparently the author of this article has no idea what football is. How on earth can you even question whether this was a catch or not?? How can you even question whether the Packers got robbed?? The interception and missed PI call were not even the worst calls of the night? The earlier pass where Shields was called for PI was SOOO bad too. Disturbingly bad night. If the officials deal isn’t set tomorrow, Goodell should be fired. Immediately.

    It was so bad that one would think that those refs are getting a little payola on the side.
    Now that is just what the league needs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. First rule is knock it down. He clearly had an INT but how many times do we see hail marys end when a defensive player goes for the INT and makes such a mistake. I mean padding your stats or for sure winning the game, which is more important. Still, packers got robbed. And all im saying is they didnt need to put such a call in the Refs hands. Cuz clearly, thats a scary thought with these replacement refs.

  120. as a packers fan i must say my team didn’t look good offensively at all in the first half. they looked like the deserved to lose. but the second half the seahawks looked terrible aswell. ugly game overall to be honest, but those calls were really bad! but packers fans lets not say we got robbed, some of you might disagree with me but had they scored a touchdown instead of 2 fieldgoals the game would have been a win. p.s. the scab officials suck! now if you’ll excuse me i’m going back to screaming…

  121. The black eye the league will deservedly receive from the DEBACLE of the last three weeks will last a long time. The stench from this game in particular and the consistent, blatant hypocrisy will lead to Roger Goodell’s ouster, if not sooner, in the next 2 to 5 years.

    I hope Roger realizes that he has been used by the owners like cattle being led to the slaughterhouse.
    The owners gambled that the REAL refs were expendable and replaceable- epic miscalculation. The owners aren’t stupid, they know this gamble has failed DISASTROUSLY and they’ll need a commissioner who is not a lightning rod.

    If there is any good that came out of this disgraceful episode, it’s that Roger’s days are numbered and that we can begin the healing process of getting our league and game that we love back.

  122. I am LMAO. I get a kick out of this. I’m an NFL fan and all but the amount of campaigning and discourse this game will cause grown men to have brings me to tears of laughter. People will treat this like a tragedy and demand the reg. refs, meanwhile there are other issues going on in the world. ESPN is already spending the whole Sportscenter cast about it, Mike & Mike will spend 2 hrs on it. Meanwhile, war with Iran is on the precipice.

  123. Bears fan here.

    I enjoyed watching Mr. Rodgers getting a juicing from the Seahawks D in the first half. Always like watching the Pecker Heads get beat. That said, they absolutely got jobbed tonight, that was their win.

  124. This game may be blamed squarely on the NFLRA. They have blocked the use of NCAA Division I officials, and are using the inevitable mistakes of the lower tier officials in their extortion.

    I feel bad for the replacerees – they’re doing the best they can. Some of them are just in over their heads.

    It looked like one official was putting his hands over his head to signal the interception, and the other one thought he was going to signal touchdown, so he put his arms straight up thinking he was going along with the first ref. Bad move.

  125. I’m a Vikings fan. No lost love for the Packers. The Packers were robbed by utterly incompetent officials. Everyone has been saying that sooner or later these replacement refs will obviously blow a game. Well, it just happened. This is inexcusable. Any moron could see it. I am fed up with this bullsh*t. I will not watch next weeks games. As far as I can see this entire season needs asterisks next to all stats. Goodell, wake up you imbecile!

  126. They are definitely going to force the extra point no matter how long it takes. Imagine all of the people upset that are gambling on this stuff to have the coaches and refs arbitrarily agree on when to eliminate assumed scoring opportunities. Do you really want to put that baggage over their heads? They can’t do that.

    And it didn’t look like simultaneous possession to me, it looked close to that but then a shift in possession and control being clearly established by the Packers player.

  127. Had enough of this bad officiating?

    Let’s take it to the streets…


    Oh wait, I gotta go to work in the morning…don’t have time or the money to camp out and complain

  128. Can we as fans file a class action lawsuit against the NFL for presenting these joke of officials as professionals and ruining this game?! What more needs to be done? This is disgusting. I never thought I would say this, but I would rather have no football than this football. This is wrong. Roger Goodell needs to be gone from the NFL. He has ruined it!

  129. Refs never called holding on GB all night even though they were…These refs suck, but the better team won…

  130. The worst call ive ever seen with the game on the line. woow terrible. definately a cloud over the NFL this week. i thought the PI they called on the packers at the end of the game was one of the worst call ive seen until the last play of the game. seahawks D played good but did not deserve it. id be pissed if i was a GB fan. kills the integrity of the game.

  131. Worst call I’ve seen in 30 years of football. Somehow I knew with all the controversy they were going to screw up a call that is literally why video replay exists. This needs to be overturned otherwise what’s the point of wasting 3 hours watching a game only to have the refs decide the outcome with a clearly bogus call.

  132. Nothing is going to change as long as people continue to watch, attend games, and buy NFL merchandise. Maybe a boycott would get Goodell’s attention.

  133. It looked to me like Golden Tate had the ball to his chest and when hitting his back while landing – the ball shifted to the defenders chest. Both players maintained two hands on the ball.

  134. Can you imagine if this got the seahawks in the playoffs by a game a d the packers missed by a game?

    Also, why Seattle? Didn’t they just get a five timeout game of their own against the Cards?

  135. I will never watch a NFL football game ever. I will never purchase anything NFL related. This is my breaking point. Its been fun folks. I’m over and out of this circus that is the NFL.

  136. Regardless of the final score, the Packers are clearly not the same team since losing their chance at history to the Chiefs last December. Chiefs laid the blueprint, and the Giants, Niners, and Seahawks followed it to a tee.

  137. I never thought, as a Bear’s fan, I’d be upset to see the Packers lose. Time for teams to start refusing to play until this lockout nonsense ends.

  138. From a Vikings fan~

    Pack got jobbed hard on this one, though Seattle was getting hosed on penalties the entire 2nd half.


  139. The refs had some bad calls tonight but that was right call folks. Jennings did have the ball when he went up but HE DID NOT control it going down and that’s when Tate put his two hands on the ball. The rule states that tie goes to offense….Seattle wins. By the way they NEVER interference on Hail Marys. The Pack are 1-2 and it’s time to move on to the Saints.

  140. I like Seattle but that wasnt even a real game. Replacements officially cost a game if not earlier. How can they actually be getting worse as the season progresses? Contact your team’s owner and raise hell. Im also glad Im not buying any NFL product this year. Might quit watching these farcical games too.

  141. If it’s one team that I don’t mind getting the benefit of a bad call, it’s the Seahawks, with that awful officiated Super Bowl XL vs the Steelers with the ‘real refs’.

  142. I was just saying that the pats/ravens game was the worst officiating I had ever seen… Only took 24 hours to beat their own record

  143. Before Tirico Said “jobbed,” I hadn’t heard it used much before. Now seemingly everyone has been well versed in its usage

  144. Whether or not it was intercepted or caught is immaterial because of the Offensive Pass Interference on the play–that the refs missed–that everyone clearly saw.

    The NFL, a multimillion dollar industry, can’t provide customers with what they pay for.

    Poor season-ticket holders are forced to buy a crap product–and companies are forced to pay premium prices to advertize during games that fewer and fewer are watching.

    Goodell has screwed more people than he could possibly ever help.

  145. Just came out of a bar in Seattle. Very quiet. Everyone knew that it was a travesty. It doesn’t feel good to win this way.

    If the NFL doesn’t do something about the situation with the refs then they really have no credibility. What a disgusting mess.

  146. Worst f – in officiating I have ever seen in a game. The NFL calls this a good product? Better figure this out quick or you will lose your fans!

  147. LOVE IT!!!! Way to go for the interception and the personal stats instead of knocking the ball down and winning the game Packer moron!!! It’s the Packers fault for even getting to that situation!!




  149. I’m a Hawks fan and am glad to be 2-1 but that was unreal. Packers got hosed. THIS STILL DOESN”T MAKE UP FOR US GETTING JOBBED IN THE SUPER BOWL AGAINST THE STEELERS!!! Just joking that was bull S***

  150. The Packers have become a team of whiners after their post season misery.

    Finally the Packers have some Cheese to go with their Whines!

    Love it! Hope this sinks your year you bunch of sniveling little wussies.

  151. It certainly wasn’t simultaneous possession, as Tate didn’t even get a hand on the ball until they fell to the ground – and then he only got one hand on it. You have one ref signaling TD and the other signaling touchback, and they still can’t get it right on the replay. Pathetic.

    These officials are making the game completely unwatchable.

  152. I have watched the NFL since before I was able to attend Kindergarten. I used to love seeing it growing up, all the great hits and competitiveness. Since Roger Goodell has been hired, he has ruined everything. He has changed ruled, and now the replacement refs are disgusting. I am boycotting watching the NFL until this redheaded piece of crap is fired. Not 1 play, nothing. He has ruined the NFL. It was blatantly clear Green Bay won the game tonight, AND IM A SEAHAWKS FAN!!!


  153. Goodell needs to step in and overturn the call. Reverse it and give the game to the Packers. It’s the right thing to do right now. I say this as a Bears fan.

  154. I’m a VIKINGS fan, and I KNOW Seattle won this game.


    Well, the score was 14-12 Seattle.

    Tough game……bad calls on both sides.

    That’s football………

    Vikes in 1st, pack in last…….life is good.

  155. It was almost as if the ref who signaled the TD thought GB had the ball. And while he was signaling a TD the ref right next to him was waving it off. Just embarrassingly incompetent. The whole game was a sideshow: players leaping to their feet after every incompletion and gesturing wildly for a flag, all kinds of chippy nonsense the regular refs would never tolerate, absolutely blatant holds not called…a fiasco.

  156. Whether you’re a fan of either team or not, what just happened tonight is reason to stop watching NFL games altogether. No matter what a team does to prepare and perform, it won’t affect the outcome of the game. The incompetent refs are now controlling the outcomes. Not that either team was performing great anyway, but leave the outcome to them, not the refs.

  157. Shields was grabbing the jersey the whole run on the PI. At least that’s what the ref saw. He of course did not see the receiver grabbing the shoulder pad.

    The last play was reviewed upstairs. Is that not a regular ref? I know it has to be obvious to overturn, but a blatant misinterpretation of the rules is obvious in my book.

    Hate em both but wanted packers to lose. So I’m kinda happy about it all!

    Still a huge disregard for the integrity of the game. I despise Goodell.

  158. Three absolutely terrible calls, but the last one was beyond terrible if that’s possible. Seattle should be ashamed to accept this as a win.

  159. The interference call on Shields was worse than the final play. He was pushed, held, and facemasked all at once, yet he gets flagged.

    This game was embarassing for the NFL and I have no allegiance to either team involved. Let’s end this already.

  160. Look at the tape that shows the frontal view of Tate and Jennings. Tate had both hands on that ball before they hit the ground. The refs made the right call. Ties go to the offense.

  161. Can Seattle fans stop whining about SB XL now. Not single call in that game was anywhere close to as bad as the calls in the final 2 minutes of this game. Two INTS taken away on the same drive.

  162. Would someone please tell me why the Packers didn’t take a safety instead of punting from their own end zone I just can’t figure it out. please,

  163. Packers TD came off after a phantom pass interferance call. In the end, Seattle had more calls their way and had 1 magnified…weird “sea of hands” part 2 at the end.

    Green Bay usually has calls go their way.

  164. The more I look at the play the more it looks like Tate’s hand is behind the ball between the corner and ball. He then brings his other hand up a cradles it, thus making it simultaneous.

  165. I understand simultaneously catching the ball but for one player to stuff a hand in while another has two hands and arms and has it against his own numbers?
    Fvck you goodell.

  166. Tomorrow, the League will issue a lame “Yeah, sorry ’bout that, Green Bay” press release.

    But what are they actually going to do about a clearly felony theft? Jennings clearly had complete control of the ball the entire time while Tate never had any control of it at all.

    They should at least make the game a tie – but they won’t.

    And the Packers never should have returned to the field for the extra point. What would the refs do? Disqualify them from a game they already stole from them?

  167. Hey I’m a Seahawks and it was a badly officiated game but stop crying Green Bay what’s goes around comes around! You guys had 4 garbage pass interference call tonight especially the last 2 that let you keep your only scoring touchdown drive alive! And what about that questionable first down call by Rodgers when his knee was clearly down before the ball crossed the line! And I won’t mention all the holding that didn’t get call against the packers tonight you guys didn’t deserve to win! You came in with your high powered offensive reputation on the line and barely bought yourself a touchdown?! Get mad at Goodell I also want the real refs back so we can have a fairly officiated game and we can beat your clearly without all the holding etc…….. Don’t worry once the playoffs come around and the refs are back will beat you again……..

  168. That was potentially the greatest catch I’ve ever seen to win a football game.

    Don’t listen to these rotten cheeseheads…nothing but pure bitterness after an amazing play.

  169. “Let’s all go to bed and talk more about this one in the morning.”

    Speak for yourself, This was like a Cannon shot of Caffeine… We Was Robbed Homie…. A loss – like the nyg playoff game … I get mad and go have a spiteful sleep … A win – I party til I pass out – A loss like this – smh – I’m wide awake til Wednesday. This was some WWE type ‘ish… smh

  170. And that will be the last NFL game I ever watch.

    Goodell and his staff have taken a once exciting and proud game and turned it into the biggest load of crap I have come across in my 67 years.

    I suffered through 3 weeks of this mind bogglingly stupid officiating, and what happened in tonight’s game was the final straw.

  171. Anyone who says this was a TD does not understand the rules at all. Watch the replay. Jennings has it in both hands and against his chest. When they land on the ground, Tate STILL doesn’t have a hand on the ball. He has his right hand on Jennings’ body. Only after they get to the ground does he even get his hands on the ball.

    Look up simultaneous. Means at the same time. Not even close.

  172. This season no longer matters. Wins and losses have been changed by NFL greed. Anything from here on out has been altered by this pervasive greed.
    Goodell resume:
    1. Player lockout
    2. Bountygate
    3. Concussion rules
    4. Ref lockout

    Tell me why he is such a great man again, Peter King………..

  173. OMG!..OMG!..I’m not a Packer fan but this was just horrible..First the refs badly missed the P.I and then the obvious interception..Packers should never came back on the field..I can’t tell now of which one is worst..the tuck or this!..What a travesty!..Hey Packers! won that game pure and simple and the entire nation knows it..Any football fans including seafish fans will be sick in their stomach once they see the whole replay..These refs need to go back to wherever burger joint they used to work at..What a sad,sad outcome..

  174. how do the odds makers beging to handicap these games with replacement refs? does anyone have any idea? is it the same? lol. better yet, how do you bet on the games knowing the refs could be an underlying factor.

  175. “dasportsninja says:
    Sep 25, 2012 12:02 AM
    Stop crying gb fans. It was the right call.”

    You obviously don’t know the rules…or maybe you’re just another idiot who let’s his hatred for a team cloud his judgement

  176. The only call in that SB XL year that approaches how bad this call was came against Pittsburgh in the INdy game when Polamalu’s INT was overturned. Seattle lost the SB by ELEVEN points. 1 bad 15 yard penatly and 2 or 3 nitpicky marginal calls do not offset losing by 11 points. GB lost this game by 2 points when much bigger calls on the final drive granted Seattle 7 points

  177. I can’t stand the Pack, but boy did they get jobbed tonight. It’s made worse by the whitewashing the end of the game’s receiving on the NFL Network. Come on, Roger…get the real refs back, this has already spiraled out of control!

  178. I’m going back to focusing on college football and finding some other Sunday activities. It’s a shame for my 6 year old son who loves the NFL. His room is decorated in NFC colors and his favorite teams, but even he knows that these games aren’t right. I don’t agree with the ref unions position, but this situation is untenable for the league. With the lockout being a strong possibility, it is hard to believe that the NFL entered the season with such ill prepared scabs. Let me know when to tune in again.

  179. As difficult as this may sound.. im not watching NFL games until the real refs come back. i cant stomach this bs anylonger.. im a niner fan but im just a football fan too and i watch as many games as i can every weekend.. and this is just getting out of control.. fans, owners and players need to sack Goofdell out of office ASAP!. this guy is ruining the game.

  180. Wow…….horrible…….but people need to stop blaming Goodell for this mess……this is on the OWNERS……they have not been involved in the talks at all……this is NFL lawyers going against the “REAL REFS” lawyers…….Goodell at least has been in a lot of the talks……BUT, it is the owners who control their lawyers, not Goodell……BUT, Goodell SHOULD be all over the OWNERS to get this fixed…….So yes, THAT can be blamed on Goodell……that he hasn’t done enough to convince the owners to get to the table……

  181. What. A. Joke.

    This referee dispute should be over around 12PM tomorrow. This weeks games alone should be enough to prove that these refs, no matter how hard they are trying, are just not good enough. They have a loose grasp of the rules, and that’s being polite. This game was handed to the Seahawks by the referees. I had as much possession of that ball as Golden Tate did.

    Take a look at the Raiders and Steelers game yesterday. The referees swallowed their whistles on a number of penalties committed by both teams, three plays that resulted in injuries of varying severity. Pats vs. Ravens had a number of bad calls. I think you could find numerous examples in every single game this weekend that highlight just how poor a job these referees are doing.

    These guys are in a bad situation, and I don’t think the league is doing nearly enough to help these guys get the calls right. I don’t know how the replay official could have “confirmed” the touchdown that won the game.

  182. Bad call. The back ref had it right.

    But still!

    I can’t believe players still need to be told to “BAT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    No reason why he should try and come down with that ball. That’s what happens. Huge mistake.

  183. I am a Giants fan, and any Giants fan uttering “karma” is an embarrassment to the fanbase. You don’t ever want to see a team lose because of the officials. This is OFFICIALLY the one game where we can all say in unison:

    “PAY THEM.”

  184. Years and years of watching the Packers get BS calls that always go their way. Complain about the PI call on Shields all you want, it’s called karma for all of the grabbing, holding, pulling ans cheating that Woodson has been doing forever…..including just a few plays before the final play when he hot away with it again! It’s payback and I love it. Now the Packers and their fans can feel the other side of it for a change because they got jobbed! Hahahahaha!!

  185. Those opposed to unions experienced the fruit of their misplaced wrath tonight. Four stoners on Quaaludes could have called a better game than the SCAB “replacement” officials on the field of tonight’s Monday Night Football game.
    SCABS are the fruit of the anti-christ. Not only did GB intercept the pass called as a touchdown for the Sea Hawks, but Seattle’s receiver (Tate) committed offensive pass interference so flagrant…Ray Charles would have called it.

  186. I’m not a Packers or Seahawks fan but if that was a catch then I have a unicorn for sale. This is a disgrace. The regular officials are probably partying like its 1999 and I don’t blame them. This is making a mockery of the greatest game in the world. Disgusting.

  187. I feel bad for Packer fans but this ending was fated, in the NFL’s finest hour on national TV at the end of a game, involving the NFLs most fanatic fanbase. There’s a higher power at work here.

  188. Just shows what a classes bunch the Packers are , leaving the field instead of getting it over with the extra point. So many times I have seen the Packers get bs calls there way and NEVER seen a team leave the field and not come back out for the extra point for like 10 min.

  189. Terrible headline first off, hopefully that gets changed to reflect what truely happened. No lie, every game Ive seen tops the other as for as clown officiating. Im tired of the apologist, this league with its scabs, bounty fiascal, lockouts, and price gouging is a complete joke and has turned into a garage league.

  190. This wouldn’t have happened if Green Bay’s “unstoppable” offense could actually put some points on the board.

    Just sayin..

  191. I agree that it was in int at the end. But I am enjoying these ref’s. They are allowing players to play. All of these high offense teams are now crying foul. These ref’s are not catering to the “elite” teams of the past few years. Everybody that can appreciate defensive football are loving it now that the replacements are allowing the defense to catch up to the offense, especially with all of the rules that have been implemented the last 10 years to turn this into a passing league. Time for the offense to man up.

  192. Worst officiating ever. And, I’m not even talking about the final play as I believe it could go either way. Missed calls and BS penalties benefited and hurt both teams during this one. As a Seahawks fan, I’ll take the win, but come on refs…

  193. As a seahawks/pats fan i can say to all packers fans i feel your pain, but for me this is a win win, seahawks win a game against a great packers team and probably tip the nfl over the edge to getting back the real officials.
    Oooh also, btw, the horrible officiating on the pac td drive kinda equaled out, not making excuses for blatently terrible officiating, just sayin
    Sorry packers fans everywhere

  194. savannahrose44 says:
    Sep 25, 2012 12:18 AM
    Look at the tape that shows the frontal view of Tate and Jennings. Tate had both hands on that ball before they hit the ground. The refs made the right call. Ties go to the offense.

    Are you blind??? Tate’s arm completely flaps in the air, catches Jennings chest, lands on the ground, and then scraps for the ball. You are insane or blind and should stick to watching synchronized swimming.

  195. I am a seahawks fan and we dominated most of the game. And packer fans got away with a chancellor pass interference that led to a touchdown so why complain? Play through the bad ref calls that the best advice for them. WE cant keep bagging on them it wont make the real ones come back.

  196. It was a lousy call, but you know, none of this happens if Jenkins does the right thing and JUST KNOCKS THE BALL DOWN instead of trying to intercept it. Just knock it down! Flip it up out of the endzone. Something, anything, but keeping it in play.

  197. packerhater says:
    Sep 25, 2012 12:24 AM
    Just shows what a classes bunch the Packers are , leaving the field instead of getting it over with the extra point. So many times I have seen the Packers get bs calls there way and NEVER seen a team leave the field and not come back out for the extra point for like 10 min.

    MORON – the Bills did it to the Patriots many years ago. This is the worst call in the history of the league. The fact that they came back shows how MUCH class they have.

  198. This has nothing to do with karma or payback. These refs just can’t seem to distinguish a simultaneous catch from an interception. For the first time I’m thinking of not watching football on Sunday or Monday or Thursday… maybe just Saturday!

  199. Point shaving – using refs instead of players – plain and simple (ala the NBA). What other explanation can there possibly be? This wasn’t even close!

  200. The vitriol is hilarious. No one,and I mean NO ONE,is going to skip out on watching next week’s games. The owners know this. The ONLY people who have the power to force the NFL are the players…but they’d have to strike to do it,and they’re not going to lose game checks for this. The owners know this as well. So cry all you like,the games will go on,bad calls will be made and/or missed,and life goes on. My team has been cost a game by the refs,but you know what? Take it out of the refs’ collective hands. Don’t get Rodgers sacked 8 times in a half. (Packers)Don’t call a way behind the LOS WR screen that forces you to punt because it loses yardage.(Patriots) Don’t let Vick carve up your defense to throwing to Brent Celek every play.(Ravens) For every mistake by the refs there are mistakes by the coaches and players that determine the outcomes of the games far more than the refs.

  201. Wow! The games integrity now has been put in question over pension vs. 401K by Lord “Goodell” who wants to squash the weakest union of the NFL( every other union in the NFL, you have a bulls eye painted on your back by the Lord regarding your pension). As a Viking fan, wanted to see the Pack lose, but not this way. Laugh at the Pack if you want, it may be your team next week. These guys running around with baseball hats parading as NFL referees have got to go. Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!

  202. The Emporer Wears No Clothes. NFL not feeling so great about shopping at Walmart for an important element to the game.

  203. I think I just heard Aaron Rodgers say that the wrong ball (a kicking ball) was on the field on the 2-pt conversion attempt. Minor point in all of this, but just one more example of the comedy of errors.

  204. Hey Green Bay, in 2010 the regular NFL refs called Kellen Winslow for offensive pass interference at the end of a Week 16 game of Detroit @ Tampa. Because of this call the Bucs lost the game. Because of this the Bucs ended up losing a tie-breaker with Green Bay and it put GB into the playoffs and in a really weak year they ended up winning the SB. The Bucs on the other hand got a letter from the NFL saying “sorry the ref totally blew the call and sorry you missed the playoffs because of it.”

    In other words, screw you GB fans for whining. You got a SB win because of the refs — you need to lose about 16 of these games before you have any right to whine.

  205. I’m a Seahawks fan and I hate unions and even I think this lockout has to end. Get the regular refs back now! No excuse for robbing the Packers like this.

  206. I give Goodell less than twelve months before he gets pushed out. The owners are going to need to make him the scapegoat (rightfully) and get rid of him in order to make this horrible damage to their brand go away.

  207. Obviously the NFL has done a shotty job on background checks for the replacements. Whats to say that a guy who knows that any week he is going back to his normal life isn’t open to trying to make a big score on games he is officiating? While it sounds out of left field, everyone knows calls are being missed and blown, so how can it be obvious, just blame it on being a replacement ref not trying to fix a game.

  208. “raqaiw says:
    Sep 25, 2012 12:30 AM
    The vitriol is hilarious. No one,and I mean NO ONE,is going to skip out on watching next week’s games.”

    Speak for yourself.

  209. Does this mean I don’t have to read idiotic stories about whether or not Randy Moss is pissed he’s not getting enough touches for a few days?

    GB got bent over on this one and I wish there was a way both of these teams could have lost.

  210. larryboodry says:Sep 25, 2012 12:24 AM

    As a Bears fan, I should be thrilled to see GB lose, and part of me is…But not like that.

    duece5 says:

    Larry…….have another beer.

    If the pukes had done that to the bears, the pukes would be thrilled to death about the victory!

    Slow down on the warm and fuzzies.

    There were PLENTY of bad calls, especially HOLDING on packers, THROUGHOUT the game that were only called a little bit during the game.

    Bad calls on both sides…….refs tried to give the game to the pukes in last years playoffs against the Giants, but the fudgies were too terrible to take advantage.

    THERE HAVE BEEN BAD CALLS ALL YEAR, not just in this game everyone.

    Gee, it CAN’T happen to the pukes….guess the replacements never got the memo that they need to give so many calls to the pukes.

    Too bad, they never got the memo puke faithful.

  211. Integrity!!!!?????
    Points shaving????
    Can you really know????
    The removed a Ref 2 weeks ago!!!
    They had a Ref tell L.Mcoy to pick it up for his Fantasy league????…
    Think he went to Atlantic City?? It’s on an hour away!

    Arbitration is one thing. This is moronic….

    Red state, Blue state!


  212. Boycott the NFL Network! Those idiots are actually saying its a good call. I’m sure goodell would fire anybody who disagreed. Send a message to the NFL, watch ESPN, FOX, NBC, or whatever media outlet you choose. Do not financially support the NFL by watching the NFL network!

  213. I think that the league office should reverse the call. That’s a way to restore a sense of fairness.

    It was 4th down with nothing left on the clock. So, reversing the TD call on a “game is now over” play would not have any effect on any subsequent action. You couldn’t reverse it if the play happened with minutes left. But … this was right at the end.

    The review process requires compelling video evidence that an on-field call was incorrect. In this case, I’m thinking that so much time passed between the moment the players hit the ground and when a call was made that there really was no on-field call.

  214. abqpacker says:Sep 25, 2012 12:34 AM

    As a Packer fan – thanks to all of you neutral fans (and even Packer haters) for recognizing how poorly this went down.

    duece5 says:

    Not neutral here……..the officiating was bad against BOTH teams.

    I saw two guys fighting for the ball, and two referees over the ball.

    One ruled TD, the other waved his hands.

    The scoreboard lit up a TD for Seattle.

    Pukes lose.

    Pukes in last, Vikes in first…..I will sleep well tonight!!!!

  215. Tate shoved a defender to the ground and then put his hands on the ball after it was already grabbed firmly by Jennings.

    Packers should have all tried to knock it down, but it was a bad call.

  216. Aweful job both ways all night by the refs. Missed blatant penalties, called penalties that weren’t there. Gift the Seahawks on an interception with a bs roughing the passer. Obvious offensive interference on bomb called against the Packers. Then the last play. Seahawk receiver pushes Packer in the back to the ground, ball clearly intercepted and called a fricken touchdown! I’m sickened by this game.

  217. As a Seattle fan we got away with one tonight. Am I sorry for the win? No, I will not apologize for the win. Its not my problem Roger Goodell and the NFL put replacement officials on the field. This game is on their hands.

  218. packerfanfordecades says: Sep 25, 2012 12:36 AM

    I think that the league office should reverse the call. That’s a way to restore a sense of fairness.

    It was 4th down with nothing left on the clock. So, reversing the TD call on a “game is now over” play would not have any effect on any subsequent action. You couldn’t reverse it if the play happened with minutes left. But … this was right at the end.

    The review process requires compelling video evidence that an on-field call was incorrect. In this case, I’m thinking that so much time passed between the moment the players hit the ground and when a call was made that there really was no on-field call.

    duece5 says:

    Ya, dude, let the league office do it!!

    The pukes are not bigger than the league……..

    Sorry……PUKES ARE 1-2, Vikes are 2-1…..AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  219. Some of you People on here, get your FACTS correct before making idiotic comments!!!!!
    1) The Hatred toward Roger Goodell???
    He is merely the Commissioner hired by the 32 NFL owners to be their Voice & run the league! It Is NOT his fault, this lockout hasn’t been resolved yet! It’s the Greedy Owners! Repeat!!!! Not Goodell!
    2) Goodell is a fantastic Commissioner, he has made Wealthy players accountable, and that is good for the entire league!
    3) the replacements are Horrible & this needs to end! However, anytime you have a game decided on 1 play, either the Winner or Loser gives up the right to complain. Packers had a ton of drives that would have ended if not for poor Officiating! Plain & Simple!
    Packers are 1-2, and rightfully so, even with the horrible call @ the end! If they were so dominant, they should have scored more or stopped Seattle with 56 seconds remaining in the game!

  220. My goodness, a receiver can’t trap a ball using a defensive player’s body in order to accomplish a reception. That’s not simultaneous possession. That’s like reaching around a person and putting one of your hands on another person’s wallet while it’s in the other person’s pocket.

    Fumble recoveries are decided by who is controlling the ball, not by which hands are on the ball.

  221. Dear NFL Thank you for saving the lives of those zebras tonight and screwing the rest of us NFL fans out of a perfectly good massacre!! Goodell you suck!

  222. imagine if the pack miss the playoffs by a game.

    also pete carroll is a huge a-hole for celebrating like he actually accomplished something with that win*

  223. Yeah it was a bad call, no one will disagree. But this does not mean that the NFL should just cave in to the demands of the referee’s union. It is simple textbook negotiation. It would also set a bad precedent for future negotiations with other unions. For example, the replay officials bargaining agreement is up next year. If the NFL caves in now, the replay officials can just make crazy demands and wait for replacements to make a mistake and hope the cave again. It would put the NFL in a weak negotiating position and I don’t see the NFL doing that.

    I know things are bad, but I don’t see the NFL caving in and putting themselves in a weak position for future negotiations as long as fans are still watching and attending and talking about the games.

  224. Seattle +3.5. Wow. If I was still gambling that would have been most bizarre win or sickening loss. Either way I would be scared to bet anything while the replacements were on the job.

    And the real refs just took back all the concessions they made

    NFL 2012 season*

  225. In the immortal words of Chaz the Chick Fil A Intolerant Chicken “Eat Up you Godless Sodomites”

    And I thought Manny Pacquiao got jobbed against Tim Bradley.

    Oh, and those ref’s are lucky this didn’t go down in Oakland. Someone may have gotten hurt…SERIOUSLY!!!

  226. I’m still going to watch games, Goodell is right about that, but that does not mean we have to take this lying down. No one should buy any merchandise, concessions, or ANY product or service that advertises with the NFL. ANY! That is the only way the owners will begin to care about the damage they are doing to the game.

  227. Please call the NFL at 212-450-2000 and DEMAND that something be done. We all know these officials have been awful since the preseason, but now they are costing teams wins.

  228. rodgers was sacked 8 times. They got whooped by the Niners in the opener….they are NOT ALL THAT.

    What don’t you get about that? The refs have nothing to do with Golden Tate burning GB all night.

    Seattle had phantom p.i. calls on Kam Chancellor, so yeah the bad calls went both ways.

    Bottom line; refs arent calling the usual stuff they’d call (IN FAVOR of the Pack, Steelers, Patriots, etc.)

    Sorry, the replacement refs are letting them play this year.

    Pack didnt deserve to win that game, period – the Seahawk defense DESTROYED the pack., just like the Niners did.

  229. The NFL doesn’t have to cave in but they absolutely have to be talking to the refs at all time. Every moment not spent negotiating is a tremendous insult to the fans. These two groups should be locked in a room without food or water.

  230. Why didn’t the Packers take a safety, then free kick to Seattle having team cover the kick, which should of takeen the ball in Seattle territory, with much more field to travel to score. game is 12-9 anf field goal gole would just tie game!

  231. axespray says:
    Sep 25, 2012 12:03 AM
    Erik Walden Roughing the Passer call on a play when McMillian got an Interception…

    PI call on Shields when Sidney was putting the sleeperhold on him…

    Then that Call at the end…

    smh…. Jobbed, Total Screw Job…. Shame on The NFL…SHAME!

    Oh, but lets just forget about the totally bogus 3rd down PI call on Cam Chancellor on GB’s go ahead TD drive. I think the bad calls went both ways.

  232. The replacement official got the call right. He was so incompetent he thought Green Bay was on offense.

  233. Adzack3441 has a great point. This season is tainted and deserves an asterisk to explain how unpredictable the season has been.

    Thanks for being an independent leader Mr. Goodell.

    You have always been what the players have always suspected…a tool and the right hand of owners who uses your office to proclaim fairness while tipping the scale thei favor in every owner/player dispute to date because you don’t have the backbone to put the game ahead of all other interest including your own.

    1. New CBA favors owners and re-writes portions of prior CBA negotiated before Goodell took office. You did nothing and the owners took from players and stuffed their pockets.

    2. Bountygate historic suspensions. You went in and destroyed the Saints season, damaged reputations and careers, all without an airtight case. In addition to the loss of the 2012 season in their window of opportunity, the loss of draft picks will set them back for years considering their situation and will be deemed a death penalty by pundits in 10 years after the Saints collapse and never fully recover.

    3. Concussion rules etc. is about limiting liability of owners for allowing teams to put a bunch of punch drunk players on the field for the past 50 years. Put doctors on the sidelines to keep the game safe.

    4. Referee lockout over peanuts in billion dollar industry is hurting the game and has affected the NFC North and West division.

    The Seahawks are not what their record says they are because the Commissioner can’t stand up to the owners and demand that they reach settlements or accept his resignation.

    Do us a favor. Resign.

  234. I’m convinced that Vegas had to have had a hand in this game, or the replacement refs are on Vegas’ payroll.

    80% of the public was on the Packers covering tonight?

    Coincidence? I think not.

  235. I’m convinced that Vegas had to have had a hand in deciding the outcome of this game. The replacement refs must be on Vegas’ payroll.

    80% of the public was on the Packers covering tonight?

    Coincidence? I think not.

  236. I’m done with the NFL until the regular officials are back. This debacle of a season has drained the love of football from me.

  237. Dear God,

    Please smite Roger Goodell for all the terrible things he has done to ruin the NFL. Also, I didn’t realize you were a Seahawks fan but next time you want to “intervene” try to make it a little less obvious. Thanks in advance.


  238. If you blame the refs then blame them correctly…

    Kam Chancellor pass interference on GB’s only TD drive was bogus!!

    The last play was a legit completion BUT!!! A missed offensive pass interference call..

    Take away both calls and you get a SEATTLE VICTORY!!!!

    Green Bay lost the game! One play did not decide it.. The refs are terrible, yes… But they are terrible both ways throughout the ENTIRE game..

    Seattle fan here calling for the REAL REFS!!!!

    (Aaron Rodgers can suck it!!!)

  239. Hawks fan here. Obviously the refs botched a lot of calls and the final one gave my team the win.. I mean holy crap! Ray Charles saw that was an interception! Feel bad for the packers but I guess we’ll take the win.. Oh, and everyone talking about Carroll having no class, keep in mind he hadn’t seen the replay.. Just sayin.

  240. The result of the Seattle vs. Green Bay game should represent the breaking point for true NFL fans, period. Even from a less than objective perspective this time, seeing as I bet the Seattle +3.5, the end of that game was pure absurdity. Happy with my win, I hope that never happens again…from the missed push-off to the indecisive initial call, to the replay – there was no doubt that was an interception…and this is clearly starting to ruin the purity of the game. Its unfair to players, coaches, fans, gamblers, and whoever else appreciates the game.

    Without out the time or expertise to initiate a meaningful attempt at this, here is what the well connected press and online socialites need to do to be advocating and practicing – a complete boycott of purchasing NFL merchandise until the lockout is settled. Let us be honest, as everyone has acknowledged, no real player/coach/fan/gambler, etc. is honestly going to boycott watching games where the real money is real for the NFL. So where is the next best alternative? The largest revenue stream that upset football advocates can actually impact without giving up the best sports season of the year….Don’t buy a Luck/Griffin/Wilson jersey until this nonsense is over with…Hype it up boycott the merchandise!! End this foolishness!!

  241. ickeyshuffle says:Sep 24, 2012 11:58 PM

    footlocker wants its employees back…


    Thanks for giving this Packer fan one of the only laughs he could muster tonight.

    I wont be redundant by repeating what was so painfully obvious about this game.

    But I will say congrats to the Seahawk fans. Your defense played lights out, you should be proud and I’m sure your team will be a force to be reckoned with as the season goes on.

    I hope this “loss” doesn’t affect our season in the long run. Who knows, we may end up meeting each other down the road.

    Favorite post game comment, When talking about the refs Aaron Rodgers said (“Not only that, they gave me a kicking ball for the two point conversion. How am I supposed to throw a kicking ball?” )

  242. WTF? WTF? WTF? Has the NFL lost its mind? The Packers Clearly won this game tonight! I am finished with this half assed league and its F-in Union BS. This league lies as much as the Odumbo admin!

    Boycott the NFL until they can give us a good product! Boycott the US government until they give us a good product!

    Bye Bye Odumbo! Bye Bye Goodell!

  243. ampatsisahypocrite says:
    Sep 25, 2012 1:10 AM
    I never want to hear those Seahawk fans complaining about refs again. EVER.q


    One game goes Seattles way and you NEVER want to hear from us again?!?!!? LOL!! You must be a Patriot, Yankee, Redsox, Jet, Laker, Heat etc. Bandwagon fan that gets your calls all the time… One game means a little in the reg NFL season, but we actually get a call and some joker fan does not want to hear from us EVER AGAIN?!?!?!?!

    Youre an idiot.

  244. An absolutely horrible pass interference call on Packers cornerback Sam Shields late in the fourth quarter sticks out as the worst mistake in a game full of them.


    All of you GB fans should chill out and recognize your only TD came after a bammer PI call. The refs need to go, but they did not decide this game the way the majority are making it out to be.


  245. These refs made me lose my fantasy game also with that blown call!!

    I needed the 3 fantasy points that INT from my GB defense to win in my fantasy game. I was down by 1!!!!!
    NFL should be ashamed

  246. Wait until after the election. when we get 4 more years of Socialism, we can include the scab officials in sharing the wealth and redistribution. All NFL teams will be 8-8 and Golden Tate’s Notre Dame education will include prayer and truth in every post game interview.

  247. From what I’ve always learned, when offense and defense catches the ball at the same damn time, credit goes to the OFFENSE alone all the time. That’s what i was taught.

  248. I wanna know where all you crybabies were when the real refs hosed the Seahwaks in Superbowl 40? Where was everyone screaming foul on that one? I wasn’t convinced the real refs did a great job in the first place. But oh my god, the refs screweed up a game against the Packers?! Well this cant stand! Nevermind the atrocity that Superbowl 40 was.

    If the refs handed Seattle a win every week for the rest of the season it still wouldn’t be even for what happened in SB 40. Go ahead and let the dislikes rain, but Chancellor should not have been flagged for a PI resulting in a punt, Rodgers should not have been rewarded a first down at the 1 resulting in a TD.

    If these refs called this perfectly Seattle still wins (10-9 at worst) so keep crying. The real shame is the Seahawks crushed Rodgers the whole first half. The refs then hosed Seattle the whole second half and waited until the last play of the game to make up for it. No one will remember the Seahwaks sacking Rodgers 8 times in one half, people will just whine about the end result.

    Seattle won this game rightfully so either way, but these refs need to go back to High School JV where they belong.

  249. There were 2 possible correct calls to that play, and neither one resulted in a touchdown.

    Possible call #1: Golden Tate caught the ball by rule, but there was offensive pass interference byt him making it a penalty, loss of yards and maybe a replay of that down.

    Possible call #2: Pass was intercepted by Green Bay, game is over.

  250. As a Seahawk fan, yeah Green Bay you got jobbed. Sorry, but at least it wasn’t the superbowl, or Vinny Testaverde’s helmet scoring a touchdown to knock you out of the playoffs. You’ll be fine, if this happened to us, it’s a non-story. Wish it was against Pittsburgh.

    Hopefully this leads to Ed Hochuli, and Harold Reynolds getting the money they clearly deserve.

  251. As a Packer fan this hurts, but what hurts much more is that the game I love is now a joke. I would not wish an outcome like this on any fanbase in the leaugue. If the NFL does not fix this someone else will pay a steep toll next week too.

    The people in charge of this league are pathetic sad little creatures that resemble the Wizzard of OZ. Men of little stature that hide behind a curtain in the Emerald City. Well the veil is lifted tonight you roaches. Rodger Godell and 31 owners have punched the the people that pay their bills right in the nuts two years in a row.

    P.S. Dear NFL advertisers you have one less tv running your adds until this gets fixed.

  252. The phantom roughing the passer call that negated a game winning interception was a worse than the final one.

    The Packers going for 2 points had to use a differently shaped kicking ball was another replacement official’s mistake.

    I will not watch any game other than my team’s games until the replacement officials have an agreement.

    The officiating is only getting worse as the replacements have more and more opportunities to wreck the games.

    This is the worst quality of games since the 1987 replacement player games. The NFL as entertainment sucks right now.

  253. I’m done with the NFL. Seriously. I just don’t believe in it anymore. I’m gonna go out and be in the woods next Sunday like I used to do.

  254. As a hawks fan I am not trying to negate the bad calls that went against GB, but before everyone says that GB should have FOR SURE won the game remember that there were two incorrectly called Seattle defensive penalties that allowed them to score and changed the entire game (all of the wrong calls by the refs against Seattle happened later. i.e. the interception (roughing), def. pi when it should have been on rice and obviously the last play.) If these were correctly called, the game may have not come down to these final plays. Still we need real refs for sure

  255. Lets keep in mind that this is all the officials fault. Does anyone expect the Seahawks to sit there and say “you know we really didn’t win that game, we shouldn’t have won”… Maybe if the suckers didn’t give up 8 sacks it would’ve been a different outcome.

  256. Wow… sad, robbed, inexperienced, worst officiating ever, so many ways to describe this play/game.

    Things happen for a reason. This one call changes the NFL forever. Owners should shelve their product until… Players should refuse to play without real refs.

    GB will have to live with this history forever.

    I’m giving my 4 yr old my Bravia and will be at the library reading up on how real football games used to be won and lost.

    It’s just not NFL football anymore and I don’t think anything can bring it back.

  257. What I find funny is people blaming the Seahawks for celebrating? Really? Would you expect ANY team not to react the same way? Did you expect the team to not take the win? Did you expect the team to give the win to the Packers just “to be fair”? Every team would celebrate after battling like both of them did.

    The real issue is the Refs. So many missed calls, so many bad calls. This will sting for some time and have many ripple effects.

  258. Steelers @ Dolphins a few years back,with regular refs,QB sneak at the goal line,Roethlisberger fumbles. One ref signals fumble,one signals TD. The Dolphins player has CLEARLY recovered the fumble. Upon review,it is correctly overturned and called a fumble,but the Steelers keep the ball because the refs couldn’t tell who recovered it.Steelers kick the FG game,over. Where was the outrage then?! Where were the calls for the refs’ heads? They blatantly awarded Pittsburgh a win against an AFC team,a win which would give them home field advantage in the playoffs, mind you,but it’s just the lowly Dolphins so we’ll overlook it. Can’t have it both ways. Both groups of officials are terrible,and the NFL is trying to get them full time and the refs are resisting. Screw the refs. Replacements can only get better.

  259. ***Follow to my previous Post.***.

    Reason why last call isnt the only game changing call on MNF.

    I think everyone saw the Offensive PI tate committed.. I think they all saw the Bad PI call against the Packers on the previous drive which yielded no pts I might add.. BTW the late hit around Wilsons Knee’s is a legitimate call and even happened the Exact same way earlier that kept a drive alive on Rodgers so being soo blindly onesided is rediculous!

    But regretably your short term loss has left u unable to be reasonable.. lets look at this..The last scoring drive for the packers.. whats happened? Mind you the score is 7-6 seahawks leading!

    1. A equally bad call of PI against The seahawks Defensive back on a 3rd and like 5 o 6.. That play happens with like 8mins left.. on around the 38.. what happens.. ? either a FG or even a Coffin Corner punt with how badly seattles offense has been moving the ball..

    2 after giving a first down on a bad call that wud have probably resulted in a punt or FG attempt! Then the packers move the ball down and get the play to Jennings near the goal line.

    3.Now 3rd and short. Rodgers scrambles.. gets marked short of the line.. They Review the play and straight forwardly give him the 1st based on an UNOFFICIAL LINE ON TV! what they should have done is find conclusive evidence that the spot was wrong.. and THEN MEASURE AGAIN.. just offering up a 1st down like his knee didnt touch within inches of the 1st down marker is NOt the appropriate call!

    Okay so now weve set the stage.. what is the result if these veryyy questionable calls DO NOT EVEN happen..?

    1. The Pack go for a FG and make it a 9 to 7 game..!FROM THE 30SOMETHING!. that drive was extended by a badd call.. anyone who doesnt see it both ways is BLIND..
    even with the call..

    the 2nd questionable call about rodgers reaching the down marker after no official respot and or proof by measure. The packers probably kick the FG to take the lead..

    My point is this.. The last call in the gam went the Hawks way.. totally questionable no doubt and if i were a Packers fan Id be Pissed… But the worst thing overlooked TONIGHT.. is how the Packers really barely earned 9pts tonight but bc of bad calls were able to get 12 making it a TD neccessary for the seahawks to win not just a field goal bc of trailing what should now only be 7-9.!!.

    If those calls do not happen! the seahawks at BEST ar3 loosing by 1pt even 45yrd field goals are no gimme but I am for the sake of this argument…
    please realize there is a significant difference! Now the next seahawks possession they get within “filed goal range” BUT ARE FORCED to have to score a TD instead of just attempting a Game Winning FG… Totally different circumstances!!! no need for a hail mary.. just enough yrds to get into field goal range!

    *** Point of this is… how the officials lack of consistant and proper penalties lead to the last play even happening! if they dont make them against the Seattle defense with regards to the PI then the complexion of the game is different.. The Hawks would easily be able to say they were snubbed by bad calls.. no FG is a gimme.. and to be honest I find it totally overlooked how the officiating set up the stage for a hail mary pass to begin with.. should have never been neccessary and wouldnt have been if just a few minutes earlier the awful calls IN FAVOR of the Packers were not made!

    Point is.. Officiating was okay for 3 QTRS.. but ruined the game the last qtr.. instead of talking about Rodgers running for his life.. and the lack of Offense produced by Seattle. The packer Def never really sacking wilson but totally stopped him… Were talking about ONLY 1 call.. although left out are calls made just before that, That put the teams IN that position..!
    Should’ve been a Packer win.. Im a seattle fan and I should be the pissed off one bc of THE BAD CALLS THAT ENABLED THE PACKERS TO TAKE THE LEAD IN THE FIRST PLACE.. Just turns out the most game changing call was going to go in my favor..

    *ignoring the previous packer drive by the media and by packers fans.. Is totally not being objective.. last call was bad.. but justified by my previous postings reason! I feel bad for packers fans.. But not for Packer players.. they shudve been able to run out the clock even before this option.. but didnt handle their business.. neither did the CB for not batting away the ball.. should have never been a hail mary at all!

  260. not to take anything away from the seahawks effort, but GBay should’ve been granted the win.

    On a brighter note, the game was entertaining, 8 sacks in the first half, GBay adjusting and commanded the clock in the 2nd half. A tale of two halves…

    Russel Wilson played with poise and should do very well out in seattle.

    The Pack was robbed though and that’s probably the only thing people will talk about.

  261. To qualify a couple of things that seem to be misconceptions (as I understand it):

    The officiating was laughably awful. I didn’t see the PI called on Seattle to extend GB’s TD drive, but it couldn’t have been worse than the one called on the Pack DB covering Sidney Rice. I was barracking for the Seahawks but that was ridiculous. As for the roughing the passer penalty that negated the pick by Wilson in Seattle’s half, it was pretty ticky tack, but it seemed like it was called because the hit was so late and unnecessary (and we’ve seen PLENTY of those called by the regular refs).

    On the final play, it would’ve been very difficult for either ref to determine whether it was a case of simultaneous possession because live, it looked like it. You cannot use replay to overturn a simultaneous possession call, so the ONLY thing the officials could do at the end was review to see if the ball hit the ground. It didn’t, and the original ruling of simultaneous possession stood. Was this correct? No. What the two refs in the end zone SHOULD have done was conferenced and discussed the play with the other refs. From my opinion, the one who waved timeout made the right decision, it looked to me like he was unsure and wanted to discuss. The ref who called it a TD made an incredibly premature and unilateral decision that once made, ended the game.

    However, all of that should’ve been irrelevant because Tate clearly and obviously pushed off and it had to be called (though, based on the previous penalty involving Rice, they’ve never heard of offensive PI — they must’ve played WR in college). Jon Gruden claimed that they never call that on Hail Mary’s, which is bogus. They call defensive pass interference (remember the Lions and Browns game a couple of years ago?), so there’s no reason why OPI shouldn’t have been called. THAT was the big mistake in the end, not the ruling of touchdown.

    I haven’t been following the nitty gritty of the labour strife, but the biggest thing for me appears that pensions is at the crux of the argument. How can the NFL justify to its full time employees that their pension system is variable and attached to the market while a union of part timers have a fixed rate? This will blossom as a source of further labour strife in the future. Furthermore, everybody who jumped on the MJD hate train indicated that a team can’t simply bow to a single player’s demands for a new contract. Similarly the NFL cannot show weakness when it comes to negotiations, as they will get hammered by the Player’s Association the next time a CBA is being negotiated.

    In the spirit of negotiation however, they need to reach an agreement soon. I love, love, love this game, which I picked up only four years ago after moving to Canada from Asia. It’s a fantastic sport, and sullying its image is disappointing. I don’t lay all blame at Goodell’s feet, but there needs to be some sort of submittance and bridging between the two sides soon.

  262. maverick5266 says:Sep 25, 2012 2:14 AM

    As a Packer fan this hurts, but what hurts much more is that the game I love is now a joke. I would not wish an outcome like this on any fanbase in the leaugue. If the NFL does not fix this someone else will pay a steep toll next week too.

    Listen, this is just like partisan politics where one side can’t comprehend the points or validity of the other. Frankly, I have a hard time feeling sorry for the Packers. Regardless of the legitimacy of the call, the Packers have far and away been the beneficiary of many bogus calls. Besides the 3 missed block in the backs for Cobb
    “return TD” against SF, the whole first half of the Bear/Packer game looked to be refereed by locals from U of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Every Packer scoring drive or failed Bears drive had something associated with a bogus call. The point is, what goes around finally comes around.

    And the bigger issue: The Packers are not really that good. Where is the explosive offense? Not to be seen against SF. A special teams fake field goal propelled them against the Bears (pretty sweet though, even I have to admit it). Rodgers sacked 8 times? Sorry Packer Backers, this looks to be a long year for you. lol.

  263. Questionable officiating but, IMO, great outcome. For once, the Packers are on the other side of the call. It is not often that you see that happen (like never.) That being said, bring back the regular officials. It is time.

  264. Thought review booth would rule Green Bay ball because tape showed Jennings with both hands on ball. Then…..whaaaaat? Is review booth person a replacement or regular? If regular, he might have used this as proof that replacements are horrid & they did decide the outcome of the game. That’s my theory. Gee, I can hardly wait for the championship games……

  265. Ironic, but apparently Belichick had a legtimate concern:

    Article on Belichick touching an official:
    Belichick said that some of the Patriots’ players on the field thought the ball looked like it was outside the upright, and that Belichick wanted to know if the officials were going to review the field goal. Belichick referenced a 2000 Patriots-Dolphins game when both teams left the field and went to their locker rooms after the game, only to have the officials walk into the locker rooms after players had already showered to explain that they all had to come out for one final play because a replay review had shown there should be three seconds on the clock. Belichick said he wanted to be certain there wouldn’t be a repeat of that incident.

    Whether or not you buy Belichick’s explanation may depend on large par

    This article:
    But was it the final play of the game? Or would the Seahawks have to try an extra point after that touchdown? Both teams and the officials left the field after the touchdown, and it appeared that the final score would be Seahawks 13, Packers 12. But after a long delay the officials finally told both teams that they had to come back on the field for the Seahawks to attempt an extra point. Seattle made it, and the final was 14-12.

  266. Regardless of what all the posters are saying Green Bay should really be disappointed that they had only at 12 points at the end of that game. The bigger issue is how quiet the media has been on the details that are keeping the NFL and the “real refs” from settling this whole dispute. It is hard to take a side when very few of us know the real sticking issues. However it is now clear how tough it is to be an NFL ref.

    In the old days of US labor the player’s union would not play the games to support the Refs union but that is ancient labor history.

  267. I hope when the regular refs come back they are judged just as hard as the replacement refs. It seems every Pass Interference that your team ends up losingthe game is a bad call… least they’re not letting the All-Pro CB get away with their crap. As for the packer/seahawk ending……that’s not the first call I’ve seen on a Hail Mary (past seasons) that got it wrong. Win or Lose the Packers look pathetic with their high profile offense and MVP QB. Keep playing like that and score only 12 points in 4 quarters….you’re not going very far. Seattle is not even an elite team. Except for the shove off by Tate….he had his arms in their the whole time around the ball too. Not so sure it was a bad call.

  268. These Refs stink for 60 minutes, that means both team get a taste of it.It’s like watching the British Open when the weather is horrible, the players may hate it, but you can’t turn it off .

  269. Like some have said, this is terrible for the league and the sport in general.

    I would also like to say to those people that are calling the refs idiots and such to think about it a second to direct that hate at the NFL and Goodell, if any of us were thrown into jobs being so incompetent and unqualified, especially on a national level with so much scrutiny, I doubt we’d succeed either.

    These refs are in a position to fail, which only bodes well for the old refs holding out.

  270. This b.s. about 4 hands on the ball when they came to the ground is just flat out incorrect. At NO point durring the catch did TATE ever have more than ONE hand on the ball! The closest he got was 1 hand on the ball and on Jennings wrist.
    The video is clear as day,and video don’t lie. WE should boycot till they change the outcome. It puts an asterik on the enrire season. I dont want to be hearing all the diffrent playoff scenarios if the packers had won . bla bla bla all season long

  271. This is karma on a level I’ve never seen before.

    Packers had so many calls go their way last year that weren’t accurate. I do not feel bad for this team at all.

    Packer fans claimed the Giants got lucky to be in the Superbowl, after losing to a team like Seattle last year.

    So Packers fans, if you make it all the way this year, we should call you lucky, right?

  272. Im very anti-union and I was willing to at least give the replacements the benefit of the doubt at the beginning of the season but it’s worn out its welcome after this weekend. No offense to the replacements, SOMEONE HAS TO DO THE JOB and they are doing the best they can but this just isnt cutting it. By the way, this is Barack Obama’s fault just as much as it is Roger Goodell’s fault. Obama has the time to do everything he wants to do except what he should do like providing leadership to get unions and their employers to work together. Remember this November 6th please.

  273. First time I can recall the Seahawks being on the right end of a screw job by the officiating. We’ll take it.

  274. Indisputable! Jennings caught the ball initially and had it with both hands. Tate lies. He only had one hand on the ball and did not catch it initially. The Pack got the royal shaft. The NFL owners need to settle with the refs. They are turning NFL football into a joke and disaster.

  275. Or Jennings could have hammer punched the ball out of the end zone. Being that it was the LAST play of the game! Heads up play by Tate.

    Packers don’t like the call? Score more than 12 points against Seattle. Man up.

  276. I’m shocked that the tweet I sent into PFT Live last Friday turned out to be so prophetic.

    Now, I’d love it if my Twitter following went above 30 people so I could actually get someone to notice my sporting opinions 🙂

    Bottom line: Offensive PI on Golden Tate, game over. Williams had TWO HANDS on and around the ball, Tate flailed with one. INT, GB, game over.

    The NFL tried and tried to tell us, the game would be OK with the replacement refs. It’s now time to swallow whatever pride they have left, pull out the $3M difference left between them and the real officials, and get them back on the field for Week 4.

    So we can go back to the time honored tradition of blaming THOSE refs, like (*cough, SEATTLE, cough*) did and still does 7 years later for their SB 40 loss to Pittsburgh.

  277. Personally..i am glad the ref’s are fighting for their pensions. Because if the NFL get away with this pension issue…you and I will be next.

    Make no mistake about it..the rioting you see in Greece will happen in America when this corrupted U.S. government tries to take our pensions away as well..which is already happening around the nations with various government institutions…us little guys are next in line to see partial pensions taken away than eventually all of our pensions.

    I am a die-hard fan of sports but i am seeing things far far more important these days than quarrels over wins vs loses…this just happens to be something that revolves around the very thing i am concerned about….pensions, 401ks,etc..eventually we’ll be the people protesting. Right now we could give a rat’s ass..but once it affects you personally…you’ll be making a bit stink about it too, mark my words.

  278. I totally agree that the replacement refs inexperience are essentially ruining the game of football. Even though I didn’t watch the game and just saw highlights, many have posted that there were quite a few questionable calls throughout the game, which is nothing different from the other games played Sunday. And regardless of the abundance of erroneous calls that may have led to points or even advantage for either team, the game should not have ended on a really, and clearly, a bad a call as it did Monday night. And yes, the Packers should have played better and should not have let one play decide the game but I doubt they were thinking of that, or any team in that situation for that matter, during the game.

    But what I find really irritating is the egotistical comments that both Carrol and Tate made after “winning” the game. I mean, come on, you clearly got the benefit of a bad call, just accept it (the win) and move on. Graciousness is obviously not a personal trait both these individuals have.

    FACT is:

    First, no matter what the review showed during the game, the call on the field was a TD, which was a result of a simultaneous possession awarded to the offensive player. This call was already wrong considering there was CLEARLY no simultaneous possession. Jennings intercepted the ball. The minute, no, the second, the replacement refs called simultaneous possession, GB already got the raw end of the call.

    Second, 99.9% of the time, wherein the regular, experienced, competent, REAL NFL refs are officiating the game, the last play would have been called an interception and, essentially, game over. Seattle fans know this, just keep on denying it. Karma will strike when you least expect it. Meaning the 0.1% chance of it happening occurred last Monday night.

    I did not expect Carrol nor Tate to say anything different from what they said after the game. Expecting them to do so would be asking too much and would require humility. And yes, I do not know them personally, but from what I heard and saw after the game, I would not want neither of these individuals in my team as they do not represent the best out of the NFL.

    And, just to clear things, I am not a GB fan, I am a NY Giants fan, but more importantly, I am a football fan. The replacement refs, the bad calls, and just horrible officiating are really, really ruining the game of football.

  279. In short?

    Packers are a premier franchise with a lot of fans nation wide. One of America’s greatest teams with a great history.

    Seahawks are a very regional team and although they are a strong franchise it’s nothing compared to Green Bay.

    Had Green Bay been handed that call and won the game, the conversation would have been “did the officiating cost Seattle the game?”. Instead, and only because it was in the last 8 seconds, an immense controversy came about.

    Personally I don’t think there is enough video evidence to prove who touched the ball first and gained control – one angle I saw showed the ball going through Jenning’s hands and hitting Tate’s first while he and Jennings both brought it to their chests and put both hands on it. It wasn’t even a replacement official that made the final call, little does anyone realize.

    Honestly nobody would even be arguing if the call went against, say, Jacksonville.

  280. I’m so sick of hearing about all of the great calls going the Packers way. How about the ’98 S.F. playoff game when Jerry Rice fumbled? How about the ’09 playoff game vs. Arizona when Rodgers was facemasked on the final play that resulted in a fumble? Both of those plays ended their seasons! The plays which are referenced as going the Packers way(Giants last year and 49ers this year) did not cost either team the victory. In fact they won handily—-so what is the f’n beef? The truth is, the Packers are looked upon negatively because they are successful. Get a life haters—the Packers are going to be the league’s worst nightmare from here on in.

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