Source: Stafford has hamstring issue, but he should be OK

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Lions coach Jim Schwartz won’t say much about the status of quarterback Matthew Stafford. But that doesn’t make it impossible to know what’s up with the quarterback’s leg.

Per a league source, Stafford has a hamstring issue. For now, the expectation is that he should be OK.

As of Sunday, it wasn’t clear whether Stafford had an injury to his hamstring or, yes, his butt muscle.

Since the Lions likely won’t be saying much about Stafford’s status, it’ll be important to watch the injury reports as the week unfolds, in order to know whether and to what extend Stafford will be limited in his preparation for Sunday’s game against the Vikings.

23 responses to “Source: Stafford has hamstring issue, but he should be OK

  1. I like the way Stafford put it when asked if it was a hammy or a glute: “I’m not fast enough to pull a muscle, I wouldn’t know”

  2. Good! We are looking at 40 plus TD passes this season. We have Megatron, what should we call Stafford? Optimus? Sounds good to me. Megatron and Optimus are a great 1-2 punch. Look out league….Domination!

  3. ‘Sounds good to me. Megatron and Optimus are a great 1-2 punch. Look out league….Domination!’

    With a 1-2 record, you have an odd definition of domination.

  4. Well, that means the Vikes will have to game plan for both Lions QB’s with not being positive on which Qb will play!! But both are pretty good so! the Vikes have thier work cut-out for them!! But I do like the fact that the Vikes get Jerome Simpson back! This could be another barn burner!! The Vikes don’t seam to be taking anything for granted, At least so far!!

  5. 21st against the pass.

    With that kind of “domination” you’re gonna end up with a losing record unless you can get that under control…

  6. Who would have thought a few weeks ago that Vikings at Lions in week three would be a trap game for…the Vikings?

  7. hehateme1 says: Sep 24, 2012 3:25 PM

    Megatron and Optimus are a great 1-2 punch. Look out league….Domination!
    A 1 – 2 punch? A 1 – 2 record! That’s Domination?

  8. “Megatron and Optimus are a great 1-2 punch. Look out league….Domination!”
    Megatron and Optimus Prime are enemies. And Stafford is closer to throwing 40 INTs rather than 40 TDs at this point.

  9. “ShimSham….I HOPE you arent a Vikings fan talking bad about Stafford.”
    I’m not and it wouldn’t matter if I did. Things I said were true, Optimus Prime and Megatron are enemies. It doesn’t make sense to call Stafford “Optimus Prime.” Also, it is true that he’s thrown more INTs than TDs at this point, like I alluded to.

  10. I think the Vikes would rather face Stafford at this point, Because if he plays he surely won’t be a 100% which should cater to the Vikes linemen getting presure! The Vikes need another fast start against the Lions! And a full sixty minutes of in your face physical football. The Vikes got the monkey of thier back with the recovery of a fumble, And Josh Robinsons Interception could this turn the Vikes into the ball hawks of old? Viking fans would sure injoy that!

  11. This Transformers discussion has reached a level of dorkiness that is difficult for normal humans to follow.

    Optimus Prime? Gluteus Maximus? You guys watch weird cartoons.

    I’m okay with them sitting Stafford this weekend. He hasn’t looked 100% so far this season.


    Please do us all a favor, mute the part of you that absolutely despises Packer fans, and don’t engage in any kind discourse over the outcome of the MNF game with packer fans. This is really not the time to do that. Be bigger than that….just this once.

  13. Prime and Megatron are enemies.


    Does everyone else feel better knowing there is a Saturday morning cartoon expert among us, or is it just me? check the cupboard, Sonny, you are out of genetic fruit loops.

  14. Start Hill, he looked much better anyway. Love the Staff but he’s been playing like crap. Hill played that final minute like his life depended on it. Stafford should be playing like that!

  15. brewdogg:

    Enjoy your cheese and whine.

    Los Angeles Vikings fans.

    Your ‘fanbase’ showed little to no class over the stadium issue the last 5-10 years with their comments on these boards and others. Enjoy that victory over Seattle.

  16. Frazier makes a point (as I did). It’s ok for Packers to laugh at Vikings, but it’s not ok the other way around?

    THe 49ers were given 5 timeouts and all the Vikings did was smoke em anyway.

    Besides, the way the Packers played, they didn’t DESERVE to win.

    I’ll still give ya that shouldn’t have been a td, k?

  17. I’m a die hard Vikings fan, But I’m a football fan first and foremost! Id be lying if I said I didn’t want the Packers to lose!! But not like that! No team want’s to be beaten by a hail mary, But to be beaten by intercepting the ball! That’s NUTZ!!! This is one Vikes, Fan who thinks the Packers & thier fans got HOSED!!! The replacement ref’s have to GO!! Like the old saying goe’s you don’t know what you have “till it’s gone!

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