Trent Richardson calls meeting Jim Brown a “shaking moment”

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Given how long we’ve been talking about Jim Brown and Trent Richardson, it’s a bit hard to fathom that the two men were actually in the same place at the same time for the first time during Sunday’s Browns-Bills game.

As expected, the two men met and talked in person for the first time. The meeting was highly anticipated because of Brown’s dismissal of Richardson as an “ordinary” running back leading up to the draft, words that Brown later said were just an attempt to motivate Richardson to be the best running back he could be. After the meeting, which Richardson described as a “shaking moment”, the Browns rookie said that he was viewing Brown’s words the same way.

“A lot of people took the message the wrong way, but it was always a motivational thing,” Richardson said, via Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Jim Brown, he’s an inspiring person. He’s a person that loves people and loves being around people. He’s the type of guy that’s an icon, always been an icon, always been a fighter, always been a winner. So one of the powerful things he said to me is ‘Keep trying no matter what. Don’t get to the point where you’re settling for anything. Don’t give up. Keep going no matter what. Keep striving.'”

Richardson wasn’t all that successful against the Bills in a 24-14 loss. He ran for just 27 yards on 12 carries, although he did show a good second and third effort to get the ball into the end zone at one point. That fits with the keep striving message he attributes to Brown so it seems that things have had a happy ending on this front.

Now we just need to find out what Kevin Mack thinks about Richardson.

16 responses to “Trent Richardson calls meeting Jim Brown a “shaking moment”

  1. First let me say that I saw my first Browns game in 1959 and was a JB fan.
    However he needs to just go away.He is nothing more than a bitter old wife/girlfriend beater.He has nothing to add to the game as it is today.The new owner is making a huge mistake by allowing this man back in the Browns family.He will cause nothing but trouble.He had his day in the sun,many days.However his mouth and actions are not needed.JB,do the team and the fans a fav just move on and get on with your life.

  2. steelwheeler says:

    Is there any other Alum from any other team that thinks they are still relevant besides Jim Brown?

    Do you mean beside Chad and T.O.?

    Sure…there’s at least three or four Steeler has-beens on the Sunday pre-game shows.

  3. @ steelwheeler

    Come to DC the Redskins let anyone that ever wore a uniform for the Skins talk trash about their team. It’s really pathetic when you think about it.

  4. Jim, It’s Paul Brown calling. He’s with Art. He wants you to go see him one last time.

    Seriously though, shouldn’t JB just go hangout in Baltimore or something with the original franchise. I guess they aren’t stupid enough to take ol’ JB’s crap there.

  5. Sorry but it just NEVER makes sense to take a running back that high in the draft. You can find serious talent in the 3rd and 4th round in every single draft. I’m a skins fan and we found Alfred Morris in like the 77th round. WTF?

  6. I’m a Browns fan and Richardson IS overhyped…look who drafted him….

    The duo of Heckert and Holmgren.

    Heckert is a babbling clown and it’s too bad the Browns couldn’t keep Ozzie!

  7. Sure off the field, Jim Brown has had some issues. But, make no mistake. He IS the greatest running back of all-time. Do the math. He played just nine years in 12 and 14 game seasons. Map out his totals to match games played and carries by Emmitt Smith. Brown would have more than 27,000 yards rushing and 200 touchdowns. There’s likely not a running back who will dispute the greatest ever argument because unlike a Jordan, Lebron, Kobe discussion, there is no one even close. I mean not even in the same breath. Does he deserve the attention for his comments all of the time? Probably not. However, he likely knows what it takes to play and be successful at the position.

  8. @Yankeefootball
    How could you say that no one can be mentioned “in the same breath” as Jim brown? Brown was a monster, but we’re talking about the same position that guys like Walter Payton, Eric Dickerson, Barry sanders and gayle Sayers played. Even bo jackson….short career, like Sayers. But these guys had no control over that, the same way Jim brown had no control over playing in an era when he was the same size, if not, bigger than most linebackers. Seem like you’ve got the stats figured on brown being more productive than emmit smith…. The record books say smith is the most productive back ever. Just remember that stats are for suckers that don’t understand the fine points of this game.

  9. ButkusDitka,
    Your point is well taken. Each of the backs you mentioned is great, in their own right. My point is more that Jim Brown totally dominated his era. He was the leading rusher eight of the nine years he played. Entire game plans were meant to stop him. There was very little in the passing game that had to be accounted for during Brown’s day. Gayle Sayers was a true all-around star. After the 60’s though, the running back was not the main focus and you could argue that it became a little (little from a fan’s point of view) bit easier to run the ball. Again, those are truly great backs with which you make your argument. But, all will tell you no one ran the ball better than Jim Brown. And unlike stars past his point on the timeline, he had no company at all when talk turned to who was the best at his position. There was Jim Brown and everyone else. Beyond Jim, the talk could be Walter or Dorsett or Simpson, Emmitt or Faulk, Sayers or Leroy Kelly. You can throw in Franco or Campbell. But, there is no argument to be made against Jim Brown. That’s the sad truth in discussing football’s past. The eras don’t hold against one another unlike baseball. But, it’s fun to hash it out. Thanks ButkusDitka for giving me a reason to think about the Cleveland Browns as something other than a really bad joke.

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