Aaron Rodgers: I apologize to fans, the NFL is tarnishing our game


Sounding more frustrated than angry, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers went on his radio show today and told NFL fans that he’s sorry they’re watching a substandard product while the league is locking out the referees.

Rodgers was asked at the start of the Aaron Rodgers Show what he thought of the officials giving the Seahawks a touchdown on a last-second Hail Mary that it appeared the Packers intercepted, but he said he’d rather step back and take a broader view beyond that play.

“Before we get into that, some stuff just needs to be said,” Rodgers said. “First of all, I’ve got to do something that the NFL is not going to do, and I have to apologize to the fans. Our sport is generated, a multi-billion dollar machine, by people who pay good money to come watch us play. And the product on the field is not being complemented by an appropriate set of officials. The games are getting out of control. Like I said in the first week, I’m OK with replacement refs as long as they don’t have a direct impact on the game. Obviously last night there was a direct impact on the game on multiple plays. But my thing is I just feel bad for the fans. They pay good money to watch this. The game is being tarnished by an NFL that obviously cares more about saving some money than having the integrity of the game diminished.”

Rodgers said he can’t be too surprised that the owners are refusing to bring back the regular officials, because just last year the owners were locking out the players.

“Let’s remember who we are dealing with. We’re dealing with an NFL that locked out the players,” Rodgers said. “This is an NFL who gambled on some low-level referees, including the guy who makes the most important call last night, who has never had any professional experience.”

Rodgers then went through the NFL’s statement about the game-deciding call, which Rodgers described as “covering their butt.” He was not impressed with the league’s explanation.

Although many of Rodgers’ teammates have offered furious, profane responses to Monday night’s ending, Rodgers was calm and measured in his words. But he’s obviously as upset as anyone.

119 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: I apologize to fans, the NFL is tarnishing our game

  1. I am not a fan of greenbay in the least little bit, but they flat out got robbed of a hard EARNED victory. With the exeption of half the seahawks fans, the nfl offices, and the ref who made the call on the feild. there is NOBODY on earth who thinks seattle “won” the game. I would gain a deep repect for Seatle if they stepped forward and did the right thing , refuse the win and award it to the packers… How many of you guys feel the same way?

  2. The level of respect I have for Aaron Rodgers (which was already pretty high) has gone up exponentially in the aftermath of the game.

  3. Aaron Rodgers: I apologize to fans, the Packers o-line is tarnishing our game

    Fixed it for ya.

  4. Maybe the Packers should focus on why they only put up 12 points instead of whining about the refs. They sucked, they lost. It’s a common tale.

  5. The real Aaron Rodgers statement:

    I apologize to our fans for mistakenly leading you guys to believe we were elite. We gave up 8 sacks in the 1st half on 4 man rushes, and could only score 12 points against the Seahawks. I apologize that we almost pulled out a game we had no business winning and recognize that was the football God’s version of karma.

  6. Just imagine if Favre had cried like this after the refs stole the NFC Championship against the Saints from him on the high/low INT that should have been overturned & a 15 yd penalty. The Packer fans would have went nuts calling him a cry baby.

    Rodgers is right though. No way that was a TD.

  7. As fans all we can do to make our voices heard is BOYCOT all games untill they give the wins to the teams that earned them… lets not forget sunday night. the pats took it in the tail too. I just saw the youtube video that clearly shows the ball missing all together clear as day.

  8. mgdsquiggy17 says:
    Sep 25, 2012 4:50 PM
    I’m sure if the call was the other way around and the Packers benefited he would be saying the same thing right? Give me a break.


    No, I completely disagree. I listen every week to Aaron Rodgers radio show and he would’ve flat out said that they won the game becuase of a bad call. This is bigger than 1 game.

  9. As a lifelong Lions fan, I can honestly say the Packers were robbed. Seattle was handed a victory by the scabs.

  10. Fins fan-

    1st. Aaron you had a horrible game.
    2nd. The best reciver duo combined for 54 yds. (jenning, nelson, driver)..
    3rd. GB got plenty of BS calls.
    4th. You got manhandled by the hawks.

    apologize for playing poor, stop sounding blaming loses on the refs.

  11. No one’s looking for you to apologize to the fans. Stop sweating things you can’t control and get out there and ball!

  12. score more than 12 pts ..bottom line dont let the refs have to decide your game if you do then you are probably not good enough to go far anyhow

  13. As a professional athlete, Rodgers ought to know that not every call goes your way. Making the replacement refs a scapegoat for poor play is unsportsmanlike and, frankly, crass. Everyone can plainly see the Packers got screwed. Well, Aaron and rest of Packer Nation, welcome to the club. The whole situation is amusing because when something like this happens with real NFL officials to another team, a large faction of holier-than-thou Packer fans are the first in line to tell people to stop whining. So, stop whining Aaron Rodgers. Stop whining Packer fans.

  14. Forget about the final play. Why isn’t anyone talking about how the Pack CHOKED on the previous series by NOT getting the first down. Especially Rodgers!! Pass interference happens on EVERY Hail Mary and is never called. No doubt in my mind the “real” refs would not have called it either…lastly, why are we getting so upset at this “injustice”? The real refs blow calls that cost teams games al the time. Drew Pearson pass interference anyone??

  15. It’s getting harder to watch the NFL. PI on every play. Holding on every play. Throw the flag, don’t throw the flag. The game is hardly even being played and when it is, oh here comes another flag. Enough is enough.

  16. I didn’t hear Rodgers statement crying for the Vikings to be given 14 points when the Packers were given a TD for a dropped pass & then Shaincoe having a TD taken from him the year the Packers won the SuperBowl.

    Not only a crybaby but a hypocrite.

    That was an INT though. No doubt.

  17. Last year, when Jake Ballard of the Giants caught a TD in Giants stadium, it was called out of bounds.
    Packers win.

    The next day, a photo surfaces in the paper, and Packers fans say that the Giants organization is “shopping around” an edited photo, showing a TD.

    What exactly is happening right now, Green Bay fans?

    You were the beneficiary of so many wrong calls last year. How does karma taste in 2012?

  18. Mr. Aaron Rodgers yesterday was not the first game in history where officials cost some team a win… Please do not smoke screen to cover your teams and your poor play so far this season.

  19. They had all game to get a lead and couldn’t. Should never have come to that. I agree the refs need to come back, but don’t call yourselves superbowl contenders and then let Seattle stay in the game right to the end.

    There were bad calls for both teams throughout so you can cry all you want, but you haven’t played a good game yet and I doubt that is all of the refs fault.

  20. For all you posters calling out Rodgers and the Packers for complaining…….you would do the same!

    Yes, they only scored 12 points and didn’t play well……..they already know that. I listened to Aaron Rodgers radio show today and he’s well aware that they’re not playing well right now. This is about a game that was horribly officiated and about a call that cost a team a win.

  21. “The game is being tarnished by an NFL that obviously cares more about saving some money than having the integrity of the game diminished.”

    That’s right, the NFL has created a billion dollar industry capable of paying exorbitant salaries to young men to play a game. They are currently in negotiations to make sure that they can continue to pay those salaries by coming to terms on a reasonable deal with part-time employees (referees). Stating that the NFL ‘cares more about saving some money’ shows just how naive Rodgers is. This is a business, this is how businesses operate! The point is to make money so that your business can continue to flourish. I guess you keep that childish outlook on the world when you go to college to play football.

    Guess what? Ratings are still high. The NFL is making just as much money with the replacement officials as they did before. If you think their performance provides leverage to the striking refs…well…your just as naive as Rodgers.

  22. I thought the discount double check commercials were bad but blaming his team’s failings on the refs is just sad.

    He had a horrible game. The entire offense had a horrible game. If the packers were as good as they think they are it would not have been an issue.

  23. Im trying to see how different the call would have been with regular refs. First the push off. Its a hail mary pass with bodies everywhere. I cant think of a hail mary pass where there wasnt alot of pushing and shoving, guys coming over the back and whatnot. Second, one ref says TD the other says INT. We see this quite abit from regular refs and ultimately a decision is made. Third, its a judgement call of who had possession. Both were on the ball, but Jennings was more on the ball. But both were on the ball. However the decision was TD so they had to go to the booth. And you need clear and indisputable evidence to overturn a play. That clear evidence probably is not there. Evidence yes, but not clear and indisputable. If the ball was called an INT, I guarantee it wouldnt have been overturned. The Packers would have been acting just like the Seahawks if the call went the other way. Every news outlet would be doing the same. Close play on both sides, not absolutely clear, but it was called in the manner. TD do to the tie up, and then go to the review booth to make sure or not.

  24. Did he also apologize for his Packers once again putting up a measly 12 points as “reigning MVP”?

  25. Shut up A Rodge,,,quit blasting the game that made you rich. Go see Ryan Braun,he made you some of your favorite tapioca

  26. The NFL is a business that is risking the loss of its customers. I won’t be watching this weekend.

    College football on Saturday will be far more entertaining. Sunday is set aside for raking leaves.

  27. Also was not the replacement refs who made the final determination in this case. It was the replay official who is not a replacement ref, it is the same replay official that has been there for years. It is the same ref that has been bending teams over for years, not just the Packers.

  28. Congress NEEDS to get involved. with these blatent manipulations of game outcomes Vegas surely IS!!
    (check the point spreads and teams the big money was wagered on)
    This is way past the point of smelling rotten. It’s visually obvious even to the blind. 85 percent of the fans bet heavely on the packers and patriots.
    Both had vivtory at hand… the refs sustained game ending drives with gross phantom calls a phantom feild goal, and a phantom touch down.
    Coincedence? bad refs? HOW could Vegas get so so luckey so regularly while we little working stiffs cant catch a break. IT’s FIXED guys.. Just open your eyes a little!

  29. Aaron Rodgers does know that it’s not just about money right? I’m really curious because he keeps harping on money but doesn’t mention about accountability. I guess since he isn’t accountable for his performance last night that accountability isn’t an issue for the refs right?

  30. Maybe packer DBs should go back to peewee football and learn to knock down the hail Mary pass instead of trying to pad their interception stats

  31. I bet if the “real” refs were here we wouldn’t have:
    Peyton 1-2
    Brees 0-3
    Rodgers 1-2
    Brady 1-2

    Not that they play favorites or anything… Funny how fast the Pack start crying when not every call goes their way

  32. Tate had the ball in his hands and almost on his butt, before Jennings got his 2nd foot down. Tate was down by contact before Jennings established the requirements of a catch. He didn’t have the ball pinned to his chest. Tate’s hand was between the ball and chest. It was the right call. The interfeence call on Tate was the only blown call.
    1st I’ve ever heard of a 24 yard Hail Mary. LOL

  33. 12 points is enough when your defense holds the other team to 7 points! 7 real points!! Green Bay’s offense sucked in the first half, but Seattle’s sucked pretty much the whole game. Both defenses played great all game and Green Bay’s D did what it had to do to stop Seattle, but in the end no one can say the better team won! So this one falls squarely on the refs and the NFL!

  34. Maybe if the players care so much about the fans and real refs they should take a percentage of their pay to give the real refs what they want and get then back at work. I personally don’t want the NFL to break down and give more money to refs who work part time, sorry I spend enough at a game as it is, u pay the refs more and everything goes up, tickets, parking, food… Time for players pay to go down not fans pricing going up. Beside the regular refs would have screwed that up too!

  35. Packers are used to calls going their way. Not enough cheese in Wisconsin for all the Packers and their fans whine. LMFAO

  36. Rogers has got to be kidding…he stunk up much of the game and now wants to apologize for the league. Eight sacks very little production, he should get back out on the practice field.

  37. When GB starts declining the phantom PI calls they got/get, I will start to listen to this whiner

  38. Sounds like most people on here are satisfied with the officiating thus far. These officials can’t mark off a 10 yard penalty correctly.

  39. Before you start trashing A-Rod, listen to the ENTIRE interview. After his rant/tirade whatever you want to call it, he says the offense did not play well and need to get their act together. Defense is doing their job but the offense needs to step up. No one realistically thought the league would overturn the game, but c’mon- man up and admit there are problems (not just with this game) and get working on fixing them.

  40. Why didn’t Rodgers apologize for:

    1.) Getting sacked 8 times.
    2.) Zero Touchdown passes.
    3.) No running game.
    4.) Only putting 12 points on the board.
    5.) Being in last place in the NFC Central
    6.) Playing in a terrible city.

  41. Why isn’t anyone looking at M.D. Jennings as playing the ball incorrectly? I agree that it was a blown call but don’t coaches teach DB’s and Safeties to “knock the ball down”! Don’t tip it or go for the interception. I haven’t heard one person call out the defense for this. Had he knocked it down the ref’s would have had a much easier call to make.

  42. It blows my mind that people are commenting and defending this call that directly gave a football game instead of to the real winner. Sure there were bad calls both ways. And sure your team has had bad calls too but when did a bad call literally decide the outcome of the game on THE last play?
    And do you morons really think it was the right call when every single talking head in the media all AGREES that the Packers got jobbed? Wake up and send your hate elsewhere.

  43. Spare me. He would have nothing to say if they had won the game. And the one TD they did have was a result of a bogus call, so you can thank the refs for your one score.

  44. Those of you saying that Pack was out played only apparently watched the first half and that I place squarely on McCarthy and his play calling. Packers DOMINATED the second half. Flat out. RW had 130 yards passing for the game and exactly half was on the the 2nd quarter TD pass and of course the “Touchception” to end the game. He was actually picked TWICE in the same drive.

    Seattle lost in T.O.P, first downs, yards and if ref’d correrctly the final score. Other than rushing yards the only advantage Seattle had was the referees.

  45. How about apologizing for not getting a 1st down with unites left, or hitting the 2poinr conversion.

    Do your job, stop whining and grandstanding

  46. Hey Rogers, handle your business the other 59 minutes and 55 seconds and it won’t come down to a hail Mary at the end of the game.

    Success has turned this guy into kind of an a-hole.

  47. I don’t remember Rodgers apologizing to the fans when the former refs called Titus Young’s game winning TD pass against GB incomplete last year in the final game of the season when it was clearly a TD.

  48. The rule is indisuptable; if both players have both hands on the ball at the “completion” of the play (i.e. when they hit the ground) it is “simultaneous possession.” It doesn’t matter what happens in mid-air. It was a touchdown. Period.


  49. The whining continues… these players prove over and over again that unless the NFL locks them out for a season or two or three, they will continue to feel the game, heck the world, revolves around them! To some extent it does and therefore their behavior, but a few seasons off could do everyone some good.

  50. I agree the NFL is responsible for this mess. But i’m also holding the Replacement Ref’s accountable too. If i’m a Div II ref for 30 yrs and then get an opportunity to go to the pros, I’d like to think i’d study the rule book a lot better than what these guys are doing.

  51. How about apologizing for your attitude that millions of kids are watching. Mistakes are made by refs or umps from pee-wee on up. It’s called human error. It’s always been a part of the game that you have to simply outplay.

  52. How about the packers apologizing for not trying to knock the ball down in that situation instead of trying for a meaningless highlight reel stat padding look at me interception???

  53. My advice to Aaron Rogers would be the same as BB’s (and Vince Willfork). If the game rests on the official’s call on the final play NOT A DAMN THING HAS BEEN STOLEN. That being said.. the refs screwing up down and distance on a regular basis makes watching a game kinda tough.. How many games are going past 4 hours? My family needs some of my time!

  54. The packers clearly won the game. They lost the first half and looked awful in doing so but you cannot discount the defensive performance they had in the first half. The second half was all packers and it took cheating to win, same as it took cheating to get the Miami heat the nba championship. Boston is the real NBA champs.

  55. Yes, It is a shame that the NFL is locking out the regular referees. They did the same thing to the players last season, but its going to take a little more than one bad outcome from the replacements to have the owners just give in and pay what the refs are asking for. Look how long it took for the players to get what they wanted…
    and the Players are much harder to replace than a couple hundred old men officiating a game. Its going to take the fans to start boycotting the games in order to get the old refs back, and I doubt we will see fans avoid their favorite sport for something as weak as referees.

  56. When you knock a WARRIOR down, he rises. When you constantly cheat him, he fights back. When you try and take what’s rightly his, YOU LOSE. We will be back better and stronger than ever.

  57. The Packers did get the shaft but I also remember when the Packers were third and ten they got a call for pass interference that was bogus and kept the drive alive of which the Packers scored. I heard all last year the coaches would always say that “one call did not make us lose the game” and that was with the regular refs, and the Packers can look back and see that they had many chances and this game should have been locked up and they just did not get the job done.

  58. It’s pretty funny that everyone is whining and complaining about the refs when they should complain about the fact that they pay the regular refs 120,00 for a 20 game season. Come on. What happens when the strike is over, and the regular refs make a bad call. Forgive them and get on with it. Don’t think so.
    Sorry Packers. You should have never left it in the hands of the refs in the first place. If the call had gone the other way, would the entire state of Wisconsin be complaining about hte refs. No they woulld be saying what a good job they did under difficult circumstances.

  59. He doesn’t have to. Those refs from MNF should be suspended because other inept refs have served them too.

  60. I am giving this issue the attention it deserves.

    1. NEITHER team deserved to win that game. The football was as bad as the officiating.

    2. The Packers have no right to complain as it wouldn’t even be a game if the refs hadn’t previously blown the call that led to GB’s only TD. Blown calls aside the loss can be blamed on the narrow shoulders of the O-line as well as Rodgers in my opinion as the two game-changing blown calls balance each other out.

    2. The Packers LT should be yelled at and bumped by Rodgers Cutler style. Any time the line gives up 8 sacks in the half they should sneak out of the stadium and not be heard of, no matter the outcome.

    3. This is karmic revenge for Charles Woodson being an illiterate sub-human. “Good luck” with the rest of your season. Feel free to comment on how bad Cutler sucks while you waste away on THE worst pass defense in league history, now complete with an offense to match.

    4. Packers players should try watching a game on TV so they can see how many times GB is the benificiary of the bad/corrupt calls. Phantom PI calls anyone?

  61. sariff420 says: Sep 25, 2012 6:37 PM

    How about the packers apologizing for not trying to knock the ball down in that situation instead of trying for a meaningless highlight reel stat padding look at me interception???

    No. Wrong. The correct move is to intercept the ball here, NOT to bat it down.

    Just look at the ending of the Nov. 14th 2010 game between the Texans and Jaguars to understand why. The un-written rule was un-re-written that day when a defender supposedly did the right thing and batted down a game-ending hail Mary pass… Right into the waiting arms of a Jaguars receiver, which ended up winning the game for the Jaguars.

    32 NFL teams will now tell you that the right move is to intercept, not deflect.

  62. Each week im told “every scoreing play is reviewed” In this case there was no scoreing play that happened. To the best that my 70″ tv can show me (and the replay comes evey 210 seconds) is that Tate has yet to get 2 hands on the ball … NO SCORE TO REVIEW, Just an old amature ref who thought he saw a score.. How is the NFL not reversing this and setting history straight. I dont have an intrest in either team, but I do have a problem rooting for a leage that will sell it’s integrety with us the fans/betting public, to win a labor dispute. My Sundays are now free to do other things. Maybe ill use this time to get to know my family again

  63. I can’t stand GB. But the amount of respect I have for Rodgers grows weekly. Not just as a player, but as a person. (his commercials are another story…)

  64. Rodgers seems like a nice enough guy, but at this moment is just an under-performing, whining millionaire.

    You played an awful game. Man up and take responsibility.

  65. Actually Rodgers did criticize the refs on a play that benefited him. That is not a sign of a whiner. Here is his exact quote about the Randall Cobb return.

    “Anybody who watches the TV copy, I mean I saw it from the sidelines, but we scored a touchdown on a legit block in the back. I don’t know what happened on that. It has to hopefully get better.”

  66. Hey Aaron……put some points on the board with that “explosive offense” and stop the whining, pushing camera men, smug babyesque’ press conferences and ignoring cancer patients. Yes….even the media darling Packers get screwed for once…..pull up your panties and get back to work…..its a long season!

  67. I have 2 points on this.

    Offensive pass inteference on Golden Tate.

    M.D Jennings should have knocked the freakin ball down. His Fault on this.

  68. Maybe if the replacement referees realized that they are in way over their heads and decided collectively that they aren’t going to ref these games anymore, then the NFL would be in a real pickle to get a deal with the professionals.

  69. Did ARodg also apologize for not scoring in the first half and not being able to capitalize on mistakes by the Seahawks in the 2nd half that would have rendered heroics moot?

    If this is REALLY a “high powered” offense, why does their QB have a rating of 87 and why can’t they score so a blown call doesn’t impact the game?

  70. For all the people who say that the Packers should have scored more or gotten sacked less or been in a better position:

    Is a team not entitled to play a close game and expect adequate officiating until the very last second?

    8 seconds. A lot can happen in 8 seconds.

    Maybe you’ve never played football, or ridden rodeo, or traded stocks. A hell of a lot can be done in 8 seconds.

    I expect bell to bell effort and accuracy. From the players. And the refs.

    Incompetence has nowhere on the field. There is plenty on the field these days vis a vis the referees of all people.

    NFL and Ref Union need to sort out. They are killing the goose that laid the Golden Egg.

    If they do not sort out, I will scale back my NFL viewing to only watch my team. If millions more do so, NFL will lose big money.

    They depend on a certain demographic to consume their product religiously. Literally religously. For many, NFL football replaces Church on Sundays during the season.

    I love professional football, but they are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  71. I used to dislike Rodgers, but After this I am a fan of his because he’s right.at this point the NFL just needs to cut thier losses and get the officials back to work because this crap is happening way to much and it is making people shut off the games Sunday afternoons.

  72. Doesn’t excuse the officiating, but Rodgers didn’t have an apology and outrage lined up when Green Bay benefitted from non-PI PI calls on GB’s go ahead drive.

    People forget the people in the booth aren’t replacement officials. They’re the same guys from last year.

    They could have overturned the end call but chose not to. Even the if the replacements are replaced the officiating gap will still exist.

    Side story, some of these replacements were fired from the Lingerie Football League. (SOURCE: Off The Bench)

  73. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Sep 25, 2012 6:54 PM
    When you knock a WARRIOR down, he rises. When you constantly cheat him, he fights back. When you try and take what’s rightly his, YOU LOSE. We will be back better and stronger than ever.


    Erin Rodgers is not a warrior. No football player is a warrior, especially not one who plays QB. Claiming Rodgers is a warrior is just as foolish as Winslow’s “I’m a soldier” rant.

    Warriors also wouldn’t whine about this call, and wouldn’t claim “the _____ didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves” after every loss.

  74. What an ungrateful little crybaby. Grow up, Aaron. Cry about the drive extending bogus penalties that gifted you 2 scoring drives if you’re going to cry about anything. Your team looked better in the 2nd half. But you needed the ref’s help to do that. The Seahawks had you stopped on thirds downs on 2 separate drives but needed bogus penalties to keep your drives alive. Take away those 2 bogus penalties and the Seahawks defense looks just as dominant as they did in the first half and you end with 3 points on the board. Apologize for the crap product that is your offense, not for the officials.

  75. Worry about next week you cry-baby. You might need to score a non penalty-aided touchdown for a change.

  76. I think when the Bucs didn’t go to the Super Bowl in 1999-2000 because the refs made up the “Bert Emanuel” on the spot, I think that’s a bit more important than your MNF game.

    When the Raiders got cheated out of going to the Super Bowl in 2001 because of the “tuck” rule, that’s a bit more important.

    Did you issue an apology to the Bucs fans again in 2010 when Kellen Winslow of the Bucs got tagged for an offensive PI call at the end of a Week 16 game, a loss that ended up costing the Bucs a tiebreaker with the Packers and got the Packers into the playoffs? The NFL had the courtesy to send the Bucs a nice letter that said, “hey sorry, the ref screwed up the call and yeah sorry you’re out of the playoffs, our bad.” I didn’t see the people around the nation crying over that.

    Shut-up you lame ass Packers fans, you got screwed by the refs, happens all the time with regular refs it’s about time you got a tiny amount of payback. Welcome to every other team in the league.

  77. C’mon! The Pack played horrible on offense. Sacked 8 times, put up 12 points. They adjusted at the second half and it took the 13th man to beat this team! Child please!

  78. To those saying Jennings should have batted it down how did that go in Sunday’s Titans/Lions game? Hail Mary pass at the end batted into the arms of a Lion’s player who fell across the goal line for a td

  79. As a Seattle fan and former coach I can only say that I totally agree with Rogers comments. I give him all the credit in the world for pointing out it was “multiple plays”.

    It wasn’t ONLY the last call. It wasn’t ONLY that game. Fact is, that call and that game were (hopefully) the straws that broke the camels back. Sadly, the players didn’t speak up sooner.

    Time to start the impeachement process for the commish…

  80. Face it Arron . You played poorly. Then you whine about the ref’s {It rains on the whole field } You ,not the ref’s sucked last night! If you would have done your job , you wouldn’t have been in that situation,and we wouldn’t have to hear millionaire’s whine about somebody who did their job because you couldn’t.

  81. hey crybaby Rogers, the NFL made u, u did not make it, you are free to walk away from your contract at any time and give up the NFL.

    Did you hear any vikings players cry bout saints bounty gate after the game, nooooooo.

    you are what your record says u r. the nfl air assult is over, its back to smash mouth football grind & pound it out, your style is so 2 years and obsolete….just look @brady, brees, manning, & other qb pre maddonnas.

    you are what your record says you are.

    if ur such a professional, dont go into the last play of a game hoping a 3rd string ref decide your game, make a few plays & dont take so many sacks, it may end up different.

  82. boo-hoo ! talk about blown calls-go back to the :41 second mark and tell me woodson wasn’t draped on the hawks reciever like a cheap suit ! they call that play and hawks win the old fashioned way-they earn it. the pack lost that game in the first half while getting whipped like red-headed step-children. poor poor packers, the replacement refs aren’t in their back pockets like the regular ones, sniff sniff-someone please get mr. discount double choke a hanky………

  83. smorkingapple says: Sep 25, 2012 4:54 PM

    The real Aaron Rodgers statement:

    I apologize to our fans for mistakenly leading you guys to believe we were elite. We gave up 8 sacks in the 1st half on 4 man rushes, and could only score 12 points against the Seahawks. I apologize that we almost pulled out a game we had no business winning and recognize that was the football God’s version of karma.
    They dominated the second half. Seahawks dominated the first. The Hawks did not get a first down in the second half that was not BS. I really hope they make the playoffs so Green Bay can kill them. Smorking-You are a steaming pile of excrement!

  84. He wouldn’t need to apologize and make excuses if he did what he was paid to due.

    Put the ball in the endzone…not hope your defense bails you out on a judgement call

  85. vincentbojackson says:
    Sep 25, 2012 6:18 PM
    “Success has turned this guy into kind of an a-hole.”

    Did he spend the entire off season holding out for a 100 million dollar contract?

    Did he pose in a magazine with pistols …

    no ? … did he respond passionately over the refs robbing his team of a victory ? …. yes…. so let’s condemn this man for being passionate about his job/sport he plays….ka-durrh!?

  86. Packers get flat out Robbed on National TV and yet there’s still dopes yapping about how the refs handed the packers games/points…. smh.

    Haters bring up, “If The refs called this guy for not tying his shoes.. then the packers wouldn’t have scored those 45 points and sacked our guy 4 times….we easily only lost cause of that one obscure missed call that one time!”

    Meanwhile, Packers clinch a lead in a tight slugfest, Then the refs takeaway 2 interceptions from the Packer’s D, Let Rice & Tate shove Shields…. all in the last 4 minutes, but nah…totally didn’t cost the Packers a game…. If they did this or that, they wouldn’t be in that situation… Totally something I didn’t think about when I ranted about “A” blown call when the Packers beat my team 45 – 7

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