Bills give Brian Moorman the boot


Sean Powell eventually won.

Back in May, the undrafted rookie said he wanted to learn as much as he could from veteran punter Brian Moorman.  And then take Moorman’s job.

Per multiple reports, the Bills will be releasing Moorman.  Tim Graham of the Buffalo News reports that the Bills will be re-signing Powell.

Graham explains that the Bills decided to make the change because Moorman had “shaky games with directional punts.”  But Powell, according to Graham, was also weak in that area.

The good news for Moorman is that, as a vested veteran, he’ll be entitled to receive the full amount of his $1.425 million base salary as termination pay.  And he’ll also be able to join a new team, get paid, and keep the money from both teams.

Moorman, a Pro Bowler who is perhaps known for getting blown up by Sean Taylor in Hawaii, will likely land elsewhere, eventually.  Even if he doesn’t, he’ll still get $83,823.53 per week for the next 14 weeks.

The move could be an unpopular one on the locker room.  Veteran tailback Fred Jackson said via Twitter, “WTF??? Released Mooreman??? For What??

24 responses to “Bills give Brian Moorman the boot

  1. The move could be an unpopular one on the locker room.

    The move WILL be an unpopular move with the fanbase too!! I for one think that this move was a weak decision. Moorman is not only one of the greatest Punters in the league, he is a fan favorite. One of the most beloved Buffalo Bills of all time. Shame on you Buddy Nix for this terrible decision.
    -Angry Bills Fan #BillsMafia

  2. What the heck? Did they suddenly decide that Motorman has been cursing the team and keeping them from reaching the playoffs all this time??? He has been one of their best players for many, many years.

  3. As a Pats fan I’ve seen this guy single handedly give the Bills field position…he can boom them pretty good.

    Didn’t realize his job was in jeopardy…Figure someone will want to upgrade this position.

  4. Here in Buffalo, everyone loves Moorman. He does a lot of work in the community, for example, helping cheer up the children at Roswell Park cancer institute. People around here are talking about his release from the team in hushed whispers in a state of shock. It’s like he’s been shot or something, I kid you not. I don’t know why he’s been released, but at least it was during the season, so he’ll still get his full pay and should catch on with another team. Brian Moorman was all class and will be missed by the community.

  5. Two things come to mind:

    1. Brian Moorman has been the Bills best player for about a decade. Sad to see you go.

    2. The punter has been the Bills best player for about a decade. Explains a lot.

  6. I’m not sure I get it. He hasn’t been bad and this isn’t a cost-saving move.

    He absolutely boomed a punt last week and has been an all-around great rep of the Bills. Fred’s right. For what??

  7. i agree. ive been hearing fans chant ‘mvp’ for years. as a season ticket holder and owner of a moorman jersey, i am too disappointed. thanx for your years of strong punting, brian. i know you’ll catch on somewhere else. good luck to you.

  8. I like Moorman, I really do, but this does not surprise me at all, I keep track of each games performance as much as I can and in all honesty he has looked horrible since the Jets game. That and the fact of his age, and Powell’s age and potential. Nix and Gailey preach they look to upgrade every position and nobody’s job is 100% safe. I think they felt it was time to move on, but its true this isn’t going to be popular at all with the fans nor the locker room.

  9. The move could be an unpopular one on the locker room. Veteran tailback Fred Jackson said via Twitter, “WTF??? Released Mooreman??? For What??“

    Yeah, Jackson was so upset that he spelled the guy’s name wrong.

  10. You do not keep a guy on any team for what he does off the field!

    You keep a guy on your team for what he does on the field!

    Maybe he isnt cutting it amymore?

  11. just heard that this wasnt a football decsion it was a life one….apparentley moormans wife has terminal cancer. Heard from a pretty good source and if hes lying hes going to hell….

  12. I love moorman,but this is also why the bills are on the rise. Buddy nix won’t hesitate to cut someone that isn’t cutting it. I feel it is refreshing that the new bills regime are always looking for ways to improve the team 🙂

    If this was jaurons bills trent would still be starting and the bills would still be playing the cover none defense !!!
    Go bills and brian you will be missed!!

  13. HE’S A PUNTER!!! If the Bills fans are this much up in arms over the release of their punter (who many fans here say is their best player), then I’d say that team is sinking fast anyway. “A fan favorite”? Wow. I’ve never even heard of him. Yes, how will the Bills ever survive without him?!

  14. No one ever said the Bills couldnt survive without moorman. The point is that he was our longest tenured player who has had a very solid career and had done nothing to warrant his release.

    Prior to today, the Bills had 2 kickers (one a vet and the other a rookie) and a punter on their roster. Now we have the same 2 kickers and a rookie punter. Releasing Moorman just doesnt make a ton of sense on the surface. Someone at 1 Bills dr. knows something we don’t.

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