Bush on Revis injury: “What goes around comes around”

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When it comes to the season-ending injury suffered by Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, Dolphins running back Reggie Bush has no sympathy.

Bush, who suffered a knee injury of his own in the same game that saw Revis rupture an ACL, said of the situation, “It’s like the old saying, what goes around comes around,” via Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post.

“They talked about all week about putting hot sauce and this and that, and they ended up losing their best player for the rest of the season,” Bush added.

On Monday, Jets linebacker Calvin Pace suggested it was more than talk.  Pace said the the Jets wanted to put Bush “on out.”  Pace later claimed that the Jets weren’t trying to injure Bush.

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  1. Bush is right. There intent was to injure Bush which they did…for the game. Revis got injured…for they year. Thats what they get. With or without Bush the fins should have won the game. Its pathetic how the Jets can celebrate after an ugly performance like that, and Tannehill looked good though as he did vs the Raiders. All I have to say is the Jets secondary is going to get torched now. Go Fins!!

  2. Pace is full of B.S! I saw more than one play where a Jets’ helmet found R.B.’s knee. And Reggie is right about Karma…

  3. Oh please, if you knew anything about Revis, you would know he’s the hardest working and most talented cornerback in the league and every one of his opponents relishes the challenge of facing him (just ask Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald, who will miss that opportunity this year). Outside of you Reggie, I can’t think of any player that thinks Revis getting hurt is anything less than a horrible misfortune.

    Get well soon Revis!! I know you’ll be back and ready to re-open the island in 2013!!

  4. Couldn’t say it better! They go after Reggie’s knees (who’s only an okay RB, at best) and lose their best player! lol lol lol lol

  5. Indeed what comes around goes around. We will meet with the jets and teach them a lesson…. Tani will be hot by then and the sauce will fall on the jets. Go fins….

  6. Although having Revis out may hinder my fantasy teams’ D, I wholeheartedly agree with Reggie Bush’s sentiment. Calvin Pace shouldn’t have opened his mouth about the hot sauce and trying to take Bush out of the game. You reap what you sow.

  7. Bush might want to rethink about what he says! They will play again this year and they will be wanting blood for this! And last time i checked Bush doesn’t Hit anyone!

  8. Amen! No sympathy here!!!
    Normally I don’t revel in players getting injured, but when your HEAD COACH talks about wanting to take a player out, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving team!

  9. This league is getting tired. Guys chirping with big boy muscles on social media, guys intentionally trying to disrupt another mans career, owners being so greedy time and time again while telling the fans, who will support their team through thick and thin, FAH Q, you will like what we give you on our terms.

    This is about the time I wish there was a competitor league worth a damn. College football is too tough to watch with the obvious talent drop off.

  10. I promise I was thinking the exact same thing when I heard the news Reggie….and plus this injury may affect more than just this season for Revis this injury may affect his proformance for yrs to come

  11. When Bush went down – I saw LaRon Landry hoverin’ over him clappin’ his hands and smiling . . . . he then gleefully turns toward his fellow Jets and continues clappin’ his hands … truly disgusting behavior .
    Later on Revis strips the ball and also recovers it from Bush’s replacement at Rb ( after a couple of his Jet team mates had already stopped the runners momentum and the whistle probably should have been called ending the play )
    Revis then gets up from the pile with the ball and stares out at the sideline beating his chest and pointing at himself…
    again disgusting behavior.

    I know your not suppose to wish injury on anybody – but if somebody’s season had to end on sunday …all I’m sayin’ is it couldn’t have happened to a better guy .

  12. This will have a domino effect on the Jets secondary. Not only is there a significant drop off to Kyle Wilson, but Cromartie now has to cover a #1, not a #2, which affect him as well. On top of that, the safeties will be forced to assist deep, affecting their run defense.

    I hate Revis, but his loss is immense.

    Nice burn by Bush, too.

    Both teams are going to be fired up in the October rematch. Just hope they can find a girl scout troop to officiate so there will be some improvement.

  13. Against Buffalo, Landry hit Jackson’s knee, legally, but if you watched the game, as Jackson lay there writhing in pain,Landry stood nearby clapping his hands like he won the lottery.You’d think a guy with a ticking time bomb of an Achilles would be at least a little concerned for a fellow players career, but sadly, no.

  14. So true, with the Jests it’s all mouth, mouth, mouth. Comes from the top down: it’s the Ryan trademark. Lots of talk and few results.

  15. ever notice how dogs are always like their owner?

    Ryan sets the tone and during his tenure:
    – coaches tripping players
    – helmets on knees
    – non stop delinquency
    – non stop talk

    and they still haven’t got that ring they’ve been guaranteeing every year…..

    karma is right

  16. “nyjalleffingday says: Sep 25, 2012 11:05 PM

    Hahahaha, what a wonderful human being.”

    Keep laughing, Jets fans.
    Jets defense spends week leading up to the game talking about knocking Reggie Bush out of the game.

    Jets defense knocks Reggie Bush out of the game (by accident, of course).

    Jets defense loses its best defender for the whole year due to a non-contact knee injury.


  17. Its too bad Mr. Kardashian…I mean Mr. Bush is too stupid to know what the “hot sauce” comment meant. Rex was complimenting him on how good he is and the hot sauce comment was his way of saying they need to slow him down. What a dolt. Stay classy as always you clown. You belong on that black hole of an organization

  18. wadecounty93 did you see the injury on Bush? There was no illegal hit and any hit on him that anyone can misconstrue as being illegal or done with the intent to injure. The Jets were celebrating? How were they celebrating after the game exactly? They all acknowledged how bad they played and were lucky. Rex even said so in his press conference. Do you even pay attention or just make up stuff to reinforce your hatred? At least come up with legit factual information don’t just make it up. Its unreal how clueless people are

  19. Have fun picking in the top ten this year Jets fans. Hey maybe you can go with another USC quarterback, at least Pete Carroll isn’t there to tell you how big of a mistake you made this time.

    New York Jets: Irrelevant since the moon landing.

  20. Wow. I knew the Jets hate on this board was on a whole nother level, but applauding a guy because he found satisfaction in a season ending injury? You people make me sick.

  21. I don’t see a great deal of understanding about $hit talk here. Me and my boy’s talk endless trash, if for nothing else, just to see if you can be as right as an anolog clock. They are not God’s, but from time to time they are worshiped by some as though they are. Not one among them has ever approached complete perfection but the level of worship demonstrated indicates otherwise. They play a game for a living, which makes it highly competitive, not to mention the reality that someone could be crippled…. or THE MONEY, lends to a level of intensity that you don’t get out of everyday life….. unless your a degenerate, compulsive gambler. In the name of all that’s Holy to you put it in perspective.

  22. Revis was given a Heisman Trophy for his play, but then it was taken away because he wanted his pay day early………..
    “Because what goes around, comes around.”

  23. Hahaha its great to see our feature back, and only household-name offensive weapon now has a bitter distain for the Jets. Even in a rebuilding yea– um, decade; still one of the best rivalries in the NFL

  24. Not a fan of either team but I was watching the game. I remember watching some of the jets players clapping after they saw Bush laying on the ground not being able to get up. Just another reason to hate the Jets even more!

  25. I never liked Reggie Bush because he was the poster boy for the University of Scandals and Cheats (literally!) but he proved himself last year finally and is on track to do the same damage or more this year. And you can’t say he’s wrong here either.

    How does the league, in this particular age and climate, possibly condone statements like Pace’s which are blatant admission of dirty tendencies at a minimum?

  26. So let me get this straight… supposedly, the Jets viewed Bush to be such menace to their defense, they planned to take him out of the game? While Reggie Bush is ultra talented, he is no world beater. Pounding my Raiders on the ground does not qualify reggie fricken bush to the HoF. Does anyone actually believe that the Jets thought they would win by taking out Reggie Bush? You know who would make more sense to take out? the guy who touches the ball, almost all the time.

  27. As a jets fan i am devistated by the lose of revis …but i like what bush said what should he care about an opponent s well being…

  28. Jets coach and player brag about planning to injure Reggie Bush before the game.

    Reggie Bush gets injured during the game and multiple Jets players celebrate the injury as Bush is laid out on the field.

    After the game, the Jets brag about injuring Reggie Bush.

    Roger Goodell does nothing.

    What a total freaking joke this league is. Pathetic!

  29. Bush is correct. The sooner that the Jets learn to shut their pie holes the better. I do not believe that Bush was targeted. I believe the Jets are dumb ass nimrods.

  30. i live in california so i’m not a jets fan & def. don’t like seeing ANY players getting hurt so sorry reggie (who actually went to the same high school as me “helix” in la mesa) im not with you on this one. also, the jets hate by this site and its readers is comical at best. it was funny when this site was quiet when the first place jets smoked the bills week one though. two afc championship games in three years and never a losing record under rex ryan….ya! some circus.

  31. I think “what goes around comes around” was the exact thing the Heisman trust said to Reggie as they ripped his trophy out of his hands.

  32. The unexpected consequence of the Revis injury is that it will probably take Rex Ryan off the hot seat. The Jets aren’t very good with Revis, probably a 7 or 8 win team at best; without him, winning 5 games might be asking too much. However, Ryan will be able to point to the Revis injury and claim, with some credibility, that the defense was built around this guy so he’s essentially irreplaceable, hence the poor season. It’s an argument that will probably win him one more season.

  33. Be proud once again, Reggie. You just joined these moronic Jets haters.

    How do you say, “Even O.J. Simpson was allowed to keep his Heisman Trophy”.

  34. I think the Dolphins actually winning the game would’ve been the bigger “F- YOU!”, but I guess Revis getting hurt is the next best thing for Miami. Good teams get revenge by winning, crappy teams hope for injuries. Dolphins are a horrible team, horrible franchise, not going anywhere fast.

  35. Big Phins fan here….and I saw the same thing that Captfoxboro mentioned above. LaRon Landry standing over Reggies and clapping that he was injured. Truly a classless act. Ironically, when Revis left the field, all the Phins players applauded him out of respect. Revis is a great player, and anyone should hate to see him injured and out for the season.

    With that said, this Jets problem starts at the top. When your coach sets a tone and makes comments, the players follow along. I would encourage all of you to watch the tape of Bush’s injury and watch the actions of LaRon Landry.

  36. @thraiderskin:
    Priceless comment based on what just happened when Reggie torched the Faiders.
    He was the 2nd leading rusher in the NFL prior to the injury and on his way to another 100+ yard day. Yeah, that pretty much sums up world beater.

    Jets couldn’t stop him any better then you did.

  37. And Yet the poor Fins lost …Cry Reggie cry oh and enjoy last place in the AFC East –

    Fins should move to LA and change their colors as I think we are all sick of seeing that ugly orange you know with all those empty seats each and every week.

    Fins Blow and LaRon Landry is a beast…..

  38. supposedly, the Jets viewed Bush to be such menace to their defense, they planned to take him out of the game?

    Uh, I’d say 61 yds on 10 carries had the jests just a little worried. Oh, and how do you propose they get to the QB to take him out? Their D-line can’t get anywhere near a QB.

  39. This will have a domino effect on the Jets secondary. Not only is there a significant drop off to Kyle Wilson, but Cromartie now has to cover a #1, not a #2, which affect him as well. On top of that, the safeties will be forced to assist deep, affecting their run defense.

    I hate Revis, but his loss is immense.

    Nice burn by Bush, too.

    Both teams are going to be fired up in the October rematch. Just hope they can find a girl scout troop to officiate so there will be some improvement.
    While I agree woth you about the dropoff I doubt we will see Cro on the bother teams number 1. Normally a team takes their best CB and puts it on the 2 receiver and they dbl team the number one. Revis covering the number 1 with no help is pretty much unprecedented. Even Deion got put on the other teams number 2 or got help on the number 1.

    This will really mess witht eh Jets defensive philopshy by losing Revis essentially they lose 2 players as the will need 2 players to cover the other teams number 1 now and those 2 combined will not be as good as Revis. Revis is just that good.

    But its an opportunity for the Jet defense and for Rex to prove they are a good defense and he is a defensive genius. Maybe the Jets will be able to manufacture a pass rush now. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. SF and Houston are two tough teams to start the N0-Revis era.

  40. The Jets generally outperform the predictions of PFT posters. I’ve been reading 6-10 for the last three years and it hasn’t happened. Don’t be surprised if they get it done this Sunday

  41. What’s funny is nobody considers that a Bounty on Reggie Bush, had it been Greg Williams talking about putting hot sauce on someone… Had it been the Saints… This would have been blown out of context, and that’s without him even sustaining an injury.

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