Even Pete Carroll is ready for ref lockout to end


Even the man who benefited most from the controversial end-of-game call last night admits it’s time to end the lockout.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, whose team “earned” a win because of the disputed simultaneous catch call, called for the return of regular refs after the game.

It’s time for it to be over,” Carroll said, via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. “It’s time for this to be over. My hat’s off to these officials. They’re doing everything they can to do it as well as they can. They have great pride. They’re working their tails off. It demonstrates how difficult it is. It’s a very, very complex process to handle these games and make these decisions. There’s nothing easy about it, and it takes years and years of experience to pull it off properly and in a timely fashion and keep the flow of the game alive and all that.

“It’s time for it to be over. The league deserves it. Everybody deserves it.”

The Packers have a different version, some profane, of what they deserve.

While Seattle was called for 14 penalties to Green Bay’s 10, the Seahawks were the beneficiaries of several calls prior to the final one.

The roughing-the-passer penalty against Erik Walden negated a Green Bay interception, and a questionable pass interference call went their way on a first-and-25.

Carroll striking a gracious note doesn’t help the Packers, or the situation. But it speaks clearly to the exasperation of everyone involved.

21 responses to “Even Pete Carroll is ready for ref lockout to end

  1. The real Refs are laughing their asses off.

    The replacement Refs are trying their best at a job they are not prepared for.

    What did we expect? Expect more of the same.

    Goodell gets all the blame for this mess.

  2. Regardless of what all the posters are saying Green Bay should really be disappointed that they had only at 12 points at the end of that game. The bigger issue is how quiet the media has been on the details that are keeping the NFL and the “real refs” from settling this whole dispute. It is hard to take a side when very few of us know the real sticking issues. However it is now clear how tough it is to be an NFL ref.

    In the old days of US labor the player’s union would not play the games to support the Refs union but that is ancient labor history.

  3. They were beneficiaries of some calls. Like the bogus PI that kept a Packer drive going? Or that bogus first down near the goal line that allowed the Packers to then score a TD, instead of kicking a field goal?

    The real refs need to be let back in, working on their old contract until a new one is negotiated. But Seattle was screwed plenty, too.

  4. Can someone please show me a screenshot where Tate did NOT have 2 hands on the ball with his body in bounds??? Oh… You cant! Because he (and Jennings) both had 2 hands on the ball while in bounds the entire time.

    Everyone is looking at Jennings leverage and body position and thinks well he must have caught it. Where in the rules does it say you have to have either of those?? Its a non factor.

    Just because it look and felt like an INT, doesnt mean it was one based on the rules. Again, I ask anyone who disagrees to show me a screenshot where Jennings has 2 hands on the ball, and Tate doesnt. Jennings could have ripped the ball away, but he obviously couldnt because Tate was holding it…

  5. That was the worst game of many over the weekend. thanks to Rodger and the owners i will get all my yardwork done this Sunday i am not going to watch any nfl game. my kids were going to take me to a game for my birthday and i told them to forget it.

  6. At least these replacement refs haven’t cost anyone a Super Bowl yet. You know, like, how the “good” refs cost the Seahawks a Super Bowl. Just throwing that out there.

  7. Is this the first game decided on a questionable call? Is it the last?


    If GB were as good as they were shouting prior to the game, it would’ve never gone down to the last play.

  8. Questionable PI call???!!! In a night where calls were made that shouldn’t have been and a number of others were missed, the most egregious was the PI on Shields. It was classically perfect coverage–inside position, looked back for the ball. He might have had an INT until he got mugged by Rice. And he gets called for PI? UGH! There was a penalty almost every play, making it hard to watch. Was anyone really surprised by the botched ending? It was like parking your car on a railroad crossing, crowing for a few hours that your car was fine (even though the neighborhood kids were egging it), then having a freight train blow it to smithereens.

  9. Yeah, completely over look the fact that the ‘adjustments’ the Packers made in the second half was even more blatant holding by their offensive line than in the first half (that was never called)
    And you got yourself an argument.

  10. The ball has been bouncing in Seattles favor in at least two games. First the Cards game, now this one. The only difference is, they won this game. Terrible, terrible job by the refs here.

  11. …This is ridiculous…

    Of course folks are ‘ready for the lockout to end’ … Even the owners are ready for it to end.

    The problem is neither side is ready for it to end in a way that makes them the loser.

    Of course the refs are ready to have it end where they get 200K part time salaries and defined benefit pensions.

    Of course the owners are ready to have it end with a defined contribution pension and with an evaluation system.

    No matter how bad it is now, the ref situation will e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y get better, especially because (ironically) the present refs can be evaluated and tossed aside if necessary.

    Until then, the players (who’s union is in collusion with the refs) will continue to badger the refs and fight for an edge like they were substitute teachers– which would CLEARLY jeopardize player safety more than refs making calls after plays. The one thing that won’t get better will be the NFL’s financial picture when/if they keep a slew of refs on the payroll long after they’ve retired with a defined benefit pension plan… Do you seriously need any examples that prove this out?

    Pay them 400k/year, match 50% of their 401k contributions, whatever… just create a system where you have fore-knowledge/control over expenses going forward. That (and the threat of falling off the pension teat through poor performance) are the real issues here, and it has nothing to do with referee performance on the field.

  12. Pete Carroll is benefiting from what McCarthy benefited from last year.

    The Packers had a TON of bad calls go their way last year, and this year, it’s not fair to them?

    Go cry, Titletown.

  13. “The exasperation of everyone” is a nice phrase.

    There were so many mistakes in the Monday Night game that infuriated everyone. Other locally broadcast games have had the same bad calls too.

    The below standard officials messed up with a kicking ball for the 2 point conversion as well (there ought to be only one size ball but that is another story).

    The debacle is that clearly the game is not decided by the players on the field but by amateurs who are temporary part time employees of the NFL who have only been associated with the league a few weeks.

    Shame on the penny pinchers who run the NFL.

  14. It was the roughing penalty that was questionable. The pass interference call was just flat wrong.

    I’ve never seen a single series screwed up so badly.

  15. Low scoring games often means good defense, which is also good football. This was a close low scoring game. Look at the olympics. Competitions at a high level often come down to small differences. If there was bad timing for a swimming event you would tell Michael Phelps you are partly to blame and next time swim faster?

  16. @voiceofreas… i mean “truthfactory” You can change your name but your troll stench is the same. Anyone who isn’t a dumb troll can see that tate had one hand on the ball and then brought the other over after jennings had it secured.

    This still counts as you not keeping your word about not posting on this site. Maybe PFTnation can pool some loose change together to buy you a shiny new bridge to live under, or jump off of.

  17. I loved seeing Gerry Austin’s face in the booth when Mike Tirico was talking about how this would break the impasse that they arrived at in negotiations on Sunday. Imagine the faces of the refs who aren’t on camera.

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