Ex-Raiders center Barret Robbins released from prison

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Barret Robbins, the former Raiders center best remembered for deserting the team on the eve of the Super Bowl, and for later going public about his struggles with mental illness, has been released from prison.

Robbins was released on Tuesday morning from the Dade Correctional Institute, where he has spent the past year and a half after a drug-related probation violation. Robbins became upset when the Miami CBS affiliate approached him and asked whether he’d be able to stay off drugs now that he was free.

I’m not worried about that and that’s not anybody’s business but mine. That’s something I’ll deal with myself,” Robbins said. “You know what, cancel this, erase this. Erase what you got, I don’t want any part of this s–t.”

Robbins was placed on probation after he pleaded guilty in 2005 to five charges, including attempted murder, over a fight with three police officers.

24 responses to “Ex-Raiders center Barret Robbins released from prison

  1. I’ll never forget walking into the SB game in san diego, when my friend was listening to the radio, and said barrett robbins was awol, and they found him in tijuana……..he then said jimmy the greek stated that if you ever wanted to fix a game , fix it with the center……..that was an omen of waht was to come that afternoon.

    Robbins was a beast. He was shot several times by the cops and survived that. I hope he is on his meds, and can stay on the strait and narrow.

  2. Robbins was placed on probation after he pleaded guilty in 2005 to five charges, including attempted murder, over a fight with three police officers.
    Hope he doesn’t move near me.

  3. This guy had the potential to be one of the best centers ever, not just for the Raiders but in the NFL as a whole. He played some really good football for Oakland and could have taken a spot along side Otto, Dalby, and Mosebar as the next great Raiders center.

    It’s a shame. I hope he finally gets his personal demons sorted out.

  4. Robbins’s story is a really sad one. The Raiders are far better than most NFL teams at looking after their players, but a part of me thinks that the team let him down, both before Tijuana and after his career was over.

    The cases are different, but this and the Seau case show that mental health issues can be very serious for former players. I don’t know what the answer is, but I’d like to see someone in the league or the NFLPA look into post-career mental health issues and at least consider if there is anything that can be done to make these cases less frequent.

  5. If anyone believes whole heartedly in the justice system in our country after reading this, then they are as insane as this guy.seriously like 7 years for attempted murder!?

  6. If the Raiders had him on their team they might have only lost the Super Bowl 48-24 instead of 48-21. Of course if the refs didn’t give the Raiders a BS TD on Porters non-catch they would be back at 48-14.

  7. Let me tell you. Miami beach police is Very dirty police dept. can’t believe all what they say. I know Barrett might have issues but I know how how Miami beach runs biz! Hope all goes well for Barrett. Great guy met him in Miami one time. Go Raiders!!

  8. Humbolt, even tho you live for this, I must say once again you and your vw bus should just burst into flames. What a cheap punk you are!Hey, RYAN LEAF, you sd idiot.I wish I could meet you, just to confirm what a pathetic basement dweller you are.See you soon, the Raiders will destroy you.

  9. As much as I like sticking up for my Raiders, after reading his comments he made fresh out of leaving prison, this dude is a low life.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s back in jail in another 6 months. It’s one thing to have a problem and seek help, and it’s another to repeatedly make the same mistakes over and over again.

  10. I thought this guy died? Hand o god I did. Was there some other raider player that died a few years back that had issues that I’m confusing him with?

  11. I saw a piece on Real Sports about Robbins. He lost wife and kids due to his mental illness. He seems like a lost soul. Very sad. I really hope he gets his life back on track. He’s been through enough. He deserves some happiness.

  12. The Raiders did not lose the Super Bowl because of Barrett Robbins. They lost because John Gruden was the coach, it’s that simple. He built that team into a Super Bowl team, he made Gannon an MVP of the league so of course he would know how to beat them. He could have beaten them with the 0-16 Lions because he knew all their plays and audibles and tendencies, especially Gannon’s. Worst mistake of Al Davis’s career trading him.

  13. Raidernation210 You are absolutley right. That’s the very reason they lost. With Gruden on the other team as head coach they didn’t have a chance when they walked in there. He new every play in the book and every move they made. Davis never should have let him go. He was probably the best coach they have ever had. One of the top three anyway with Madden and Flores. He was definitely a Raider. He just fit like he belonged.

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