Golden Tate: “I know I had the ball”

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Although the vast majority of fans and members of the media agree that the officials botched the Seahawks’ game-winning Hail Mary touchdown on the final play of Monday night’s controversial 14-12 win over the Packers, the man who was awarded the touchdown insists that he did, in fact, catch the ball.

Seahawks receiver Golden Tate said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he caught the pass in the end zone at the same time as Packers defensive back M.D. Jennings, and the officials ruled the play correctly by giving simultaneous possession to the offense.

“Yes, I did,” Tate said. “I know I had the ball in my hands the entire — from the moment that it was catchable. I had my hands on the ball, just fought for it and tried to come down with it.”

Tate said he was as confused as anyone when the two officials on top of the play initially signaled two different things — one official signaled touchdown, while the other signaled timeout without clarifying who caught the ball.

“I didn’t know what they called, I just know that I had the ball in my hands and at the bottom of the pile I was just fighting to maintain that,” Tate said.

While Tate is celebrating, Green Bay players are furious. Packers receiver Greg Jennings said after the game that he’d like Tate to take a lie detector test. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers pronounced the ending “awful.” And several Packers have taken to Twitter for a series of profane messages about the NFL and the replacement officials.

Tate may “know” he had the ball. And the officials may think he had it. Almost everyone else thinks the Packers got screwed.

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  1. Being a Packer fan, I thought the Seahawks played hard and their defense looked great. Carroll, Tate, and even Russell Wilson who I loved at UW are really making me lose respect for that team.

    It’s fine to defer the questions but to completely deny the obvious is disrespectful to the game of football.

  2. Coaches, Players and Fans… Don’t argue with the Replacement Refs… Argue with your Owners who refuse to pay the real Refs.

  3. Horrible human being, anyway how can you believe a donnut thief. Pete Carroll also disgusts me, the replacement refs the less said about them the better.

  4. You’re a liar, and a thief (of both donuts and the win)

    Tate caught Jennings’ arm. His left arm was in the middle of Jennings’ arms with the ball. His right arm was clearly on Jennings’ right arm.

    Jennings had the ball.

    Tate also committed blatant PI on Shields that wasn’t called.


  5. People need to lay off the Seahawks and Tate. This is all on the refs. The Packers or any other team at any level of football would’ve done the exact same thing. Does anyone expect him to say that Jennings had the ball? You’re kidding yourself and if he were on your team you’d be cursing him if he did concede.

  6. Sideline reporter: What about the push off?
    GT : I don’t know what your talking about.

    Trying to insult our intelligence with this makes it worse. Go rob a donut shop Mr. Tate.

  7. History will remember it like that too, Tate. Don’t sweat it. The game is already in the books. Great catch!!!

  8. Pictures show rather conclusively that Tate had Williams’ neck, not the ball.

    Tate also committed a blatant OPI on that play.

    On the play previous Sidney Rice committed blatant OPI that was somehow called DPI.

    A few plays prior an interception as overturned on a roughing the passer call that would have made Tom Brady blush.

    The 12th man in Seattle is obviously a scab.

  9. Never knew the kid, but officially lost all and any respect for him. He acted childish. He could have acted in a humble manner and thrown out a smile. Instead he was defensive, rude and knew he was wrong.

  10. I guess Green Bay should’ve done a better job at protecting Aaron Rodgers in the first half.


    – Golden Tate

  11. Meh, After a few days when all the smoke clears people will stop and ask themselves what in the hell is a team with SB aspirations like GB doing only scoring 12 points and letting a rookie QB with barely any professional WRs, find himself in a position to beat them in the first place.

    The truth of this game is that the GB offense has all their weapons back and a real running game now and have nothing but a 1-2 record and share of last place in the division to show for it.

  12. I think from now on defensive coaches are going to stress to swat the ball and don’t try to catch it to pad stats.

    Horrible call, need the actual refs back.

  13. Not a Packer fan, but to say they got screwed is an understatement. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but there’s one floating around that the NFL is prolonging this ref issue just to increase the drama in order to draw more people to it. Watching that horrible call certainly makes that case.

  14. “Tie goes to the receiver, I don’t see the problem.”

    when that ref threw up the signal for a TD jennings had the ball with two hands and in his chest.. there was no tie, idiot.

  15. @hutch119

    The problem is that it wasnt a tie. How is it a tie when the defender has TWO hands wrapped around the ball and Tate has one hand free and hand on the ball.

  16. “Tie goes to the receiver, I don’t see the problem.”

    Yeah but it wasn’t a tie. Jennings made that catch and Tate just fought it out of his hands That’s not simultaneous. I love GT but that was not a catch.

    But stop calling the Packers classy for coming back on the field for the extra point. Any NFL team would have hauled themselves back out there under direction.

  17. People, get a clue, a tie, always goes to the offense. Yes I agree, it looked like GB had the ball, BUT., Tates arm was around it the ball, and the rule says: it’s the offensive player ball always win’s a tie of passion. End of story. Look, if your almighty GB was sooo good, why was this game even close ???????

  18. From a Seahawks fan, to all the Packers fans: I’m sorry. I feel worse after this “win” than I did after the Arizona loss. Call was crap. Bring back the real refs.

  19. He never had the ball! Everyone lost with this call, all fans of the NFL lost. Watching this makes me sick. I’m not even a packer fan. I’m a football fan…

  20. Umm, wtf is with the outrage against the Squawk’s team? Do you really expect any one of them to admit they lost? You support your squad, through and through… everyone knows this. Not the Seahawks’ fault that these refs couldn’t officiate a bowling match.

    Also, the ref that called the TD was quite obviously taking his cue from the back line judge. The back judge went to raise his hands to signal either an interception or incomplete pass, and the other ref jumped the gun and saw the dude raising his arms, so he quickly raised his arms to signal a TD. Watch it again, he is so unsure and jumpy that as soon as the back judge moves his arms, the front ref’s arms shoot up in the air.

  21. Even before the jump ball, Tate committed offensive pass interference. That call should have been made and then there was no need to get into the simultaneous catch issue.

  22. Cheater. Punk beeeeeach block last week that got u fined. You blatently shove Shields in the back and deny it on national TV. Your Notre Dame values not shinning through. Drop dead cheater, and take your sleazy coach with you.

  23. The NFL obviously does not take these games seriously enough to bother to have them officiated properly. I don’t know why I take them seriously enough to watch them.

  24. I am a diehard Giants fan that wanted the seahawks to win but even I know that was a CLEAR interception…….NO WAY that was a Touchdown…the refs screwed up BIG TIME… Congratulations Packers for coming out with the should be win

  25. just like he recoiled when the sideline reporter asked him if he pushed off on Sam Shields.. “I don’t know what you are talking about”.

    Ok man..

    I hated this game. I love Green Bay and Russell Wilson. This was the worst case scenario tonight. People will claim that Russell got a cheap call, and my Packers lost. I know that Seattle fans are extremely passionate, and deserve success there. (I was just in Seattle 3 weeks ago).. Those fans deserve a real win and not what happened tonight.

    What is Russell Wilson supposed to say to ESPN in the post game?

    This black mark is on the NFL.. not Seattle or Green Bay

  26. Honestly, that was a terible call. But the seahawks got screwed earlier in the game, also, everbody thought tate sucked for a really long time and i stuck with him the whole time. Just you wait, come the end of the season, the leading seahawks reciever will be…GOLDEN BOY!!!!
    Ps to all packers fans, how many super bowl rings have you been robbed of because of terible refs? None? Then shut up and beat the saints next week.

  27. Beware of Chucky jumping through the announcement booth windows when a bad call is made in the next game!

  28. When Tate was asked about the massive push off his response was, “I don’t know what you are talking about”, but when asked whether or not he caught the ball his answer is, “I know I had the ball”. There is a huge problem here. The first being that the entire planet saw Tate egregiously commit offensive pass interference prior to the jump, and then the entire planet saw you not catch the football. So the question is, what world is Tate living in where reality directly contradicts his point of view?

  29. As a Vikings fan I can say I hate the Packers and their ugly uniforms as much as anyone else… But they were robbed. Horrible call. That was clearly an interception. However, just like the pass interference that should have been called against Tate, it is a judgment call and as such it isn’t reviewable.

  30. He also told the reporter that asked him if he pushed off that he didn’t know what she was talking about. He had already established himself as a liar and a cheat before he said this.

  31. . There was no “tie” or simultaneous possession. It was an interception. Watch the replay. No question. Just 2 confused refs making different calls.

  32. Golden Tate is a fraud for even commenting about the gift from Touchdown Jesus. The Golden Dome blessed the whole Seahawk Organizatiom AND Pete Carroll, Go Figure !!!

  33. The call on the field tonight was correct….

    The Packer corner did not have possession until his 2nd foot touched down in the endzone….

    Did the Packer DB catch the ball in the air first? Yes….however, the catch is not complete until his 2nd foot lands in the endzone….

    Once his 2nd foot landed….both the Offense and Defense possessed the football….

    And then the co possession rule takes precedence….

    Call is correct!

  34. The literal interpreation of the rule is that a tie goes to the receiver. Although Jennjngs’ body may have been in a slightly “better” poition, that doesnt matter.
    Both players continuosly had both hands on the ball the entire time. All Jennings had to do was rip and turn his body and he could have had it to himself, but he couldnt bc tates hands were also on the ball.

    It was a freak play that looked like an INT, but per the rule I think it was the right call.

  35. Jennings had the ball in both hands and Tate was underneath Jennings and was reaching AROUND Jennings to put his hands OVER Jennings’ arms which had the ball. That ref, who had number 26 on his back, probably thought Green Bay was the team on offense. No way he could have thought Tate had possession of the ball. There was NO simultaneous possession.

    This cost the Packers a game and NOW maybe Goodell and the money grubbing owners will get the real refs back on the field.

    The league was always saying the replacement refs haven’t cost a team a game YET…tonight they DID.

  36. He had one hand underneath the ball and one on top. He didn’t have it as close to his body as the defender, but technically he had joint possession and never gave it up. Good on him for not giving up. The Packers got plenty of drive saving bogus penalties in their favor in that game that resulted in points. Quit crying, Packers (and Gruden).

  37. This has nothing to do with Tate lying, he is just plain wrong. A player with his hands and body surrounding the ball has possession (Jennings), a player who simultaneously has only his hands on the ball does not (Tate). NBA officials make this call 10 times per game.

    I said in the preseason that it would take outrage on a play like this to force Roger Goodell to give up his dream of lowballing and union busting the refs. He is the one and only man responsible for this farce, and it is time someone tells the two bit emperor on Park Avenue he has no clothes. Mark my words, if this lockout is not settled by mid November, Mr. Goodell will be called on the carpet by the NLRB or U.S. Congress.

  38. Tie goes to the receiver…only if both players simultaneously have possession. MD Jennings clearly had the first possession, so it technically would not be a “tie”.

  39. We are talking about week 3 of the regular season. Where was all of this indignation when the real refs jobbed Superbowl 40? Seattle fans were told to get over it and move on.

    So folks, get over it and move on.

  40. theres a reason defenses are coached to bat that ball down in that situation, because in the event of dual possession, which happens when two players each have hands of the ball regardless of who has more hands or a greater percentage of the possession, the possession goes to the offense

    all he had to do was bat it down…

  41. The refs are clearly throwing games all around the league and this isn’t the first one. The media is completely ignoring other calls that have changed the outcome of games over the past 3 weeks. A perfect example of that is 2 touchdowns that the officials robbed the Saints of in a game where they lost by 3 points. And I find it very coincidental that there are 2 teams in the NFL that have a player who was involved in the ALLEGED “bounty program” the Browns and the Saints, and both those teams are the only 0-3 teams in the NFL. Very interesting. I am not a Saints or Browns fan, but I do not trust the NFL and I think something very fishy is going on here to say the least. Idk if the NFL is changing the outcome of games to create more parody in the league or what, but there have been way too many controversial calls in EVERY game around the league that have swung momentum or kept drives alive or in this case blatantly changed the outcome. Somethings going on and the media won’t go anywhere near it. Maybe now they will, but like I said, this is not the first bogus outcome of the year.

  42. Bad call? Sure. But there were so many bad calls and bad non-calls going BOTH ways all night long the only fair thing to do would be throw the entire game out and play it over with officials that actually know what the hell they are doing.

  43. Totally missed also was his Pass Interference while the ball was in the air. He flat out pushes a defender out of the way. I’m through with the NFL until they fix this. Just cancelled my Sunday ticket before the next payment was due. Not playing the football pool at work anymore. Fck this trash, and no, I’m not a Packers fan! It’s unwatchable, no rhythm due to the constant challenges, reviews, and time taken by the “refs” to pow wow.

  44. I don’t agree with the refs, GB got robbed, but I saw someone bring up an interesting point:

    If this is ruled in a similar fashion as the “Calvin Johnson” rule, the player receiving the ball has to make a “football move” before they can be deemed as having possession of the ball. Since this occurred in mid-air, Jennings technically never has “possession” of the ball until he hits the ground and maintains possession through it. However, by the time he hits the ground, Tate has his hands around the ball too, which would mean it is a simultaneous catch.


  45. The hail mary was questionable, yeah, but the fact remains that a TERRIBLE PI call against Kam Chancellor on 3rd and 10 extended the Packers drive that led to the go-ahead TD. Would they have even won without that TD? Unfortunate that that is lost in the controversy. The calls went both ways all night. Bottom-line, refs were terrible. Not fair to take away from Seattle’s win, either.

  46. I’m a Seahawk fan and I know it was a bad call, but I don’t think taking shots at Tate or Carroll is warranted. Carroll did say in the post-game that the regular refs need to come back after admitting that most of the calls against the Seahawks were legit. Expecting the players and coaches who were the recipients of the refs blowing the call to jump up and admit the other team got screwed is unrealistic and unnecessary. The refs and Goodell are the blame here, no one else.

  47. Golden, just go with the hustle and fight to the end story and keep some character. Your comments deserve to sit next to, “those aren’t my drugs, I was holding them for a friend” in the lamest excuse hall of fame.

  48. If Pete Carroll and his players weren’t so overly excited over one stupid win they would look at the big picture and realize by admitting it was a bad call and that the refs blew it, in turn would create more attention on how poor the officiating is and would in fact get real refs on the field quicker. Unfortunately they are short sighted.

  49. Simultaneous Catch. If a pass is caught simultaneously by two eligible opponents, and both players retain it, the ball belongs to the passers. It is not a simultaneous catch if a player gains control first and an opponent subsequently gains joint control.

    They just put this rule up on ESPN. Perhaps Golden Tate should know the rules. Tate you got your arm on the ball. You did not have control first neither did you ever have control. Now since I can read can I now be a ref?

  50. He has to lie…It’s like when a receiver traps a pass but it’s ruled a catch…No indisputable evidence to overturn the call…When asked about it after the game, what’s he gonna say? “Yeah, I trapped it…”

    This on the officials, not Tate…He did his job and got the call…I doubt anyone posting on here can say the same thing hasn’t happened to a player on your favorite team…Bet they lied, too.

  51. All you have to do is look at the replay, Tate’s right arm comes completely off the ball on the way down so there’s NO WAY he had his hands on the ball “the whole time”.

  52. Tate isnt lying. He had the ball but Jennings sure had a lot more of it. The NFL will issue a statement that simultaneous posession is awarded to the offense, and therefore the replacements got it “right.” This is the one instance where that rule just doesnt make sense. If a defender has the ball tucked into their body and the offensive player has his hands on it, it shouldnt be ruled in favor of the offense. The problem is that the rules are written in black and white and that occurred was completely gray. Common sense would tell you that this was an Interception Calvin Johnson scored that TD against the bears a couple years back.

  53. He clearly had the ball. The question is when did he have it? I think calling the possession a tie was very reasonable unless you have cheese on your head, because its not a catch in the NFL until you’ve rolled around in the dirt for 1/2 an hour anyway.

  54. heres why i think this should be considered the greatest catch and not a referee mistake..

    i been saying this all night to my friends. this should be considered one of the greatest mnf catches.. yes the refs missed the p.i (stop me when you heard that one before)..but tate caught that ball, his left arm was stuck between the ball and the DBs chest so that wasnt going anywhere..tate took his right hand off the ball in mid air for a spit second then got both hands back on the ball before he hit the ground in possession to all the way until the refs finally called 2 calls (lol) then the DB ripped the ball away cant rob tate of a completed catch, ball never touched the ground and he had possession to with both hands. it should of been called a TD bec if worst comes 2 worst its just happened 2 be a worst case scenerio catch that caught the grey area of a rule in the rulebook… and im not even a lawyer lol

  55. Tate would’ve come off as more likable if he just came out and told the truth. This just makes him look worse.

    What a clown this guy is. He’s lucky he got gifted, because no one will remember the wide open pass he dropped on the last drive.

  56. moron went for a pick instead of swatting away the ball that the coaches say to do. glory hog lost the game. that is quite the idiot ego that is spreading in the nfl

  57. How great would it be if Tate said what happened.

    ” I tried to make a play on the ball, but it was intercepted. I can’t control what they call on the field. ”

    Instead, we get garbage.

  58. Tate lied in the interview regarding his obvious pass interference.

    Tate will forever be known more as a liar than a doughnut burglar.

    Video from all angles shows clearly Jennings had the ball.

  59. New rule from the NFL: in order for an offensive player to make a catch all he needs to do is place one hand on the ball and then indicate to the nearest official that he indeed had possession.

  60. Since Golden and I are in the Pacific Northwest and we are accurately testifying, It is true__I am D.B. Cooper!

  61. Wasn’t a tie. Jennings had it and Tate pulled it out after they were on the ground. Ref’s blew it and everyone knows it except the Seachicken fans that want to live in denial.

  62. well, he had “a” hand on the ball the entire time, but shoot, he doesn’t have stripes on his uniform. I’ve never seen a professional athlete say they got the benefit of a bad call. It’s like there’s guys on GB wanting Tate to apologize for what the official called. And I believe simultaneous possession isn’t reviewable, similar to who first controls a fumble, so once the (bad) call was made on the field, they only could review if it hit the ground. Haven’t seen anyone covering this report this part of the rule though.

  63. It’s time for the NFLPA to go on strike in support of the regular officials. I mean, seriously, what’s the point of playing the games at this point? They are all coming down to random chance. Why risk injury if the game will just be decided on a whim?

  64. Can’t blame this one on the replacements. All TDs are reviewed. All close plays in the final 2 minutes of a 1/2 are reviewed. That call came from the booth. Those are replacements.

  65. The Seahawks lost the SUPER BOWL to a series of one-sided calls that clearly benefited the Seahawks’ opponents. Did you hear them publicly whining after that game about being screwed like the Packers are doing about losing a week 3 regular season game? Show some class Packers, don’t be so naive, understand that bad calls happen in sports and don’t whine about it.

  66. The replay speaks for itself. Let’s not talk about the offensive interference that was called defensive interference on Shields. As a Packers fan, I am glad that we are 1-2 because of this. I would be miserable if everything were reversed and we were sitting on a 2-1 record that everybody knew was fraudulent.

  67. Lets make this even easier. The play should have had an offensive pass int. call on it, which would have ended the game anyways. No need to debate catch or no catch.

  68. I guess the Seahawks finally got their TD back from the Vinny Testaverde Jets TD that led to the NFL instituting instant replay, 14 years later…

  69. As a Charger fan who has been “jobbed” out of games by the regular refs twice (Hochuli & the Holy Roller) alls I can say is – it happens. Keep in mind the Video Replay Officials ARE NOT replacements – they are the normal reviewers….I can wait for the regular refs to come back and start blowing calls.

    It will be a cold reminder for all of us.

  70. Dear Rodger Godell,

    Thanks or the prison rules football. I think I will save myself a few bucks and cancel my nfl ticket, and just toss in my Longest Yard dvd every Sunday instead.

    P.S. You and the people you represent do not give a damn about player safety or the fan experience, so quit saying you do. Your lies are pathetic and old.

  71. and also before i say this i must say i pray the reg. refs return soon.. that being said it was a lose-lose for replacement refs tonight. there already on the hot seat and if they had ruled incomplete there couldnt be a review..since it was scoring play they could review it. and people would be saying omg how cant u call that a TD his arms were clearly locked in by the time the ball hit the ground. ..lose. lose

  72. Clearly it was a simultaneous catch. M.D. caught the ball at the SAME time he possessed it. The entire viewing audience saw this simultaneously!

  73. Tate took his frickin’ hand off the ball on the way down so he didn’t maintain possession as he is required to do to claim a simultaneous catch.

    So objection overruled. GB was jobbed and Tate is a liar.

  74. What is Tate supposed to say? I’m sure he did feel that way during the play.

    You all are a bunch of hypocrites! When Flacco said the replacement refs were messing with the integrity of the game, you called him a whiner. Now, who’s whining?? Ha-ha.

    And I do mean to digress.

  75. Golden tate was taught well by his coach Pete Caroll…”if you can get away with it, do it” offensive pass interferance on sidney rice which was on the packers anyways gave them a 32 yard advance…cause you know wilson couldn’t do that on his own the refs got that for him…and of course the last play, the hail mary where Tate intentionally shoved shields out of the way which was an offensive interfance call and jennings caught the ball with both hands and craddled it in and then tate use his foreham to grab the ball afterwards while they fell on the ground together.

    By official rules, when both the defender and reciever catches the ball simultaneously the winner goes to the reciever…however, this was not simultaneous and packers got robbed…the world knows the truth and the seahawk fans will be in denial and will not admit it because their fan base is horrible.

  76. The personal attacks on Tate are ridiculous. Anytime a receiver gets two hands on a ball he is going to say he caught it.

  77. Four blown calls on the Seahawks final series. #1 Walden called for late hit on Wilson. Walden was in the air as wilson threw the ball. #2 Sam Shields called for interference against Sidney Rice. Horrible call. If anything it was offensive interference on Rice. #3 on final play Golden Tate`s offensive interference pushing Shields to the ground while ball was in the air. #4 Giving Seattle a td when it was clear that Jennings intercepted the ball.

  78. Okay people watching on TV. You all didn’t see how the Refs gave the game to the Packers in the 4th quarter with their horrible calls against Seattle. If any team deserves call from they Refs (2005 Super Bowl against the Steelers, remember that?), it’s the Seahawks!

    I was at the game and it should’ve never came to that, but the Refs seemed to want the Pack to keep it close. BTW, do Packer fans have one decent looking fan? A very ugly looking fan base. As one of my buddies said, “people in Wisconsin should learn to swallow, cuz their offspring are ugly.”

  79. Both teams got jobbed with bogus pass interference calls roughing the passer calls etc..

    It is too bad we are not talking about how much gb defense has improved or how seattle has suck a great defense..

    As a fan I can overlook the pass interference calls both was roughing the passer calls etc.. , but except for ithink it was 5 years ago when denver fumbled san diego recovered and it was called incomplete not a fumble, this is the only other game where I can say the officals or wahtever they are out there cheated a team out of a clear victory the was earned..

    No hate for seattle fans, but this win is tainted and should have an asterix by it

  80. Yeah, and Kam Chancellor’s bogus Pass Interference call didn’t extend the drive that put the Packers in the lead?

    The whole game was an officiating debacle. Get over it. Let’s just get the real guys back, please.

  81. I’ve never seen simultaneous possession called in a situation where one player has his hands on the ball secured against his body, and the other player just has his hands on the ball.

    And even giving him Tate credit for having his hands on the ball might be a bit much…there were times when it seemed like he was holding Jennings more than the ball and just sort of had his hands wedged in.

  82. i was in the stadium and found it interesting that they did NOT show the under the hood replay at all to the fans. just a long pause and ‘game over’

  83. The Packers got ripped off. It happens. Lost in the replacement referee mess however is the fact that the Pack simply isn’t the same team they were.

    8 sacks? 12 points? Rodgers with zero touchdowns?

    By the way, isn’t Seattle still waiting for Ben Roethlisberger to cross the goal line? Just saying.

  84. I’m a Niners fan, but I don’t mind the Seahawks and Cards winning this weekend. It’ll remind the Niners not to sit on their ass and act like their entitled to wins and playoffs. They made the NFC championship last year, but plenty of teams (Eagles, Chargers, Ravens (2006-2011)) got to the conference championship and never went back in the seasons to come, much less win rings. Jim Harbaugh’s Colts went through that too.

    Super Bowl hangover I understand.

    The “beating the Packers and Lions in weeks 1 and 2” hangover I don’t.

  85. Fink says:
    Sep 25, 2012 1:36 AM

    Also, the ref that called the TD was quite obviously taking his cue from the back line judge. The back judge went to raise his hands to signal either an interception or incomplete pass, and the other ref jumped the gun and saw the dude raising his arms, so he quickly raised his arms to signal a TD. Watch it again, he is so unsure and jumpy that as soon as the back judge moves his arms, the front ref’s arms shoot up in the air.

    You have it backwards. The ref who called the touchback (we’ll call him #1) looked at ref #2 as ref #2s arms started going up to call the TD. Ref #1s hands then went up to call what he thought ref #2 was calling, a touchback. If you look at how ref #2 signals a touchdown, he bends his elbows instead of putting his arms straight up, and at the beginning it kind of looks like a touchback call. There’s no way ref #1 (who called the touchback) saw the play as he was running to it from about 10 feet away from behind when Jennings first got his hands on the ball. He was looking towards ref #2 the whole time.

  86. “The Seahawks lost the SUPER BOWL to a series of one-sided calls that clearly benefited the Seahawks’ opponents. ”

    You lost the SB by 11 points and that too with Steelers playing a prevent offense on their final drive. Only one call has been proven to be totally wrong – the incorrect tripping call on Hasselback which merely added 15 yards. Your team couldn’t stop the Steelers offense most of the second half with one costly turnover caused by an inexplicably careless throw by Ben keeping it close when the game would have been blown open.
    The other calls were nitpicky calls while unfortunately one sided, did not put you in a big enough hole to lose the game by ELEVEN points. None of those calls were as bad as the reversal of the Troy interception reversal in the Indy Steelerrs game. Back to the SB, you lost 4 points on the first TD which was technically the right call. But I will admit it was a nitpicky call. Also, no one would dare reverse the Ben TD because it was too close to call and I believe with the OL the Steelers had in those days, they go for it on 4th and an inch. All the ball had to do was graze any part of the white line. The holding call on your OL was the other call and if you really want to audit holding calls that are missed or mistakenly called in the playoffs, we can be here forever. Steelers got jobbed by the ref in the 3rd Quarter of a furious comeback attempt on a phantom holding call on Aaron Smith leading to NE’s only score in the 3rd Q keeping their dwindling lead safe. BUt Steelers fans dont whine because we acknowledge that NE was the better team. Steelers whined for a few days after TN won by a bad roughing call in OT which decisively cost them the game and yet you rarely hear about it now. You lost by 11 and still complain as if your team was the victim of the worst injustice?

    “Did you hear them publicly whining after that game about being screwed like the Packers are doing about losing a week 3 regular season game? Show some class Packers, don’t be so naive, understand that bad calls happen in sports and don’t whine about it.”
    Actually yes, you guys did. The whining went on forever.
    Just do a quick google. Seattle has to be biggest whining team of all when it comes to losing a game from referee mistakes and you can’t even prove you deserved to win the game. All you can make a case is that you may have won the game if everything went perfect. You lost by Eleven and there were no 4th Q mistakes by the ref in the game. You had enough opportunities to get over any one sided distribution of nitpicky calls. Get over it. There are far worse referee injustices than that one.

  87. What nobody is saying is that the refs cost the hawks 10pts! On two third down plays (which subsequently resulted in a field goal and another for a td) Browner/Chancellor was called for BOGUS PI’s; and but for the penalties GB would have punted.

    If you are saying the refs cost the GB the game, you also have to say they gave GB the lead in the first place…YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.

  88. It is what it is with the replacements.. Every team will have to deal with them week to week, it’s game 3 give it a rest. Bring on the playoffs and the super bowl! How fun is that going to be!!!!

  89. seattle fans that are trying to claim it was the right call are just dumb. stop. refs blew the game. the PI that was called against the seahawks was a bad call but how about the roughing the passer call on the interception against GB, the PI call the kept your drive alive and o yea the offensive PI and blown call that caused a game winning td. the seahawk fans that know it was a bad call and will take the W, i can understand. russell wilson the first QB in NFL history to throw a game winning interception, history.

  90. It is beyond comical when somebody posts their “all knowing” diatribes consisting of the lockout being Goodell’s fault. Is Goodell paying the refs from his pocket? He has ZERO control. The owners pay them both. The only thing that he can do is TRY to help convince them to work out a deal.

  91. Not going to berate tate or carroll. They did what any player and coach would do. I will berate the few people trying to convince themselves it was the right call. If golden tate had ever gotten two hands on the ball, id listen. He didnt.

  92. at “theprophet”
    Don’t whine about bad calls eh? You started that same post off complaining about how the Seahawks got “screwed” out of a SB because of, yup you guessed it, “bad calls”. Moron.

    It should feel good to get this “win” when EVERYONE (literally the entire country, even Heath Evans, the unofficial Drew Brees/Tom Brady fanboy) is telling you you lost any possible way they can say it.Vikings, Steelers ,Bears and Lions fans included. LOL

    Defense looked very good, admittedly, but ours looked better.

    AJ Hawk, Tramon Williams, Eric Walden, Sam Shields, BJ Raji, Ryan Pickett and of course Clay Matthews are all seem to be back from wherever the hell they were last season. Mcmillan, Worthy, and Heyward have been valuable contributors, and are reason to get excited.

    Rodgers isn’t any type of problem offensively, it is the people around him right now. However, sometimes I do feel like Aaron noticeably tries a little too hard to be the absolute anti-Favre.

  93. Also, I love how all of the Seahawks fans on here are trying to justify the call. “We dominated that whole game!” “He should of batted the ball down and this would of never happened!”

    Get it through your heads, you didn’t deserve this win. A bunch of clueless “officials” heard your cries and went with the home team. I can’t wait to find out that some of those refs are Seattle fans, you’ll still think that Tate had the ball. Because of your ignorance and your squirmy man-child coach you are now the new most hated team in the league. Congrats!

  94. The refs were just making up for the bogus calls that gave GB the chance to keep drives alive all during the game. They (the refs) screwed the pooch for the entire sixty minutes. The only reason everyone is going ballistic over it is because it happened on the last play of the game (other than the kick for the extra point). The plays that went the other way in the middle of the game, no one is mentioning.

  95. i absolutely don’t think it was “clearly” an interception. tate’s left arm was between jennings chest and the ball and was fully gripping it. his right arm was on it too. by no means was it “clear” like most morons are saying.

    also, who came out with the ball in the end? Tate

    Regardless, Packers fans bitching over having the game “stolen” off of one or two plays need to look at Rodgers 9 pt fantasy game and the 8 sacks in the first half to see who really “deserved” this game.

  96. Packers gave up 8 sacks, got 1 sack of their own, fumbled on their own goal line (fumbled twice in the game) and just recovered it, lost the game and blame the refs?

  97. The job creating owners should not be second guessed by you 47% moochers who see yourselves as victims just because your team lost.

    All of you pft boys who sided with the owners against the players are getting a reality check. When owners have an unregulated monopoly it screws up not only the nfl but the whole country.

  98. Ironic that the packers, the only team owned by a community and not a rich guy, got screwed the most by the nfl’s power play in the negotiations with the refs. It should have been Jerry Jones.

  99. I can’t believe some people are still saying it wasn’t a pick.

    I’d like to know how they reviewed it and didn’t overturn it.

    And that push off, that’s right up there with the infamous Drew Pearson push off.

  100. The scabs have to go. The media backlash will soon get too big that the Owner’s can stick to their guns. The NFLRA needs to just stand-pat, this isn’t their fault, they were locked out by the Ownership groups of the NFL.

  101. Upon further review the news footage over the last year of Wisconsin union’s pathetic behavior shows clearly you are all a bunch of whining “entitled”, pathetic crybabies , Scott Walker won and so did Seattle . GET OVER IT

  102. Pretty simple really if you see the play. Jennings makes the interception and Tate catches Jennings.

    You can only get a TD for catching Jennings if the refs are Stupes and Scabs.

  103. Furthermore I am boycotting Thursday’s game. After Thursday, I will no longer watch any ads on NFL games. I encourage you all to do the same.

  104. Let me quickly say he did catch part of the ball.. his Left had was between the ball and the DB his other is the one the camera showed. Not much control.. but bc of his left hand.. jennings didnt have 100% control.. making it simultenous. hmmm left room for doubt…. Then Tate wrestled away the ball… that doubt enabled that call…
    All that said.. I feel the DB caught it for the most part.. Lets be real, bad calls went for the Packers all night.. 2 drives resulting in Packer pts.. including their TD drive was extended by bad calls.. or they wouldve been off the field..
    Sucks that 1 call decided a game.. but realisticaly there were many bad and phantoms calls before that, that helped GB even obtain the lead in the first place.. bad officiating throughout.. just becomes “unacceptable” when its the TV’s darling Packers…

    * But anyone see annoying WR Jennings on like 2 out of 3 commericials.. loved how some scouting reports said “Seahawks secondary big but not physical”..
    I seriously had a MAJOR LAUGH when Brandon Browner BEASTED JENNINGS .. well deserved after his erogent trash talk all game.. best part.. Jennings comes back to retaliate immediately after a big but unneccessary hit by Browner.. runs up then gets picked up and BODY SLAMMMED then shoved into the ground by Browner… now that right there is funny Ish.. Definitely a bit excessive but he clearly cant backup all his trash talk..
    You’ll hear him talkin bout that last play.. bc god forbid you see him get OWNED.. Please someone post that on Youtube..

  105. Even if Tate did catch the ball…the play should have been nullified — he should have been penalized for pass interference … I haven’t seen a push off that outrageous since Michael Irvin was in the league.

  106. I think what Tate meant to say was he “Should” have had the ball because he pushed a defender completely on the ground. In reality he did not have the ball completely. Taking your hand off the ball while the defender has two hands on the ball AND the ball clutched to his chest does not dictate a simultaneous catch by any stretch of the imagination.

  107. What do you expect him to say “The DB clearly had the ball, we got a lucky call”, seriously?


    Well .. Yes. Yes I expect him to acknowledge he did not catch it. We can all the see the pictures.

    I expect him to be truthful. Its not like the NFL will overturn the game.

    Pete Carrol you are a cheating dbag. I dont expect you to admit the games last call was gifted.

  108. The Seahawks have just vaulted past the Patriots as the largest conglomeration of liars, douches, and turds in the NFL, lead by Pete “I need to leave USC before I get indicted” Carroll, and Golden “I know I had the ball” Tate.

  109. The Prophet says:
    Sep 25, 2012 2:10 AM
    The Seahawks lost the SUPER BOWL to a series of one-sided calls that clearly benefited the Seahawks’ opponents. Did you hear them publicly whining after that game about being screwed like the Packers are doing about losing a week 3 regular season game? Show some class Packers, don’t be so naive, understand that bad calls happen in sports and don’t whine about it.

    Aside from the fact that game took place 6 1/2 years ago, do you really think the Seahawk fans would be “Showing some class” if they were on the losing end of that call? Let me answer that question for you with a resounding NO! The Seahawk fan base was rightfully pissed AND vocal about losing that Superbowl. I personally would have been enraged too! BUT just because you are holding onto a grudge from over six years ago doesn’t mean we should accept terrible calls from referees. They are not qualified for this job. It is that simple. I always knew the Seahawks had a “12th man”, I just never realized it was the ref.

  110. it was nice of the d back to catch it so as they are going to the ground he can put his right ARM around him and call it a catch. His right arm isn’t even on the ball until the ground. pathetic.

  111. Knock the ball down you idiot!

    BTW, its hilarious to see the entire whiny Packer nation out in force calling Tate a scumbag, liar, child rapist, etc. Keep it up guys, this is hilarious. lmao

  112. “I know I had the ball. I had it wrapped up in my life-size MD Jennings doll.”

    “I know I had the ball. My boy Jennings was just holding it for me.”

    “I know I had the ball. I was just having him assess it…. like Pawn Stars.”

  113. Whether he caught it or not, which doesnt appear that he did from various angles of the replay, he certainly got away with pushing off before the reception. Bad officiating all weekend.

  114. I think everyone should Boycott until they bring the other referees back. I’m not watching until they do and I Love football. Oh well, at least there are college games to watch.

  115. BTW you dont want the Refs to be in charge of you losing your game then try not getting sacked 8 times in the first half and you wont have to cry about losing…

  116. Wow…… It’s all i can say… These officials stink… Golden Tate pushed a DB down, GB caught the ball, and Golden Tate got an arm in there, that’s it.. Should have been an INT… If Golden Tate thinks he won the game and saved it for the Seahawks, he should look back a possession or two prior where he totally dropped the ball in the end zone..

  117. LOL

    So we’re supposed to believe him when he says he knows he has the ball when last night, when asked if he pushed off, he said “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” twice?

  118. don’t you take this win away from the seattle defense. irvin proved himself tonight as a potential worthy first round pick and chris clemons looked almost super human in the first half. i think the hawks are actually competing in every phase. wilson is a leader more than anything and marshawn is a beast. dont know about tate but i kinda like the attitude he brings to this team. suck it packers. and yeah i agree he caught it… simultaneous catch. the PI no call, one of many missed PI calls throughout the game, was just icing on the cake for hawks fans, honestly. bottom line, these referees are horrible, should probably fix that sooner rather than later, but it’s a new era in seattle and its time for people to start taking notice this season. go hawks. and replacement refs

  119. Cool, now the Packer’s owner can pressure the league to bring back the real refs… oh wait…

  120. A tie goes to the reciever is true but this was NO tie,the defender had the ball held tightly to his chest while the reciever was scratching at the ball with one hand,just how is that a catch.Seattle can believe they really won this game but everyone else knows that it was a gift by a referee that didnt know the rule of first, definate possession which states if the ball is securily possesed by a player it is no tie.

  121. Would Jerry Jones still strongly support having a substandard product on the field if this happened to his team?

    I hope the REAL officials remember who has been against them (Jerry Jones) if they ever return.

    The 31 owners just do not care about the integrity of the game, the immoral character of their adulterated product, or the traditions, character, and history of the league.

    The customers are getting treated like Belichik. No one in the NFL wants any feedback from customers. Just shut up and pay for a clearly inferior product.

    The NFL is spitting on their customers. We know what football should look like and this is not it.

  122. Maybe if the Pack did not stink the whole game they would not be in that situation. They stunk last week and got away with a win that should of been the Bears. Your team should be 0-3 and you Pack faithful know your team has looked horrible all 3 weeks. There where plenty of bad calls that went both ways your team just had the last one . Dont leave the game in the refs hands or you risk them deciding it no matter if its the replacements or the regulars .

  123. If the rules say that hugging your opponent from behind is a touchdown, then that ref was right

  124. Look, everyone loves a good Cinderella story. Seahawks have gone from great, to terrible, to Pete Carroll, to pretty sharp this year. Russell Wilson is a great story as well. And I’m not saying this game tarnished that image for them at all… they did that themselves. The way they came out postgame very smug about it. Tate denying his PI, when he could have simply said “All I know is I came down and held on to that ball for dear life.” No instead he comes up pompous and looks like a completely bold face liar and a jackass. So all of the national fans who would feel good to see a team like Seattle and Russell Wilson to come up big this year are now hoping to see them miserably fail. Sorry about your luck, but man they handled that postgame terribly.

    Obviously the call is the fault of the replacement refs, but that’s a completely different issue. If a deal isn’t struck by week 4 (Sunday), then I don’t see one coming this year at all. Absolutely pathetic.

  125. Lmao u guys loved him last week for that illegal hit on Sean Lee but now that he thinks he caught the ball on the hail marry he’s everything bad under the sun hahaha u people are jokes

  126. Clearly that Notre Dame honor c ode means nothing to Golden tate. I do not blame the Seahawks for celebrating. You take a win. The NFL AND the NFLRA are to blame. BOTH sides are greedy and lazy. TALKS should not not stop and why don’t they submit to binding arbitration?

  127. Golden Tate, you are a liar. Just because your hands eventually touched the ball (sorry hawks fans, no simultaneous catch, because after Tate blatantly interfered with Green Bay DB, he was easily outjumped by Jennings who tucked the ball away), you only wrapped up Jennings in your arms. We all saw it.

    Besides, we know you lie already. Remember you were caught stealing doughnuts already from a small business, correct? So now, you go around hailing the “truth” about this now.

    Go away, and take that sissy boy coach with you.

  128. His response when asked about the push in back, “don’t know what you’re talking about”

    He’s a chump. Hope his knees get blown out next game.

  129. For what it’s worth, what’s he supposed to say? I’m sure he knows inside how that really played out. I kinda admire his response to the question about the push-off…”I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Again, what’s he supposed to say? Maybe he feels he’ll get slapped with a fine for criticizing the refs like everyone else is.

    That being said, that game was horribly called and the Pack got screwed.

  130. It’s not Tate’s fault and not reasonable person can expect him to say anything different. He stole one and got away with it. It’s not even the refs fault, he was born stupid. It’s Goodell’s fault for pissing on the NFL and telling us it is raining. Shame on Roger.

  131. he’s got his hand on it just as long as jennings does. In fact his arms are within jenning’s hands. Jennings never completes the catch without tate also having possession. Seem like a simultaneous catch situation to me.

  132. The call can still be reversed by the league but they wont do it,they have as much integrity as Tate who lies through his teeth.Packers and Seahags in the playoffs in Green Bay with real refs,not the phonies.lets see who wins.

  133. You didn’t catch that ball, it was obvious. Seahawks and that cheat Pete Carroll were given a game, they never should have had. What a complete mess up that was. Blind refs again. Too bad for Green Bay being cheated out of a game. There was a pass interference too, that was ignored, way to go.

  134. Stop watching. Until they get rid of these clowns, just stop watching.

    After the Pats Ravens debacle, piled on top of all the crap calls this season, I didn’t watch the Packers-Seahawks game, though this was one I looked forward to. Today, I feel rested, am not furious with the NFL for wasting hours of my time, and watched the lowlights this morning on the news.

    I did click in a few times in the second quarter, and thought the Seahawks Defense looked really sharp, but that last play was not a catch.

    Even if my team were to somehow go all the way, this season has an asterisk on it.

  135. that was an INT if I’ve ever seen one. The seahawks stole that game. I think the ref that first came in with the TD call was actually a seahawks fan

  136. Some people, Seahawks fans, need to learn the rules. That wasn’t a simultaneous catch. For it be called that, both players have to have possesion of the ball at the same time AT THE POINT OF CONTACT.

    Not wrap an arm around when the player hits the ground.

    I’m a freakin’ Bears fan and I hate the Puckers but that was a bad, bad call.

  137. Tate has shown himself to be not only a middling-talent receiver, but also a someone of low character who lies through his teeth. This will be the main notoriety he gets in his NFL career.

  138. Is it because it’s the Packers that everyone is PO’s about last night’s ending? Come on folks tie goes to offense. Jennings did not maintain full possession when he came down with the ball. Tate put two hands on the ball…..tie goes to offense, ball game. It really is that simple. The officials never call interference on Hail Marys.

  139. “Is it because it’s the Packers that everyone is PO’s about last night’s ending? Come on folks tie goes to offense. Jennings did not maintain full possession when he came down with the ball. Tate put two hands on the ball…..tie goes to offense, ball game. It really is that simple. The officials never call interference on Hail Marys.”

    What replay are you watching? Tate’s left arm is pinned under Jennings and his right hand actually comes off of Jennings for a moment while they are going to the ground. Jennings had absolute complete control all the way through the play!! 99% of America saw it that way, the rest are blind or ignorant, like Golden Tate!!

  140. Man, how well did the Packers D play?
    They contained Lynch to 98 yards on 25 carries, and Russell Wilson basically did nothing.

    Essentially, the Seahawks had one legitimate good offensive play the entire game (that first TD pass). Everything other play was either run for 4 yards or was helped by the officials.

    Give credit to Seattle’s defense though…they are strong up front and strong in the secondary. Add a few good linebackers, and this could be the best defense in the league.

  141. That last drive was brutal for Packers fans..what about that interception that was called back?? That would have ended the game right there.

    And then that DPI called on Shields…what were the refs thinking??

    But there’s something more many cheapshots did Seahawks players deliver after the whistle? Likely, they wouldn’t have been trying that if the real refs were there. This is becoming a player safety issue…it’s clear that NFL players are crossing boundaries and testing refs every game. These refs simply cannot control the game.

    Also, I don’t mind Russell Wilson or Golden Tate – those guys are players, and I wouldn’t expect them to behave differently than claim the win.

    But Pete Carroll – that guy is so annoying. Have some class…the refs just handed you the game (forget the last play…look at the whole drive).

  142. Tate’s comments and his arrogant behavior, and those of the Seattle coach, speak volumes about the kind of sportsmanship they subscribe to. Hold your heads high, Green Bay! You may be mad as hell, but at least you’re not liars!

  143. I love it. Tate’s left arm was actually tucked up between Jennings and the ball and that’s what gave him the simultaneous posession.

    You bitch about the replacement refs, but what about Super Bowl XL? The regular refs that stole that game from Seattle and gave it to Pittsburg. The bad calls in that game were too many to count.

  144. “Tate’s left arm is pinned under Jennings”

    Nah, Tate’s left arm was between the ball and Jennings chest. I know that this fact makes it less of a story for everyone to freak out about, but his left hand was on the ball the entire time, which is why Jennings couldn’t just roll over to his left and shake Tate.

    Granted, I still think it was an INT, but I also believe it’s a closer call than it seems if you’re only paying attention to Tate’s right arm. That screenshot that everyone points to was after the “touchdown” ref had already made up his mind and at that point Tate’s left arm is still on the ball.

    I wouldn’t have a problem if they had conferred and then called it a touchdown, but the back judge had the better view, made the right call and was completely ignored. That’s the biggest issue as it relates to the replacement refs.

  145. I am not a fan of either team but I am a fan of football. That was the worst call I have ever seen. But this could have been avoided with 1 simple thing. And I believe it is coached in all levels of football. On a hail mary play.JUST KNOCK IT DOWN….

  146. When the players were untangled, Tate had the ball. Say what you will, but if you are a Packer and you have the ball, you NEVER let it out of your hands. Good call, refs.

  147. Golden Tate ur an IDIOT the only thing u had possession of was M.D. Jennings! There is no way u had possession of the ball because M.D. had possession of the ball laying on his chest. Ur coach must have paid the refs. off with all the money he made at USC!

  148. at least Tom Brady cracked a grin when he said “I really was tucking the ball, and I didn’t fumble it” ha ha ha….but Tate is dead serious when he says he caught the ball . WOW!

  149. Cant believe this MASTERFUL defensive performance by Seattle has come down to the SCABS!!!! Truth be told for Seattle to hold Green Bay to 12 points (really jist six considering these same refs called a ficticious PI call on a 3rd and long giving the pack a first down they didnt earn on the scoring drive).. So sad that EVERY time Seattle wins a game against a “HOLLYWOOD” team its ALWAYS that team choked or the refs gave to them!!! SEATTLE DEFENSE THROTTLED THAT OFFENSE!!!! All day!!!!! NO ONE IN THE LEAGUE WANTS ANY OF SEATTLE

  150. I’m not sad yet because there is a reasonable possibility that the league office will reverse the outcome of the game.

    If the league office doesn’t do that, I really will be tremondously sad. You know, as a fan I try to follow everything that goes on ….. read everthing I see during the off-season, cheer for every rookie that makes the team, all that. I once invested in cute Packer cheerleading outfits for my 3 young girls even though I couldn’t honestly afford to buy those outfits.

    I love the Packers. Lots of fans love their team. It is going to be really, really, really sad to see an obvious officiating error get in the way of how this season turns out for the team I love. Please don’t let this mistake stand.

  151. I hope this headline is from an unfinished quote from Tate leaving out “just kididng” or “i’m njust playin” cuz if he truly believes he had the balls, what a lying piece of trash. They can’t go bacl and take the W away, tell the truth, be a man.

  152. Tate, it’s situations like these where the less you say, the better. Don’t board the Douche of the Seas with your douche coach. Let him captain that doomed vessel himself.

  153. Did the Packers get screwed? Yes, absolutely…It was a clear INT and should have been game over on the Tate PI leading to that jump ball…I’ve been screaming about the refs since the Patriots got robbed Sunday night…But on that Tate TD the first thing I said to my friends was why would Jennings even try to catch that ball? Everyone knows the first and only thing you ever try to do on a hail mary pass is to knock it down, never try to catch it so you can avoid situations like this…Packers still should have won but I really wish he had just knocked the pass away

  154. truthfactory says:
    Sep 25, 2012 1:45 AM
    The literal interpreation of the rule is that a tie goes to the receiver. Although Jennjngs’ body may have been in a slightly “better” poition, that doesnt matter.
    Both players continuosly had both hands on the ball the entire time. All Jennings had to do was rip and turn his body and he could have had it to himself, but he couldnt bc tates hands were also on the ball.

    It was a freak play that looked like an INT, but per the rule I think it was the right call.
    Absolutely positively wrong. Read the simultaneous catch rule. Having your hand on the ball isn’t good enough. You have to establish control. Tell me, would you say that Tate had control of the ball? If you say yes, you’re either blind, biased or stupid. If they don’t have simultaneous control, the rule doesn’t apply. Jennings had control first (not possession – that’s not required as part of the rule) and Tate didn’t have control AT ALL, so that’s an INT.

  155. Whether or not the Packers should have won based on making correct calls instead of bad ones in this game is not knowable. The Packers of course, scored their only TD on a drive stalled out of field goal range save for an awful PI call on Kam Chancellor.

    This is pretty much true for every game ever played. Bad calls have changed outcomes countless times at the hands of the regular officials over the years. Seahawks fans can recite examples from a thick notebook filled with them.

    That’s just the way it goes. Next time, consider getting a first down on your last series of the game, and take control of your “destiny.”

    And lastly, wow, they call Seahawks fans crybabies. At least Packers fans are king of that mountain now. Good job.

  156. I don’t get why everyone is slamming Tate. Do you really think he should tell everyone that it wasn’t a catch? If it was a Packer receiver that was given the touchdown don’t you think he would claim it was a good catch just like Tate? If the Packers were given the call and the win they would take it and put it in the bank just like the Seahawks. No NFL team is going to give back a win no matter how they got it, even if it was unfair. Every NFL team has been robbed of a victory at one time or another and most of the time it has been with pro refs… not replacements.

  157. How can he say that he plays football for God and then the Seahawks, continue to flat out lie and say he caught the ball!! Unbelievable!! Be a man and admit that you did not catch the ball and you were part of the worst call in football history! But with a coach like Carroll, it’s understandable that he acts like he does because his coach continues to act like a little kid and lie through his teeth!!

  158. After reading the comments for the Seahawk fans, I realize how complete morons they really are! If anyone can come out and say that it was a good catch is a complete MORON! What a joke these idiots are is Seattle!

  159. Hey Seahawk fans, do you think that the NFL refs will call more penalties and allow your opponents to commit more infractions on your team without calls because you got a gimme? I would not be surprise that they will extract many pounds of flesh from your team on behalf of the NFL and Packers.

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