Joe Mays continues to apologize for hit on Matt Schaub


If there’s anyone who’s relieved about last night’s Seattle-Green Bay call, it might be Broncos linebacker Joe Mays.

Prior to last night’s debacle, Mays’ helmet-to-helmet shot on Texans quarterback Matt Schaub was one of the signature plays of the weekend, particularly when we found out Schaub lost part of his ear.

But as replacement ref controversy takes over the land, May’s latest apology isn’t going to get that much attention.

“I play fast,” Mays said, via Mike Klis of the Denver Post. “I don’t want people to think I’m a dirty player or a headhunter or anything like that. I just play fast.”

Mays apologized to Schaub on the field after the game, and again inside the stadium after both teams had dressed. Schaub, who might not have been able to hear the whole thing, told Mays there were no hard feelings.

“I know this: He didn’t do it intentionally to hurt him,” Broncos coach John Fox said. “That’s not Joe Mays. That’s not what we teach. It’s accidental. Playing football.”

Mays was fined $7,875 last week for a roughing the passer penalty on Atlanta’s Matt Ryan, but should be prepared for a much larger one this week.

29 responses to “Joe Mays continues to apologize for hit on Matt Schaub

  1. I still don’t know how Matt Schaub got so blasted on that play, it didn’t look like Mays was going that fast. Having part of your ear torn off though, that’s a legit football injury.

  2. He probably didn’t mean to take part of Schaub’s ear off, but that hit was not meant to be clean, it was obvious in real-time and in slow motion.

  3. Violent? Yes.
    Illegal? I’m not so sure about that… His head was up the whole time. Lots of guys lose their helmets getting hit but because it was the quarterback this is a big deal. I can see why the ref threw the flag in real time but looking at it again in replay I don’t think this warrants a fine.

  4. Joe Mays is a good guy on and off the field, if you could talk to him you would notice that. He did NOT “launch” himself at Schaub like some of you are saying… Launching would consist of him leaving his feet and going head first into him. He came at him almost completely upright, and if you actually WERE to watch the play in slow motion, you would see that Schaub put HIS head down before the hit, and that is why Mays might have caught a little bit of his helmet. I believe that Mays was just coming at him so fast that the whiplash from the hit is what cause the helmet to go flying off. Either way, if it was helmet to helmet it was not with intent. If the league ends up suspending Joe Mays for that hit, then I have no hope for them anymore. This is football, people are going to get hurt. Just deal with it and stop whining like a bunch of babies. America is becoming soft, and the NFL is going right along with it.

  5. But Schaub came right back in, threw a 4th touchdown pass, and converted a 3rd down at the end to seal the game. Schaub is tougher than he looks, and the Broncos defense is as overrated as ever.

  6. I remember a certain rusher a few years ago with numerous hits with flags, I thin they suspended him for some games. Lets see how the darlings of the west fair.

  7. There was nothing accidental about that. It was a blatant attempt to injure Schaub.

    Should have been an immediate ejection and forfeiture of game check for Mays, and maybe a suspension too.

    Do that a few times, and we won’t see nearly as much of it.

    Disgusting how little honor an increasing number of players have.

  8. @yelix
    You’re right, the Broncos lost. I don’t think any of us are saying otherwise though. This is just about the hit that Mays put on Schaub though, and how the NFL is going overboard with it. Maybe not the NFL, but the media is. A guy loses part of his ear and it MUST have been an illegal malicious hit. Right?? Or maybe his helmet just snagged his ear after the whiplash from the hit popped it off…

  9. Joe Mays took out Chiefs tight end Tony Moeacki with a helmet to helmet cheap shot that caused a concussion. Moeacki was out for 3 weeks. If mays was a Good Guy on and off the field ( as Broncofanatic7) says, then I doubt we would be seeing repeated cheap shot, head hunter hits from him. Guess he can;t take a man head up like a real football player. Oh yea, he is a Denver Bronco.

  10. Schaub was as upright as he could have been. He was just finishing delivering a 50 yard pass into the end zone. Mays was untouched with a clear line into Schaub. He could have drilled right through his chest – it was completely his option; and he chose to go in high, right into his head. End of story. $50,000 fine coming up.

  11. Is this what the league is now? Every single time a guy is flagged for a helmet to helmet hit, everyone thinks he is a dirty player? This is football right? Mays didn’t even leave his feet to hit a guy that is clearly about 3-5 inches taller than he is. Get a clue morons. Yea, he purposely tried to take him out. DUUUURP

  12. @kcflake
    Obviously you don’t understand how fast this game is played, and how subtle changes in the offensive players body position can change an entire hit. Sorry Moeaki got knocked out, but this is football. It happens. Broncos had a guy knocked out in this same Texans game!

  13. The Donkeys have always been one of the biggest cheap-shot teams in the league, along with the Steelers and Patriots. We’ll see Sunday how many cheap shots they give to the Raiders.

  14. All you frickin’ clowns that keep defending this hit and the Stooler cheap-shot on DHB are nothing but complete morons. Doesn’t matter if they launch or not…they were ILLEGAL helmet-to-helmet hits and deserve to be fined, you total bunch of idiots.

  15. I like hard hits as much as anyone. But there’s a difference between a hard hit and a dirty hit. This hit on Schaub, as well as the one or two others the Broncos had in this game, were illegal.

    If Schaub’s helmet had stayed on and his ear was still intact, it would still be a dirty hit.

  16. I have watched the video many times and don’t see intent to cause injury, nor do I see Mays launch himself. The hit was a bit careless on the QB and fast, and had Schaub not lowered his head it would have been legal. Since helmet to helmet makes no real allowance for a player lowering the head it seems like a flawed rule. In this case the hit was illegal and should have been flagged. It was not malicious, nor was the injury intentional. The 50k fine and game suspension seem steep to me.

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