Lang says Packers discussed extreme measures on flight home


The Packers weren’t happy about the outcome of last night’s game against the Seahawks.  How happy weren’t they?

Offensive lineman T.J. Lang told 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit on Tuesday that, during the flight home from Seattle, the players discussed the possibility of going on strike — or simply taking a knee on every offensive snap — until the lockout of the officials ends.

“Whatever it takes, it’s just a total embarrassment to everybody watching the game, the players in the game, it’s not fun to be part of something like that,” Lang told the Valenti & Foster show.  “If it keeps going on, it’s going to get ugly. . . .  Going into a game worrying about the refs more than the other team, it’s a problem.  The NFL, the Commissioner, if they don’t take action after last night. . . .  That should be the last straw.”

Lang said he regrets using profanity to express himself on Twitter after the game, but that he believes more people should speak up.

“We were furious, man, as soon as we got into the locker room we turned the TVs on, it was just heartbreaking to have the game taken from us like that,” Lang said, confirming that roughly 20 players were throwing things at the monitor. “We put too much effort, blood, sweat and tears into this game to have it taken from us. . . .

“It was kind of embarrassing to be part of it, everybody was furious, a lot of guys are trying to take the high road, but it’s hard to do when there’s that much emotion into one game.  To have the win actually stolen from you?  It’s frustrating.”

With no indication that the league has any extra urgency to resolve the lockout, maybe the time for extreme measures from the players is coming.  Their union has done plenty of talking, but has taken no action.  If the time for action hasn’t arrived, it never will.

335 responses to “Lang says Packers discussed extreme measures on flight home

  1. While I think this was a horrific call at the end, as well as the pass interference, I think T.J. Lang needs to be more furious with himself and his fellow O-Lineman for allowing the Seahawks to absolutely punish Aaron Rodgers last night.

  2. I’m sure the Saints would very much appreciate the Packers taking a knee on every offensive play next weekend.

    Funny though, I don’t see Seattle threatening to not play next weekend. I also don’t remember the Giants doing that last year when the regular refs handed the game to the Packers with terrible call after terrible call.

  3. I would love to see the offensive players take a knee on every snap. This needs to end. I can’t stand watching the games now it’s been so frustrating.

  4. I’m just wondering had that play happened the exact same way at some point earlier in the game and the game played out the same with Seattle winning, would there be this much discussion and outrage?

  5. Go on strike yourself or kneel down on every snap? Gimme a break. Players were not willing to miss one game check a year ago, but now they are going to strike in the middle of a season.

    Simple solution-you were a 15-1 team a year ago and return basically the same team-play a better game where one bad call cannot cost you the game.

  6. What do they think all of their extreme measure will do?

    I mean really, when the regular refs come back, are they going to throw this level of fit when the refs blow a call?

    There have been a lot of games decided by bad calls, and that was before this year.

    People really need to get a grip. The regular refs are better, but the simple fact is that if the players are doing their jobs, then it won’t come down to 1 play.

  7. There ya go, that’s the responsible thing to do! Let your fans, season ticket holders, and share holders suffer because you guys feel slighted. Real mature…

  8. Aaron Rodgers overcame a vicious first half Seahwawks ambush. Rallied his team back and found a way to win in a hostile environment on national TV in front of millions. The type of game that championship runs are built on,and…………It never happened because the refs took it way.

    What a shame(Jerry Seinfeld voice)

  9. Big baby. That game wasnt stolen from you. There was 2 illegitimate touchdowns that game. Shut your loser mouths and quit acting like female reproductive organs. Packers lucked out with a td. Seahawks lucked out with a td. Act like the champs you supposedly are instead of the chumps you are being.

  10. I was thinking the same thing. The players should go on strike, fans should boycott attending and/or watching the games.

    Force NFL’s hand. They don’t want to lose money. That seems to be the only way they’ll listen. Because they’re greedy, selfish, corporate pricks.

  11. I’d like to know the effect of a fan boycott… nothing too extreme. I know there’s zero chance I’m missing the Raider’s game on Sunday, so how about I only watch the Raider’s game. I’m interested to know how big of a hit to the wallet of the NFL it would be if I didn’t watch the pregame, the morning game, SNF or MNF….

  12. I agree it needs to end however from what i have seen from the NFL, this will just cost the packers more games.

  13. Um, you guys scored 12 points on the freaking Seahawks. How about you throw things at your offensive game plan and execution? Maybe throw things at your completely ineffective offensive line?

    When your team is as good as the Packers should be, no amount of bad officiating should even remotely affect the outcome.

  14. Go change your diapers you bunch of babies ! You are not the first team or the last to have a game decided by a refs call or lack of. It is amazing how you completely stunk it up on the field for 3 weeks now but your biggest issue is the refs ? Go look in the mirror and fix that problem first . The only player on your team that is playing pro bowl football is Clay . Should your fans stop coming to your games until you guys put a team on the field like they are paying for?

  15. I remember the old refs blowing games just as much as these new guys. only difference is now we have players crying after every game about it. as a Raider fan im use to the refs screwing my team, looks like alot of these teams who normally get the calls their way need to get use to the change.

  16. I would also like to say that by striking or taking a knee on offensive plays will do nothing but hurt the fans. You’re getting paid regardless. What about these fans that pay hard earned money for seasons and individual tickets, and travel all the way to the stadium, pay the outrageous parking fees, and support you. Suck it up and get ready for the Saints.

  17. Hey TJ? Looked like you clowns were taking a knee when Rodgers was on the deck 8 times in the first half.

  18. taking a knee on every snap would be awesome. What would be more awesome? If the opposing team did the same. Somehow I don’t think that’d happen though lol

  19. I know what happened was crappy, but maybe Lang should also be furious at he and his fellow o-lineman’s performance in that game

    shouldn’t have let the game be that close to where the refs could have screwed it up

  20. How about next time you play a better game and don’t allow yourselves to be in a position to lose the game at the end on a crazy call?

    I felt sort of bad for the Packers at first, but now I’m just aggravated by all the whining and complaining and blame-shifting. Suck it up and blow the next team out so the game doesn’t come down to a judgment call. Pretty simple.

  21. I can only hope we see some follow through on this instead of idle words.

    Take a knee every play…no two teams feel more slighted by the NFL right now than the bountied Saints and the Century Link Stink Packers.

    Both teams could take a knee through OT ending the game in a tie.

    That”ll be good for the ratings and the folks on Park Avenue.

  22. Wow the packers start losing games and they wanna whine this badly? They must really have been paying the other refs alot to want them back this badly. Explains the 15-1 record way to well. They are a bunch of baby’s

  23. Let’s hear all the Packer hater comments. I’ll take care of it for you so just hold off for a second:

    1. The Packers gave up a billion sacks so they shouldn’t have won because of karma.
    1a. What does karma have to do with getting sacked?

    2. Jennings should have batted it down instead of catching it?
    2a. Did anyone watch the Lions Titans game? Teams lose all the time by batting it to the opponent.

    3. The Packers got calls in the past so this is football karma.
    3a. No team has ever gotten any calls from the refs except the Pack (sarcasm). How does that change the fact they got robbed?

    4. Their offense played so bad they shouldn’t have won anyways.
    4a. The Packers defense beat up the Seahawks offense more than vice versa. Pack had more yards and time of possession. Rodgers had 100 more yards than Wilson.

    I could go on and on for you guys but I’ll stop there. Basically if that happened to your team you would be super ticked off so get off of it.

  24. Extreme situations call for extreme measures….

    And the NFL’s explanation was a joke.

    Reverse the call Goodell!! Make this right !!

  25. I think it would be a great statement to make if they took a knee on every snap and the opposing team refused to rush the passer or tackle. That would get NFL’s attention.

  26. Jebus, what a crybaby. Like the Packefs have been the only team to ever be jobbed by the refs. TJ be a man….nut up and quit being a she-male. Dont leave the games up to the ref (by letting ur Qb get blasted 8 times). I hope this doesnt drag on for weeks….dont know if I can stand watching grown men act like women.

  27. Okay, pack, you take a knee on every play and maybe us fans will go on strike and remind you who really runs the show here.

    And I’m talking about reasonable, intelligent fans, not the grouping of baboons that decided to lose their jobs today and protest at your field. I’m talking about hard working fans who look forward to football on the weekends to relieve the pressure of our daily grind. And if you don’t want to join us in our daily grind, just remember you are paid like kings just to play a game.

    We need our ref’s back, but don’t you ever hold a knife to the necks of your fans to get your way, Jack!

  28. Oh god, we get it, the refs cost you the game. Welcome to every other team of the last 30-years. Get over yourselves, you’re being a bunch of “packers” if you know what I mean.

  29. What a bunch of effn cry babies! You got beat…if your team would have taken care of business in the first place it wouldn’t have come down to the last play. Packers players and their fans are the worst at crying foul.

  30. These “furious” men are behaving like spoiled children. Maybe instead of complaining and whining about the call they should use it as fuel to play better. Lets face it GB’s O’line poorly executed last night. And not to mention how many games i have seen in the past 5 years where GB benefited from horrible calls.

  31. I would stand behind the players if they strike after last night. Right now the nfl is tarnished.*

  32. Right, because that seems like a completely mature, adult response…

    Then again, they might not lose as many yards as they did on a lot on plays Monday night…

  33. So what can they do? They can’t strike–they’d be in violation of the CBA. Again, Mr Florio, you take the side of the union–why can’t the union and the league compromise? Why can’t the union take LESS of a pay raise for doing a PART TIME JOB?

  34. Roger Goodell is a POS. Players have only a short window in their lives to play football, and he is reducing the meaning of their hard work by having jank officials on the field.

    Goodell doesn’t understand football or the fans. He is the son of a senator, raised with a golden spoon in his mouth since day 1 of his life. He doesn’t know what hard work is; if he did, he wouldn’t treat the NFL like a political game between unions and big business. Bring back Paul Tagliabue.

    Protect the shield/integrity of the NFL? Give me a break.

  35. OH MY! I think this is getting a little out of hand here! You damn Cry BABIES!! Take my paycheck home and then tell me about a strike!!! Score more points and don’t leave it in the refs hands at the end! PROBLEM SOLVED!

  36. I stated before week 1 that the players should boycott playing in some manner prior to ever taking the field to ensure player safety and the integrity of the game.

    Now we are left reviewing horendous officiating week after week while the NFL refuses to negotiate an amenable end to this travessty.

    I for one will not be watching games until the professional officials have returned. I will take my chances with them on the field as oppossed to the Keystone Kops!

  37. If the packers were worrying about the refs more than the other team, that might explain the packers putrid performance.

  38. Hey TJ, how many sacks did your o-line allow yesterday? I believe it was 8. That, sir, is embarrassing.

    Yes, the call was horrible and the Packers get screwed. But that doesn’t give players like Lang carte blanch to act like a jackass on twitter.

  39. go ahead and take a knee on every play and see how that works out for ya. let me know how that goes 😉

  40. A player strike will never happen. As much as these men dislike the replacement refs, they dislike not being paid even more. Dang, some of these guys are broke right now; they can’t go weeks without a cheque!

  41. And if packers went home with a win. Lang would’ve been just fine with the officiating. Packers were gifted a PI on 3rd and long and generous ball placement on Rodgers run on their only TD drive. Even as a Seahawks fan I can admit officiating was hideous.

    It still doesn’t excuse Rodgers getting sacked 9 times and Seahawks defense shutting Rodgers and co down.

    Packers are come out playing next weekend. Lang needs to focus on next game.

  42. No matter what team you are a fan of, this was horrible and this might have HUGE implications on the NFC playoff picture.

    This should be the final straw and the NFL needs to get the regular officials back!

  43. that call was no worse than any of the other blown calls, it was just the timing.

    point is it shouldn’t have come to that were the refs could impact the game that much.

    I feel for the replacements, when have you seen such weird circumstances on all of these games each and every week?

  44. Good gravy, they act like they are the only team that has ever been hosed.

    It’s amusing the Packer fans acted like Favre was the drama queen.

  45. The NFL wont like having to explain to their sponsors why everytime a flag is thrown or a ref speaks BullS$$$ is being yelled. Dont remember what game it was but I thought it was awesome.

  46. I will tell you whats embrassing – you guys taking a knee and throwing games in front of fans who paid good money to watch you play. Forget the refs, thats another issue, the main issue is that they came to see YOU play and for you to consider that is RIDICULOUS!

    Bunch of whiny babies! So what if a call didnt go your way!

  47. Was it P. T. Barnum who said that there’s one born every minute? He was wrong. There are many, many more than one – as evidenced by the large number of unfortunates who believe the salient issue is that the regular refs are greedy, thus in the wrong. As it happens, the owners are greedy, too. It naturally follows then that if greed is the main issue relative to last night’s game, both groups are wrong. But it’s not the issue. The issue is that Roger and the league are selling the fans a bill of goods and too many poor slobs are buying it.
    Last night’s game was a travesty and anybody whose intelligence wasn’t insulted by the league telling them they didn’t see what they saw probably doesn’t have much.

  48. Mr. Lang, either put up or shut up. If you support unions than strike, if not , move on. This is not the first time nor the last time that the Refs screwed up.

  49. I think it would be even more funny AND impactful if they just snapped the ball, and had the offensive player hold on to the ball for the entire quarter. Just one play for the whole quarter, with the quarterback maybe just walking up and down the field for 15 minutes. Repeat five times (once for OT) and bam, game over.

    1 real time hour of play. The networks would be furious — they would have 2.5 hours to fill of leftover allotted game time, and they would lose out on so much commercial revenue.

    If that happens…if the networks can’t get their commercial revenue, you best bet that THEY will talk to Goodell, and that Goodell will listen to them since that’s where so much money comes from.

  50. That’s some that would stain the NFL for a long long time. Imagine a team just taking a knee on every play? What if the other team wouldn’t go for it. They would win by default. This is INSANE.

    What if the entire league did it..would the NFL just stop the games midway through.

    They can’t strike but if the players turn the game into a farce… and it’s over what a couple million for the richest sports league in the world. SMH.

  51. That is probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard today. So many players are saying that the league is being selfish during this lockout. How would those “extreme measures” not be selfish? Because in the end, it’s the fans pouring in all the money to the NFL.

  52. I suppose it was the refs that held you to just 12 points???? It must.have been the replacement refs starting on your offensive line??? So disgusting to hear these packers whining and crying!! Your telling me after getting sacked that many times in the first half you didnt have ONE HOLDING CALL against your squad??? Well I just rewatched it and the refs let you hold at LEAST 8 times with no calls!!!! THE PACKERS GOT MANHANDLED IN FRONT OF THE WORLD BY SEATTLE AND INSTEAD OF REALIZING IT THEY ARE BLAMING THE VERY SAME HIGH SCHOOL REFS THAT SCREWED SEATTLE RIGHT WITH YOU!!!! .suck it up gentleman, after all your Americas team!!!!

  53. I think that would be a powerful message. Even if just the Packers, Patriots, Redskins, maybe even 49ers took knees on the first 2 series of the games, it could help.

    I honestly feel bad for the replacement refs, they are not deliberately trying to screw anything up or derail the game. But Goodell is just making this worse and more embarrassing for them and all sides by letting this continue, and only issuing mechanical, political statements every week, like the replacements “are doing admiral job” they don’t like the attention or scrutiny this has caused at all I’m sure, and it’s obvious their doing their best job they can. Time to just end this now.

  54. You don’t see the Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons complaining.

    It’s easy to dirty join over the officials. It deflects the responsibility away from the true problem- their play.
    All the football rhetoric of “focus” doesn’t mean anything if you don’t do it when you absolutely need it.

  55. Yeah go ahead and take a knee every play, that will really show them…

    Even if the players got on board for this I doubt McCarthy and the Packers brass would be. There are tons of players out there who would kill for a shot to be a starter, so go ahead and kneel every play and see how long it would take to get replaced as a starter.

  56. Babies. Bad calls gave GB the lead in the first place. Grow up. It’s your whining, not the refs, that are destroying the game.

  57. I’m a bitter Packers fan, too. But it’s over, done with, and there’s nothing we can do now. It’s time to move on. The Saints are marching in…

  58. GB can take a knee on every play Sunday and the Saints will still lose.

    The teams should just agree to meet at the 50yd line and all take a dump on a huge photo of Goodell.

  59. Im so sick of the replay, so sick of the tough-guy talk.

    Friggin get over it ya crybabies, its football. Teams get screwed every year.

    On second thought, the call wasnt horrible. Whats worse is the referees giving Jim Harbaugh 5 timeouts in one half. THAT is referee error.

    Get it over it. You are a big boy and a pro. And everyone else needs to quit whining, its making football look weak.

  60. Don’t take a knee by yourself! I’m not a lawyer(FLORIO!), and have no idea what the implications of collusion would be, but get both teams to take a knee over and over in the same game and I PROMISE officials would be back the next week. NO CHANCE THEY WOULDN’T.

  61. Not a Packers fan…… But dont say the Packers should have played better before the last play. Its sixty minutes, the last play counts as much as the others. They were robbed of a win and if you think differently then your not a true Fan of the Sport.

  62. Wow. It looks like Roger decided to skimp on the anti-union PR campaign this time with the refs, unlike the all out propaganda campaign they ran during the player lockout. That frugality appears to be blowing up in his face.

  63. Even as a diehard Seahawks fan, I would not be opposed to the players going to extreme measures because of last night. As fans, we feel that we are helpless to what is happening. We deserve better.

    I was at the game and was so disgusted by the officiating that I almost walked. I spent $220 on tix to sit and watch referees dictate a nearly unbearable game. Trust me, Seattle isn’t pleased by this game either. We all are losing on this one…

  64. It never will. At least not from the players. They are still getting paid, and while they don’t prefer it this way, they know calls may go in their favor next week.

    The teams that can keep an even keel through the bad calls and just keep playing the game will have an advantage. So far that isn’t the packers.

  65. The extreme measure they should have discussed is calling the regular refs and tell them 1) with 10% unemployment and the crappy economy we are in that maybe being paid $150,000 a year for a part-time job and pay increases of 7-12% for the next 7 years might be a little cheap of the owners
    2) but hey, after the pay raise the players got and because of the millions of dollars the players are paid there just isn’t a lot left over for them 3) they may want to get back to work so their calls from now on will be as scrutinized as the replacement refs

  66. well that will be a boring game to watch, yet at the same time awesome. NE can join in too, hell quite a few teams could just take a knee.

  67. They should have protested by refusing to come back onto the field for the extra point*. What would the refs had done? Disqualified them? Declare them a forfeit? To what end when they already stole the game from them.

    The League can protest by all the teams getting together Sunday and holding a moment of silence for player safety and game integrity at their respective venues.

  68. Yes its easy to understand that you want to avoid pointing out that you had drive after drive that ended in a punt and that you lost because you and the offense didn’t do your jobs, not because the refs screwed up a call at the end.

  69. I don’t blame him for his thoughts. If every game was not so important in the NFL I would do it. It would definitely make a HUGE statement and let the commish know he is not the only one in charge.

    I’m not a Packers fan and I do live in Seattle so I’ve seen the coverage at stupid levels.

    The Packers were robbed…can’t argue that. It’s a said day for my beloved NFL.

    The Commish needs to act and act now.

  70. If the players want to end the lockout, have a show of solidarity, during the game, on TV for everyone to see. All of the teams would have to agree to do this in all 15 games this weekend if they really want their message heard. On both teams first offensive possession of each half, all 22 on the field should kneel the play dead after the snap. That would be three minutes of “worthless” game time, but it would send a clear message to the league and to the owners (you know, the one’s that are just as culpable in all of this going on as long as it has as Goodell is). No one wants this to go on any longer. Not the players who are at an increased risk of injury. Not the coaches whose jobs could be lost due to that one loss that leads to a playoff-less season. Probably neither of last night’s coaches but do you think Norv Turner, Andy Reid or Rex Ryan will sleep soundly for the rest of the season knowing something like what happened last night could happen to them? I think not. And probably not even the league since this has been the story of the season, not the play on the field but the mistakes being made by the people that are supposed to be officiating it. Enough is enough.

    Hell, even us fans should get in on it. Maybe everyone should boo the coin toss, or chant “We want the real refs” or something equally witty for the duration of the coin toss during all 15 games. Something’s gotta give..

  71. I wondered how long it would take the players to get to this point. We are getting closer. Roger is a dictator who needs a wake up call maybe this is it. I don’t like the thought of a player strike or anything that takes football away but something needs to happen. The crap that is going on is worse than watching peewee football.

  72. 1. the league can’t do anything. That’s unless these players want to end up like Vince Young.
    2. Stop your b@#$/ing you whiny baby. You and Rodgers make Cutler look like the pope.
    3. Maybe thats the reason Lang got his reared handed to him. He was worried about the refs more than the guys in front if him.
    4. You guys play for money first it’s a business and if you weren’t out on the field you’d be cleaning up crap out of a toilet.

  73. At the very moment an official takes money out of my pocket, and it’s quite possible with a loss that should have been a win, my language would be foul also. I would have called those dildos, bozos, clown every four letter name I could think of at the moment. there is absolutely nothing that a player can do on the field that will cost the refs one thin dime, and these idiots with chief idiot Roger could very well cost a team and it’s players thousands of playoff dollars. They have to go and go soon. Postpone the league until the greedy refs decide that their part time jobs are not worth quite as much as they think. I told the guys at work today, the players should take a knee on the first play, flip the ball to the ref and leave the field, or just sit down.

  74. The players do know this whole “replacement ref” thing is on their owners right?? Why are none of the players calling out the owne…. oooh right, never mind.

  75. I think folks on the Packer O Line need to focus on blocking defenders. Tough break. It sucks. It sometimes even happens with the good refs. Suck it up and move on. I’m a Bears fan. I can promise you this. If you take knees vs the Bears, they are going to score. You are our Darth Vader. I want to beat you at your best. Move on. It will get better, with these guys or the other guys.

  76. They won’t take a knee…. Fans that paid BIG $$ to attend games would go insane!! That’s the kind of act that turns the players in to the “bad guy”.

  77. it would really make for a boring sunday, but i can’t say i would blame any of the players for taking a knee. they go out there and put themselves out there chancing a season or career or lifelong injury everyday, and everything they work for is being hacked… for two years in a row, greed has been taking over pure enjoyment of the game by ALL. it’s time for everyone to grow up… maybe that’s what it would have to take…

    and for drew brees and his saints, that may be what it takes for them to actually win next week, and may end up 1 and 15 by the end of the season!

  78. Florio, you have your moments.

    If the players and coaches don’t take action now they never will.

    If writers and fans don’t take action now we never will.

    Something needs to be done, the time for discussion is over. The facts lead us to believe that the commissioner and the league will not be making the first move here.

    Please, I beg of the players and their coaching staffs, do something!

  79. That would be awesome, I was thinking about it yesterday. If the players just sat on their benches instead of going out for the coin flip. There would be hell to pay for the owners. On a side note, the jets are awful this year well that’s not much different from every other year but we suck

  80. Actually I think they put a lot more blood, sweat and tears complaining about the refs than they put on the field- protecting Rodgers, etc.

    It was also in the Packers hands to take a real shot at getting a first down on their last possession, and rely on the strength of their team- offense- to get it done, but instead basically just called a 21 or 31 dive every play until they punted. Instead they let the Seahawks get the ball back. The rest is history. Bad call or not, you got to own the fact that you didn’t play well, and it cost you. If you stew about it another week, you’re just gonna drop another game to the Saints, and be 1-3 with a 3 game road trip staring you in the face, and the whole season on the brink.

  81. ” the players discussed the possibility of going on strike — or simply taking a knee on every offensive snap”
    That’s actually an improvement over what they’ve been doing, taking a sack on every down.

  82. Instead of worrying about the refs, you should worry about protecting your quarterback. Quit crying and move on!

  83. If the players want to start rebelling by taking a knee every offensive snap, they’ll deserve the rage the fans give them.

    It’s a bad situation–we all can see that. But to take a fan’s hard-earned money and basically throw it down a toilet by turning a football game into an uninteresting stage for protest, the players will be turning the fans against them.

    Suck it up, play hard on the field, and make your protests before/after the game and with the media. Don’t punish the fans. The new refs are doing that enough already.

  84. I love that idea. First offensive series for every team in every game, just take a knee by mutual consent. Waste eight minutes of clock time and get the stadium fans and TV viewers upset at the owners on this, and then play. It would be one hell of a statement.

  85. Three weeks into the season and the main story in the NFL continues to be the referees. That’s just sad…the actual football games have become a sideshow.

  86. What a moron. The players and coaches were part of the problem because they put undue pressure on the replacements stretching the rules to breaking point and getting in their faces to no end trying to get an edge. Now it blows up on them and they want to act like innocent victims. Typical. Well cry me a river and go look int the mirror to see who gets a big helping of blame.

  87. Quit blamming the ref’s. you and your teamates put yourselves in that situation NOBODY else NOBODY! So quit making excuses ! If your team would have done more earlier in the game you wouldn’t have been in that pathetic situation to use the ref;s as a crutch to climbe onto the soap box and whine with the cheese!

  88. It’s funny these same packers didn’t seem so upset with the officiating in the Pack-NYG playoff game last year. Every team deals with bad officiating all the time, some just seem to whine a little more about it.

  89. Talk about a black eye on the game? This is as close nuclear as you can get without being full nuclear. Can you imagine one or more teams suiting up and not “playing” a single down?!

  90. I guess when it’s a case of the NON replacement refs blowing 2 calls that resulted in the Viking loss to the Packers in 2010 it was okay. Two seasons later when it costs a Packer loss it has to be only because the lousy replacements screwed them. Get over it Packers! No tears for you!

  91. I support the owners stance on keeping the refs locked out until they agree on having alternate crews, and full time refs. Last season the refs were terrible, without more training, and without alternate refs to replace under performing refs it’ll only get worse. I’d rather suffer this year, if it means full time refs and alternate crews.


  93. in all reality, they should have refused to come out for the extra point last night. They would have been fined etc….but they would have made a statement by doing that.

  94. Packer fans forget about the 15 yard pass interference call on Seattle during their TD drive that wasn’t PI at all…was just a great defensive play.
    Bad calls throughout the game..but they weren’t robbed of a win….they shouldn’t have been leading to begin with. They were outplayed.

  95. The answer to the issue is not to bring back the union officials. They have proven time and again that they are horrible! It’s amazing the short memories people in the NFL business, media, and fans have. Old guard officials are egregious week in and week out and have been for decades. This is why instant replay was introduced in the first place. The league, players, and fans could no longer tolerate their poor management of the game. It is why the league added another official to each group’s starting line-up recently. The locked out officials are inconsistent, rely on perceptions of events transpiring on the field instead of what they actually SEE occur, are not interested in improving their skills, are entrenched in a dysfunctional way to control game action and, for some reason, refuse to be employed full time in this multi-billion dollar industry! That is not acceptable. I choose the unpopular road to keep the current officials. Hire them as FULL TIME employees and have them begin their rigorous full time training as soon as the season ends. AND EXPAND INSTANT REPLAY to include holding and pass interference – the two most manipulated and game changing calls that officials use to imprint their power and authority over the game.

  96. Alright. Even a life long vikings fan, who goes to school in Wisconsin (bad choice), such as myself can admit that the Packers got jobbed last night. But to threaten kneeing the ball every snap, essentially throwing out the entire season after one game sounds like the threats of a bunch of sour 12 year olds. I’m no longer sympathetic for these guys; if they would have handled their business last night there never would have been any last minute throw for the win. There were many other awful calls in that game. One might note the pass interference called against the seahawks on 3rd & 5 that extended the packers’ last drive. The game got out of hand from the start and the packers (God’s gift to this green earth) were enablers. Even if the last play never happened we would be here asking what is wrong with (everyone’s beloved) packers. Sounds like a pretty easy way to excuse yet another disappointing performance.

  97. Actually, taking such measures would be worse for the game. It’s not like we’re going to quit watching football. Just play the game, do your best, and give us something to watch. Don’t ruin the game for us by taking yourselves out of it. For the Pack to even discuss that (if seriously), they come off as total babies compared to other teams that have had bad calls. This one simply was the last possible call that could be made in the game and caused the score to change. In the middle of the game, no one would be as upset about it.

    Grow up.

    This happened, and we feel bad, but we’re not actually upset that the Pack lost…most of us. It was hard to watch…but not that hard. And, it was still a good game. Rodgers got pounded. The Seahawks were in it the whole way. It was close. It was good watching.

    Grow up. Play the game. Don’t bail on the fans. If the refs lose more games for you, just suck it up.

  98. it’s week 3 guys. the more the Packers talk about this, the whinier they sound. it’s not like they had a playoff win taken away.
    Methinks these guys feel above losing after a 15-1 season.

  99. 8 sacks could have been alot more[hey dicount double click why doesn’t your “o” line like you?

  100. Everyone is too caught up in the frenzy. Let’s all stop whining, take a deep breathe, and quit acting like the world is coming to an end.

  101. I wish the Packers and their fans would shut the f up already. You’re still going to watch on t.v., go to games and buy merchandise. So cry in your bears as you pack the stadium next Sunday.

  102. If I’m a paying customer at the game and those guys take a knee on every play……I’m starting some kind of riot inside that stadium. The Packers better come up with a better idea to protest or they can help contribute to the referee’s pension plans.

  103. Give me a break.

    Here’s a bulletin: the now-sainted “regular” officials blew calls all the time. All the time. Some of those calls decided games. Are the replacements worse? Sure, but in the 24 years that I’ve watched football I’ve seen calls much, much worse than the one that decided last night’s game. Had the regular officials made that call—and there’s no guarantee they would not have—it wouldn’t be the uproar it is now.

  104. This team is fired up about this lose, If the offense was this fired up during the game they would have won

  105. The Pack feels entitled. They feel MORE screwed than other teams this happens to. Welcome to the NFL. You’re good. Use your skills, and beat some teams. Win some games on your own. Don’t rely on refs to have your backs.

  106. What a bunch of whiners. Suck it up, bad calls happen. Blame the NFL AND the Refs Union if you need someone to blame. I am so sick of hearing all the whining about the current refs and everyone blaming the NFL and the commissioner. The Union could end this just as easy but no one is blaming them for any of this.

  107. Whats embarassing is how your acting like CHILDREN. As if terrible calls dont happen for and against every team! Your team benefited from a quite a few calls last night that instead of your team punting you scoe 9 pts between ur TAINTED TD drive and another of your field goals..

    Perhaps Instead of being mad about the last call. You should be upset that 4 defensive lineman Beastd 5 of your Offensive until your team started holding the entire 2nd Half.. Embarrassed yes.. But with yourself for getting you Tails whipped alll night long..
    Be Real take a knee.. your a grown man.. You sound like an immature baby! That is your job sir..

    1 play dotsnt decide an entire game.. But not totally obsurd like your claiming.. U got a bogus PI against your team the previous drive.. then The next drive the seahawks miss out on A PI against woodson.. C’mon, take this game and let it motivate you.. dont Pout like a baby..

    I mean the saints whole season was taken away idiot.. What are they doing? Still playing and taking it like a man! You only lost 1 game 3rd week of the year! Atleast 13 more games..! And as much as you want to disagree you got your butts whooped! you had 1 decent drive.. and even it was prolonged by bogus penalties.. and Lack of holding penalties! Be objective..! Your a HYPROCRITE! And a SORE LOSER!

  108. He should feel fortunate that the focus is on officials and not the underperforming Packers offense. They scored 1 offensive TD in the Bears “blowout” and were humiliated by the Seahawks. This team is going nowhere.

  109. How many times during the offseason did we preach to you guys that Goodell and the NFL’s “bounty agenda” had nothing to do with player safety, integrity of the game, or just plain malice from Saint’s players……it is all about the money, litigation, and ultimate power which Goodell is obsessed with. The situation clearly demonstrates integrity of the game wasn’t an issue as Goodell claimed. What else did he lie about?

  110. if just the packers o-line took a knee every play, rodgers would have been sacked the same as he was last night.

  111. i thought the same thing….then the rational adult in me reared its ugly head and i realized how childish and overreactive it would be.
    play better throughout the game and that play becomes an attempted stat booster at the end of a game

  112. The Packers stunk last night and only have themselves to blame. It never should have come down to the last play and Aaron Rodgers sounds as silly and delusional as Drew Brees. Shut up and play.

    As for the regular officials, I say enjoy your vacation. There are plenty of people who need jobs these days and to make outrageous demands for lifetime compensation on your part-time job is just crazy. The NFL will be fine without you.

  113. Yep. And the extreme measure they decided on was to have their QB go on the public circuit, making a baby of himself. And the only reason we’re hearing from this self-serving clown is because they lost.

    Hey Baby, where was the detailed breakdown of the awful calls made during some of Sundays games? Or how about a detail of how they gifted you on a 3rd down PI call on you’re only freaking touchdown drive of the game? How many games do you think you deserve to win scoring 12 points?

  114. What a bunch of cry babies! Sure, you lost ONE GAME to replacement refs.

    In Seattle we lost the SUPER BOWL 40 to the so-called “Real Referees”!

    We’ll give you back last night’s game if you give us back Super Bowl 40!

  115. The NFL game has deteriorated steadily week after week. At this point Roger, you sir are NOW costing the NFL money and its precious integrity.

    Its also become a safety issue now and I believe the Players Union needs to grow a pair and step to the plate to protect themselves by boycotting!

    I think Lang has it right. So as of this point on I plan to “take a knee” myself and not watch or support the NFL until this is settled. I hope other fans do as well!

    Joke-F-L is more like it at this point!

  116. I find it intriguing the owners hold on to their money, putting out replacement refs..

    And now the team to lose a game over it is the one franchise without an official owner?

    Irony, I say. :-/

  117. To listen to the packers, you would think they were the only team to ever lose a game due to officiating. Grow up boys. Packers players and fans have rather short memories. In 2010 they beat the Vikings at Lambeau after a TD to V. Shianacoe was ruled a non-catch but later replay video (just like last nite’s game) clearly showed that it was a catch….and end of game and packers should’ve lost. The really ironic part of the this is that with that loss the packers would’ve had a 9-7 record and NOT made the playoffs…….the year in which they won their most recent Superbowl. As to Lang’s mention of “going on strike or taking a knee every play”… looked like that’s exactly what they did the entire first half of last nite’s game with Rodgers getting sacked 8 times. Perhaps had they come to play the entire game, it would not have come down to the last play. Also, where’s the blame on DB Jennings?? He wanted to be a “hero” and intercept to end the game when since Pop Warner days a DB has been taught to spike the Hail Mary pass to the ground!!!!!

  118. O.K, so I am trying to imagine next Sunday. What if each team were to take a knee on every play for each possession they have for the entire game? That would be an strong showing in protest against all the ills we have been witnessing the past few weeks. Not sure it would go over too well with all of the fans, but just trying to fathom what that would look like on Sports Center. It might actually cause enough of a stir at the league office to make a difference.

  119. The Raiders have had bad calls go against them for years since the old man took on the NFL… now how does it feel? dislike if you want but at least packer fan knows how raider fan has felt for years……

  120. As a Lions fan, I felt a tiny bit bad for ya. Hats off to you for coming back on the field for that extra point. Don’t bail on everyone now.

  121. Honestly, what a bunch of cry-babies. Get over it fellas! It’s not the first time the refs screwed a team out of a win, just the first time it happened to the Packers.

  122. Yeah, the Packers got beat up in the first half. 8 sacks, 0 points. But they gave up 0 sacks in the second half, fought like hell, and put themselves into a position to win. That’s probably part of why it stung so much.

    Add on things like the cheap shot on Jennings down the field, the too-low cut block at Worthy’s knees (followed immediately by an attempted dive into Raji’s knees after the following play – thank God he saw the guy coming and shoved him into the turf), and the horrible all around reffing… I can’t really blame them. I think it’s time for the team to sit back and let everyone else take the reins on this outrage though.


    Packers lose!!!

    I guess the replacement refs didn’t get the memo that the Packers are supposed to get every call.

    Hey TJ, maybe if you guys quit whining about the refs and played a little better it wouldn’t come down to the final play.

  124. Lang and the rest of the Packers need to look themselves square in the eye and ask “WHY WAS MY TEAM EVEN IN A POSITION TO LOSE THAT GAME?” Because you sucked the entire first half. YOU should be embarrassed at YOURSELF.

    Not to mention all the other missed calls BOTH ways. Oh and not to mention all the other games that over the years have been blown by bad calls at the end. Sheesh…flippin’ cry-baby.

  125. While I think this was a horrific call at the end, as well as the pass interference, I think T.J. Lang needs to be more furious with himself and his fellow O-Lineman for allowing the Seahawks to absolutely punish Aaron Rodgers last night

    how the f&ck dare you blame the way the game was played as a buyout for the chickensh*t call. Should they have played better sure… but do not ever excuse the horrible call as if it were not the real issue at hand…

  126. True these replacement zebras have been brutal, but maybe Lang and the rest of his o-line should consider such drastic measures as not letting your QB get sacked 8 times in a half. Meathead…

  127. “Chargers didn’t act like a bunch of spoiled brats when ed hochuli, robbed them of a win”

    Hochuli admitted he got the call wrong… and yet you are still whining about the call 4 years later.

  128. I think a LEAGUE wide act of rebellion, nothing major but a kneel down on the 1st play of the game and to start the 2nd half, would be great.
    As to the game last night the refs didn’t sack Rogers 8 times in the first half, it was a terrible call but is that why they really lost?

  129. Jeeze… COMPLETE over reaction. Do they think they have been the first team screwed by a bad call??? Seattle got hosed in one of the worst officiating jobs in the Super Bowl. Imagine the outcry if those were replacement officials.

    Both sets of officials call bad games and make bad calls. The final play last night was a difficult rule to interpret, and they likely got it wrong. But it’s niave to think that if a regular official were there, there is zero chance they would have made the same call. I do think it probably could have been called an INT, but based on the letter of the law, there’s a little grey area. I have not seen 1 freeze frame where it shows the GB player had 2 hands on the ball, but Golden Tate didn’t.

    As I said before, both sets of officials make mistakes. Granted, the replacement ones seem to make more of them and at critical points in the game. But the NFL already offered the refs more money… The one thing they also want is for the regular refs to be accountable and be able to be removed from games if they have bad performances. The refs are still fighting that and they want gauranteed games regardless of their mistakes and performances. In that regard, I’m in favor of the owners pushing for accountability when the real refs come back.

  130. I do agree that the replacement refs are terrible and are making bad calls that affect the outcomes of games. That being said, GB fans are being such a bunch of cry babies. With 80% of the media picking GB to win the SB this year, the media has done its part in fanning the cry babie flames. GB fans need to relax and realize every team has had bad calls cost them the game. GB fans you were not going to go 15/1 like you/media thought you were. Relax and stop crying.

  131. Stay classy Packers , what a bunch of babies , cry cry cry , whine , whine, whine . I have never heard of Players acting like this , this stuff happens with the real refs too , but until now its always gone in the Packers favor. I guess we see why now by the way they act.

  132. What a bunch of kids, if I don’t get my way I’ll take my ball and go home….total idiots.

  133. ohenry78 says: Sep 25, 2012 9:08 PM

    I think it would be even more funny AND impactful if they just snapped the ball, and had the offensive player hold on to the ball for the entire quarter. Just one play for the whole quarter, with the quarterback maybe just walking up and down the field for 15 minutes. Repeat five times (once for OT) and bam, game over.
    1 real time hour of play. The networks would be furious
    Imagine how the fans in the stadium who paid $XXX for their tickets would feel.

  134. You know it’s the tight fisted owners, right ?

    as in they dont want to give the refs a 33% raise, they want to make them full time, refs dont want that and refs dont want the ability to be fired…
    oh and they want a 401k as part time employees knowing full well the NFL doesnt offer that for any part time employee…

    you can take your Obama voting, democratic ” poor me ” attitude and shove it up your tight fisted azz…

    the refs make up to 150k per year… maybe they are the ones to blame in this

  135. The Lombardi Trophy. The NFL . Green Bay Packers. Entitled Town.Only reason this is galactic news

  136. This is no big deal. They got screwed….big deal. Lot’s of teams do. Just because they can’t do anything about it doesn’t mean that everybody doesn’t know it too. The Packers are still the team to beat in the NFC North and with the defense starting to come around (damn good so far,), just wait…..nobody will look forward to playing them. And when the offense gets its head out of its butt, they will return to No. 1 in the power rankings. At 1-2 they’re still ahead of everybody else in their division. No surprises there. See? Everybody gets screwed once in awhile.

  137. I think it would be awesome if Lang and the rest of the Pack did that. Just to say suck it to Goodell and his rich boyfriends.

  138. I wonder whether T.J. Lang was equally embarrassed to be part of an offensive line that allowed his quarterback to be sacked eight times in the first half? Was that also because of the replacement refs?

  139. ENOUGH comparing this call to the Hochuli call. That call was blown, but the Chargers still had 2 downs to defend a score PLUS allowed a 2 point conversion to lose!

    The game is sixty minutes, a grind. The game came down to the very last play regardless of everything else that happened in the game and the decision was made by the refs on a blown call.

  140. You wouldn’t be a competitor or human to feel the same feelings as the Packers when they were robbed of the victory. Sure they played terrible, especially the offensive line, Lang’s unit. However, they fought back on the road in a hostile environment and earned the victory.

    That said, each and every offensive lineman needs to look at the mirror first before blaming others.

  141. Bad call? Yes it was. Did it effect the game..Yes it did. Playing football I was taught there will be adversity in every game, good or bad you have to deal with it. Snow rain and wind also effect the outcome of games but we don’t complain about that do we? Maybe the Packers need to look at their last possesion. 3 and out when you need to put the game away? And then allowing a pass to put them in Hail Mary range? Super Bowl contenders are supposed to be able to close games like these out. Blaming the refs is just a distraction so they don’t have to answer why they were unable to close the game. Do that, and there is no loss.

  142. This just in. Drew Brees says due to the Bountygate scandal, i’ts now his Saints against The World.

    Current score:


    Soon to be WORLD 4 SAINTS 0

  143. So if the replacement refs are so bad why to we have the tuck rule, or the Lions losing to the Bears because Calvin Johnson didn’t catch the ball, or Cutler getting a win against the Chargers, or The Vikings losing a NFC championship game because the “good” refs wouldn’t stop the Saints from taking cheap shots at Favre.

    Just because your the Packers doesn’t mean you can’t get a bad call too. You want to fix the problem, don’t leave the game up to a hail mary.

  144. “Lang says Packers discussed extreme measures on flight home”
    You gotta wonder if blocking was included in those EXTREME MEASURES?

  145. “I think it would be even more funny AND impactful if they just snapped the ball, and had the offensive player hold on to the ball for the entire quarter. Just one play for the whole quarter, with the quarterback maybe just walking up and down the field for 15 minutes. Repeat five times (once for OT) and bam, game over.

    1 real time hour of play. The networks would be furious — they would have 2.5 hours to fill of leftover allotted game time, and they would lose out on so much commercial revenue.

    If that happens…if the networks can’t get their commercial revenue, you best bet that THEY will talk to Goodell, and that Goodell will listen to them since that’s where so much money comes from.”

    If that ever happened, it would be the most disgraceful show of sportsmanship ever. But if would be fun to see, especially If the lineman started high-Each other chatting it up, maybe you get some of the safeties to start doing flips in the backfield.

  146. You can’t do that to ticket holders. Especially a Packers game where people travel fom all 50 states and several foreign countries for the games. However, it’s for that reason and the millions of TV viewers that its beyond belief that the league would be this ill prepared for the ref lockout. It’s not like they didn’t know it was coming, and didn’t know it would be a challenge to find qualified replacements. If they waited until the last minute to find replacements, shame on them. If they were training these guys well in advance, it’s all the more to the refs arguments that they are more skilled than the average ref and probably should be paid more. I want to quit watching but it’s hard to turn away from a car wreck.

  147. Half of the sportwriters and Vegas had the Packers winning the Superbowl this year. Regardless of how the refs called the last play, that’s not what all this furor is really about. It’s about the Packers looking like crap and that they are now 1-2. The writers feel like dumbasses and people are losing money on bets. That’s what this is really about. If this same call happens to the Browns against Oakland no one gives a crap. Hardly anyone gave a crap when the 6-10 Lions got hosed on a Calvin Johnson game winning TD pass 2 years ago. Cry me a river.

  148. WHAAAAAAAA!!! WHAAAAAA!!!! This pr-Packer league gives Green Bay call after call, every single game. They’ve had the refs in their pocket the last decade. Just watch any game. Did they get screwed over this time? Yes. Welcome to the club. Population: 31 other teams. Stop whining (I’m looking at you A-Rod… you do it after every loss).

    And classy move texting the commish’s number. I didn’t realize you were so ignorant not to know that it’s the OWNERS who won’t budge on an agreement with the refs, not Roger Goodell. Moron.

  149. Their opponents this week, the Saints would be a prime and very willing opponent for a protest. The team receiving the kickoff could take a touchback then the offense and defense can trade respective delay of game and offsides penalties causing the officials to walk off the penalties back and forth like idiots until they get their point across. No time wouldvbd taken off the clock and after their statement I’d made they can resume the game.

  150. Go ahead and take a knee on every snap then dude. Its easy to say, quite another to actually do it. You are fooling nobody with this nonsense. Please, haven’t you realized the NFL does not care what you think?

    Go home tough guy. I’m sure the league is real scared after hearing this guy talk and then watching him ans his teammates do absolutely nothing to back it up.

    Talk, Talk, Talk and complain and whine. Your 2012-13 Green Bay Packers.

    Nobody cares bro!!!

  151. Would love to see them take a knee every down. Can you imagine all the trash that would be tossed onto the field? General public (for the most part) paying money and they get to see this instead. If it happened during a Primetime televised game at that.


  152. Would they have still been discussing extreme measures if they had won the game? Was the PI call against Kam that allowed the Pack to get their only TD “horrible”? Was the non-PI call against Woodson “horrible”? Was the fact that the Pack Offensive Line got away with holding the whole second half “horrible”?

    Were they this upset when the Seahawks had the Super Bowl stolen from them by the “real” refs? For 6 years I have had to hear about how the Seahawks just didn’t make the plays that day in Super Bowl XL, well it’s time for us to say that the Pack just didn’t make the plays last night and move on. Right?

  153. Poor Babies…You honestly think losing a game because of the refs is that bad. As a Ravens fan, I can give you easily 10 games that we lost that the refs changed the game. The Eagles game was only the latest.

    My suggestion: PLAY LIKE A RAVEN. Suck it up and next time win by a lot so the refs can’t take it away.

  154. I thought the Packers OL had started the strike in the first half of the Seahawks game! Eight sacks? Taking a knee might be a better outcome, TJ. Talk up the Hail Mary so no one notices how bad your OL is!

  155. Someone needs to tell T.J. Lang to put this much thought, effort and emotion into protecting his QB and blocking for his RB.

    Then maybe their game won’t come down to a Hail Mary where anything can happen.

    Typical attitude these days of “I’m getting screwed, it’s someone else’s fault and I had nothing to do with it”

  156. The stalemate is hardly only about money. One of the main sticking points is the league wants to maintain three extra seven ref crews to be substituted for crews not performing up to expectations. Just like the players.

    The locked out refs are balking at that. They don’t want competition. They want their insulated world where they face few, if any, consequences for poor performance.

    If one takes a longer term view of the situation it becomes clear the league wants to improve the quality of the game by injecting competition into the ranks of the referees. The owners are willing to endure short term negativity for long terms gains that will improve the overall quality on the field.

    The vast majority of the owners are outrageously successful businessmen. They’re experienced at operating multi million and billion dollar enterprises. The players? They know how to play football. The refs? They know how to enforce the rules of football.

    Don’t see the league backing down on this one and, as a decades long season ticket holder, hope they don’t.

  157. Yes, the refs did botch the game, but a week or two from now, you will get over yourselves and think that taking a knee on every down is going to be ridiculous. Why? Because your football players not 8 year olds playing backyard football.

  158. No review of the touchdown pass in the AFC championship game against New England. That was the regular refs.

    Do you think the Ravens should take a knee on every play as well?

    Wow…you would think that no team has ever lost by a bad call. Why not ask the Detroit Lions or the Buffalo Bills or the Baltimore Ravens about Regular Referees taking over the game? Now that the Patriots and the Packers are losing close games, oh the world has ended!

    I am glad the replacement refs aren’t paid off by the Unions and Vegas.

  159. Yep, if this crap keeps up the players should just refuse to play until the regular refs are under contract.

  160. let me start by saying that I am a huge Seahawks fan (I’ve watched almost every game since 1976) This was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. MD Jennings clearly intercepted that ball. Jennings caught the ball with TWO hands brought it to his chest and controlled the ball through out the whole play. And then to have the NFL agree with the call drove me crazy. I heard Pete Carroll on the radio today agreeing with NFL saying that he agreed with the call and that the ref’s got it right. Now I knew that Carroll was going to agree with the call, it was the way he explained it to us, telling us that we didn’t see it right. The NFL and Carroll must think that we are stupid. Let me leave you with this: The owners are business men first, unless they start losing money THEY DO NOT CARE! with their billion dollar TV contracts and season ticket holders I don’t see this happening in the near future. So for now I will not be watching NFL football.

  161. Packers have every right to be disgusted. I’m no Packer fan, but I never want to see that again. I’m turned off by the NFL and I NEVER thought that was EVER possible. I’m watching less every week. The length of games, the penalties, incompetence. It’s just becoming a waste of time.

  162. Typical Packer reaction.
    Do they ever lose a game and the players or their fans don’t cry and whine about it?

    Not in a very long time now.

  163. The point is the games are meaningless now as witnessed and expressed by players throughout the league. The players would be stupid to continue playing within the rules, most have abandoned that already. Taking a knee would serve to end the disgrace. Nonviolent resistance, like Mahatma Gandhi. Anyone who could enjoy watching that game last night-from start to finish-is very ignorant about how the game of football works.

  164. let me start by saying that I am a huge Seahawks fan (I’ve watched almost every game since 1976) This was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. MD Jennings clearly intercepted that ball. Jennings caught the ball with TWO hands brought it to his chest and controlled the ball through out the whole play. And then to have the NFL agree with the call drove me crazy. I heard Pete Carroll on the radio today agreeing with NFL saying that he agreed with the call and that the ref’s got it right. Now I knew that Carroll was going to agree with the call, it was the way he explained it to us, telling us that we didn’t see it right. The NFL and Carroll must think that we are stupid. Let me leave you with this: The owners are business men first, unless they start losing money THEY DO NOT CARE! with their billion dollar TV contracts and season ticket holders I don’t see this happening in the near future. So for now I will not be watching NFL football.

    -Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  165. Maybe instead of worrying about the refs and throwing things at TV’s, Lang should worry about protecting his quarterback from 8 sacks in one half, or throwing blocks to get a single first down late in the 4th quarter that would have sealed the game. Bad calls are part of the game and they went both ways last night. The regular refs make bad calls all the time, its just a convenient excuse now. If you are only a hail mary away from losing to your opponent, then sometimes you’ll lose on a hail mary! Packers are good but they were outplayed in the first half and settled for field goals and missed 2 point conversions in the 2nd half. If that team is making excuses and thinking of quitting because they lost on a fluke play, then they are already done-zo this year.

  166. Drew Brees is the most recent/vehement player other than a Packer who has been outspoken against the officials. I would love to see an agreement between the Packers and Saints where on the first snap of the game whichever teams has the ball drops the qb back and he stands there and the defense doesn’t rush the passer. They just stand there and the clock runs until the quarter ends then they take a knee. Same thing 2nd quarter, same thing 3rd….

    I can’t think of two teams that would be more willing. The Saint got screwed by the ‘investigation” and the Packers had a hard fought win stolen from them. If they did this I would love every second of it and wait eagerly to see what the league would do in response.

  167. I saw an interview with Greg Jennings right after the game. I’m surprised how nonchalant he was about the whole thing. He was actually smiling with all the reporters. Maybe he was seething inside though. I probably would have reacted more like T.J. Lang did.

    I know I wouldn’t want to be the New Orleans Saints this weekend though.

  168. Sounds like the packers threw an enormous temper tantrum like some 2 year old child that doesn’t get a treat after dinner. Go ahead and take a knee. I’m sure the saints won’t mind.

    I don’t understand why this is such a big deal. It’s like a bad call has never, ever happened in sports before this one. The refs thought it was a tie, so they gave it to the hawks. Too bad. I’ve never seen such childish reactions. I guess the packers now know what it’s like to lose A game because of bad calls. They want the old refs to come back and give them the favorable calls like they have always had.

  169. , the players discussed the possibility of going on strike — or simply taking a knee on every offensive snap — until the lockout of the officials ends//////////// No, you didn’t. Stop it. You guys wouldn’t give up one dollar if it came right down to it. And none of you complained during your Superbowl year when the refs handed you a victory against the Vikings, which allowed you to get into the Wildcard. The NFL admitted the refs made mistakes to give the Packers that win. Where was your integrity and cry of injustice then you lying, two faced douche bag?!

  170. Wow, this is a lot of media angst for a call made by professional officials supervised by regular professional officials and upheld by regular replay officials that that the NFL says was correct. But I guess “everyone” knows better than those guys. I can only image what would happen if Timmy and the Jets were involved…….

  171. You know what doesn’t lose the game for the Packers?? Scoring just one more TD instead of playing like absolute crap for most of the game!!!!

    It sucks, but GB’s poor play put them in that position. Aaron Rodgers et al. should stop whining and should work on not playing so poorly. It’s that simple.

  172. Why are these guys freaking out? They’re still getting paid, it’s just the officials who aren’t. I’m mean its all about money, right?

  173. At least 60% of you dumb ass players are broke five years after retirement. You want to sack up and take on the billionaire owners?! You go right ahead Skippy! The NFL was there long before your ass came along, and it will keep on chugging along without you. All 53 of you tough guys on the Packers can walk right out the door. Guess what happens next year? 53 new guys called the Green Bay Packers play 16 games.

  174. The first and second week players who complained about the officials were poor losers. Now that GB lost the sky is falling. Bad calls are in every game, every week.

  175. Good grief, is this guy the NFL’s newest annoying loudmouth? Why doesn’t Lang quit blaming everybody else and reflect on how horrible allowing 8 sacks in one half is?

  176. I’m not sure why everyone is blaming the NFL. Just how much to the regular Refs want? I have no idea, I heard they want a pension. Something most people who work full time don’t have. The NFL will just pass the cost onto us one way or another. Higher game tickets, DirecTV more expensive etc…… Greed goes both ways, careful what you wish for.

  177. Jerry Markbreit was an NFL official for 33 years, the referee in eight conference championships and four Super Bowls.

    He never saw anything close to what he witnessed Monday night.

    Markbreit was at home outside of Chicago, watching Green Bay play at Seattle, and — like millions of other viewers — he was stunned by the officiating calls that were made, the ones that weren’t made, and the Seahawks’ game-winning Hail Mary that wasn’t a catch but an interception.

    Photos: Was it a touchdown or an interception?

    “I don’t like to see injustice at all,” Markbreit said by phone Tuesday morning. “And I think that injustice has been served on our officials. But this is injustice against a team that deserved to win this game, and it’s terrible. It makes you feel bad. It puts a stain on officiating everywhere.

    “The officials that work all the other sports look at this thing and say, ‘My gosh! How could the NFL put these inexperienced guys, to represent the officiating world, on the biggest stage they have? Shame on them.’”

    Markbreit, 77, who retired as a game official in 1999, has spent the past decade as an officiating trainer with the league. When the league locked out the officials in June, the trainers were told their services would not be needed either.

    Watching Monday’s game, Markbreit found it especially galling that, when the two officials in the end zone had opposite calls, one calling a touchback or time out and the other a touchdown, the referee didn’t step in get both zebras on the same page.

    “This is a routine play from our guys,” he said. “It’s a wonderful play, and it’s a great play to officiate, and it’s a great play to get correct.

    “The head referee should come down. Anytime you have a play where you have two decisions — one yes, one no — the referee comes down, ‘What’s going on guys?’ that’s negotiation. That’s what a referee does. He doesn’t just call fouls, he negotiates the game.”

  178. Yes the refs made a horrible call at the end of the game that went against the packers.

    Yes the replacement officials have not done a good job.

    But the Packers played HORRIBLE and put themselves in a position where one play or (a play with one bad call) could affect the outcome of the game. The packers must take some ownership of the outcome because they had a hand in it as well.

  179. Well, we all know that the players are strictly loyal to their team (and not just to the highest bidder), and that all they care about is winning (and not just the largest paycheck). Give me a break. The fans will always care more about wins and losses than the players. It is our break from reality, while it is a job to the players. I’m not saying the players don’t care about winning at all, but this clown will turn his back on the Packers for a larger paycheck with any team in the league.

  180. T. J….T. J…Son what you and that pitiful O-line should do is stay late after practice and work on your blocking schemes……That awesome Seahawk D-line handed you guys ARSE to you pretty good…I think you guys are listening to J. Gruden telling you how great you and Rodgers are and you forgot to play the freaking game….

    This game should not have come down to one hail mary play……you guys are elite remember…hehehehe!!!!

  181. These Hawks fans better be careful what they wish for. If they (Hawks) are as good as their mouths say they are then you’ll be seeing the Pack again in the Playoffs and I guarantee the Pack not only wins but CRUSHES them. That first half was more on McCarthy not adjusting. Once he made offensive adjustments they dominated and won that game…..until the refs came along.

  182. Take a deep breath and calm down, TJ. Your idea sounds like the plan of everybody refusing to buy gas on one certain day in protest of gas prices. Not going to happen. Like Big Oil, the NFL is a huge machine. Yes, people may get frustrated w/ it, but nobody is going to coordinate an effort to upset the apple cart.

  183. Anyone who needs a definition of what a “red herring” fallacy is, need only look at some of these comments on the various threads about this call.

    Did the Packers o-line do their job? No.

    Should the game have come down to the final play? Certainly not. It SHOULD have ended when the Packers had the interception taken away earlier on the silly roughing the passer. But should the Packers have been able to put that game in the bag to the degree that bad officiating would not have been a factor? Probably.

    But this all misses the central truth that the game DID come down to the last play, and the officials DID completely screw it up, costing the game– as it stood at that minute– for the Packers because of incredibly, laughably bad referee error. Everything else is beside the point: the scab officiating sucks, and it finally directly cost a team a game.

    And anyone who thinks the problem with the officials boils down to that one play, or who argues that the level of bad officiating is in any way comparable to the inevitable bad calls that come with the regular refs, must know so little about football that they have no business posting here.

  184. 50/50 chance the “real” refs would have screwed up that call too. I don’t remember any players boycotting games after the “real” refs handed the Steelers a Superbowl win over the Seahawks a few years ago.

  185. I’m sorry if I make Packer fans unhappy but your team has to be the biggest cry babies in the world. You lose ONE GAME because of a bad call and you’re crying like someone took your favorite toy. I think the problem is you guys are NOT accustomed to getting the bad calls go against you. There many other teams that have LOST games because of poors calls made my the REAL REFS. Now you know how they feel. Get over it and get ready for the Saints or you may get a real butt whipping the refs will have nothing to do with.

  186. So, instead of the GreenBay Packers, they’ll become the GreenBay Kneel Downs? I agree with all the other posts that say “If you want to win, score some points and protect your quarterback a little better.” You didn’t lose only on the basis of one missed call. You lost on account of a whole bunch of crappy plays, especially in the first half. Suck it up and move on.

  187. I didn’t hear any Packers complaining about the game they were given in 2010 against the Vikings, where the NFL admitted that they took a good TD away from the Vikings and gave one to the Packers that they didnt get. That difference gave the Packers the win.

    The Packers got the 6th and final seed to the playoffs in a tiebreaker, and then went on to win that Superbowl.

    Tell ya what Packers, you two-faced whiners. You can have the win last night if you give back the Superbowl rings you never earned.

    What goes around comes around.

  188. Packers have become the most sanctimonious team in the NFL. What a bunch of holier-than-thou prima donnas. I guess too many national TV spots will do that to a team.

    Rodgers apologizes to fans. Um, thanks?

    Lang to light himself on fire in protest. Oookay.

    Meanwhile, their defense plays like the 1990 Detroit Pistons — holding, flopping and complaining — as they play the refs and not their opponent.


  189. My team is 1-2, but could easily be 3-0 or 0-3 based on what refs were in each game. It makes it hard to care. Between all the blown calls, it’s tough to figure out who really would have won each game with real refs. It feels like I’m watching WWE. If I was a Packers fan I would be angry and if I was a Seahawks fan I would feel dirty.

  190. Second time in their last 4 games the Packers gave up a Hail Mary TD (Giants playoff game, now this). I’d be asking Capers why his DBs don’t know how to bat the ball out of the back of the end zone instead of being Macho Men trying to add a meaningless INT stat.

    And, it’s the third straight loss where the Packers feel they didn’t lose. Giants and 49ers didn’t beat Green Bay; the Packers beat themselves. Now, the refs beat the Packers. Never their own fault, never the other team’s prowess. 8 taken sacks and no points at halftime? Seahawks had nothing to do with that, right guys?

  191. Anyone ripping the Packers is a moron. The Hawks did not win that game plain and simple. Everyone outside Seattle knows it. You wouldn’t be pissed if you were TJ Lang? C’mon.

  192. The owners had better start worrying about irate fans storming the field just like they do at many soccer games or perhaps Congress passing a law treating the NFL in the 21st Century just like Big Oil in the 20th Century

    The owners should be terrified of lawsuits whether they are from injured players (a case can be made that the owners are guilty of gross negligence) or disgruntled fans.

    Maybe OSHA should cite the NFL for unsafe working conditions

    There are over 100,000 Green Bay Packer shareholders. What is the league going to do if they decide to act.

    Playing a game in an empty stadium in Green Bay would really be embarrassing. The Packers have not had a non-sellout in over 50 years.

  193. @gpack….

    Before you losers go thinking about playoffs, id suggest your team figure out how to make it thru 50 minutes of getting owned.

    You and your teams attitude is exactly why people are not feeling a bit of sympathy.

    Read these comments… you think everyone here is a seahawk fan?

    Two observations i make with all this. 1. Gb packers are not so untouchable. 2. Their team and their fans have a sense of entitlement..

  194. I’d like to hear a replacement referee call out T.J. Lang on twitter about how awful he was at his job on Monday.

    This guy should be the last one to throw stones

  195. I’m so sick of this, I’m not even a Packers fan, in fact I hate them, but this is a disgrace. Everyone who is saying oh get over it your offense played awful so you don’t deserve to win. Well in my book, making the plays necessary to win is what earns you a win, and they did that. So what they gave up 8 sacks in the first half, they still overcame that and did what was necessary to win. How about the defense? They played great, held the Hawks to 7 points, and then forced a turnover on the last and deciding play of the game, THAT’S deserving to win, but the refs changed that. Yea, ideally, you should never let the game come down to one play, but the simple fact is they made that play and won and then they got robbed. That’s all that matters, the Packers found a way to win, and then got robbed. Anyone who is telling them to stop whining and get over it is a moron, wins are valuable and hard to come by in this league, now imagine your team having one taken away unfairly (and there’s no question it was unfair). I know I would be absolutely furious and I would want something done about it, what does the NFL do? They pretend its the right call and fine anyone who says otherwise. So you can’t say anything bad about the guy in charge or you’ll be punished, I’ve heard of another place a lot like that, oh yea its called Iraq. The Pack have every right to be furious, I hate unions but I think the only thing that will get through to these greedy prick owners is a strike. Enough of dictator GODdell and his owners, it’s time to show them that they can’t bully everyone into doing what they want.

  196. Hey T.J. Lang why not learn how to block before you start worrying about anything else.

    8 sacks at halftime that’s the real joke.

  197. If even half the fans from the 4 teams Goodell has most visibly screwed over – Packers, Saints, Cowboys and Redskins – were to say “enough” and boycott the NFL for one single weekend, there would be so much revenue lost the league and owners would have no choice but to take action.

  198. really… calling an NFL player a baby after he got robbed…

    The average NFL career lasts about 3 to 9 years, you may have a window of 1 to 4 years to get a Superbowl – so every regular season win matters if you wanna make the playoffs … you spend your entire off season getting in shape – stress yourself out learning your team’s play calling language, strategies against other teams and their schemes… you go on the road – hostile environment – rough 1st half – rally, get the lead, then a bunch of jokes blow calls in the 4th qt and hand a win to the other team… smh.

  199. I never knew until now how badly the Packers have fallen from the proud winning team they used to have. The Packers are a bunch of crybaby hypocrites because they sure did not complain when the replacement refs called two horrible and bogus pass interference calls against the Seahawks earlier in the game, one that led to a Packer score. If you don’t cry about the unfair advantages the replacement refs gave you, you have no right to complain when they make a bad call against you. Besides, the Packers should never have allowed the game to be decided on the last play. The Packers deserved to lose this one as they played so poorly and the act like they are entitled to preferential treatment.

  200. If they do this then the league should take possession of the Packers. Oust the board of directors for failing to field a product, and appoint a board to run the franchise until it can be disassembled and declared defunct.

  201. Poor T.J. Cry Baby!!! If only he knew what getting robbed in a Superbowl felt like! Tell ur offense to stop being so offensive and score points!!! You need sober Johnson & Johnson “no tears” shampoo. WHAAAA!!!

  202. The players cannot go on strike; it is specifically prohibited by the CBA.

    Since every other team has lost a game or games to bad calls, almost all due to regular refs, I don’t think the Packers would find a team feeling sorry enough for them to join them in the kneel-down plan. I’m sure they would let Green Bay do it though if they so chose.

  203. Depression Oh I love it … Now the Packers are looking for away out…
    The Refs had nothing to do with the 8 sacks before the first half. They didnt put Driver in the game at all. Greenbay’s defense let a rookie QB get them on there heals. an a Head Coach that’s going for 2 in the first half. PLEASE the packers lost that game long before the last play.

  204. Depression.. Oh I love it!! The Packers wanna blame a LOST on the Refs… Naw.. Blame 8 sacks in the first half. OR the fact that they didnt put Driver in the game. A Rookie QB that made the packers defense look bad. blame a Head Coach going for 2 that early in the game. O-line is just as bad as Chicago’s. Now Rodgers is holding the ball too long. But its the Refs falt

  205. Packers Extreme Measures List

    1. Score some points in the 1st Quarter of at least ONE game this season.
    2. Understand that allowing EIGHT sacks on our QB in ONE HALF of a game is NOT conducive to winning football games.
    3. Recognize that a few play prior to the game’s final controversial play, a potentially game-changing and blatant PI call against CB Woodson that WAS NOT CALLED AGAINST US put us in a position to even have a chance of winning the game.

  206. For those who are justifying the last-play robbery with the Packers dismal O-line play in the 1st half, if you watched the game, you know Lang, unlike the tackles, played well through the game.

    For those who are justifying the last-play robbery because of historical mistakes in other games, gimme a break. Only a moron would contend that mistake “A” justifies mistakes B thru Z. How old are you dopes?

    The Packers will recover from this Sunday. I think this game actually woke up the O-line. The D is playing well with five rookies. We still have football’s finest QB. If the gutless NFLPA would stike today, the scabs can be fired tomorrow.

    I only hope that we see the Seadorks at Lambeau for the playoffs.

  207. This just proves that the Packers have been treated different by the NFL & their officials in the past. They finally have an official make a call against them that decides the outcome of a game and they freak out and can’t understand why and start making plans to take drastic measures. The fact that an officiating blunder caused them to lose a game is so completely foreign to them that they are going to strike or take a knee on every play? Welcome to the club, GB Packers. This has been going on with other NFL teams for years. Deal with it.

  208. The alternative is NO FOOTBALL. So we either collective suck it up or just end the season now. I’ve never seen so much whining and the media is spear heading this. Dealing with adversity is a part of the game and part of life. The team that does this the best, will be the 2012 Super Bowl champions, the ones who cant (Packers, Redskins) will be sitting at home writing protest letters. MAN UP and dont leave these games up to the officials!

  209. Take a knee? Won’t work.

    Turns out Goodell has already foreseen this, and this is why Greg Schiano was brought in to convince defenses to go after the ball when the QB takes a knee.

  210. all you other teams had a chance to stand up to Goodell when he screwed Washington and Dallas. You decided to keep quiet so screw you now.You helped make the bed, now shut up and sleep in it. That is all.

    And THAT…is an unwritten rule.

  211. It ain’t complicated. Turn of the flatscreen or quit going to the stadium and you’ll see this thing end. DO IT!

  212. It ain’t complicated. Turn off the flatscreen or quit going to the stadium and you’ll see this thing end. DO IT!

  213. I’m so sick of this, I’m not even a Packers fan, in fact I hate them, but this is a disgrace. Everyone who is saying oh get over it your offense played awful so you don’t deserve to win. Well in my book, making the plays necessary to win is what earns you a win, and they did that. So what they gave up 8 sacks in the first half, they still overcame that and did what was necessary to win. How about the defense? They played great, held the Hawks to 7 points, and then forced a turnover on the last and deciding play of the game, THAT’S deserving to win, but the refs changed that. Yea, ideally, you should never let the game come down to one play, but the simple fact is they made that play and won and then they got robbed. That’s all that matters, the Packers found a way to win, and then got robbed. Anyone who is telling them to stop whining and get over it is a moron, wins are valuable and hard to come by in this league, now imagine your team having one taken away unfairly (and there’s no question it was unfair). I know I would be absolutely furious and I would want something done about it, what does the NFL do? They pretend its the right call and fine anyone who says otherwise. So you can’t say anything bad about the guy in charge or you’ll be punished, I’ve heard of another place a lot like that, oh yea its called Iraq. The Pack have every right to be furious, I hate unions but I think the only thing that will get through to these greedy prick owners is a strike. Enough of dictator GODdell and his owners, it’s time to show them that they can’t bully everyone into doing what they want.
    Had that game involved the Bears, it’s over at halftime. Cutler/Smith would have self-destructed! No way they make the halftime adjustments to even keep the game competitive. I don’t care for the Packers but my hat is off to them for making a game of it.

  214. Not sure if taking a knee on every play would solve it. People would probably still continue to watch.

  215. It’s time for the players, the coaches, and yes even the broadcasters to grow the hell up, and shut the hell up!

    Yeah, we have replacement officials. I get it. But I’m VERY tired of every broadcast starting with statements such as “Will tonight be the night tha the replacement officials really blow it?”, and ending with analysis of the mistakes that have been made. I’m tired of the players blaming the replacement officials for every bad play or missed scoring opportunity. And I’m tired of the coaches, in interviews, making thinly veiled sarcastic comments.

    Guess what, everyone: The REAL officials screw up too! How many of us remember the blown call in Denver a year or two back, which turned the outcome of the game? The ref received death threats for weeks, from some of the league’s more mature fans. And he was one of the most experienced officials in the business.

    Penalties get missed by officials. By ALL officials. And many penalties are judgement calls.

    Then we have Aaron Rodgers being interviewed on ESPN, stating that “obviously the league is putting money ahead of the interests of the fans and their enjoyment of the game”. Guess what, a$$hole, we ALL remember that you were one of the ring leaders during the players strike a couple of years back! Who was putting money ahead of the fans then?

    I’m sick of this crap.

    We have replacement officials, until the long time officials get back. Some mistakes are going to be made. And I sure as hell hope that when the permanent officials return, every mistake that they make is scrutinized under a microscope too.

    In the meantime the players, the coaches, and the broadcasters need to shut the hell up and get on with it.

    And a big message to Green Bay: Play better, don’t let your quarterback get sacked every 90 seconds, and you won’t find yourselves in the position of having to have a judgement call go against you at the end of the game. If you can’t figure that out, it’s time to find another occupation.

  216. I luv how all the packer haters on here call the packers and their fans a bunch of cry babies, when all they do is cry about how the packers get every call every game. Any “real” fan of their team would complain about that call. As a diehard packer fan its time to move on now and worry about whoopin the saints.

  217. I thought TJ Lang and his O Line buddies were already taking a knee against the Seahawks every snap .

  218. Cry less, play better. Your QB took 8 sacks, sacked himself once, and threw 0 touchdown passes. Your feature running back had 45 yards total on 17 attempts at 2.6 yards per carry. Regardless of the bad calls throughout the game, some that went your way and some not, you needed help from the refs to score the one TD you came up with and then failed to make the 2 point conversion instead of kicking the extra point. Face it fellas you did not play well enough to justify acting like you were on top the entire time and got screwed by one play. If Green Bay had shown up to play that final play would not have mattered one iota.

  219. This idea is brilliant! Imagine the lines in Vegas! The under over! The weekly mad scramble for the D of whatever team plays the Packers in Fantasy. Imagine the weekly Packers top plays of week!

    Best of all imagine the rest of the league and nfl fanbase not giving two doodies about the poor packers and their spilled milk.

  220. If a player from a winning team had said this, I would probably be more open to it.

    However, blaming the refs is absurd since the Packers seem to only beat themselves.

  221. I guess that’s one way to keep from giving up a sack on every offensive play…

    Someone should remind the Green Bay players who whining that bad calls are part of the game – even with the regular refs in place.

    Ifbthey want to start winning again they should try to show up for the first 30 minutes of the game so they don’t have to worry about a bad call in the last 30 seconds.

  222. I think they should go on strike, not because I’m an Eagles fan. But the call made by replacement officials actually made me feel sick. I just cannot believe the call that was made. Yeah sure give SOME credit to Wilson and Tate, but M.D Jennings was clearly the playmaker and to me the packers won that game

  223. seems to me the O-LINE decided extreme measures earlier than the flight home..allowing your qb to get mauled 9 TIMES…looks like you were taking a knee all night

  224. Hey Pack, I have been a huge fan all my life…Sure that was a mucked up mess in Seattle, but why not get pissed and correct all the issues you have with the o-line and a few others and come out and blow everybody out for the rest of the season and show the league that there are other ways, more constructive ways to show your anger. Now… Go win every game remaining and the Superbowl !!!!!! Go Pack

  225. This is a perfect scenario for the Packers to hide the fact that they just are not that good of a team this year. I love this. Instead of trying to find ways to get better they are whining about one game they lost because they didn’t play well. If the supposed Super Bowl contenders are what people said they were this isn’t an issue.

    Take care of business and quit whining. Every other team has to play with the same refs and if you know they are going to cost you a game then play a little harder and don’t put them in position to affect the outcome.

  226. I’m a Packers fan and even I think what Lang is saying was foolish.

    But I think we all can relate. We’ve all been angry and threatened to say or do things we don’t really mean. The man is just being honest about what the team was feeling after the game. I know the Pack has a lot of haters, but come on. We can all relate to that level of anger.

    The bottom line is cooler heads have prevailed. They will be ready to play this Sunday. Hopefully they can channel their anger into destroying the Saints.

  227. “Going into a game worrying about the refs more than the other team, it’s a problem. ”

    …and this is how the Raiders players and fans have felt for past 30 or so years. Let me pull out my tiny little violin and play you a song.

    Take note, not that I don’t agree with them. They got robbed in my opinion.

  228. Having the unfortunate luck to have already paid for a tour package to see the Pack v. Lions in Detroit this November, I wonder what would really suck more: Going to Detroit to see the Pack take a knee every snap, or going to Detroit to be treated to more of the same garbage the NFL has been presenting for the last 3 weeks. Unless there is a proper game on the field with real refs officiating, it will likely be the last NFL tickets I buy. I don’t see the point of paying $800 for the wife and I to see pro football game refereed by amateurs when I can walk around the corner to see a similar performance by the local high school team for free.

  229. Packers are used to getting every call go their way, so of course the are unhappy. Not enough cheese in Wisconsin for all this whine! Game is over, get over it, put on a clean diaper and get ready for the Saints to get their first win you damn cry babies!

  230. Dear Packer Fan…. Call me when you’ve had a Superbowl and pro sports team taken from you. -love Seattle

  231. Bad calls happen all the time, and this isn’t even close to as bad as the calvin johnson call a few years back on the last play against the bears. not a lions fan, but take notes from a true professional. calvin said after the game that if thats what the nfl rules states then thats what it is. not once did i hear him complain about it. might not have been happy with it, but hey, he moved on. packers might be wise to do the same

  232. “The Packers will recover from this Sunday. I think this game actually woke up the O-line.”

    If they’ve been sleeping, they’ll never be worth their paychecks and Packer problems extend to more than just to the refs. Sure, they’ll recover this Sunday against a coachless, ruddrless team. Then the following week they’ll probably look pretty “for real” against the Colts. But after that, the excuse machine will be brought out again as the Texans hammer them in ways that the Seahawks can only dream about.

  233. “Lang says Packers discussed extreme measures on flight home”

    I hope those extreme measures included learning how to block for your QB. The embarrassment here was not the refs but the number of Sacks your QB had in the first half and dropped passes. Your defensive line allowed a 5’11 QB throw like he is 6’5.

    GB should not have been in that position but wants to blame one play and the ref. Watch the entire game … not only the last 10 seconds.

  234. Love the righteous indignation. It was pretty obvious to anyone watching that the players were taking advantage of the refs, taking cheap shots, holding, pass interference (offensive and defensive) and only howl when they got called for it, or, as actually did happen, they made a bad call. I say foul on the players as well for putting them in a lose-lose situation and taking advantage of the inexperience.

  235. Poor NFL players…….Blood, Sweat and Tears for Millions. Take up a fund for the regular refs or get a REAL job……..Cry baby Packer Player.

  236. “Going into a game worrying about the refs more than the other team, it’s a problem. ”

    …and this is how the Raiders players and fans have felt for past 30 or so years. Let me pull out my tiny

    little violin and play you a song.

  237. 8 Seconds left, we’re ahead, no timeouts available to the opponent. Why in the world why I risk a tipped ball, fumbled after I catch it, or a simultaneous catch rule or worse — what happened to make the best highlight newest NFL goof parody film.

    The refs did fine.

    I would have swatted the ball to the ground.

  238. At real time, football speed… it looked like simultaneous possesion.

    In review, remember, it has to be conclusive evidence to overturn a play. If you look at still shots, tate is the first one with 2 feet on the ground. At the same time he has 2 feet on the ground, he has 2 hands on the ball. Jennings hasnt even touched the ground at this time. From this point on he keeps 2 hands on til jennings falls on top of him and bounces off. Subsequently jarring 1 of tates hands off the ball momentarily.

    The league says they stand behind the call, for a good reason. There wasnt enough evidence to overturn the call on the field.

    What is left to debate? Other than the media darling packers lost on a tough call on a last play. They got outplayed the whole game except for one td drive. Keep in mind, that packers drive was kept alive by a horrible call as well.

  239. Great comments by non-Packer fans on here. The Packers got a B.S. touchdown themselves, yet weren’t whining at all about it when it happened? That’s weird. Then they and every other NFL player seems to be going out of their way to take advantage of the replacement refs, attempting to get away with murder, starting fights on the field, using every dirty trick in the book, but then they want to pout when these refs don’t see things their way on a disputed call. The media seems to think everyone is just going to join in on the Packer’s love-fest because they already adore them, and obviously they’re finding out otherwise.

    By all means bring back the real refs, but nobody thinks this game needs an asterisk outside of Wisconsin, and perhaps Bristol.

  240. The coaches that have to play the Packers are going to be worried. They know all to well how a galvanized, pissed off football team is going to come out and play. And lets face it, the Packers have the offense to do it and it appears that this year the defense is able to do it too. I can’t imagine a bigger better motivational tool. Look for the Packers to put gas pedal to the floor and they won’t let up until Feb.

  241. As a packer fan I believe they need to move on! It was a bad call. Be classy and get revenge by having a killer season. As for TJ the first quarter was awful, Rodgers was sacked 8 times. C’mon Man!!!

  242. As a Packer fan, I understand where TJ is coming from, and I think a fan boycott is necessary. But the Packers better get over it. In case they haven’t noticed, the Saints are coming to town in four days and are just as desperate as the Packers are.

  243. Amazing all the comments about the sacks they gave up. It was a lot, but last I checked games are scored by points – not sacks. Green Bay had more points than Seattle at the end of the game regardless of how well they played, and the one blown call directly gave Seattle more points than the Packers.

  244. Packers had one bad call that helped them keep one of their plays alive. All in total Seattle had four bad calls that helped them keep drives alive. These included miscalled personal foul that helped them get their first touchdown, where a Seahawks offensive lineman clothslined a Green Bay defender after the play was over and the officials called a personal foul on the Green Bay defender for basically being flipped over and nearly severely injured on the field and reacting to it. So the bad call on the last play of the game was not the only bad call that gave Seattle a touchdown, score should be Packers 12 Seahawks 0 or at best Packers 12 Seahawks 3.

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