League says there’s no appeal process for Packers


Now that a game has been decided by what most if not all non-Seahawks fans regard as a very bad call on the final play, the question becomes whether there’s a procedure in place for the Packers to seek relief from the league office.

And now we know there isn’t.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT that there’s no appeal process.  And thus there’s no way to change the outcome of the game.

So it goes in to the books as Seahawks 14, Packers 12.  And when the Packers lose out on a bye or lose their division or lose a playoff berth altogether because of the outcome of one September game, Packers fans can fashion a large asterisk out of cheese and apply it to the entire 2012 season.

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  1. All the NFL fans that accuse the Packers of ALWAYS getting the favor of the officials in every game can now shut the F up forever.

    Very few NFL teams in the history of the sport so blatantly lost a game because of officials – 3 huge calls on 1 drive – that bogus roughing the passer on the 1st INT, the terrible PI on Shields when Sidney Rice was all over him and than the last play of the game.

  2. Of course not. Can you imagine the mess there would be in Vegas if they switch the outcome after payouts and ripped tickets occurred?

  3. The Packers aren’t the first team that loses a game because of a “bad call” by the referees and they won’t be the last. Just because they are the Packers shouldn’t allow them special treatment, even though they are one of the league’s pet teams.

  4. Of course not! Lets not forget the review official from the NFL was NOT a replacement Ref

    Packers got jobbed just like the Chargers did by Ed Hochuli (oh yeah, Regular Refs suck too!)

  5. Maybe if the Pack continue to play as poorly as they did in this game, and don’t even sniff the play offs…
    Or maybe they get a wild card, and get to go up to Seattle and get it handed to them again!

  6. five years from now, this will be mentioned in the same breath as the “coin toss game” and the “hochuli blown fumble game”. are there asterisks applied to those seasons too? cause if there are I can’t seem to find them.

  7. There goes the only conceivable reason for the NFL to make a statement today. Their statement will now consist of some bloviation that can be boiled down to “So the refs blew it. Big deal. Don’t you have bigger things to worry about in life?”

    That will not sit well.

  8. Yes, but the Commissioner CAN.

    Rule 17, Section 2 of the NFL rule book:
    Section 2 Extraordinarily Unfair Acts


    Article 1 The Commissioner has the sole authority to investigate and take appropriate disciplinary and/or corrective measures if any club action, non-participant interference, or calamity occurs in an NFL game which he deems so extraordinarily unfair or outside the accepted tactics encountered in professional football that such action has a major effect on the result of the game.


    Article 2 The authority and measures provided for in this entire Section 2 do not constitute a protest machinery for NFL clubs to avail themselves of in the event a dispute arises over the result of a game. The investigation called for in this Section 2 will be conducted solely on the Commissioner’s initiative to review an act or occurrence that he deems so extraordinary or unfair that the result of the game in question would be inequitable to one of the participating teams. The Commissioner will not apply his authority in cases of complaints by clubs concerning judgmental errors or routine errors of omission by game officials. Games involving such complaints will continue to stand as completed.


    Article 3 The Commissioner’s powers under this Section 2 include the imposition of monetary fines and draft-choice forfeitures, suspension of persons involved in unfair acts, and, if appropriate, the reversal of a game’s result or the rescheduling of a game, either from the beginning or from the point at which the extraordinary act occurred. In the event of rescheduling a game, the Commissioner will be guided by the procedures specified in Rule 17, Section 1, Articles 5 through 11, above. In all cases, the Commissioner will conduct a full investigation, including the opportunity for hearings, use of game videotape, and any other procedure he deems appropriate.

  9. Cry me a river… Calls were bad both ways all night. Packers were given a new set of downs on a bad PI call and placement of ball (even after officially reviewing it).

    Will admit Tate did OPI but catch was 50-50 when both players went to ground. Jennings did not have sole possession because he didn’t have 2 feet or knee down.

    I give packers credit for coming back onto field for pointless PAT.

  10. Was this a bad call? Of course, it was. But why are people acting like this is the first bad call in the history of sports? The Packers will have to deal with it and play through it. If they are championship material, they will win enough of the rest of their games to make the playoffs. (And by the way, the replacement refs didn’t have a single thing to do with Aaron Rodgers getting sacked 8 times in one half. I think the Packers have some corrections to make that have nothing to do with replacement refs.)

  11. Then we’ll be forced to put an asterisk on the 2010 season, since a bad call in the week 15 game between the Bucs and Lions is what put the Packers in the playoffs in the first place.

  12. They should acknowledge the error, apologize to the Packers, confirm there’s nothing that can be done, and commit to getting the regular refs back. Anything short of that will not be good enough.

  13. While the play was clearly an interception it is ironic that the Packers are complaining. The would not have made the playoffs in the year they won the super bowl absent two awful dual possession calls that gave them INTs against the Jets.

    Should we take their Super Bowl win back? Of course not good luck and bad luck are part of the game.

  14. “Or maybe they get a wild card, and get to go up to Seattle and get it handed to them again!”

    Oh I’m sorry, are you still under the impression that this all means that the Seahawks are actually good and will be hosting a playoff game this year? They had a 41 yard TD on a blown coverage and a not-a-TD on a desperation heave. Against the atrocious Packers defense. That’s it. that’s your offense.

  15. RG admitting that the replacement Refs were a mistake would be like admitting that the “now give me my money” debacle was not right.

  16. I think the NFL needs to keep a hard line with the union. Let’s not forget:

    1) The Div I ref’s could do this, games are on Sunday (and Thursday and Monday) after all, but they were told by their leadership that if they moonlight for the NFL they will lose their jobs
    2) The refs are working part time jobs but demanding full time benefits. I’m still not sure why the NFL doesn’t just pay them 1099.
    3) The ref assn came back this weekend and above all the other demands they have, said they want to get paid for the weeks they were locked out

    The ref’s greed, not the NFL’s greed, is what’s driven this.

  17. @Clawledge

    Very nice work finding that rule. However, I dont think the commish will open that can of worms, nor do I think he should. Regardless of how bad the decision was, I think you always have to leave it as it was. Very similar to the play that cost Armando Gallaragga a perfect game. Just let it be.

  18. I’m absolutely done with this season. I don’t give a crap if my team wins the super bowl. I won’t be watching anymore. It’s an ugly train wreck. I’ve always wanted to build a boat. I think I will start this Sunday.

  19. APPEAL?
    Can we appeal the Tuck Rule?
    Can we appeal the Immaculate Deception?
    That’s hilarious! Grin and bare it!!!

    Al Davis Forever!!!
    Just Win Baby!!!

  20. The Packers have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL this year. If they don’t make the playoffs it won’t be because of this game; it’ll be because their offense isn’t performing like it use to and the defense doesn’t hold up against good offenses.

  21. Gee,I guess the owners are getting just what they deserve,this is all there doing. Integrity of the game my butt

  22. To everyone, I am a diehard Packers fan, but, the Packers lost the game, the refs didn’t cost them anything. Was it a series of blown calls, absolutely, but GB should have never been in the position in the first place.

    People are talking about asterisk’s, this is not the case, every team is getting calls that are terrible. The person that should have their job taken is the league official that looked at the replay!!! That was the recourse.

  23. I don’t understand why players and coaches are arguing with the Replacements Refs, its their team owners who are telling Godell what to do, this is a matter of the owners not wanting to pay the Real Refs. Therefore Green Bay Board of Directors brought this on themselves. Pay the Refs or Risk destroying the integrity of the game, I can’t remember a more turbulent time in the NFL other any other commissioner.

  24. Fan of neither team and I say….. Ehh, big deal. To me it was a make-up call for the phantom and non-PI calls that went against Seattle in the 4th. Without those BS calls, there is no last play to discuss.

  25. 8 sacks. 8! Neither team deserved to win. Packers look like a shell of their former selves… and that ain’t the refs fault.

  26. Say it ain’t so !! After watching Pro Football for the last 40 years, I was certain there was a second set of rules somewhere at the NFL league offices in New York that somehow would fix anything the storied franchise of the Green Bay Packers needed to be fixed.

    I fully expected to wake up this morning to find out the league held a late night meeting an awarded the victory to Green Bay 12-7.

    “And when the Packers lose out on a bye or lose their division or lose a playoff berth altogether because of the outcome of one September game, Packers fans can fashion a large asterisk out of cheese and apply it to the entire 2012 season.”

    Really Florio ?? Get serious. This is not the first game decided by a bad call and it won’t be the last either. The NFL record books would be filled with asterisks if anyone applied your rules.

  27. Hey Pack, join the club. I remember the Saints being screwed out of a game when they scored a last second TD against the 49ers years ago. The refs negated the play because of a supposed “inadvertent whistle” from the stands. Of course the 49ers stopped the next attempt and won the game.

    Another game was the 49er/Philly playoff game where a ref gave a 9er runner a good spot on 4th down. As in about 5 yards. That gave the 9ers a first down and they won the game.

    And who could forget the 9er/Giant playoff game where the 9er defender tackled the Giant receiver on a fake FG attempt while the ball was in the air – you guessed it – 9er win!

    Maybe the NFL just really likes West Coast teams.
    I’m sure there are other examples of this stuff.

  28. I am pretty sure that Patriots fans could use an asterisk as well.

    I am not saying the Refs gave that game to the Ravens…. i am saying that gave it to them 3 separate times on the final drive alone.

  29. We sucked last night as a die-hard fan and owner I would have taken the win but we played like a bunch of scrubs. If we played our game it wouldn’t have come down to that BS call. I’m just as angry as any Packers fan but I’m directing more anger towards my team and the fact that we suck. PACKERS GET IT TOGETHER!!!

  30. This is all payback for the Don Majkowski win over the Bears in 1989. Once again Karma has evened the score.

  31. If the Pack loses out on slotting or a berth you won’t hear them site this game.

    Had they not gone 10-6 11-5 or 9-7 they would have not been in a position to have this game decide their fate

  32. This reminds me of the Tigers Armando Gallaragas perfect game that wasnt because an umpire ruled the runner safe when he was out by a full step.at least the umpire realized his huge mistake and later tearfully apologized to the Tigers organization in general and Gallaraga in particular man to man.is this scab ref man enough to apologize for his mistake after he sees the replays that show he was clearly wrong,I doubt it,he is a Goodell boy and wont rock the owners boat.

  33. Packers are whiners, why don’t you bitch about your sorry offense that got in in a position to lose a bad call. One call doesn’t make a game and the playoffs without the whiny packers and there whiny ass fans would be a small blessing…

  34. It is what it is….the Chargers missed the playoffs in 2010 due to the regular refs butchering a game (thanks Ed Hochuli)

    That’s the way the cookie crumbles

  35. jhein23 says:Sep 25, 2012 9:38 AM

    All the NFL fans that accuse the Packers of ALWAYS getting the favor of the officials in every game can now shut the F up forever.

    Very few NFL teams in the history of the sport so blatantly lost a game because of officials – 3 huge calls on 1 drive – that bogus roughing the passer on the 1st INT, the terrible PI on Shields when Sidney Rice was all over him and than the last play of the game.


    And don’t forget about all of the missed holding done by the Packers during the second half. You know, when they finally were able to move the ball and score? Or the missed PI against Woodson on the Seattle Tightend. Or the phantom PI against Chancellor that kept the Packer touchdown drive alive. The Packers got their fair share of calls or missed calls that allowed them to get that lead in the first place.

  36. This is different from the Hochuli fumble game. In that game, after the bad call, the Broncos still had to get in the end zone, twice. There was still a chance that they could lose the game themselves.

    In last night’s game, the referee’s decision was binary. Either the Packers won, or the Seahawks won, based entirely on the referee’s call.

  37. I can’t believe you think this is the first game that was lost on a bad call.

    If there was an appeal process games would be reviewed every week.

  38. And for the record it wasn’t the replacement ref’s that made the call it ws the replay officials…. Not a part of the field referees..!

  39. Worst call to ever end a game in the History of the game.

    Maybe they should investigate the refs. They know they are only a few weeks/months away from being unemployed. They would be more likely to talk a pay off,

    Follow the money, 150 million to 250 million dollar swing for Vegas on one play.

    Last drive, questionable roughing(he was outside the pocket) Terrible PI,(should have been offensive PI on Rice) No offensive PI on Tate and a terrible dual possession call.

    Follow the money

  40. No matter what, you cannot change the outcome of the game. Yes the call was poor, but as some have said there have been others in the past as bad or worse that directly affected the outcome of a game, and the result was not changed. Life will go on people, even if Goodell is single-handedly ruining this football season.

  41. The bad call, or not, is just the icing on the cake. Its the morality of the whole thing.

    Player safety is the platform of Rogers term as commissioner. You honestly feel they care about player safety based upon what you have watched thus far?

    Remember these are hard hitting, talented and skilled players who are now taking advantage of these refs at every turn. Its a set up for somebody to get their career ended, not just loose a football game.

    Granted players are going to take cheap shots no matter whose reffing the game, but right now its at an all time high, borderline loss of control in some games.

  42. The result sucks. Hawks got shafted in SB vs Steelers, so think they’re still in credit when it comes to BS officiating.

  43. Many people are referring to the fact that bad calls have been made before (and they have), however that is a culmination of calls over the years.

    These replacement refs have been involved for a preseason and 3 regular season weeks and there are numerous terrible calls and blunders. Roughing the passer on Int, phantom OPI call that cost Baltimore a game, phantom PI call last night, calling a touchback on the 4 yard line, giving SF two unwarranted challenges, giving an extra timeout, placing the ball on the wrong yard line! And I’m leaving some out.

    Its been 3 weeks! Like it or not this is a multi-billion dollar industry that is being compromised.

  44. The only difference is the former refs would have screwed the Seahawks and nobody would care since the entire world roots for four or five teams of which the Packers are one.

    I love it. Don’t put yourself in a place to be beat by a hail mary pass.

  45. It’s not the ref’s fault the packers failed to score any touchdowns in the first quarter, or the second quarter, or the third quarter, or the fourth quarter. Score touchdowns win the game, don’t score touchdowns … blame the refs?

  46. yes there are bad calls on both sides, but that argument is lame. THIS BAD CALL ended the game. The other bad calls happened during the game and the teams had an opportunity to overcome it. THIS BAD CALL was the end. Get it?

    Lost in all of this is the even worse call of calling Walden for roughing the passer on the play Wilson threw an int. That was ball game.

  47. All the NFL fans that accuse the Packers of ALWAYS getting the favor of the officials in every game can now shut the F up forever.

    Very few NFL teams in the history of the sport so blatantly lost a game because of officials – 3 huge calls on 1 drive – that bogus roughing the passer on the 1st INT, the terrible PI on Shields when Sidney Rice was all over him and than the last play of the game.

    Yeah… not going to happen.

    Wasn’t that the same drive where two phantom holding calls went against the Seahawks? Wasn’t there an incomplete Gruden said should have been a defensive PI on that very drive?

    Here’s the problem with the fervor: While the outrage is understandable and justified, the Packers were also on the end of a lot of favorable calls this year, against the Niners, against the Bears, and yes, against the Seahawks. And yes, there were some terrible calls before the last play that went against them. Every play, made or blown, every call, correct or terrible, impacts the final outcome.

    It’s been terrible for EVERYONE. It just so happened that Randall Cobb’s return TD came in the middle of a blowout, and not the end of a close game.

  48. It was an awful call, but it shouldn’t have come down to that. There were bad calls all over the place in the final quarter, and the refs missed a blatant PI on Woodson on the 1st or 2nd play of the final drive.

  49. Then Seattle would have appealed based on the bad interference call which allowed GB to continue on with their TD drive. Get over it.
    Regular refs made bad calls throughout their games which could have made outcomes different. Look at Viking/GB game when Brett played. Viking TD overturned (bad call) and GB awarded TD in overturn (bad call). It happens no matter who is out there. Get over it. GB played a terrible offensive game and if they don’t get that turned around it won’t matter. Can’t look to the refs to help you out.

  50. h4wksf4n says:
    Sep 25, 2012 9:42 AM

    Will admit Tate did OPI but catch was 50-50 when both players went to ground. Jennings did not have sole possession because he didn’t have 2 feet or knee down.

    Check the video again. Jennings two feet were on the ground when Tate was trying to put his second hand on the ball. I can see the 50-50 tie if both players had their hands on the ball the entire time. The fact Tate took his right hand off the ball instantly removes the 50/50 tie you are desperately trying to hold onto.

  51. And when the Packers lose out on a bye or lose their division or lose a playoff berth altogether because of the outcome of one September game, Packers fans can fashion a large asterisk out of cheese and apply it to the entire 2012 season
    You’re giving the Pack a lot of credit. Did you watch the same game I did? They only scored one offensive touchdown for the second consecutive week. B.S. call or not the Packers aren’t very good.

  52. Like it or not the NFL’s ratings are blowing up right now. Obama could be nuking a 3rd world country and no one would even know it because of this. Advertisers are signing up in drove because of the ratings. This is business. Harsh as it seems

  53. So how many teams are going to have an asterisk next to their seeding or potential superbowl because of this going into the postseason?

  54. A couple of thoughts here:

    1. No you cannot overturn this call, even as poorly handled as it was on the field. The replay officials hands were tied, the ref on the field blew it by not conversing with the two officials in the endzone. Once done, the replay official had only one choice.. was there a catch.

    2. I actually side with the NFL in this battle with the officials union. There is no way a part time employee should garner full pensions from a part time gig. I think it ridiculous to cave to those demands.

    3. Where the NFL has failed here is not giving the officiating crews on the field more guidance in game. We know they are making mistakes, so why not expand the review process to assist them in making calls. The games are already running long, so what is a couple more minutes to get the calls right. They seen the confusion last night, modify the review procedures with the replacements in there to allow the booth to make the correct call.

    4. The Packers, more specifically MM, cost the Packers this game. His stubbornness not to run the ball in the first half, allowing the Seahawks to pin their ears back was pathetic.

    5. There are calls in each game, replacement officials or not, that go against each team. Part of the game is subjective analysis on the fly, they get them wrong. The biggest issue with this, is that they are not administering the correct rule sets to call the games. Look at the passing numbers in correlation to the contact down field. The game which is rigged for offensive advantage has reverted back to the 70’s in a single offseason in terms of downfield contact.

    As a Packer fan, I am outraged by the result of the game. But upon review, I think there is so much more to this than just blaming the NFL and Goodell.

    Greed is not just with the NFL.. it is with the players and the officials alike. I want it resolved, but I refuse to lay the entire blame upon the NFL offices alone.

  55. No offense, but am I supposed to feel bad for the Packers? They lost one game, thanks to Goodella and his refs. Big deal, my team lost an entire SEASON because of this idiot.

  56. What about the Patriots? They got jobbed by the refs Sunday night. Where’s their appeal process? If I were Belichick, I would have shoved the ref as well. NFL is a joke right now. Wake me up when the real refs come back. Otherwise, I’ve got plenty of movies to catch up on.

  57. Unpopular opinion here…Jennings was the FIRST to make a play on the ball, before Golden Tate was able to get a hand in there. But, per the “Calvin Johnson” rule, you have to have possession thought the catch in the endzone, and if u look at the replay, you’ll see Jennings was in the AIR. Tate was able to get his other hand in there and hit the ground at the same time Jennings came down, which in real time speed would look like simultaneous possession, which is of course advantage receiver.

    The biggest blunder was clearly the non offensive pass interference call that would have nullified the play and ended the game. Just my humble observation, and I’m in no way an expert, or official.

  58. h4wksf4n….you probably need to learn the rules before you start citing them…Jennings was on the ground, in bounds, with clear possession (Tate only had one hand/arm on the ball – it is very clear in at least two of the replay angles)…and it is hard to disagree with all the announcers and analysts that have seen the replays that also say it was an interception…it was clear that Jennings had the ball, against his chest, inbounds…and even if he was out of bounds, it would be incomplete, therefore ending the game as well.

    Yes, calls were bad both ways, but only ONE bad call decided the outcome of the game….

  59. Really, “Hawksfan”? I saw the entire game and saw no calls that were so blatantly incompetent and slanted towards the home team as the TWO offensive pass interference calls that were ignored and the final call for a score which was an abomination (and hopefully the straw that breaks the back of this awful situation). On a final note, your coach has no class – please stow the RAH, RAH when your player obviously cheated to win this game. Oh, that’s right …. cheating comes naturally to Pete. I doubt he’ll be complaining about the replacements like the rest of the football world.

  60. jhein23 says: Sep 25, 2012 9:38 AM

    All the NFL fans that accuse the Packers of ALWAYS getting the favor of the officials in every game can now shut the F up forever.

    No. That’s not the way it works. That debt will not be settled until ever call goes against the Packers from today, until the NFL files bankruptcy, and even then, that debt won’t be settled until the entire state of Wisconsin has been 86’d from the map…

  61. “This is all payback for the Don Majkowski win over the Bears in 1989. Once again Karma has evened the score.”

    Karma goes all the way back to 1989? Wow.

    Wait a minute, though…I thought that Karma already exacted payment for that one in the 1998 playoff game between GB and SF, when Jerry Rice very clearly fumbled the ball, but magically somehow it turns out he didn’t because Jerry Rice is not allowed to fumble.

    Now Karma is in the hole to Green Bay again. I hope it doesn’t take 9 years to get this latest score settled.

  62. These refs are terrible, however it is nice to see the Pack on the business end of a bad call for once. The replacement refs did not get the league memo to give the Pack the call when in doubt.

  63. That seems to be the only game officiated horribly by Ed Hochuli that people can point out in his 22+ years of officiating. These guys F’d up the 3rd week of their job……I’ll take a couple blown calls in 22 years over 1 every 3 weeks….

  64. whining packer fans –

    the roughing the passer call on the last drive was borderline, but the play might not have resulted in an interception anyway. the defender lost possession when he hit the ground for a brief second, so it would have at least been reviewed.

    the PI on 1st and 25 was a crap call, but there was a crap PI call against the seahawks on the prior drive, so that balances out.

    the hail mary was called in the seahawks favor, but thats a tough one to call even for the regular refs. a tie goes to the receiver, and even though it appeared that the defender had possession first, the receiver did have two hands on the ball.

    my point is, quit trying to paint the picture that you were completely hosed here. good and bad calls went both ways in the game, and the final one didn’t go in your favor. deal with it.

  65. Here’s the issue, If that was not by definition a interception, Then tell us fans what an interception truly is. Integrity is not so much, One guess’s. Shame on you NFL. I am a fins fan, only dog in fight was a puppy named integrity. packers win. Flat out thievery otherwise.

  66. The GB Packers got 14 points given to them on bad calls winning the game against the Vikings, the year they won the SB. Take away those 2 bad calls they loose, go 8-8 and don’t make the playoffs. Now they know how the Vikings have felt for decades with call after call going against them. See Sunday with Gerharts fumble given to the 49ers even though it happened after the whistle and the Niners had no timeouts or challenges. See the entire NFC Championship vs the Saints. Now maybe the Packer fans will stop calling it whining since it finally happened to them. That being said it was an awful call and not a TD. Problem is that people are blaming the replacement refs when it isn’t their call. All TD’s are the call of the replay official who is the same one as always and not a replacement. Aim your anger at the right official at least.

  67. The missed offensive pass interference call I feel was the worst part. The simultaneous-kinda-but-not-really call was rough and I don’t think the regular officials would have necessarily got it right either. They would have gotten the OPI.

    That said, the Packers were unimpressive in the first half and you can’t excuse giving up 8 sacks like that. They shouldn’t have let the game come down to that call in the first place.

    The OPI should have been called, but the Packers woe is me needs to stop. They should have been better than that.

  68. First off, GB got screwed and the real officials have to come back NOW.

    Second, you can’t “overturn” the game. Makes it look even worse. Seattle got a gift, that’s that.

    Third, GB is 1-2 they can overcome this. How about getting your season ended by BS i.e. the Raiders in the tuck game. Patriots* is where the true asterisk belongs.

  69. Fairly easy TD call IMO according to rule interpretation. People are forgetting the Calvin Johnson “must complete the play to be a catch” rule. Who had the ball in the air (Jenkins clearly did) is irrelevant. All that matters is who had the ball at the point it is defined as a catch. And at the point that this became a league defined catch (see Calvin Johnson rule) both players were on the ground with both hands on the ball. Everything leading to that point is moot.

    You can’t have a simultaneous catch until you first establish a catch has been made. Then and only then can you determine who has possession of it. Having the ball in the air means nothing.

  70. I wonder if the ref who called it a TD did so knowing that scoring plays are reviewed, in essence, passing the responsibility on to someone else. That someone else, whoever reviewed it and still called it a TD is the one who should be held responsible.

    And for the record, I am a ‘Hawks fan and I agree it was a horrible call. I’m sure there will be backlash to the Seahawks on this, but the reality is that they couldn’t do anything else. What should Tate have done? Stood up and said, “naw he got it!”?

    This situation does need to be fixed and fixed now. Roger Goodell works for the owners. Whatever angst there is at this, needs to be directed to them.

  71. Did anyone ever think there was? Come on now how many times have the “Real Refs” screwed over many,many other teams and cost them a win? To even think there was a possibility is preposterous. It is was it is and deal with it.

  72. I think Pac “owners” need to calm down. I just have one question for you “owners” of the team how upset where you when you got that punt return td on two blocks in the back?(reviewed) What comes around goes a round. Also to the fair weathered fans that wont watch this Sunday… GOOD no team needs fans that quit.

  73. The final play was obviously controversial, but to suggest that the outcome should be reversed is absurd. Plenty of people have opinions but the actual reception/interception was debatable. It could be argued either way and the replays are not 100% incontrovertible. I don’t think Tate caught it but it is at least debatable. To reverse a game based on a play that was entirely subjective would be a travesty far greater than the travesty the Packers fan feels already occured.

  74. For Lions fans just another example of calls that can effect the outcome of games. At least in the Lions cases it affected the rules. Now we have The “process” for a catch. aka “The Calvin Rule” and a turnover now must be reviewed as per the Lions 49ers game last year. Nice to hear the Pack wine for a change.

  75. If hindsight is 20/20 then the real blame is on the instant replay review. Instant replay review is meant to solve these issues. You can blame the refs but why do that when all scoring plays are reviewed?

  76. Yes, there have been bad calls before. This one was more obvious than most and had been preceded by a large number of equally poor calls. Hence the uproar.

  77. No question that it was a bad call, and should have been called an INT. That said, all this controversy shouldn’t take away from the fact that the Packers have bigger concerns after last night’s game.

    For starters, where was that vaunted Packer offense? How many times was Rodgers sacked last night? Just 12 points for the game. What is wrong with the Packers? They should have won that game going away, and the Seahawks should have never been in a position to win on a Hail Mary pass, blown call aside.

    At the end of everything else, this is just one game. The Packers still have five division games left, and 13 games for the season, and their 1-2 record matches that of the Patriots and Steelers.

  78. In 2010 the Vikings lost a game to the Packers because a TD to Visanthe Shiancoe was overturned, but days later the NFL issued an apology stating the TD should have counted and that the officials were wrong to overturn the call. There was no appeal process for Minnesota and Packer fans across the nation were overjoyed.

    Now the tables are turned. I do feel for the Packers, I feel as if that was a INT at the end of the game, but the NFL should NOT undo that call because that opens up a whole new can of worms. The game is over. Move on.

  79. pack93z says:
    Sep 25, 2012 9:57 AM

    2. I actually side with the NFL in this battle with the officials union. There is no way a part time employee should garner full pensions from a part time gig. I think it ridiculous to cave to those demands.

    You make a lot of good points Pack. But I am going to side with the refs on this one. Reffing a professional game that brings in Millions of dollars to the NFL and they want to bark at a pension? The refs do not make that much money for it to be a concern. Tighten the restrictions in which one can earn a pension, but at least make it available for the long timers. Rewards those who have been loyal (and in this case, competent) with a small pension.

    What these refs are asked to do has clearly been demonstrated can not be handled by many individuals. So I don’t think you can simply compare the part time job of reffing to other part time jobs. I mean if you really want to get down to the matter every players is a part time player as well as they do not play year round. I hate to think that a mutual, meet-in-the-middle kind of agreement can not be ironed out.

  80. Of course they’re not going to change the outcome of the game because of a bad call. Doing so would open the floodgates….

    What I haven’t heard is the justification for the call by the replacement refs, and why it was not overturned by the booth as well. What constitutes simultaneous possession? It was clear that Jennings had most of the ball, but Tate also had at least one hand/arm on the ball too. Is that good enough according to the rules? Is it simply a judgment call? I’ve seen that situation a few times in the past and its always a tough call, particularly as they continue to fight for the ball after the whistle was blown.

    Whatever the case, the issue is a bigger one now.

    The larger problem now for the replacement refs and NFL at this point is that the replacement refs no longer have any credibility that they know the rules better than anyone else. So when it comes to making judgment calls, no one feels like they have enough standing to make them.

    Coaches, players, fans are all second-guessing every call they make, because they have no credibility. And the back-up process with the booth or whatever that is, has not worked. If it did, the 49ers would not have been allowed to challenge a call twice without a timeout remaining. The spot for the penalty yardage in the Lions-Titans game would have been corrected. Those were not judgement calls. Those mistakes happened because the crew and booth did not know the rules and/or did not pay attention to detail.

    It doesn’t help when the replacement refs do not provide an explanation when a call is reviewed and either confirmed or reversed. My guess is that they don’t do it in case they got the rules wrong.

    In any case, next week if the replacement refs are working again, the lack of credibility will be amplified times 10 compared to this week. And every call will be second-guessed, and the acrimony will get worse, and coaches, players and fans will lose faith.

    I don’t think the NFL demands for the Refs are in any way out of line. Going from a pension to a 401(k) is something nearly every major company has done over the past 20 years. Having back-up refs available to replace one as needed is common sense for the good of the game, and should not be seen as a “job security” issue by the union. If a ref has poor performance, or gets sick/injured, he out to be replaced in a timely manner- just like a player would be. Whatever the other differences , they are not substantial and should have been hammered out a long time ago.

    Unfortunately, I think the referee union will dig in their heels even more as a result of this, which does not help matters.

    Perhaps the best thing right now is for the NFL and the referee union to agree on some deal for this year alone, so they can get back on the job, and continue to negotiate and/or accept binding arbitration, for a more permanent deal later.

  81. The regular officials made bad calls all the time also. Almost everytime a game changing play would take place that would reverse momentum or the outcome of a game, whoops, OFFENSIVE HOLDING. It never failed.

    Tell the Packers and their cheesey fans to stop crying. The Packers have had more than their share of flags NOT thrown against them the past few years.

  82. I think whats interesting is that officiating sucks. Always has and always will. It’s inevitable when human judgement is involved. Everyone just wants to place blame somewhere (again, a natural human reaction). So given the situation with the replacements, it’s an easy and obvious place to put blame. But lets be real, we’ve had terrible calls like this happen plenty of times with the regular refs.

    I mean c’mon, the refs made a bad call but that’s why they implemented the replay review. How the heck does that get screwed up too??

    Someone or someone’s made a lot of money on this game, and it wasn’t an accident

  83. Appeals process? It would be a sham anyway. Just ask anyone in the Saints organization.
    Original ruling: it’s a touchdown. Trust us we have the evidence. U want to see it? No way. Trust us
    Appeal decision: see original ruling above

  84. the nfl is right on this one but the media doesnt cover their sides. oh jow surprising… the refs lost this game bot the packers. such babies. they are right but i love watching them cry like wheb the giants stomped them whole the refs tried to give then that game.

  85. Hey did you all hear?!?!? The Seattle Defense held the HIGH POWERED Green Bay offense to just 12 POINTS! Bad calls made on both sides and Aaron Rodgers said it best, “We should not have been in that position in the first place.” Sorry to the Packer fans it had to end like this. Reminds me of the Steelers-Seahawks Super Bowl, oh wait, those were the real NFL Officials.

  86. You’re kidding right? The Pack should just tuck their tails and go home. A good team would have throttled them so badly that McCarthy should be run out of town. Go ahead and blame the Refs. But you guys stunk up the place. Super Bowl Favorites??? You are kidding!!!!!

  87. jhein23 says:Sep 25, 2012 10:10 AM

    Seahawks fans are hilarious if this game is played at Lambeau field this is an a$$ kicking.


    Sort of like they did with the 49ers? Or the Giants??

    You do realize your team is 1-3 in their last four games? And 3-4 in their last seven?

    While I wouldn’t count them out this year; at the present something clearly isn’t right.

  88. Let me start off by saying that was the worst call i’ve seen in the NFL, but lets be real here. Packers fans have hardly been on this side of the fence before. Remember a few years ago on Sunday Night Football Visante Shiancoe clearly scored a Touchdown and the refs reversed it? Packers ended up winning that game because of a terrible call, got in as a Wildcard at 10-6 (should have been 9-7), and then ended up winning a Superbowl because of it. Yes Packers fans, that call last night was a disgrace but you’ve hardly been shafted as much as the Vikings.

  89. If two players come down with the ball in the endzone, the ball is awarded to the offensive player.

    Your team never should’ve been in that position anyways. It was the Seahawks, you should’ve been up by 21 points at least.

    I hope though the Packer fans that celebrated Nate Poole day in Wisconsin after the Cardinals knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs enjoyed that one.

    Los Angeles Vikings fans everywhere!

  90. Goodell wants to make a ‘name’ for himself –
    remember the “other” famous Dictator’s legacy –
    Mr Hitler himself?
    The new dic first ruined the Saints to make a name for himself over something every team has always done – but he decided to pick on New Orleans.
    So now we blame the replacement refs for not knowing what they are doing – maybe they do –
    with the Vegas bettors paying them off? Some of these bad calls are being made to decide games –
    not because they are incompetent – it’s an excellent opportunity for casinos to “fudge” the odds and make a few people or casinos wealthy.
    The dictator is leaving a legacy alright.

  91. Commissioner Roger Goodell says, “its the integrity of the game that must not be diminished” and that player safety is of paramount importance. Yet, in order to break the game official’s union, he and the owners are glad enough to completely disregard the integrity of the game and the safety of the players. How? By putting unqualified and incompetent replacement officials on the field. That is, officials who have neither enough knowledge nor enough experience nor enough understanding of the professional game to control play or protect the players. (Think – Lingerie League officials)

    In essence what Goodell and the owners are doing is defrauding the fans and viewing public, in my opinion. They say they are offering officially sanctioned NFL football as their product when what they are now putting forth (by shamelessly using these replacement officials) is a disorderly, confusing and ruleless scuffle! In a word, what Goodell and the owners are doing is a sham.

    Because the fans are addicted and have to get their weekly football fix, they are putting up with the sham. Everyone is accepting these uncontrolled scuffles as the real deal. Goodell and the owners are laughing all the way to the bank; integrity of the game and player safety be damned. And, the Packer fans are miserable and crying “FOUL!”

    As for me, I’ll resume watching NFL football when the dispute between Goodell and the game officials is resolved. That is, when the regular officials are back on the field and the real game of NFL football resumes. Until then, I’m not letting myself be duped. I’ll watch some honest entertainment like a good movie.

  92. raider17 says:Sep 25, 2012 9:47 AM

    Can we appeal the Tuck Rule?
    Can we appeal the Immaculate Deception?
    That’s hilarious! Grin and bare it!!!


    Show me a photo or video of the Franco Harris catch with the ball hitting the ground. Can’t? No kidding… so stop whinning about something that happened in the 1970’s.

    The tuck rule was applied correctly. Sorry you can’t see it that way.

    So even if there was an appeal process you would still be out of luck.

  93. In 2010 the Vikings lost a game to the Packers because a TD to Visanthe Shiancoe was overturned, but days later the NFL issued an apology stating the TD should have counted and that the officials were wrong to overturn the call. There was no appeal process for Minnesota and Packer fans across the nation were overjoyed.

    not to mention, in that game, the Packers were given an obvious non-TD to Quarless — that’s a 14-point swing in their favor in that game, and they only won by 4 points.

    if the Packers don’t win that game, they don’t make the playoffs with a 9-7 record. ergo, they don’t win the Super Bowl.

    if there’s no asterisk on the 2010 season, there shouldn’t be one here, either.

  94. Im a packer fan, and the outcome should stay the same. Its not the first time a team got screwed, and it wont be the last. Unneccesary roughness on dj smith when he was the one that got hit with no retaliation was worse, which kept the seahwaks first td drive alive. The roughing the passer call on the INT was worse, and the pass interference on shields that kept that drive alive was worse.

  95. The refs are clearly throwing games all around the league and this isn’t the first one. The media is completely ignoring other calls that have changed the outcome of games over the past 3 weeks. A perfect example of that is 2 touchdowns that the officials robbed the Saints of in a game where they lost by 3 points. And I find it very coincidental that there are 2 teams in the NFL that have a player who was involved in the ALLEGED “bounty program” the Browns and the Saints, and both those teams are the only 0-3 teams in the NFL. Very interesting. I am not a Saints or Browns fan, but I do not trust the NFL and I think something very fishy is going on here to say the least. Idk if the NFL is changing the outcome of games to create more parody in the league or what, but there have been way too many controversial calls in EVERY game around the league that have swung momentum or kept drives alive or in this case blatantly changed the outcome. Somethings going on and the media won’t go anywhere near it. Maybe now they will, but like I said, this is not the first bogus outcome of the year.

  96. The first part of the game is irrelevant, adjustments at halftime made this different game in second half–Rodgers clearly had first down on stretch at goal line–replays showed it. The roughing passer penalty on GB’s Erik Walden was ridiculous–Wilson was out of pocket scrambling–at that point he was a runner-the tackle was legal. Clearly on last play M.D. Jennings caught the ball with both hands, cradled ball to chest and Tate did NOT get both hands on ball till Jennings was down–watch the replay–Tate grabs Jennings right forearm, NOT THE BALL before releasing the arm and reaching for ball–that IS NOT SIMULTANEOUS POSSESSION BY LEAGUE RULE! Refs should’ve stopped the game, conferred with sideline replay booth and upstairs replay officials BEFORE making the call. IF head coaches can demand review for receptions at any other time in game, why would Packers’ McCarthy be denied opportunity to appeal TD call, especially since it’s a scoring call that’s reviewed anyway??

  97. thankheavenfornumberseven says:Sep 25, 2012 12:18 PM

    At the end of the season, they’ll be happy they lost this game because it means a higher draft pick. How can anyone look at this team and believe they have a chance to make the playoffs?


    Never thought I’d see a bigger dbag than pete carroll. I was wrong.

  98. Still not as bad as the Calvin Johnson TD that got taken away. This was an unfortunate result for GB because the rules and mngmt of the rules suck, but they didn’t get technically cheated as the Lions did when the literal language of the rule did not support taking the catch away.

  99. I will quote what one of my coaches told our team after a lost a game to a bad call.

    “Some times we will disagree with a call. Some times the call will be wrong. At times these calls might seem to cost us the game. But we have to remember that this is just part of the game we play. If we don’t want to lose a game to a wrong call, then we better make sure we don’t let the game become that close.”

  100. For a simultaneous catch – you need 2 hands on the ball.
    Tate only had one hand on the ball as they were falling to the ground. Interception all the way.
    The mob was involved in this game big time!!!
    Goodell himself?

  101. The Patriots have lost 2 games now due to bought-out refs.
    The Saints have no chance to win – because Goodell has told the refs to make sure.
    This might ruin the NFL completely if/when the truth comes out – billions of $$$$ of lawsuits!

  102. Yeah, let’s start reversing the outcomes of games based on refs calls and force teams to vacate titles like in the NCAA. We can start with the Packers ’96 Super Bowl since they illegally got home field advantage by beating the 49ers on MNF using a bounce pass to Don Beebee. We can whittle Green Bay down to being “Vacated Title Town” in no time flat.

  103. Seriously Bo Darville? You want to vacate a title the Green Packers earned SIXTEEN years ago because of a regular season game they won? All of these examples in recent memory and that is the one you cling to?

    Vacated Title Town? You do know the trophy awarded to Super Bowl winners is called the “Lombardi” trophy, right? You may have heard of him. He is the Legendary coach who won the first two titles. The Packers also won one a couple of years ago. So how exactly does it work that your fictitious vacating of one title means Green Bay should be labeled “Vacated Title Town”?

  104. hi guys. i’m packers’ fan (and share-holder) from italy. i just could watch the game yesterday night, and i was really astonished by this weird finish. and angry, of course.
    yet, i’m a sportsman before than a fan.
    i tell you that ref miscues happen (have always occurred in the history of sports). the most important thing is that they don’t happen due to bad faith.
    many of you may know that USA lost an olympic title in basket-ball to U.R.S.S. (before dream-team era) due to it, and England won a soccer world-cup due to a ghost goal. just examples, i have nothing against russians or english.
    that professional sport needs professional refs. so if we want NFL back we need professional refs back.
    that i am more concerned with packers’ technical troubles than with refs’ miscues.
    that we (packs) are not the same as last year, so we need to work hard and come back strong.
    that mccarthy is the guy who will do it, no doubt.
    happily it all happened on game 3, not 13.
    we are stronger than these silly mistakes.
    our task is to lead by 15 points, not 5 , on the last opponent’s drive. mccarthy knows it, rodgers knows it.
    last little mention: saturday would have been the MVP with his fumble recovery, without that stupid last call.

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